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Clermont County Genealogical Society


From the Clermont Sun Batavia Ohio Vol. LV No. 23 Tuesday, November 14, 1882.

Modern taste and culture with the conventionalities of society may lay out and beautify elegant cemeteries and fill them with costly monuments of marble and granite, and still the heart will beat with a warmer glow on a visit to an old-time grave-yard where as in days of yore only humble and modes stone mark the resting places of our ancestors.

On the beautiful banks of the East Fork, half a mile from Batavia, on the old Moore homestead, is the ancient village burial-ground, a small inclosure now grown up with brambles and briars, weeds and grass, with the untrimmed trees adding to the dingy somberness of the site.

Sunday afternoon we examined the few tombstones left in this ancient ground, some of which are hardly decipherable, and those hereinafter mentioned bring to memory loved ones long ago laid away to rest, many of whom were leading spirits once in our social and political circles.

Capt. Charles Moore, of the War of 1812, who came from New Jersey in 1816, died June 16, 1844, aged 67, and his wife Mary, April 12, 1846, aged 74.

Martin V.11. Veitch died Dec. 18, 1839, aged 27. "An honest man he lived and died, And on the death of Christ relied, May he rest in peace, Amen."

Nehemgoiah Mount came from New Jersey about 1807, and died June 17, 1846, aged 72, and his wife Azura, July 16, 1854, age 78.

David Morris in 1814 published the Western American at Williamsburg, and in 1826 bought the Western Patriol at Batavia and merge it into the Spirit of the Times. He afterwards was on the Chronicle of the Times. He died March 4, 1848, aged 54, and his wife, Lucinda D., July 30, 1832, aged 25.

Caroline Virginia, an infant daughter of Hon, Learner B. Leeds, of the Brown County News, died Aug. 30, 1840.

Thomas J. Buchanan died Dec. 19, 1844, aged 84 years, 10 months, and 15 days. He was a member of the Legislature in 1837, '38 and '39 and in the last year Speaker of the House. "Eloquent Tom Buchanan" was the usual cognomen given him.

Jacob Medary Sr., father of Governor Samuel Medary, who established THE SUN in 1828 died Oct. 12, 1839, aged 69. His son, Geo. Medary, died April 24, 1847, aged 44, and the latter's wife, Mary, July 25, 1836, aged 35.

Mrs. Ann Scott died May 23, 1834, aged 67. Esther, wife of Miles K. Headley, died Feb. 21, 1836, aged 37. Rachel, wife of D. McAfee, died Sept. 14, 1846, aged 28. Manila J., wife of Jonathan Ritchey, died Feb. 7, 1845, aged 28. Harriet, wife of Robert Townaley, died June 28, 1847, aged 20. Joel B. Patterson, died Oct. 4, 1848, aged 26. Philura H., wife of T.J. McCormick, born in New York, married Aug. 11, and died Nov. 11, 1835, aged 27. Thomas Glancy, died May 13, 1852, aged 36. Archibald, son of Robert and Janet McNair, died Sept. 2, 1843, aged 27. George Hunt came from near Trenton, N.J. was one of the earliest schoolmasters about Batavia. He married Sallie Moore, and died Dec. 2. 1852. aged 68. Wm. Mount was born in Armstrong county Pa., May 1, 1794 and died Nov. 23, 1843. Temperance (Williams), married in 1821 to venerable Win. H. Robinson, died July 30, 1847, aged 47. Penniah, wife of Obadiah Smith, died Jan. 2, 1843, aged 52. John Pegg died July 7, 1834, aged 40, Euphemia Pegg died Feb. 20 1831, aged 63.

Rachel Ann, wife of Wm. W. Robinson, died Aug. 29, 1842, aged 26. Catherine(Duckwall), wife of Beni H. Jenkins, died Oct. 21, 1838, aged 18. Dr. Eusebuis Moore died Oct. 12, 1849, aged 27. Permelia Moore died March 25, 1851, aged 19. Rachel, daughter of Samuel and Rachel Moore died March 14, 1849, aged 25.

David C. Bryan died July 31, 1829. He was born on Long Island in 1771, and in 1792 married Ruth Bryan. In 1800 moved to New Jersey and in 1803 to Williamsburg, this county, and in 1825 to Batavia. He was elected a Representative in the Legislature in 1806, but his seat was contested and given to Thomas Morris, and served as State Senator from 1807 to 1810, when he resigned to become Clerk of the Court, which place he so ably filled until his death, a period of 19 years. His son, Malancthon A., was the Clerk for some two years. The latter was born Sept. 26, 1803 and died March 27, 1832. George S. Bryan, another son, was born Sept. 3, 1792 and died Nov. 28, 1832, and his wife, Mary, died July 16, 1844, aged 47.

John B. Moore died Feb. 24, 1845, aged 44. John Pegg, Jr. died Jan. 31, 1849, aged 25. Juda Ann, wife of Wm. Floro, died July 3, 1849, aged 23. Andrew M. Gest (with Masonic tablet) died March 29, 1852, aged 37 and his wife, Melissa, daughter of Geo. S. and Mary Bryan, Jan. 22, 1841, aged 19. Mr. Gest was a brilliant writer and genial gentleman, and with the late Hon. R.W. Clarke, established the Courier March 19, 1836.

Basil Davis died March 13, 1861, aged 57, and his wife Mary, Sept. 5, 1837, aged 31. Daniel D. Kain died June 1, 1840, aged 24. Wm. Brown died Aug. 8. 1849, aged 65. J.D. Ritchie, (with Masonic tablet) died July 6, 1849, aged 29. Benjamin G. Hooker died Sept. 1, 1838, aged 37. Hiram B. Cade (with Masonic tablet) died Sept.8, 1851, aged 45. An infant son and daughter of the late Judge Israel Whittaker died in 1828 and 1834. Sarah, wife of Win. Reed, died May 28, 1842, aged 42. Edward Kinnan deed Aug. 23, 1833, aged 66, and his wife, Lucy, April 11, 1833, aged 65. Robert Waddle died Sept. 11, 1844 aged 56, and his wife, Nancy, May 10, 1847, aged 44. Mary, wife of Amer Talley, died March 31, 1843, aged 53. Susan B., consort of Rev. Moses H. Wilder, died Aug. 11, 1839, aged 38. John Dennis died July 27, 1836, aged 42. Stephen, son of Jonathan and Mary Rust, died Sept. 15, 1844, aged 19. Elizabeth, wife of Win. N. White, died June 20, 1849, aged 41. Eveltinel, wife of S.M. Johnson, died June 29, 1849, aged 20. Maria, wife of John Ellis, died July 29, 1849, aged 24. Susan B., wife of John McVay died July 6, 1849, aged 21.

There are many stones without any inscriptions. The oldest stone in the grave-yard is that of Hugh Dooks, who died Oct. 20, 1826 aged 36, and which has the following epitaph:

"Our mortal fabricks to this end were born,

For dust we are and must to dust return."

This burial ground should be thoroughly cleaned out of all its briars, underbrush and debris, and put in a worthy condition to honor its dead, which embrace the leading business and professional men and sainted mothers of Israel in our midst of years long gone by----of times when it was not thought requisite to record the many virtues of the then good people who departed hence by tall towers of granite or marble, but of days when the virtues of the departed were engraved in living inonuinents----ln the hearts and memories of those left behind.


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