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Military Data

Clermont County Genealogical Society

Military Data
Abstracted from the DAR Cemetery Book
by Howard Miller

Williamsburg Township Cemetery

Leopold Gardner Band, 27th Ohio mt. Civil War

William McAdams Co. 0-89th OVI Civil War

J. I. Malott Co. L-5th OH Cay. Civil War

W. L. Boulware Co. G 153rd OVI

Daniel McMillen Co. G 153rd OVI

Mus'n Zimmerman -- Civil War

George W. Smyth Co. K 79th OVI (1837-1901) Civil War

C. M. Moorehead Co. K 27th OVI

Chas Kain Co. 0 89th OVI

Wm A. Kain Cpl Co G 153rd OVI Civil War

Thos 0. Sell Cpl Co G 153rd OVI Civil War

Burton Broker Co K 27th OH Ini (1853-1898) Civil War

Obadiah McNutt Cpl Co 0 Ohio Civil War

George W. Stephens Co K 27th OH Int Civil War

A. C. Malott b Dec 31, 1840d Dec 20, 1928 Co. H 59th OVI Civil War

S. U. Mount Co 0 7th OH Cay Civil War

Jeff'n Barcley Co A 168th OVI Civil War

Daniel Benn Co K 83rd OVI Civil War

Ezekiel Herald Co H 48th OH lnf Civil War

Jas W Estle Co I 24th OVI Civil War

Henry Iler Co B 89th OVI (1820-1891) Civil War

W. S. Wilson Co E 12th 0 Cay Civil War

J. R Frazier Co G 117th IL lnf

Geo W. Mason Co B 89th OVI Civil War

Ebenezer Crist Co K 120th Ind Int

Earnest Cattbrugge Co A 106th OVI Civil War

Richard Smith Richards Pvt 3rd US tnt Ohio May2l,1927 WWI?

B.Ross CoH5thDVC

Homer McLean Co G 153rd OVI Civil War

R. S. McNutt Co E 59th lnt Civil War

P. T. Bracelin Co E 4th OH Cay Civil War

Jos Harden Co G 153rd OVI Civil War

Martin L. Ramsey Co H 70th OVI Civil War

Clarence G Matott Killed in France Nov 10, 1918

PvtCoHl3Othtnf WWI

Calvin Arwin Co G 15th OVI Civil War

Batavia Cemetery

Wm S. Lewis Co F 59th OVI Civil War

Daniel Crow Co 139th OVI Civil War

Isaac Beach Co I 59th OVI Civil War

C. H. Mendenhall Co H 17th Ind lnt

JosKyrtach l9lstOVl

Geo Tedron Co C

Henry Zimmerman Co B 50th SCI

T. B. Dustin Co F 59th OVI Civil War

Chas Stanton Co E OH 1ff

Daniel Brunk CpI Co H 153rd OVI Civil War

Henry Sellers Cpl Co B 5th OH Cay Civil War

John Burrall Co K 27th USC lnt

Wm Boutware Co F 59th OVI Civil War

W.H.Day CoA340V1 CivilWar

T. N. Lewis Capt 59th OVI Civil War

W. H. Jones 48th OVI Civil War

Newberry Zach Co B 7th OH Cay Civil War

Edward Scott Sgt Co C 23rd OVI Civil War

Aloydas Wayland Cpl 59th OVI Civil War

Edmund K Parrott Sgt 1st OH tnt Co M Spnsh War

N. B. Moore Co F 59th OVI Civil War

Jas T. Whitney Co L 120th VC (1839-1922) Civil War

John R. Higgins Co K 48th OVI Civil War

Luther Anderson Ohio US Navy

Geo Sutton 28th USC mt

Geo W. Moore Co E 59th OVI Civil War

Samuel Moore d Nov 3, 185264y1m28d Warl8l2

Pearl A. Roach Mus 802 Pioneers lnt OH Mar 18, 1941

Oliver Smith Hulick died in service Jan 19,1862 Civil War 18y 8m 16d

Geo Sutton 29th USC lnt

Samuel Murphy Cap 7th OVC dJul 16, 1864 Civil War 40y 5m 14d

C. W. Rhodes Co K 153rd OVI Civil War

Posey Robinson Co I 100th USCI

Oswell Sutton Co E 22nd OVI Civil War

Wm C (G?) Wait 1821 -1862 Civil War buried on battlefield

Randolph E Rush Co 0 153rd OVI Civil War

G. B. Crane Co K 153rd OVI Civil War

A. R. Allen Sgt Co D 12th OVI Civil War

Smyrna Cemetery 1t2 mile E of Felicity

Willis Alexander CPL Co A38th USC lnt.

David Alexander Co. 0 15th USCT

Jas. Alexander Co. A 38th USC mt.

Rural Cemetery SR 138 Franklin I\vp.

Chas Morgan Co. K 59th OVI Civil War

John Hasler Co. A 59th OVI Civil War


James Palmer Co. F 59th OVI Civil War

Robt. G. Dowell Co. K 2nd OVC Civil War

Stephen Plummer 24th Ohio Battery Civil War

Samuel Leonard d Dec 17 1866 91y-5m-9d b 1775 War 1812?

WmHarris d July l5 1864-77y-2m-21d War 1812?

Bethel Cemetery (Main St)

Jos. W. McHensey Co. C 175th OVI Civil Ward Aug 16, 1888-62y

Jas. Boulware Co. I 184th OVI Civil Warb Aug 6, 1833d Sep 5, 1920

J.F. Pride Co. 0 7th OVO Civil War

Jas. Young Co. L 9th OVC Civil War

Calvin Meeker Co. D 7th OVC Civil War b Oct 22, 1828 dMay8, 1900

Reuben Ross d May 11,1838 Rev. War

Concord Cemetery-Gunea Pike

Adam Schuyler enlisted Aug 21, 1861 Civil War Co. K 27th OVI d Mar 5, 1864 Prospect TN 28y-6m-3d

Myers Cemetery Rt 48 & 28 near Goshen

Oliver Glancy Co D 83rd OVI Civil War?d Feb 23,1868? St. Louis 20y-3m-17d

George Leever d Oct 6,1860 76y-7m-22d War 1812?

S.O.O. Niles d Dec 1,1888 73y War 1812?

C.W. Leever US Navy

Nathanal Clark d Aug 7,1871 76y-llm-7d War 1812?

Peter Derwester Co A 7th OVC Civil War

Jos. Derwester Co I 64th OVI Civil War

Edgar Doughmon Co M 10th OH lnf Sp Am War

Bradford Anshutz d Feb 3, 1863 21Y Civil War Vol. Sep 1,1862 Woodville, KY

Adam Leever d Feb 27 1866 86y-7m-ld War 1812?

George Severding Co H 9th OVI Civil War

John Smith Co A 12th OVI Civil War Killed Dec 14, 1863 22y

Daniel Roudebush d Mar 11, 1844 59y War 1812?

Sen. Jacob Myers d Feb 20, 1842 66y-l0m-16d War 1812?

Arnold Snider b Jul 18, 1830 d Jul 25, 1897 GAR?

Daniel Roudabush d Oct 3,1804 55y Rev War

David Roudabush dSeplO,183964y War 1812?

L.F.Fryburger d1802 Rev War

Jacob Stroup Jr d Mar 29, 1873 84y-5m-5d War 1812?

Jacob Stroup Sr d Jun 4, 1862 95y Rev War David Hand d May 15,1867 88y-ld War 1812?

Jos. Maucan d May 22, 1880 86y-3m-11d War 1812

Newberry Cemetery (Mulberry Ohio)

Isaac Leming d Aug 9,1834

83y-6m-19d Rev War

Rapp Cemetery

(Rt 132 between Owensville & Williams Corner)

Wm Glancy d May 7 1878 93y-9m-5d War 1812

Jesse Glancy d Sep 16,1831 -75y Rev War

Anthony Moore b Mar 13, 1777 d Jan20 1849 War 1812?

Old Owensville Cemetery

Jas M. Lattimer d Aug 18 1861 21y-5m-15d Civil War at Camp Wool Ohio

Laurel Cemetery Rt 32 near Laurel

Thomas Wilson 1861-1865 Co 113th Civil War? USC Hd

Gen. John Rogers b Dec 3 1785 War of 1812? d Aug 27, 1830

Jas Rogers dOct9 1854 Warof 1812? 66y-lOm-2d

Jas Brown Co I 22 OVI Civil War?

John Downing bFeb5 1788 War 1812? d Sep 19 1864

Basil Browning Sr b Jan 3 1755 Rev War d Sep 14 1844

Thos Slater b Mar 14 1777 War 1812? dMar9 1851

Abraham Corbin d Nov 6 1842 War 1812? 50 y 6mo

J.H. Hayman d Nov 211829 Rev War 85y .

Absolom Cook dSep 16 1832 Rev War 73y

Robert Florer Co D 153 OVI Civil War

Stephen Bennett d Dec 3 1864 War 1812 82y

WmLakin d 5ep27 1843 War l8l2? 51y-10m-29d

John Marsh d Apr 29 1827 War 1812 38y-8m-2d

WmDebruler dJune6 1852 War 1812 64y-9m-1 id

John Corbin Jr d Jul 311852 Rev War 92y 4m

Nicholas Corbin d Feb 211852 War 1812? 68y-9m-21 d

Jos D Widmeyer b Apr 19 1823 Civil War? d Sep 23 1884

Jonathan Tompkins d Jul 20 1861 War 1812 71 y-1 m-20d

A Simmons Sr b PA Jan 15 1747 Rev War? d Jul 23 1827

Adam SimmonsJr dJan 12 1828 War 1812 40y

Peter McLain d May20 1830 War 1812? 59y

John Page bSep8 1794 War 1812? dJan2 1888

Thornton Rush d Apr 20 1862 GAR?

John W McClain d Jul 4 1864 GAR? 39y-2m-29d

Robert Pence b Sep 5 1833 GAR? d May8 1904

JosWyatt dJan251856 Warl8l2 72y-9m-22d

John L Barklew 1840-1894 GAR?

Jephthah Moore b NJ 1765 Rev War d Nov 19 1841 76y

Benjamin Lakin 1797-1860 War 1812?

NCorbin dMay61876 War l8l2? 99y-1 Gm-i 9d

John E Brown Co F 89th OVI Civil War died in service Feb14 1864 44y

Russell A Mofford PFC 24th Reg WW-ll USMC 4th Div bJan3 1922 d Feb 11944

WmBaum d May l8 l87l War l8l2? 74y-4m-18d

Almeidas Ferdinand Simmons Co D 153rd OVI Civil War d May 30 1864 1 8y-7mo-28d Camp Kelly VA

Samson Pepper Co D 153rd OVI Civil War

Jonathan W. Tompkins b Oct 19 1837 GAR? d Mar 11872

Jas. I Bainum d Jan 25 1864 GAR? 36y-2m-9d

Rev. Andrw S. McClain d Nov25 1874 War 1812? 82y-2m

NG Bainum Co B 153rd OVI Civil War

Isaac Bainum Co D 153rd OVI Civil War

Cha~es Hancock Co D 153rd OVI Civil War

Geo McKlbben Co B 59th OVI Civil War bApr23 1813 d May9 1895

John Daniels Co A 33rd OVI Civil War

T.M. Wilis Capt Co K 27th OVI Civil War

Chas. Clifford Jones Pvt 102nd lnf 26 Div WWI d June 18 1936

Lewis Carnes b Jul 8 1799 War 1812? dMay8 1884

O.W. Davis Co D 153rd OVI Civil War

Wm Burr Graham PFC 18th Int (KY) WWI d Oct 19 1938

Hartman Cemetery-US 50 between Monterey & Marathon

Jas. Hartman Co K 27th OVI Civil War

Samuel Hartman b Mar 19 1790 War 1812? d May 12 1862

Isaac Hartman d Jan 3 1837 age 58y War 1812?

Chnstopher Hartman d Mar 15 1833 Rev War 82y-1 Om-9d

Samuel Williamson d Oct 22 1857 War 1812? age 71y-11m-16d

Wm Gorman Co D 7th OVC Civil War dJul2 1864 age 23y-7m-4d

Thos White Co B 153rd OVI Civil War b June 22 1839 dNov9 1899

Nathaniel Curtis Co K 27th OVI Civil War

Odd Fellows Cemetery, Batavia Ohio

Alexander Starr 1786-1850 War 1812?

John F Talley b Apr 11784 War 1812? d Dec11 1851

Francois Drone b Feb 18 1793 War 1812? d Mar 29 1856

Henry Kiock bAD 1777 War 1812? dNov27 1850

Reine Oliger d Mar 7 1860 War 1812? age 67y

Lewis Spahr d Oct 10 1847 War 1812? age 55y

John N Sourd dApr171857 Warl8l2 age 70y ni~i page 20

Stonelick Cemetery
St. Philomena Church

Louis Chrisman bMay3l 1795 War 1812 d Nov 19 1891

Francis Miller d Sep 26 1875 War 1812? age 87y

Michael Paul b Apr 3 1841 Civil War

Gilbert Crover 1881-1931 WWI

Boston Lodge 189 IOOF US Route 50

John N. Davidson Co F 195th OVI Civil War dJun 151865 age 25y-2m-8d

William Goldtrap b Aug 10 1797 War 1812? dNovIl 1866

Hugo Rudolph Capt 147th lnf WWI? d Sep 17 1914

Albert G South Co I 153rd OVI Civil War 1844-1924

Chas Robinson Co K 153rd OVI Civil War Wm H Hobson Co D 66 IVI Civil War bDec8 1844 dDec3l 1927

Jos ShadIer Co I 159th OVI Civil War John C Apgar b Oct 29 1840 Civil War d May 8, 1909

Benjamin Pierce dMarl 1874 War 1812? age 84y

George Marsh Co? 1 53re OVI Civil War

Harvey McGuire Co E 6th US lnf Civil War?

Raymon W Curry 147th Combat Eng WWII b May 16 1923 dJan7 1949

Marcus B South Feb 10 1842 Civil War dOct2B 1864

Blame W Huston d Jan 24 1943 WWII S Sgt 487th Bomb Sq

Jas Julius Eich b Jul 23 1925 WWII dNovll 1947

James A Buchanan d Apr 7 1862 Civil War 27y-2m-1 d Co E 59th OVI

G.S. Smith bAug 26 1791 War 1812? dJanl 1861

Peter Anderson b Mar10 1792 War 1812? dJanl3 1884

J.N. Mitchell Co I 153rd OVI Civil War

Thomas D Duchemin Co I 153rd OVI Civil War

JasT. Rogers bApr25 1889 WWI d Mar 14 1948

Evergreen CemeteryMiamivile, Ohio

PeterAnderson bMar10 l792 War1812? d Jan 13 1884

J.N. Mitchefl Co J 153rd OVI Civil War

Thomas D Duchemin Co J 153rd OVI Civil War

ColWmRamsey dFeb2l 1881 age 81y-lm-2d

Samuel Paxton bAug71793 Warl8l2? dDec25 1880

Kyle 0. Barr 1877-1909 Nat. Cem. St Louis MO grave 12 lot 163

John Emery dJun 20 1858 War 1812? age 81y-3m-15d

Frederick Herman Co E 2 KY V lnf Civil War

Charles W Dotson b May 28 1925 WWII d Apr 29 1948

Ennis Russell b Jan 11894 WWI dMar20 1950

R.C. Hayware Co K 84th In Int Civil War

Wm Z Reeder 1843-1924 Civil War Co H 138th OVI

John B Hardin no dates Rev War Hamilton Co Ohio

Wm A Mills 1822-1890 Civil War Co C 3rd OVI

ThomasRich dJan21846 War1812? age 78y-8m-3d

Halbert N Gnffith Co D 82nd OVI Civil War

JosLeever dJul61868 War1812 age 74y

John Vandervort b Sep 22 1788 War 1812 dJan2O 1871

John Ceigla Co H 130th OVCav Civil War

Capt P Twischell b Oct 10 1840 Civil War d Oct 10 1891

Isaac Davis Co 0 7th OVCav Civil War

Enoch A Buckingham b Aug 26 1798 War 1812 dMar2 1853

Levi Buchingham d Aug 3 1852 Rev War? age 87y-2m-20d

Enoch Buckingham b Nov 13 1763 Rev War d Feb 23 1845

Jasper Newton Coin Sgt Co G Civil War 1st OVCav

J.W. Sutton Co F 195th OVI Civil War

Thomas Fitzwater d Dec 30 1839 Rev War? age 78y-lOd

O.T. Fitzwater Co C 5th OVCav Civil War

Lewis S Fitzwater 1834-1914 Civil War

S. Howard Leever Co C 5th OVCav Civil War

John Humphrey d Feb 14 1851 War 1812? age 62y-10m 29d


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