Monroe County Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Monroe County

Adams Township

Asbery Chapel Cemetery



Baker Cemetery



Bracey Cemetery
(Mt. Zion Cemetery)



Goudy Church of Christ Cemetery



Pleasant Grove Cemetery



Hartline Cemetery



Mt. Hobbs Cemetery



Lindameyer Cemetery



McIntire Cemetery



Monahan-Sprague Cemetery



Old Cameron Cemetery



Pleasant Ridge Cemetery



Pontius Cemetery



Yellow Ridge Cemetery



Benton Township

Brownsville Cemetery



Brownsville German Lutheran Cemetery



Brownsville Presbyterian Cemetery



Brownsville Methodist Cemetery



Jericho Methodist Cemetery



Murphy Cemetery



Pool Cemetery



Rings Mill Cemetery



Sims Benton Cemetery



St. Paul's Trail Run Cemetery



Bethel Township

Adams Cemetery



Creighton Ridge Cemetery



Dennis Cemetery



Flaming Cemetery



Hopewell Cemetery



Lebanon-Masteron Cemetery (new)



Liberty Cemetery



Lindamood Cemetery



Marshal Cemetery



Masterton Cemetery (old)



Miller Cemetery



Mt. Hope Cemetery



McVey Cemetery



Parks, D. Burial Site



Rock Hill - Scott Cemetery



Scott, John Burial Site



Union Cemetery



Center Township

Ayers Cemetery



Baker Cemetery



Belt Cemetery
(Michael Lang, Schumacher Cemetery)



Egger Ridge Cemetery



Fairview Methodist Cemetery



Ford Cemetery



Gillespie Cemetery



Gray Cemetery



Higgenbottom Cemetery



Hines Cemetery



Hope Ridge Cemetery



McCammon Cemetery



McCary Cemetery
Kay-Moose Ridge Cemetery)



Moffett Methodist Cemetery



Monroe County Home Cemetery



Moose Cemetery



Mt. Carrick Cemetery



Nalley Cemetery



Neuhart Cemetery



Norris Cemetery



Oak Lawn Cemetery



Patton Cemetery



Pioneer Cemetery



Potts Cemetery



St. Sylvester Cemetery



Steed Cemetery



Winland Cemetery



Franklin Township

Blair, Guy Burial Site



Hines Cemetery



Hines Private Cemetery



Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery



Southerland Cemetery



Stafford Cemetery



Stafford West Cemetery



Swazey Methodist Cemetery



Green Township

Otts-Beckett Cemetery



Chapel Hill Cemetery



Otts Cemetery



Fuchs Cemetery



Hickman-McFarland Cemetery



Jones Cemetery



Kraft Cemetery



Laings Presbyterian Cemetery



Price Cemetery



Matthess Cemetery



Jackson Township

Carson Cemetery



Dunn Cemetery



Elliot Cemetery



Gravel Hill Cemetery



Frobish Cemetery



Locust Grove Cemetery



Rowles Cemetery



Witten Cemetery



Lee Township

Duvall-Parker Cemetery



Miller Cemetery



Mt. Moriah Cemetery



Mt. Olive Cemetery



Salem Cemetery



Sardis Cemetery



Malaga Township

Block-Zanger Cemetery



Bush Church of Christ Cemetery



Free Burial-Miltonsburg Cemetery



German Methodist Cemetery



Morris-Latta Cemetery



Malaga Baptist Cemetery



Miltonsburg Lutheran Cemetery



Miltonsburg United Church of Christ Cemetery



Neptune Cemetery



St. John's Roman Catholic Cemetery



Schell Cemetery



Sloan Cemetery



Sloan, Charles Burial Site



Sunsbury Quaker Cemetery



Tipton Cemetery



Unnamed Cemetery



Wilson Cemetery



Ohio Township

Apostolic Cemetery



Duffy Cemetery



Emma Grove Cemetery



Hannibal Cemetery (old)



Hannibal Cemetery (new)



Harter Cemetery



Lude Cemetery



Morton Evangelical Cemetery



Mt. Union Cemetery



Mt. Vernon Cemetery



Mt. Zion Cemetery



St. John's Methodist Cemetery



Zion Cemetery (old)



Perry Township

Antioch Cemetery



Barnard Cemetery



Briggs Cemetery



Eddy Cemetery



Greenbrier Cemetery



Lentz Cemetery



Plainview Cemetery



Unity Baptist Cemetery



West Union Cemetery



Salem Township

Baker, John Burial Site



Cain Cemetery



Case Cemetery (old)



Case Cemetery (new)



Clarington Cemetery



Clarington Cemetery (old)



Clarke Cemetery



Cochran Cemetery



Kurtzman Cemetery



Mt. Sinai Methodist Cemetery



Ollom Cemetery



Rutter Cemetery



St. James Lutheran Cemetery



Salem Church Cemetery



Sykes Ridge Christian Cemetery



Walton Cemetery



Ward Cemetery



Zesiger Cemetery



Zion Methodist Cemetery



Seneca Township

Atkinson Cemetery



Brister Cemetery



Calais Cemetery



Carpenter Cemetery



Carpenter E.W. Cemetery



Chapel Hill Cemetery



Dailey Cemetery



Danford-Mechem-Rucker Cemetery



Dement Cemetery



Hannah, Sam Burial Site



Iron Cemetery



Starr-Wells Cemetery



Stephens Cemetery



Summit Township

Bracken Ridge Cemetery



Buchanan Presbyterian Cemetery



Burkhart-Hamilton Cemetery



Friendship Cemetery



Lewisville German Lutheran Cemetery



Middle Church - St. John's Cemetery



St. Jospeh's Roman Catholic Cemetery



St. Peter's Evangelical Cemetery



Wise Cemetery



Sunsbury Township

Beallsville Methodist Cemetery



Beallsville Presbyterian Cemetery



Beallsville Cemetery



East Sunsbury Cemetery



Harmony Baptist Cemetery



Jerusalem Cemetery



Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Cemetery



Ozark Cemetery



Taylor Cemetery



Thomas Cemetery



Zwick Cemetery



Switzerland Township

Baird Cemetery



Bethel Cemetery



Bey Cemetery
(Bay, Robert McVey Cemetery)



Captina Church of Christ Cemetery



Grandview Cemetery



Ruble Cemetery



St. John's Lutheran Cemetery



Yost Cemetery



Zonker Cemetery



Washington Township

Beardmore-Thompson Cemetery



Daugherty Cemetery



Edington-Knowlton Cemetery



Graysville Baptist Cemetery



Graysville Baptist Cemetery



Graysville Christian Cemetery



Henthorne Cemetery



Lamping Cemetery



Low Gap Cemetery



Mann Cemetery



Merrill Ridge Cemetery



Pleasant Ridge Cemetery



Rinard Mills Cemetery



Scott, John Burial Site



Smith Cemetery



Wayne Township

Barber Ridge Cemetery



Christy-Sloan Cemetery



Conner Ridge Methodist Cemetery



Conner Ridge Cemetery (new)



Cronin, Michael Burial Site



Winland-Pryor Cemetery



Cemeteries That Are No More




Surrounding Counties




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