Richland County Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Richland County

Blooming Grove Township

Ganges Cemetery (old)

Located on north side of Shelby-Ganges Road (CR 61) between Bowman Street Road (CR 215) & Granges Five-Points Road (CR 207).


Ganges Cemetery (new)

Located on south side of Shelby-Ganges Road (CR 61) west of Ganges Five-Points Road (CR 207).


Butler Township

Adario United Methodist Cemetery

Located behind the Adario United Methodist Church at CR 77 & CR 84.


Bethel Cemetery
Bloomingrove, Church of God, Winebrennarian Cemetery)

Located on west side of SR 13 just south of Noble Road.


Cass Township

Hazel Brush Cemetery
(Adams, Bodley, Dicks Cemetery)

Located on south side of Hazel Brush Road (TR 59) at Bowman St. Road (CR 215).



Harpersfield Cemetery

Hutchins Cemetery
(Maple Grove Cemetery)

Franklin Township

Boyce Cemetery
Harmony-Kuhn Cemetery)

Located on south side of Taylortown Road (CR 200) between Amoy-Ganges Road (CR 233) & TW 234.


Church of the Brethren
(Dunkard Cemetery)

Located on south side of Linn Road (CR 232) east of Amoy-Ganges Road (CR 233) opposite Richland Church of the Brethren.


Clay Lutheran Cemetery

Located on CR 90 at CR206.


Pleasant Valley Cemetery
(Pleasant Valley Baptist, Five Points Cemetery)

Located on east side of SR 13 north of Five Points East Road (CR 259) north of town.


Jackson Township


Oakdale Cemetery


Jefferson Township

Jefferson Cemetery
(Garber, Yeager, Yarger Hill, Younger Cemetery)

Located on Mishey Road (TR 395) near Garber Road (TR 115), west of SR 95.


Tinkey Cemetery
(Lutheran Cemetery)

Located on east side of Dill Road (TR 400) at Gatton Rocks Road (TR 355).


Pleasant Grove Lutheran Cemetery

Located on Reed Road off Crider Road near Lake Crest Drive.


Madison Township

Beer-Lantz Cemetery

Located on Lucas Road (SR 39 between Hickory Lane & Bonnie Drive.


Mifflin Township

Koogle Cemetery

Located on east side of Koogle Road (CR 291) between Wooster Road (SR 430) & Touby Lane at Stone Valley United Baptist Church.


Pettit Cemetery

Located off Ford North Road (TR 425) just south of Park Avenue East (SR 430).


Monroe Township

Dickes Cemetery

Located on north side of Lucas Perrysville Road (CR 96) at Dickes Road (TW 443).


Pleasant Valley Lutheran Cemetery

Located on north side of Pleasant Valley Road (CR 303) at McFarland Road (TR 420) across from Pleasant Valley Lutheran Chuch.


Perry Township

Darlington Cemetery
(Perry Cemetery)

Located on south side of Darlington East Road (CR 27) between Darlington Road (CR 121) & SR 546 across from Perry Church of Christ.


Old Center Cemetery
(Huntsman, Lydia Gano Cemetery)

Located on east side of Wirick Road at Woodbury Road (CR 28).


Pleasant Grove Evangelical Cemetery

Located behind Pleasant Grove Community Church at SR 546 & Coursen Poorman Road (TR 128).


Plymouth Township

Opdyke Cemetery
(Updyke, eecham, Beechum Cemetery)

Located on south side of Opdyke Road (TR 190) between Plymouth Street (SR 61) & CR 191.


Sandusky Township

New Castle Cemetery


Jeopardized Report

Ontario Cemetery



Red Squirrel Cemetery

Located on west side of Lohr Road (TR 245) south of Millsboro Road West (CR 48).


Sharon Township

Coltman Cemetery

Located on north side of Stiving Road (TR 168) between SR 13 & Rock Road (CR 150).


Springfield Township

Pleasant Hill Cemetery
(Rowalt Cemetery)

Located on east side of Rudy Road (TR 156) near Millsboro West Road (CR 48) south of town.


Riblet Cemetery

Located on south side of Park Avenue West (SR 309) east of South Horning Road.


Sherman Road Cemetery
Webster, Kleilein, Springfield Township Cemetery)

Located on north side Sherman Road (TR 153) east of Marion Avenue Road (CR 146).


Troy Township

Fairview Cemetery
(Day Cemetery)

Located on south side of Bell Road, east of Lexington-Ontario Road.


Lexington Cemetery

Located on SR 42 at Troy Avenue.


Troy Township Cemetery

Located off SR 97 near Gass Road (CR 39) on south side of Clear Fork Reservoir.


Washington Township

Banks Cemetery
(Washington Township Cemetery)

Located on east side of Washington South Road (CR 301) south of Garver Road (TR 321).


Caesarea Cemetery

Located on corner of Mansfield-Washington Road (CR 301) & Taylor Road (TR 317) behind Caesarea Church.


Hilltop Cemetery
(St. Peter's Evangelical & Reformed, German Evangelical Cemetery)

Located next to Hilltop Church on east side of German Church Road (CR 321) south of Vanderbilt Road (TR 323)


Weller Township

Vatilburg Cemetery
Charles, Brown Cemetery)

Located on farm on Pavonia North Road (CR 260) between SR 545 & Charles Brown Road (TR 89).


Worthington Township

Easterly Cemetery
(Snyder Cemetery)

Located on Snyder Road (TR 388 between Hagerman Road (TR 387) & Possum Run Road (CR 320).


Independence Cemetery
(Butler Cemetery)

Located on east side Liberty Street (TR 112) south of town.


Hildebrant Cemetery
(Pine Run, Union, Union Church, McClurg Cemetery)

Located on north side of Hildebrandt Road (TR 380) east of Bunkerhill South Road (CR 108).


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