New Market Township, Highland County, Ohio

Sanders Cemetery        

Location and Description: This cemetery was transcribed September, 2004.  It is located on Shelton Road off of East New Market Road in New Market Township, and is just below the village of New Market if traveling east from State Route 62.

There are large open spaces between the graves which may or may not be burial plots.  It’s possible that the graves were once marked with field stones that are not longer there.

 When comparing the 2004 reading with the one done by the McBride’s in early 1950’s, most of the stones recorded then were located.

This cemetery is not easily assessable.  The only parking is along the side of the road in the grass, and it is necessary to climb a rather steep hill to get to the cemetery itself.  The cemetery gate is also not that easy to open.  The grass is kept mowed and it is free of trash.

History:  This cemetery was once apart of the Old New Market Baptist Church, in or near the area of the township once known as Harrisburg.  The original owners of the land were John and Ann Sanders who, in 1823, transferred two acres to Reuben Shephard a trustee of the New Market Baptist Church for the church and cemetery. The church is no longer standing.

  Source: “Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County, Ohio” by David and Jane McBride. 1954

Surname Given Name Date of Birth Death of Death Age on Stone
Inscription Comment
 BEARD Thomas     Oct. 29, 1854 55-11-8   Standing
BEARD Elizabeth   Apr. 30, 1869 64y - 15d Wife of Thomas Standing
BLACK  Mary E.     Jan. 7, 1844 3y - 5m Dau. of W. & E. Fallen
BOATMAN Robert     Apr. 4, 1859 6?rd Year   Fallen
BOATMAN Williason     Feb. 29, 1852 20y - 23d Son of R. & H
        Newer Stone
HILLIARD Rebecca J.   Sep. 23, 1888 33rd Year Wife of Andrew M Standing
LARRICK Mary M.     Apr. 26, 1862 1y - 18d Dau of H. & S. J. Standing
NAYLOR Richard "born in Ohio" Aug. 23, 1852 65-11-28     Standing
NAYLOR Rachel Butler "born in Virginia" Jun. 24, 1858 67-8-24 Married In Ohio Standing
SANDERS   photo John     May 9, 1866 82 Years     Standing
SANDERS Anna     Sept. 19, 1870 88 Years Wife of John Standing
Feb. 2 1820
Mar. 5, 1814
Feb. 2, 1866
Sept. 14, 1899
SANDERS Margaret R.     Feb. 7, 1861 1-10-18 Dau. of Oliver & Eliza Standing
SANDERS Joesph W.     Jan. 12, 1861 5-2-18 Son of Oliver & Eliza Standing
SANDERS Hugh     Mar. 4, 1843 5m. Son of  Oliver & Eliza NLS
SANDERS Samuel R.     Apr. 10, 1848 1m - 27d Son of Oliver & Eliza NLS
SANDERS Naomi     Sept. 1, 1853 15-6-20 Dau of  D. & N. NLS
SPRINGER Nathan     Jan. 6, 1852 32 -11-28       Standing
SPRINGER John     Jun. 12, 1813 63rd Year       NLS
SPRINGER Rebecca     Dec. 6, 1860  71-1-7 Wife NLS
STANFORTH James M.     Aug. 25, 1860 7y - 7m Children of Isaac & Susanna Broken
STANFORTH Sarah E.     Aug. 23, 1860 5-6-25 " Standing
STANFORTH Theodore C.     Aug. 27, 1860 3-11-10 " Broken
STANFORTH Hester J.     Oct. 15, 1859 2m - 10d " Standing
STOUT Ruthy     Apr. 3, 1859 48-5-27 Wife of Benjamin Standing
VANCE Davis Sr.     Mar. 29, 1837 50-4-7   Standing
VANCE Hannah     Sept. 10, 1877 88-10-4 Wife of Davis Standing
VANCE Isuiah   Mar. 18, 1843 25-5-25     NLS
VANPELT John     Jun. 15, 1857 68th Year     Standing
VANPELT Eligah     Nov. 1, 1846 31-6-12           Standing
VANPELT Martha     Aug. 13, 1854 22-7-13 Dau. of John & Mary NLS
VANPELT Oliver     18?? 5-10-? Son of John & ???? NLS
Stones with Initials Only

R. B. N.
B. N.
R. S.
O. H. S.