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Clermont County Genealogical Society



A horse thirty-eight years old, belonging to Mrs. Capet Smith, of Smith's Landing, was driven to town last Saturday. We doubt if an older horse than this can be found in the County. Clermont Sun, April 13, 1889.

To Whom It May Concern
I hereby notify all persons in Clermont County not to harbor or employ one Maxy Burr, who has a home of her own.Wesley Burr, her husband.
Clermont Sun, April 27, 1889.


We are sorry to learn that Mr. John Luck intends leaving for Texas the 14 inst.  He will be sadly missed by a large circle of friends in the vicinity. We wish him a prosperous journey.

Calvary, Jan. 16, 1889

Thomas Roberts will leave in a few seeks for Australia, where he intends to engage in business with his brother. New Richmond, Feb. 6, 1889

James O'Connor, who has spent the last four year in the west, and who has been at home on a few weeks visit with friends here, left for the scene of his labor last Friday. His wife and little boy, who have been spending the winter here, returned to their home in Eau Clare, Wis., with him, and will soon make their place of residence in Oregon with him. We wish our old time friends success in life's ventures.

Goshen, Feb. 20, 1889

We have learned that Raymond Gee intends moving with his family to Spokane Falls, Washington Territory, in the spring, to locate there.

New Richmond, Feb. 20, 1889

"Uncle Chas." McLane and wife will move to Portsmouth, 0., soon.

April 3, 1889

William Collett and family will leave for England on Thursday, April 18. He will offer for sale his household goods on the day preceding their departure.

April 10, 1889

G. A. Dennis, of Creighton, Nebraska, paid The Sun a pleasant call yesterday morning. He has been sojourning in the wilds of the West for the past five years, but will spend the summer in Clermont.

April 17, 1889

W. F. Mattox, ex-supcrintendcnt of the County Infirmary, has concluded to locate at Rushville, md. We regret to have him leave the county.

April 17, 1889

Mr. Samuel Apple, of Tascott, Kansas, after a absence of nineteen year, was called to his native county recently to attend the funeral of his father. Mr. Apple is protracting his stay and visiting many of his ole-time friends and numerous relatives.

April 17, 1889

Will Martin left last Tuesday to look after his land in Kansas.

April 17, 1889

Potpourri  April, 1998


• .We give this week, a list of those who have completed the

course of study and graduated since the successful organiza-

lion of a high school in our village (Felicity), we also give

the present occupation and address of each as far as we are

able, on short notice, to learn as follows:

1892, May South, teacher, Felicity, OH, Minnie Wilson,

with National Cash Register, Dayton, OH

1895, Lulu Houser, student Oberline College, OH; Kate

Moore, teacher, Mansfield, OH.

1896, Apphia Longworth, married Dr. C. H. Mason,

Felicity, OH. lnez Hevering, clerk, Cincinnati, OH.

1897, Edna Hicks, teacher of Vocal Music, Felicity, OH.

Florence Mitchell, teacher of piano, Felicity, OH.

Robert M. Fee, freight agent, Redkcy, md., Maurice McLe-

fresh, compositor, Dayton, OH

1899, Carrie Reisinger, clerk, Felicity, OH, Elsa Page,

teacher, Felicity, OH. Bessie Viers, with parents, Felicity,

OH, Della Lanham, clerk, Felicity, OH. Stella Richey,

married Charles Foulk, DeGraff, OH. Bessie Waterlield

married Dr. J.A. Hodkins, Russelville, OH, Katie Bagby,

married Chas. Martin, Cincinnati, OH,

1900, Katie Pribble, teacher, Felicity, OH, Montie Wells

died January 9, 1905, Thomas Scott, automobile manufact-

urer, Cincinnati, OH, Richard Hayden, confectioner,

Felicity, OH, Fred Hayden, insurance agent, Indianapolis,

IN., Samuel Hurdle, law student, Cincinnati, OH. Kate

Hurdle, with parents, Felicity, OH

1901, Nettle Scott married Earl Donald, Felicity, OH. Earl

Donald, Hardware merchant, Felicity, OH, Reuben Hought-

on, R.R. mail clerk, Terrace Park, OH.

1902, Allen Waterfield, bank clerk, Cincinnati, OH,

Burton Reed, teacher, Butler Co.

1903, Amy Scott, stenographer, Cincinnati, OH, Grace

Woodmansee, teacher, Rural, Maye Heizer married A. T.

Prather, Williamsburg, OH, Jesse Swope married C.R.

Hayden, Felicity, OH, Win. Reisinger, waiter, Cincinnati,

OH, Win. Melvin, with Baldwin Piano Co., Cincinnati, OH,

Rachel Shinkle, student, Miami University, Oxford, OH.

1904, Bertha Schneider, teacher, Felicity, OH, Florence

Page, student O.S.U. Columbus, OH., Jessie Smith, with

parents, Felicity, OH, Bessie Lanharn, ~vith parents, Utopia,

OH. Margaret McMurchy, assistant post mistress, Felicity,

OH, Ed. M. Prather, D. V. S., meat inspector, Pittsburg, PA,

Archie Dugan, farmer, Felicity, OH,, Oscar Huteliinson

motorman, Cincinnati, OH, Cary S. Miller, student, Miami

University, Oxford, OH.

1905 Eva Altman, in paper mills, Hamilton, OH., Nellie

Lanham married Leo McAdams, Ne~v Richmond, OH, Elina

Smith, student 0. S. U. Columbus, OH

1906 Marie Smith, student, OS. U. Columbus, OH, Lucy

Swope with parents, Felicity, OH, Lena Shinkle with

parents, Rural, OH, Mable Adams married Chas. Houghton,

Felicity, OH, Mable Reed, nurse, Carthage, OH, Voree

Prather, nurse, Carthage, OH, Helen Alexander with

parents, Felicity, OH., Nina Riley, married Henry Deniaris,

Felicity, OH, Jesse Robinson, student Miami University,

Oxford, OH, Clarence Swope died May 4, 1906. Raymond

Lanham, student Miami University, Oxford, OH. Seaphus

Shinkle, student, Miami University, Oxford, OH. Clarence

Hayden, clerk, Cincinnati, OH James Rogers, teacher,

Utopia, OH., Win Houghton, clerk, Felicity, OH., Chas.

Houghton, barber, Felicity, OH Maud Holter, teacher, Pt.

Isabel, OH.

1907 Hazel Woodinansee with parents, Rural, OH Jessie

McKee with parents, Felicity, OH., Paul Purkiser, composi-

tor, Felicity, OH Roll in McKinney, farmer, Felicity, OH,

Edwin Wayt, farmer, Felicity, OH, John Hoover, farmer,

Felicity, OH.

Ed. Note, The previous items were taken from a scrap book

of news clippings. There was no reference to the publication

or the date.

The wedding of James Cochran and Miss Cora Hawkins

was solemnized at the First Baptist Church yesterday at 7

am, by Rev. W. R. Thomas. They go immediately to

Burkville, Tenn.

Clermont Courier: March 26, 1890.

The following persons received their first communion at

St. Peters Catholic church last Sunday: Amelia Betzler,

Amelia Wirth, Mary Fink, Clara Wolf, Lillie Mark, Anna

Hu!schult, Dora Schentz, Dora Ely, Clara Clasgens, Emma

Kuntz, Teresa Brocamp, George Leibold, Henry Fisher,

Frank Timnmer, Joseph Sweitzer, Alex Schwey, Jacob


Clermnont Courier: June 4, 1890

From the Cincinnati Post Thursday Dec. 8, 1898, page 5.

Milford, Ohio.Joseph Marie, Sr. a highly respected citizen

of Milford died last night. Henry Neimam, 67, living near

South Milford, died yesterday. Newberry, Ohio, Dec. 8.

Mrs. Sarah Cox, 88. is dead. The deceased was a pioneer of

Clermnont County and sister of Attorney Isaac Elstun.

Submitted by Ruth Nester.


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