New Market Township, Highland County, Ohio

Location, Condition, History

Old Dutch Cemetery is located on Barrere Road off of State Route 138 just above Mt. Zion Cemetery if traveling west from Hillsboro, Ohio.

The reading was done September, 2004. Time and weather have not been kind to this cemetery. There are still a few illegible fieldstones standing in this cemetery, but its overall condition is pretty dismal. The grass is kept mowed, and it is free of trash. Parking is off-road along Barrere Road. Along side of this cemetery is a private driveway to a farm and residence. There is also a bit of walk from the road to the cemetery.

The land is rolling and very peaceful as the cemetery is surrounded by farm and pasture land which includes a farm pond with ducks swimming along it.

 History. The cemetery was once apart of the German Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Society Church which was established in 1817. The majority of the members came from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. By 1842 the Lutherans separated with the German Reformed, and the German Reformed members moved to Mt. Zion, and the members of the Lutheran faith moved to Danville, Ohio.

Additional land was given to the church and graveyard by George and Susanna Caley and Philip, Sr. and Anna Wilkin in 1821. No church building exists today.

 Believed to be buried in this cemetery are Philip, Sr. and Anna Wilkin, and George Wilkin, a trustee of the German Evangelical Lutheran and Reformed Society Church.

Source:  "Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County" by David & Jane McBride page 398 revised 1972