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Clermont County Genealogical Society

INDEX TO AN ACCOUNT BOOK OF A GENERAL STORE in the. area of Indian Creek in Washington Township. Entries cover the years 1816-1819, but the owner's name is not listed. Only the the names in the index are of any value to the genealogist, and they were copied as 1isted. Other information pertained to credit extended to the customers. Property of Mrs. Richard (Pat) Donaldson.

Acworth, Schofield

Armicost, Christopher

Armicost, Levi

Abrams, John

Alexander, Joseph

Abrams, James

Abrams, Joseph

Aidridge, Mary

Aidridge, John

Abrams, Polly

Altman, William

Barkley, William

Blasingam, Buckley

Buchannon, Enoch

Bennet, Robt

Barkley, James

Barten, Patsy

Barkley, Henry

Boveing, Ephreim

Buchhannon, Andrew

Bennet, James

Bradley~iIshn Kg

Barkley, George

Buchhannon, Robert H.

Bagby, Abner

Blasingam, Harvey

Brown, David

Buchhannon, John

Bradley, Mary

Barker, H. John

Buchannon, AlexZ

Barker, -Joseph

Brown, Joshua

Boyd, William Jnr

Boveing, Jacob

Boys, Richard

Boys, Jonathan

Blasingam, Thomas C.

Boys, eelilah

Botts, George

Bagby, William

Brown, Robert

Brannen, David

Boner, Charles

Mrs. Barbar, Widow

Brent, George

Bagby, Robt

Bott, William

Boner, Barnard

Barkley, Joseph

Barret, Isaih B.

Boys, William Senr

Blanchard, Samuel

Boveing, Thomas

Bradley, William

Boner, John

Bolce, Polly

Boice, Mary, Widow

Brown, George

Bennet, Stephen

Boving, Isaac

Barber, James

Barkley, George S of Joseph

Burhman, Henry Barkley, Hugh

Cassat, David C.

Chalfant, Robt

Camera, Danl.

Camera, Lewis

Corbin, Nathan

Cummons, Ellenor

Corbin, John, Ky

Camera, John

Camera, $enry

Corbin, John (Ohio)

Case, Alexander

Clark, Robt

Canter, Thomas

Chapman, Nathn

Cokeintafer, John

Carter, John

Carter, Charles

Chalfant, Amos

Carter, Henry

Cokeintafer, Chris.

Cozzens, Richard

Crosiar, Simon

Curry & Downing

Conley, John

Curry, William

Callin, James

Conroy, Tom

Cuppy, Minney

Crosier, William

Cassatt, Peter P.

Corben, Nicholas

Crale, Absolom

Daugherty, Charles

Donley, William

Dixon, Joseph

Davis, Benjamin

Dill, Benjamin

Debuler, William

Dill, H. Henry

Daniel, Enos

Debuler, Jacob

Dixon, William

Donley, Eve

Donley, James, Senr

Donley, Betty

Dony, John

Demoss, John

Dawson, Joseph, Jnr

Daughters. James

Dawson, Joseph, Senr

Daughters, Turpin

Debuler, Rezon

Dukes, Epireim

Donley, Noah

Dyal, John

Dunley, Talitha -

Daugherty, John

Daugherty, Hugh

Davis, Philip

Dorsey, Philip

Davis, John

Dole, Joseph

Evans, James

Evans, H. Henry

Earls, James

Elrodd, Robert

Early, John

Ellis, William

Emmons, Elisha

Elrod, James

Earls, Joseph

Flambes, Joseph

Fee, Thomas Senr

Fee, Samuel

Fee, Elizabeth

Fee, William Esqr.

Fee, Robert

Fuller, Joseph

Fenn, Zeno

Fay, Frederick

Fisher, Daniel

Flask, John

Fauncher, Richard

Fisher, David

Fisher, John

Fryar, William

Fee, Jesse

Fisher, Adam

Frazer, William

Frazee, Abel

Frazee, Stephen

Fuller, Wm

Faucit, William

Fisher, Samuel

Fossat, William

Free, Thomas

Fee, William

Fee, Elijah

Galvin, James Senr

Garret, John Senr

Gregg, George

Gashon, Thomas

Garret, James

Gelvin, Jerimiah

Green, Oliver

Green, P. William

Griffith, Walter

Gannon, Peter

Garret, John Jnr.

George Gise

Greeg, William

Gaskins, William

Gregory, Thomas

Gray, Mary

Gray, Henry

Hunter, John

Hess, John

Hitch, John

Hubbard, James

Hagens, Westley

Hulings, Michael

Hitch, Thomas

Holland, Sam'

Hamm, James

Hicks, Joshua

Hale, Doctor

Hunter, Samuel

Huggens, William

Hess, Benj.

Haugher, Joseph

Haukman, Benjamin

Hitch, Joseph

Harter, Jacob D.

Huggans, James

Hunter, Samuel Car.

Hobbs, Lancelott

Hamilton Widow

Hampton, Joel

Higgins, Charles

Hodge, James

Hunter, David

Holmes, William

Harwood, George

Hathaway, Sarah

Hagans, Nathan

Harris, Archabald %

Holmes, James

Hess, Catherine

Hulings, William

Iler, Jacob

Johnston, John

Istone, John

Jackson, Andrew

Istone, George

Jones, Henry

Jones, Thomas

Jones, Anthony

Joslin, Ezekiel

Jones, John

Iler, George

Iler, Jacob, S of George

Ivans, James

Jones, WI ill am

Jones, Widow

Jones, Thomas Bulskins

Kinney, George

Kenady, James, Esq.

Kite, Nathen

Kittleman, James

Keely, William

Kimball, Benjamin

Kinney, John, son of Geor~

Leaken, Thomas

Leaken, William, farmer

Lowe, Samuel

Leaken, Joseph, Esq.

Lockwood, Samuel

Lindsey, James

Lindsey, Thomas

Long, Henry

Lenham, Lewis

Lewis, Lewis

Lewis, George

Lowe, Barten

Leads, James, Jnr

Long, Richard

Laughlin, J.W.

Lightfoot, Deasting

Leakens, Benjamin

Leakens, William P.

Lanham, Clermont

Laugh, William

Lenham, Robert

Little, Noah

Morgan, Enoch

McClain, James

Minor, Gedion

Marten, Caleb P.

Miller, Martin Sen Sta

Miller, Betsy Sta

Miller, John Jnr B

Miller, John Senr B

Manning, John

Miller, Elizabeth

Morgan Nathen

Mishenor, Mordecai

Matts, Isaac

McKibben, Joseph

Manning, Joshua Jnr

Miller, Martin Jn Sta.

McCarty, John

Miller, Jacob

McDaniel, Robert

Miller, Henry B.

Manning, Richard

Melvin, John

McGuinley, Oliver

Manning, Absolum

Murphy, John

Manford, Miles

Mericle, John

Mains, Henry

McClain, Andrew

Mains, George

Montjay, John

Musgrove, Moses

Mains, Philip

Manning, Elisha

Manning, Nathen

Miller, Banjamin

Mitchel, Thomas

Moreten, Jonathan

Murphy, Isaac

Myres, John

Miller, John Cinthianna

McCarty, William

McDonnel, James

Manning, Isaac

McClain, Peter

Mornin, Edward

Morgan, Dozier

Mahan, Jacob

Morgan, Charles

Nelson, Robert

Nelson, Covington

Newkirk, Henry Jnr

Newkirk, George

Neville, Posley

Naylor, Ralph

Newkirk, Henry Senr

Naylor, James E. Senr

Noble, Daniel

Newhouse, Ellenor

Newkirk, John

Nowning, James

Nelson, Richard

Owen, Amasee Senr

Oldham, Lyne

Owens, Daniel

Owens, John

Owens, Aniase JUr

Owens, Joseph

Owens, Sally, widow

Ogden, John

Philips, James

Penn, Benjamin

Penn, Elijah

Phi lips,, Alexander

Prather, Arasmus

Perkins, Mathew

Prather, Thomas

Pyle, John

Pattison, John

Philips, Thomas

Pottall, Daniel

Parker, Silas

Pursley, Henry

Payne, Fanny

Prible, John

Payne, Guias

Pigman, Joshua

Pepper, Samuel

Prather, John

Pursley, James

Philips, Westley

Pigman, Levi

Purkizer, Henry

Purkizer, Michael

Prather, James

Peter, Black

Palmer, Jacob

Perkizer, Marcus

Perkizer, Peggy

Patterson, Mathew

Page, John

Page, Thomas

Parrish, Jarod

Patchel, James

Powers, Jerimiah

Prior, Richard

Reddick, William Jnr

Richy, Mary

Reddick, William Senr

Reddick, Richard

Ricord, Josiah

Riley, Elexis

Records, Laban

Rector, Jacob

Record, John

Rukart, James

Rurk, Garland

Riley, John

Razor, Jacob

Richey, David

Rogers, John

Serjant, Joseph

Serjant, W. James

Simmons, Adam Senr

Simmons, Adam Jur

Serjant, James Senr

Simmons James in S

Serjant, Sally

Simmons, Leonard

Stephenson, Lemuel

Seamon, Isaac

Sly, William Senr

Sly, Samuel

Sweringin, Van V.

Salt, Edward

Snow, Jonathan

Salt, John

Stewart, William

Seaten, Thomas

Smith, Peter

Serjant, James J~r

Sly, Samuel

Serjant, Elijah Senr

Staphlet, David

Steward, Arthur

Serjant, Silas

South, David

Stewart, Thomas Ky

Snowe, James

Sapp, Frederick

Stewart, Robt

Smith, Adam

Snowe, Isaac

Snowe, Joseph

Scott, Edward

Serjant, Reazon

Strait, D. Aron

Sapp, Edward

Serjant, William S of E

Snow, Jonathen

Scott, John

Serjant, Snowden

Stanley, Aron

Smith, Jeremiah

Serjant, Thomas

Smith, Isaac

Stires, Ralph

Scott, George

Sapp, Hartley

Stewart, A. family acct

Seaten, Ebenezer

Sapp, George

Swope, George

Swope, Nicholas Senr

Scott, Thomas

Sulivan, George

Styers, Andrew

Scott, William

Snider, Abram

Stewart, Laird

Stires, Samuel

Sells, Banjamin

Swope, Nicholas Jtir

Sharp, Mary, widow

Stewart, Newhouse

Thompson, L. Wilson

Tucker, Stephen

Thomas, John

Thompson, James

Taylor, William

Turner, John

Todd, widow

Thomas, Evan

Trail, David

Triece, Adam

Triece, John Senr

Thornley, Reuben

Thompson, William

Thompson, Berry

Thompson, John

Tucker, Zadock

Thompson, William

Uttor, Doubty (?)

Vickroy, George

Uttor, Joseph Esq.

Viers, Willian

Wood, John

Wood, David

Wood, Absolum

Wood, William Ky

Woodmanse, James

Wood, William at fees

Wells, Isaac

Winzell, William

Winn, William

Walraven, Samuel

Wells, Robt

Wharten, John

Wharten, Henry

Waterfield, Jacob

Wilson, William

Wheeler, Benjamin

Watson, John Jacob

Wiley, Elisha, Senr

Weding, Ralph

Wilson, Thomas

Watson, William

Watson, Johnson of Z

Wood, Nancy

Wood, Margt widow

Wilson, John

Watson, Zadock

West, George

Watson, Isaac

Wolfs, Peter

Wiley, Elijah

West, Thomas


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