New Market Township, Highland County, Ohio


Description: This cemetery is located on Mad River Road in New Market Township  It has
 no office and all  records are held by
 the township trustees.  It is not a large cemetery.
 It is well-kept and in good condition. Many of the old stones are weather-worn
and no
 longer legible.  It does have a small driveway that goes through the cemetery so it is not
necessary to park on the shoulder
of the road.

History: This cemetery was plotted in February 1799 by Henry Massie.  The oldest burials
 are believed to be that of Robert Branson
 and Adam Medsker in 1801.

War of 1812 Veterans buried here are: George Barrere, Jos. Malcom, Solomon Ludwick,
 James Morrow John Eakins, and
 Benjamin Eakins.

Source: Data for this cemetery comes from physically reading each monument.
 The last physical reading was done in 2003.

 Where tombstones were faded or no longer legible on no longer standing then
"Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County" 
by David & Jane McBride was used.

Additional source information comes from The Press Gazette, News Herald,
the Hillsboro Press Gazette and the Times
 Gazette all of Hillsboro, Ohio covering various years.

Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County by David & Jane McBride, 1954
 Library of Congress Catlaog Card Number: 55-17616
 ISBN: 0-941000-05-2