Hardin County Cemeteries

Cemeteries in Hardin County

Blanchard Township

Briedenbaugh Cemetery

Located near SW corner of CR 64 & CR 167


Draper Cemetery

Located 660 feet north of CR 70


Dunkirk Cemetery

Located at NW corner of SR 68 & TR 40


Dunkirk Cemetery

SE corner of SR 68 & TR 140


Fry Cemetery
(Farm - Lynch Cemetery)

Located 800 feet east of CR 135, 1/2 mi. TR 40


Hall Cemetery

Located east of TR 165 &600 feet south of TR 46


Show Cemetery

Located on CR 167, near Blanchard River


Sorgen Cemetery

Located 500 ft. south of CR 60, east of CR 135


Buck Township

Hatcher Cemetery

Located on SR 31


Hickory Grove Cemetery

Located on north side of TR 265, near Dudley Twp.


Lynn Grove Cemetery

Located on SR 3, north of TR 265


Indian Burial Grounds

Located north of TR 184 & east of CR 155


Wolfcreek Cemetery

Located on SR 31 north of TR 265


Cessna Township

Behler Cemetery
(Cessna Cemetery)

Located 800 feet west of CR 135 & 1320 feet south of CR 90

No Easement

Bunn Cemetery
(Wheeler Cemetery)

Located on south side of CR 106 & 880 feet west of CR 135


Cessna Cemetery
(Obenour Cemetery)

Located 1/4 mile SE from SR 701 & TR 105


Ft. McArthur Cemetery

Located south of CR 106 & east of TR 125

16 graves

Fulton Cemetery

Located on east side of TR 115 & 1/4 miles south of US 309


Huntersville Cemetery

Located on TR 74 east of CR 75 & north of SR 309


Salem Cemetery

Located north of TR 80 & west of CR 135


Strahm Cemetery

Located NE 1/4 mile on 526 north of TR 106


Huntersville Cemetery

Located on TR 74 east of CR 75 & north of SR 309


Dudley Township

Craig Cemetery

Located 40 feet off CR 200, between CR 219 & TR 217


Fisher Cemetery

Located at NE corner CR 200 &CR 219 on Wildcat Creek


Hepburn Cemetery
(Lee Cemetery)

Located on north side of CR 144, east of CR 265 & Pfeiffer Station


Vanfleet Cemetery

Located south CR 144


Otterbein Cemetery
(Otterbien Cemetery)

Locted on SE corner of CR 190 & CR 209


Hepburn Cemetery
(Lee Cemetery)

Located on north side of CR 144, east of CR 265 & Pfeiffer Station


Pfeiffer Cemetery
(Morrison Cemetery)

Located on CR 144 between TR 205 & TR 209


Ward Cemetery
(Hastings Cemetery)

Located on west side of TR 24, 1000 feet off SR 309


Wheeler Cemetery

Located on Marion CR 29 between CR 219 & 2405, 100 yards north side

4 graves

Goshen Township

McKendree Cemetery

Located on SE side of CR 265, 1/2 mile north of TR 235 & TR 120


Shanks Cemetery

Located on CR 215, 300 yards east of Rev Horn Run


Hale Township

Dille Cemetery
(Pioneer Cemetery)

Located on Old Mt. Victory, south off Marion Street, east of SR 31


Grassy Point Cemetery

SE corner SR 292 & CR 200


Hale Cemetery

Located on north side SR 273 west of Mt. Victory, east of TR 179


Jennings Cemetery

Located in west part of Hale Twp.


Rarey Cemetery
(Andrews Cemetery)

Located on A.K. Rarey farm on SR 292, west side, south of CR 190


Ridgeway Cemetery

Located on west side of TR 179, south of SR 273


Schurtzer Cemetery
(Mt. Pleasant Cemetery)

Located on curve near intersection CR 20 & CR 2, south side of CR 20


Unknown Cemetery

Located between TR 204 & TR 2 on south side

1 marker

Unknown Cemetery

Located on SR 292 south of CR 200, east side


Unknown Cemetery

Located on TR 197 between CR 240 & 273


Jackson Township

Briggs Cemetery

West of Forest, north side of railroad


Glenn Cemetery

Located on East Lima Street, Forest


Hueston Cemetery

CR 183 & CR 20, west of Forest


Patterson Cemetery
(New Cemetery)

TR 195 north of SR 81 on east side


Price-Patterson Cemetery
(Old Cemetery)

Located on TR 195 north of SR 81 at Patterson on west side


Liberty Township

Armorsville Cemetery

Located on CR 15, 1/2 mi. south of CR 10, east side


Candler Cemetery

Located 50 feet NE CR 15 & TR 30


Kindle Cemetery
(McClure Cemetery)

Located 250 feet north of TR 30, east of CR 15


Maysville Cemetery

Located 300 ft. north SR 309, east of Allen/Hardin line


McElroy Cemetery

Located on east side CR 65, 900 feet north of CR 20


Saint John's Cemetery
(Saint Paul Cemetery)

Located on west side TR 25 1/2 mile north of CR 60


Thorn Cemetery

SR 235 & TR 30, SE corner


Woodlawn Cemetery
(Old Washington Cemetery)

Located on corner of CR 60 & west side of SR 235


Woodlawn (New) Cemetery

Located on corner of CR 60 & east side of SR 235


Lynn Township

Gunn Cemetery

300 ft. south of SR 67 west of R 95


Norman Cemetery

West side CR 115, south of SR 67W


Marion Township

Carman Cemetery

Located on south side SR 309, 1 mile east of Maysville


Preston Cemetery

Located on south side CR 90, south of SR 309 east of Alger


Shadley Cemetery

Located on north side CR 90, 1 mile west of SR 195

4 markers

McDonald Township

Fairview-McDonald Cemetery

5302 SR 67, west of Kenton


Fultz Cemetery
(Fuls or Lightner Cemetery)

Located east of CR 75, north of SR 67, behind church


Harvey Cemetery

5226 SR 67 on south side, across from Fairview Cemetery


Indian Burial Grounds

TR 39 (Reed Road), east side


McArthur Cemetery

16481 Reed Road (TR 39), 1/2 mile south back lane


Poe Cemetery

3463 CR 200, east of SR 235, 1/2 mile from Roundhead Twp., in woods


Unknown Cemetery

Located on east side CR 65 between TR 180 & TR 190


Pleasant Township

Chesney Cemetery



County Home Cemetery

Located on CR 1143 A, 12 mile south of SR 309


Grant Cemetery

Located on north side TR 74, west of SR 53, north of Kenton


Grove Cemetery
(Grove Union or Saint Mary's Cemetery)

Located on Jacob Parrot Blvd. (CR 171) between SR 67 & SR 309


Pioneer Cemetery

Corner of Franklin & Sciota Street


Osborn Cemetery

222 Harrison Street

2 markers

Spitzer Cemetery

Located south of TR 104 between TR 189 & CR 195

No Easement

Unknown Cemetery

507 E. Columbus St., near E. Carrol St.


Roundhead Township

Bowdle Cemetery

15346 SR 117, north of SR 67 west side of road on hill


H. Hemphill Cemetery

Located on TR 180


Henkle/Hinkle Cemetery

NW corner SR 67 & SR 235

c.1825 - 1938

Marsh Cemetery

14553 corner NE of TR 152 & TR 21

2 graves

Pleasant Hill (Old) Cemetery

Located on SR 235 north of SR 67 & CR 150, west side


Pleasant Hill (New) Cemetery

Located on SR 235 north of SR 67 & CR 150, east side at church


Roundhead Cemetery
(Old Church Cemetery)

2465 CR 190, east of SR 235, north side


Roundhead (New) Cemetery

2800 CR 190 1/4 mile east of SR 235, south side of road


Rutledge Cemetery
(Rutedge Cemetery)

15609 SR 117 north of SR 67, west field


Schneider Cemetery

Located 200 yards north TR 160


Taylor Creek Township

Bailey Cemetery
(Collins Cemetery)

Located at SW corner CR 155, off CR 200, in field, near tree


Seig Cemetery

Located on CR 200 east of US 68


Wroten Cemetery

Located on CR 180 south side of road, between CR 115 & TR 119


Yelverton Cemetery
(Sloan Cemetery)

East side of CR 115 at TR 210


Washington Township

Dola Cemetery
(Washington Cemetery)

Located on north side SR 81


Jones Cemetery
(Kridler-Helms Cemetery)

North side CR 14, east of CR 95


Smith Cemetery

NW corner SR 701 & TR 105


Waggoner Cemetery

SE corner SR 81 & CR 135


Wagner Cemetery

Located between CR 115 & TR 105, south of SR 81


Cemeteries That Are No More

Holland Cemetery
(Eddy or Rumer Cemetery)

Located at TR 117 & TR 206

Burials moved to Wolfcreek

Unknown Cemetery

Located on Flat Iron Road, east side of CR 175, end of TR 114


Unknown Cemetery

Located on CR 115, south of barn


Wilson Cemetery

Located west of SR 68


Zimmerman Cemetery

19624 TR 47, off CR 200, east of SR 235 in fence row


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