Portage County Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Portage County

Atwater Township

Atwater Cemetery

Located on west side Burton-Limaville South Road (SR 183) south of US 224.


Old Dutch Cemetery
(German Church Cemetery)



Aurora Township

Aurora Cemetery

Located on west side Aurora Road (SR 43) southeast of SR 82.


Jackson Cemetery



Plainview Cemetery

Located on north side Mennonite Road east of SR 306.


Brimfield Township

Restland Cemetery

Located on west side Cleveland-Canton Road (SR 43) north of Tallmadge Road.


Westlawn Cemetery
Brimfield Station

Located on west side Mogadore Road south of Tallmadge Road.


Charlestown Township

Falls Cemetery

Located on south side Newton Falls Road between Rock Spring Road & Esworthy.


Deerfield Township

Deerfield Cemetery
Deerfield Cemetery Assn.
PO Box 108
Deerfield Ohio 44111

Located on north side Akron Canfield Road (US 224) west of Mahoning Road.


Hartzell Cemetery
North Benton Station

Located on west side Hartzell Road south of the Leffingwell Road.

Graves at back moved to higher ground for Berlin Reservoir.

Hayden Cemetery

Located north of Cleveland-East Liverpool Road (SR 14) southeast of Carters Ford Road.


Mottown Cemetery

Located on east side of Mahoning Road south of Mottown Road.


Edinburg Township

Edinburgh Cemetery

Located on northeast side SR 14 between Booth Road & I-76.


Elliott Cemetery



Franklin Township

Green Cemetery

Located on east side Hudson Road between Judson & Johnson Roads.


Saint Peter's Catholic Cemetery
313 North Depeyster Street
Kent, Ohio 44240



Standing Rock Cemetery
1361 North Mantua Street
Kent, Ohio 44240

Located on east side of SR 43 north east of Standing Rock.


Stow Street Cemetery
(Old Pioneer Cemetery)

Located on south side Stow Street near Kent City Park.


Freedom Township

Drakesburg Cemetery

Located on east side Nichols Road south of SR 303.


Dudley Cemetery



West Freedom Cemetery

Located on east side Asbury Road north of SR 303.


Hiram Township

Fairview Cemetery

Located on south side SR 305 at Ryder Road.


Hillside/Riverside Cemetery
Hiram Rapids

Located at corner of Winchell and Allyn Roads.


Udall Cemetery



Vaughn Cemetery



Eastlawn Cemetery



Hillside Cemetery

Located on Prospect Street west of Line Street.


Tinker Farm Cemetery



Westlawn Cemetery
Mantua Center

Located on Warren Road (SR 82) west of Mantua Center Road.


Nelson Township

Abbott Cemetery

Located on the west side Ravenna Parkman Road (SR 88) between Ely & Hiram-Southington-Hartford Road (SR 305).


Baptist Cemetery



Harrington Cemetery

Located on west side Hopkins Road between Pierce & Center Roads.


Keiper-Tuller Cemetery

Located on south side Bloom Road west of Newel Ledge Road.


Kennedy-Ledge Cemetery

Located at junction of Fenstermaker Road & US 422, southeast of Bancroft Road.


Park Cemetery

Located on north side of Center Road at corner of Brosins Road.


Tinker Cemetery



Palmyra Township

Jane-Jones Cemetery



North Cemetery

Located on east side Deerfield-Windham Road (SR 225) between Tallmadge Raod & I-76.


Palmyra Cemetery

Located on north side Tallmadge Raod between SR 225 & Wayland Road.


Robinson-South Cemetery

Located on west side Deerfield-Windham Road north of Yale Road.


Scott Cemetery



Welsh Baptist Cemetery

Located on south side of Cable Line Road at Deerfield-Windham Road.


Whippoorwill Cemetery

Located on east side Wayland Road between Fisher & Cable Line Roads.


Paris Township

Hawley Cemetery

Located on west side McClintocksburg Road between Gilbert & Griffith Roads.

Stone damage from chalk & shaving cream.

Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery

Located on east side McClintocksburg Road north of Newton Falls Road.


Randolph Township

Center Cemetery
(Disciple Cemetery)

Located on west side Ravenna Road north of Waterloo Road.


German Reformed Cemetery

Located on west side Hartsville Road between Waterloo & Akron-Canfield Roads.


Hillside Cemetery
(Sandhill Cemetery)

Located on east side Hartville Road north of Waterloo Road.


Old Kline Farm Cemetery
(North Dyke Cemetery)



W.T. Mendenhall Cemetery


One Stone Left

Saint Joseph Cemetery
St. Joseph

Located on north side Wateloo Road west of Schroeder Road.


Ravenna Township

Grandview Memorial Park
5400 Lakewood Road
Ravenna, Ohio 44266

Located on east side Lakewood Road south of Summit Road.


Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
409 West Main Street
Ravenna, Ohio 44266

Located on east side North Chestnut Street south of Loomis Parkway (SR 44).


Saint Mary's Cemetery
409 West Main Street
Ravenna, Ohio 44266

Located on south side Mill Road west of Diamond Street.


Rootstown Township

Homeland Cemetery

Located on Tallmadge Road east of Siefer Road.


Old Cemetery

Located on West Drive off Cook Road.


Saint Peter of the Fields Catholic Cemetery
3487 Old Forge Road
Rootstown, Ohio 44272

Located on north side Old Forge Road across from Hartville-Johnnycake Road.


Shalersville Township

Fairview Cemetery

Located on west side SR 14 just northwest of Lake Rockwell Road.


Hillside Cemetery

Located on south side SR 303 west of SR 44.


Riverside Cemetery

Located on north side SR 303 east of Weaver Road.


Streetsboro Township

Cackler Cemetery

Located on north side Cackler Road just west of Seasons Road.


Evergreen Cemetery

Located on west side SR 14 northwest of Diagonal Road.


Myers Cemetery
(Meyers Cemetery)

Located near intersection of Ravenna & Stone Roads.


Streetsboro Cemetery

Located on east side Cleveland-Canton Road (SR 43) south of SR 303.


Suffield Township

Meacham-Upson Cemetery

Located on south side Trares Road east of May Road.


Kent Corners Cemetery

Located on east side Portage Line Road north of Akron Canfield Road (US 224).


Springfield Cemetery
(West Suffield Cemetery)

Located on east side Martin Road north of Waterloo Road.


Saint Michael's Cemetery

Located on north side Randolph Road between Lansinger Road & Sunnybrook.


Suffield East Lawn Cemetery

Located on south side Waterloo Road east of Cleveland-Canton Road (SR 43).


Windham Township

Windham Cemetery

Located on east side Parkman Road north of Wolf Road.


Cemeteries That Are No More

Brimfield Station
Thorndyke Cemetery

Located on Tallmadge Road west of Sunnybrook Road.

Moved to Restland

Deerfield Township
Carter Cemetery


Under Berlin Reservoir

Franklin Township
Breakneck-Shurtiff Cemetery


Moved to Standing Rock Cemetery

Randolph Township
Wise Farm Cemetery



Ravenna Township
Redbrush Cemetery


Stone removed, Some bodies moved to Maple Grove.

Rootstown Township
Unnamed Cemetery


No markers left.

Shalersville Township
Portage County Infirmary Cemetery


Grounds plowed over.

Streetsboro Township
Moran Cemetery


No Stones, some may be underground.

Surrounding Counties







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