Scott Township, Adams County, Ohio, USA
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Scott Township

Adams County Home

Scott Township, Adams County, Ohio, USA

Brief Historical Background

Scott township was formed from Wayne township the 25th of February, 1818. Since then the township has lost a portion to the creation of Winchester township in 1838 and to the creation of Oliver township in 1853.

Census Information

Scott township formed from Wayne in 1818 and so can be searched independently through all census years but portions of Scott township were given up to the creation of Winchester township in 1838 and to Oliver township in 1853.

Quadrennial Enumerations

Quadrennial Enumerations of white males over twenty-one years were used to determine voting districts, and were taken as required by the Ohio constitution, every four years [hence 'quadrennial'] from 1803 to 1911. Starting in 1863 African-American males were included in these enumerations. Unfortunately Adams County quadrennial enumerations were destroyed in the 1910 Adams County Courthouse fire. But researchers interested in other parts of Ohio should check the Ohio Historical Society Archives.

Farm Schedules

I plan to add the farm schedules for the census years in which they exist. This is a large project so it may take some time. I have nothing available yet and will post anything as soon as I get it.


Anyone wishing to assist or add anything to the Scott township pages, please contact the township co-ordinator. Helpers could transcribe census years (a single township is a lot easier than an entire county or even an entire roll of microfilm), transcribe farm schedules, send in obituaries and other news articles related to the township or places in the township, church histories and other genealogical and historical items. If you'd like to see it here, drop me a note and we'll see what can be done! Also, I welcome corrections and would be happy to link to other pages with Scott township information. If you know of any and can't find a link on these pages, let me know.

Scott Township Co-Ordinator: Jamie Alexander
Adams County Co-Ordinator: Betty Lou Riley
Ohio Co-Ordinator: Allen Richmond

This Page Revised: 3/1/2002

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