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Deaths from the Clermont Sun

Clermont County Genealogical Society

Deaths from the Clermont Sun

by Jennie Marshall

Reported in the year of 1857

January 1

Died, in Batavia on the 25th December 1856, Mrs. Mary Kain aged 41 years

Died, in this township Mrs. Adda Smith, wife of Mr. Asa Smith aged about 47 years.

Died, in Batavia December 27, 1856, Mr. Joseph Livingood, aged 40 years. He has left a bereaved widow with five small children, two-twins-but a few months old.

January 22

Died, in Butler County, Ohio on the 27th of December, 1856, Snidly?, wife of Charles H. Hammatt, formerly of this County.

Died, in Bethel, on Monday night the 26th ultimo, in the 52nd year of her age, Mrs Sarah Morris, consort of TJ.Morris, Esq. She has left a bereaved husband and six little children and numerous relatives.

February 5

Died, Mr. Thomas Kain, an old resident of Williamsburg Township, at his residence on Monday last. He was about 58 years of age.

April 9
Died, at the residence of her mother, Mrs. P.C. Brown, at Batavia, Jane B., wife of Marcus 0. Frost in the 20th year of her age. Jane B. Frost was born at Batavia on the 13th day of November, 1836, married to Marcus 0. Frost, Dec. 11th, 1856 and died April 2, 1857.

March 5
Died, at the residence of his father, in Bethel, on Friday, the 20th ultimo, Samuel Elrod, third son of Thomas and Cynthia Elrod, in the 18th year of his age.

March 19
Died, in this township, on Friday night the 13th, Mrs. Rebecca Marshall, wife of Mr. Joseph Marshall, aged 30 years.

Died, in Batavia Township, on Sunday, March 15th, Mrs. Elizabeth Mount, wife of Mr. Stephen Mount.

March 26
Died, near Bethel, in Tate Township on the 24th of
February, Mr. Samuel Swing, aged 68 years.

April 16
Died, in Batavia township, Clermont county, Ohio, on Friday April 9, Mrs. Hannah M., consort of Mr. John Stroub, aged 28 years.

May 7
Died, on the 30th ultimo, in Hilisborough, Ohio, Eliza Jane, wife of C.W. Potter.
Died, in Batavia Township, on Friday last, Mr. John W. Henry, aged about 38 years.
Died, in Batavia, on Friday last, Eddie P. infant son of M. D. and F.M. Goff, aged 7 months and 28 days.

May 21
Died, in Williamsburg, this county, on Saturday last, the 16th inst., Mrs. Ann McAdams, wife of Mr. SamuelMcAdams, aged about 55 years.

Died, in Batavia, on the 19th Mrs. Bridgett Doyle. June?

Died, on Sunday, June 13th at the residence of her husband, Mr. John Salt, near Bethel, Mrs. Nancy Salt, in the 71st year of her age.

December 18
Died, in Batavia, on Wednesday evening December 15, Mrs. Rhoda Crane, wife of Mr. William Crane, aged about 60 years.

Reported in the year of 1858

June 18
Died, in Williamsburg, this county, on Friday last, Mr. Jacob Willis, aged 66 years.

Died, on Saturday morning last at the residence of her father, Mr. John Mayham, in this township, Miss Malvina Mayham, aged 26 years.

July 8
Died, in this town, Friday June 27th, Samuel Anderson, about 10 years of age.
Died, at his residence on Friday, July 2, 1858, Mr. Enoch Hankins, aged 52 years. He leaves a bereaved widow and one daughter.

Died, on the morning of the 16th inst., in Ohio Township, Nancy Ellen, daughter of Cyrus and Mary A. Boatman, in the 21st year of her age.

July 15
Died, on the 9th ultimo, at her father's residence near Olive Branch, Mrs. Lamira Phillips in the 24th year of her age. She leaves a kind husband and a dear and loved child.

Dr. A.P. Noble, one of the leading physicians of Clermont County, died a few days ago at his residence near Newberry, in Miami Township.

Aug 27
Died, at Branch Hill on Saturday morning, July 31, John H., son of John H. and Martha L. Branch, aged one year.

Sep 3
On last Friday, a little son of Charles M. Crane, of this town, accidentally fell into a kettle of hot tallow, which had just been taken from the fire, scalding his body to such an extent as to cause death in a short time. The little boy was between three and four year old.

Died, on Sunday, August 29th, Mr. Thomas Tate, aged 75 years. He leaves a bereft companion and a respected family to mourn their loss.

24 Sep
Died, on the 15th inst., in this town, Theodore, son of Dr. J.A. Weaver, in the 15th year of his age.

15 Oct.
Died, of typhoid fever, at the residence of her father, in Bartholomew County, Indiana, on the 30th of July, Melissa P. Daughter of J.B.B. Barritt, in the 23d year of her age.

Died, in Goshen Township, this county, on Sunday last, William Terwilleger, Esq.

Died, in Williamsburg township, this county, on Tuesday last, Henry Willis, aged about 60 years, leaving a wife and large family of children.

Nov 11
Died, at the residence of Mr. John Duckwall, in this township, on Tuesday October 12, Mr. Elias Rector, of Dayton, Ohio, aged 43 years. Mr. Rector was at his brother-in-law's on business and took sick and died in a few days.

Died, in Williamsburg, this county, on Monday October 11, Laura McMillen, aged 12 years, daughter of Mr. Albert McMillen, deceased, and Mary McMillen. She was the oldest of a small family left fatherless about a year since.

Nov 25
Died, in Laurel, Clermont county, Ohio Nov. 4th 1858 Nancy Joanna, second wife of B.H. Simmons, in the 35th year of her age. She was united in marriage, December 2nd, 1846. She leaves her bereaved husband and four little daughters.

Died, in Batavia, on Monday morning, Nov. 8, Mr. Otho Davis, aged about 30 years.

Died, on Tuesday, November 16th, in Goshen Township, at the residence of her son-in-law, B. Brown, Mary Lafeerty, aged 91 years and 8 months.

Dec 23
Died, at his residence in Union township, this county, on the8th inst, Mr. James Thomas, aged 80 years. He emigratedto Ohio in 1805 and has lived in Clermont county since 1815. He has now living 14 children.

Reported in the year 1859

Jan 6
Mrs. Jennings, late wife of Freeman Jennings, recently of this county, but now of Vandalia, Ill, died at their residence in Vandalia, on Christmas day. She leaves a bereaved husband and several small children.

Jan 20
Died on the 17th inst., at the residence of her mother, in Batavia, Mrs. Catharmne Cade, Mrs. Sarah J. Lyle, wife of William Lyle, aged about 27 years, having been born in Cincinnati in 1832. Mrs. Lyle was the daughter of the late Hiram B. and Catharine Cade. She had been married about one year to Mr. William Lyle, of Williamsburg township.

Jan 27
Died, on the 14th day of January, A.D. 1859, Ann Fitspatrick, widow of James Fitspatrick,
aged 68 years, formerly a resident of Clermont county, Ohio, but for the last two years a resident of Spencer county, Indiana. The deceased emigrated from Virginia to Clermont county, Ohio, with her husband about the year 1802. She leaves a family of six children.

Feb 10
Died, at Milford, February 2, William Brewster, only son of W. C. and A. C. Mellen, aged eight months.

Feb 17
Died, at Batavia, on the 16th inst., Maria, daughter of George L. and E. N. Swing, aged 11 months and 26 days.

Died, at Milford on Friday, February 11, "Little Kate," youngest daughter of Geo. W. and Charlotte A. White, aged four years, one month and eleven days.

Feb 24
Died, at the residence of his son, near the town of Williamsburg, in this county, on the 27th day of January, Andrew Harry, in the 93d year of his age. The deceased was one of the few remaining pioneers of the county. He was born in Pennsylvania, October 1766 and emigrated to Ohio in the spring of 1806.

March 3
Mrs. Smith, widow of the late Joseph Smith, died on their well known farm in Batavia township, this county last Saturday, at a very old age. Joseph Smith and his wife emigrated to this State and county at a very early day.

March 10
Died, near Laurel, Feb. 24th, Mr. Henry Barkley, aged 61 years.

March 24
Died, in the vicinity of Bethel, on Monday the 21st Inst., Mrs. Jane Reed, consort of Mr. Erastus M. Reed. She left a young babe about four months old.

April 4
Died, at Felicity, Ohio, April 5 Hannah Knowles, aged 49 years 3 months. She leaves four children.

April 7
Died, at the residence of his father, John C. Sherman, on the 25th of March, TJ. Loraine Sherman, aged 17 years 7

April 14
Died, in Bethel, on Sabbath the 3d inst., Mr. John S. Merrill.

June 23
Died, on Saturday the 11th inst., Mr. Caleb Edwards, and aged citizen of Tate township.

July 7
Died, June 30, at his residence in Stonelick township, this county, Mr. Thomas N. Williams, in his 79th year of age. Mr. Williams was born in Maryland in 1780, emigrated to this State in 1799 and had lived in this county thirty years. He leaves a large and respectable family.

Died, at the residence of his father, Mr. John Page, in Washington township, June 22d, Mr. Asarel Page, in the 33d year of his age.

July 28
Died, on Saturday, the 23d inst., at the residence of his father, Mr. D. M. Hay, in Batavia, Mr. David C. Hay, aged about 21 years.

Aug. 4
Died, in Batavia township, on the 27th of July, Mrs. Margaret Jeffries, wife of Mr. Blair Jeffries, aged 44 years She leaves a husband and a large family.

Aug. 11
Died, in the vicinity of Bethel, on the 3d inst., Mr. Alpheus Tribble, in the 45th year of his age, from lockjaw caused from severe wounds by a thrashing machine accident. He leaves a young widow and three small children, a number of brothers and sisters and a widowed mother.

Died, in Batavia, on Sunday evening last, Nellie, infant child of William and Albina Carter, aged 1 year. Aug. 21

Died, at her residence near Amelia, on Sunday morning last, Mrs. Huldah Pollock, widow of the late James Pollock, aged about forty-four years.

Died, on Thursday, Aug 11th, four miles from Augusta, Kentucky, Miss Caroline Nancy Justice, daughter of Robert Justice, in this county, aged eighteen years. Cant. page 11

Aug. 25
Died, in Batavia, on the 22d, Miss Gulielma M. S. Norris, daughter of Mr. Israel Norris, aged 37 years.

Sep 1
A little daughter of Mr. Wolf, living on the farm of Mr. Charles Moore, a mile above Batavia, was sent by her mother to Batavia on an errand, a few days since, whence she came, did her errand, and started for home. Shortly after she was discovered just out of town, lying near the road, when she was picked up and found to be dead. She had complained of being sick before going to town, but the mother thought nothing serious was the matter. She was some ten or twelve year of age.

Deaths from the Clermont Sun
by Jennie Marshall
Reported in the year 1859

Sep 1
The team of Charles Temple, of near Amelia, this county, ran off with him a few days since, dragging him by the feet which accidentally caught in some chains attached to the wagon, some distance and killing him. His body was greatly bruised and mangled when picked up. Mr. Temple leaves a wife and small family, and many relatives and friends.

Sep 8
Died, on the 4th inst., in Cincinnati, Mr. Stephen Medaris, of Olive Branch, Clermont county, aged 76 years. Oct 6

Died, near Nicholsville, on the 19th of Sept, N. Eveine, consort of JohnD.Widmar,in her36thyeac Sheleavesa husband and fond children together with a large circle of relatives and friends.

27 Oct
Died, at the residence of her son-in-law, Dr. D.S. Lyman, in Goshen, on the 21 inst., Mrs. Catherine Millspaugh, in her74th year. Mrs. Millspaugh had been a residence of thiscounty about 57 years. Her and her first husband, Mr.McClure, having raised a large family here.

Nov 3
Died, at the residence of his father, Enos Shade, in Batavia township, on the 29th of August, Amor Shade, aged 23 years. His loss will be deeply felt by his parents and brothers and sisters.

Died, at El Dara, Pike County, Illinois, August 1859, Fergus 0., only son of Thomas and Hannah Moorhead, aged one year, one month.

Nov 10
Died, at his residence in Pierce township, on Sunday Oct 30, William Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler was one of our oldest and most worthy citizens, having lived in Clermont county some forty years.

Dec 8
Died, on Thursday, December 1st in Williamsburg, Mr. Edward Sinks, about 60 years. He leaves a widow and family.

Died, in Williamsburg township Friday night, Mr. Charles Wait, about 65 years of age. (no date given)

Died, in Batavia township Friday night, ____? Kidd, wife of Mr. Joseph Kidd. (no date given)


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