Seneca County Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Seneca County

Adams Township

Adams Cemetery
(Zion Lutheran Cemetery)

Located on CR 21.


Albright Cemetery
(Union Cemetery)

Located at CR 21 & CR 32.


Block Cemetery
(English Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery)

Located 3 miles NE of Republic on SR 18, then 1/4 mile north on CR 21.


Butternut Ridge Cemetery

Located on SR 101 & 62.


Coffman Cemetery
(Methodist Episcopal Cemetery)

Located on TR 178 & CR 38.


Beanhill Cemetery
(Lee or Raymond Cemetery)

Located on Sandridge Road.


Lowell School Cemetery

Located on SR 101 & SR 19.


Payne Cemetery

Located on TR 21.

All stones removed

Saint Jacob Cemetery

Located on SR 38


Big Springs Township

Springfield Cemetery
(Big Springs Cemetery)

Located 2 miles south of Alvada on SR 199 & SR 23.


Saint Boniface Cemetery



New Riegel Cemetery



French Town Cemetery
(St. Nicholas Cemetery)

Located on CR 6 across from St. Nicholas Church.


Saint Peter Cemetery

Located on TR 96 & TR 25.


Bloom Township

Grange Cemetery
(Dunkard Cemetery)

Located on east side of SR 19, south of US 224.


Bloom Township Cemetery

Located on TR 58.


Mennonite Cemetery

Located east of TR 77.


Bloomville Quarry Cemetery
(Pisgah Cemetery)

Located on TR 163. From Bloomville take SR 19N, turn east on Fleet Road to TR 163. East of Honey Creek on left across from Quarry entrance.


Pleasant View Cemetery
Primitive Baptist Cemetery)

Located at CR 6 & CR 43. 2 miles south of Bloomville, turn west (right), travel 2 miles on CR 6.


Reformed Church Cemetery

Located on west side of SR 19 at north edge of Bloomville.


Saint Stephen Cemetery

Located 5 mi. west of St. Stephens on CR 6, south of Bloomville on SR 19.


Woodlawn Cemetery

Located on east side of TR 73, 1/2 mile south of CR 16. From town square travel west to 1st intersection, turn right; travel for 1/4-mile north.


Clinton Township

Clinton Heights Golf Course

Located 500 feet SW of golf course barn on Center Road.

One stone standing, others in pile.

Fairmont Cemetery
(Stoner Cemetery)



Fairmont Memorial Park

Located at Washington Street & Tyber Road.


Greenlawn Cemetery

Located on Coe Road.
895 East CR 36
Tiffin, Ohio 44883-0937

Mausoleum erected by J. B. Ehrenfried in 1910.

St. Francis Cemetery

Located on St. Francis Avenue.


St. Joseph's Cemetery

Located on South Washington Street.


Saint Mary's Cemetery

Located at SR 18 & CR 1321.


State Hospital Cemetery

Located on SR 101.


Eden Township

Brundedge Cemetery
(Buckeye Cemetery)

Located on CR 58.


Hershberger Cemetery

Located on CR 6.


Kagy Cemetery

Located on TR 149.


Price Cemetery

Located at CR 6 & TR 151.


Randall Cemetery

Located on TR 151.


Rock Creek Cemetery

Located on left side of US 23. Take US 224 East to SR 100. Follow CR 16 to the left for several miles.


Rock Run Cemetery

Located on TR 17.


Seneca County Home Cemetery

Located at SR 100 & SR 224.


Shock Cemetery

Located on CR 6.


White Chapel Cemetery
(United Brethren Cemetery)

Located on CR 6 1/4 mile east of Melmore.

Approx. 200 graves

Hopewell Township

Creeger Cemetery

Located at CR 48 & TR 121.


Hopewell Cemetery


Sand Ridge Cemetery

Located at SR 18 & SR 635.


Seneca Memory Gardens

Located at 4565 West US 224
Tiffin, Ohio 44883


Jackson Township

Dysinger Cemetery

Located on Cole Road & CR 25.


Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Located at CR 592 & TR 39.


Liberty Township

Crissa Cemetery
(Andrews or Creasy Cemetery)

Located on Weaver Road at Maple Grove.


Feaselburg Cemetery

Located on CR 11.


Kansas Cemetery

Located on TR 36 & TR 68.


Liberty Center Cemetery

Located at CR 31 & TR 158.


Liberty-Bettsville Cemetery



Null Cemetery

Located on CR 592.


Shiloh Cemetery

Located on CR 592.


Saint Andrew Cemetery

Located on SR 635,5 miles north of Bascom off SR 18.

(approx. 330 graves)

Loudon Township

Fostoria Fountain Cemetery

Located at 702 Van Buren Street
Fostoria, Ohio 44830


Loudon Township Cemetery

Located on SR 18E.


Sheller Cemetery

Located on SR 23 between SR 18 & TR 108.


St. John Cemetery

Located on SR 587 & SR 18.


Saint Patrick Cemetery

Located on CR 18.


Pleasant Township

Bunker Hill Cemetery

Located on CR 144, 3 miles south of Green Springs.


Clagget Cemetery
Pleasant Cemetery)

Located on CR 33.


Fravel Cemetery
(Shaull Cemetery)

Located on CR 38.


McKeen Cemetery
(Watson or Shaffer or McMeen Cemetery)

Located on CR 37.


Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
(Egbert's Cemetery)

Located at SR 101 & CR 38.


Dukes Cemetery
(Pleasant Union Association Cemetery)

Located at TR 51 & TR 33.


Reed Township

Armstrong Cemetery

Located at SR 162 & CR 27.


Assumption Cemetery

Located at TR 126 & CR 2972.


Omar Cemetery

Located at SR 4 & SR 162.


Scipio Township

Clay Cemetery

Located at TR 124 & TR 77.


Farewell Retreat Cemetery

Located on SR 19.

500+ graves

Reformed Church Cemetery
(Salemon Cemetery)

Located on SR 18, 3.2 miles NE of Republic.


Scipio Township Cemetery

Located on TR 106.


Seneca Township

Baugher Cemetery

Located on TR 28.


Bare Cemetery
(Codrey or Cowdery Cemetery)

Located on TR 115 & TR 58.


Bethel Cemetery
(South Bend Cemetery)

Located on TR 115 & TR 58.


Jerusalem Cemetery

Located on TR 90, west of CR 47.


Kroh Cemetery

Located on TR 19 (Negrotown Road)


Methodist Cemetery

Located on SR 53.


Negro Cemetery

Located south of CR 26 on farm near old colored schoolhouse.


Reiniger Cemetery

Located on TR 92, 1 mile west of SR 53, on a farm.


Reize Cemetery
(Reisz Cemetery)

Located on right side of TR 94, at Legion in New Riegel turn east 3/4 mile.


Reidling Family Burial Ground

Located on TR 58.


Thompson Township

Dunkirk Cemetery

Located on CR 32.


Fireside Cemetery
(Zion Reformed Church Cemetery)

Located on TR 204 & TR 178.


Flat Rock Cemetery

Located on TR 178.


Underhill Cemetery

Located at SR 269 & CR 32.


Saint Michael's Cemetery

Located at CR 46 & TR 8321.


Thompson Center Cemetery


Venice Township

Attica-Venice Township Joint Cemetery

Located on Lemon Road at Venice Street.


Caroline Burying Ground
(Old Lutheran or East Caroline Reformed Cemetery)

Located on SR 4.


St. Peter & Paul Cemetery

Located on Lemon Street, next to Venice-Attica Cemetery.


Smith Cemetery

Located on TR 58, east of SR 4.


Swamp Cemetery
(Union Pisgah Cemetery)

Located on CR 35.


Cemeteries That Are No More

Adams Twp.
Payne Cemetery

Located on TR 21.

Bulldozed at opposition from Trustees.

Clinton Twp.
Indian Burial Ground

Located on SW corner of Hall & Franklin Streets.


Clinton Twp.
Hedges Cemetery


Moved to Greenlawn Cemetery

Clinton Twp.
Junior Home Cemetery


Moved to Greenlawn Cemetery

Clinton Twp.
Morrison Road Cemetery



Clinton Twp.
North Greenfield Cemetery


Moved to Greenlawn Cemetery

Clinton Twp.
Swander Cemetery


Moved to Greenlawn Cemetery

Clinton Twp.
Rickett Cemetery


Moved to Sand Ridge Cemetery in Hopewell

Clinton Twp.
Ursuline Cemetery


Moved to St. Mary's & St. Joseph

Eden Twp.
Stewart Cemetery

Located on CR 19. (Was east of Kroh Cemetery)


Eden Twp.
Van Meter Cemetery

Located on CR 16 at Lake Mohawk shoreline.


Scipio Twp.
Hall Cemetery

Located east of TR 169 on south bank of Morrison Creek.


Scipio Twp.
Ogle Cemetery

Located 1 mile east on SR 18, north of CR 16.


Venice Twp.
Unnamed Cemetery

Located on SW corner of CR 56 & TR 197.


Venice Twp.
Venice Cemetery

Located on SW corner of CR 56 & TR 197.


Surrounding Counties










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