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1882 Clermont Gazetteer

Clermont County Genealogical Society

1882 Clermont Gazetteer


Is near the hamlet of Willowville, four and one-half miles from Batavia, and is a station on the C., G. & P.R.R. The land surrounding the postofflce section is of a fair quality, and commands in price from $20 to $60 per acre. Good schools and churches are in the vicinity. The principal crops are corn, wheat, hay, oats, potatoes and some tobacco. Population 25, Postmaster, J. C. McGuire.

McGuire, .1. C., gen mdse

Rust, J. M., builder

Strimpton, Joe, builder

Thompson, R. H., minister

Wood, M. A., magistrate


Is near the south branch of Obannon Creek and in the center of the township. The town is picturesque, situated upon a slight elevation, on an excellent turnpike leading from Cincinnati~~hrough Milford and Wilmington to Columbus, which, in addition to the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad, places it in. immediate communication with the Cincinnati markets. The buildings, public and, private, as well as the volume of business, attests the thrift and progress of the town. It is in the midst of a beautiful, healthful and fertile country which yields abundantly of grain and fruits. The climate,, soil, and healthful advantages, of the town and surrounding country offer great inducements to those in quest of farms, truck gardens and fruit orchards.

Goshen is noted for its good schools. For a great many years much attention has been given to the cause of education. The Goshen Seminary,.. under the general charge of Prof.. C. M:

Riggs, is located here. It is a vigorous institution, of most respectable standing,. with an. able and careful corps of teachers. Besides this academy, the~ public schools in and around Goshen are in a flourishing condition. The town was originally laid out by John Winans and Lot cooper and embraced eighty-six lots. It now Consists of about 225 uniform lots. The public buildings are the Masonic and I. 0. 0. F. halls, a Seminary and three church edifices. Besides the latter are several churches in the country surrounding. in the vicinity is three-fourths cleared and can be bought from $10 to $75 per acre, according to location and improvement. Population 325. Postmater, C. S. Laycock.

CHURCHES--Presbyterian, A. S.

McComb, Pastor; M. Cushing, S. S.

Supt., Chas. Dickey, Sec. Methodist

Episcopal, Win. Watson, Pastor; Benj.

F. Smith, S. S. Supt., Joseph

Applegate, Sec. Universalist Church.


Lodge No. 232,1. 0. 0. F., meets every

Saturday evening; E~tell SneII, N. G.;

Chas. Bowser, R. S.; Jno. Holmes,

Treasurer. Live Oak Encampment N

176; John Frybarger, C. P.; J. C. Bird,

Scril; Jno. Holmes, Treas. G. A. R.,

meets once every month; Wn. Haight,

P. C.; G. W. Myres, Chap.; P. A. Hall,

Adjt. Go~hen Lodge No. 19, F. and A.

M.; J. L. Bishop, W. M.; Daniel Ferree,

Sec.;.John Burger, Tréas.;.meets Friday

night on or before full moon.

GQSHEN SEMINARY--C. M~ Riggs, Principal. Established in 1860.

Yost, Wm

Morgan, Silas

Hunt, Robert

Bird, J. C., & Son
Day, Dudley
Karns, Gabriel
O'Connor, Peter, Jr.
O'Connor, Joseph
Redding, Albert
Smith, Ephraim

McClelland, Win. H.
Morris, Thos Wainright, G. L

Anderson, Mahlon
Anderson, Newton
Meyer, George
Nichols; Win.
Ross, George
Schuyler, John


Anshutz, A. C.

Morris, Thomas

Dickey, C. S. & Son
Holmes & Burger

Roudebush, Daniel


Lçm ing, Nancy

Morgan, Archibald

Holmes & Johnson

Malloy, James
Smith &BaIIentin~

Chatterton, T. J.
Smith, B. F.

Cook-Cook, Milton
Toman-Toman, Wm -

Conover, .Granville
Frybarger, Riley
Heywood, Isaac
Sapp, Lindsay


Conover E, J. N.

Smith, B. F.

Heywood, Mrs. Carrie
Riggs. Mrs. Annie

Dodds, Alex
Elstun, John
Moreton, .John

O'Conner, J. E.
Smith, 8. E.

Murphy, James


Laycock, C. S.
Ringer. John
Yost, William

CaIdweII, Richard Robbins, C. W.

Malsberry, Win.

Lyman, D. S.
Morris, Aaron
Myers, John E.

Ringer, John

SHOEMAKERS Mitchell, David
Smith & Ballentine

Roudebush, John
Simonton, James

Hunt, Robert


McCord Sisters


Applegate, P. W. Bishop, Eva

Bowser, Chas.

Cushing, Wade

Custer, Myria

Custer, Laura

Hurley, G. W.

Leever, Miss Laken Merrill, Ada

McMillen, Win.

O'Connor, James Riggs, C. M.

Renner, Horace Smell, Estell

Smith, Arabella

Smith, Courtland

Teetor, F. H.

Wainright, Ella

Yost, Lilian

Yost, Emma


Robbins, i. B. & Son


Kemp, Ellison

O'Connor, Peter


Gibbs, Robert, teamster Holmes, John, retired merchant

Scott, Wm F. T., laborer


HENNINGS MILLS, a hamlet of sixty inhabitants, is

located on the Williamsburg and Hamersville road at a point

three and one-half miles from the former place and eleven

miles from Batavia. It contains about twenty dwellings

scattered along the cross roads, two stores, a public hall and

a chair factory. Postmaster, Win. Tribble

Joseph Ely, Chair Factory

Win. Henning, Carpenter

John McNut, Butcher

Win. Tribble, Gen. Mdse.

W. Hancock, Shoemaker

Long & Son, Gen. Mdse.

Henry Moyer, Stock Dealer

Drake, Painter


HILL’S STATION, is situated on the Marietta and Cinci-

nnati Railroad, four miles from Loveland, two and one-half

from Goshen, and fourteen from Batavia. It lies on the

Obannion creek, and is one of the only two stations on this

railroad in Clermont county. The land surrounding this

hamlet is mostly cleared. The larger part of the business of

the place is done at Goshen. Christian Church, L. P. Tevart,

pastor. Population 20.

Christian Schukraft, postmaster

Richard Caldwell, House Painter

J H Spradling & Co., Grocery and Saloon

A. P. Simonton, Merchant

Christian Schukraft, R R & Express Agent

L. P. Tevart, Carpenter

Wm Wine, Carpenter

The following farmers residing in Warren county get their

mail at this office:

Thomas BreedingJonas Eltzroth

B. H. MaxwellMorris Roat

Jacob Roat, Jr.Michael Roat

Nicholas Roat


HULINGTON is situated on the C, G & P R R. three

miles east of Amelia and eight miles from Batavia. It was

laid out in 1877, and contains but a few houses. Population

25. R.R. Agent and postmaster, Albert Hulington.


LAUREL is a small village in the center of Monroe town-

ship, seven miles from New Richmond and fourteen from

Batavia. It was laid out in 1837 and called VanBurenville.

In 1842 a post office was established and the name changed

to Clermont, and two later it received its present title. It

contains 150 inhabitants, two churches, and several business

houses and mechanic shops. The land surrounding is good

and produces large crops. Postmaster, J. L. Barkley.

1St M. E. Church, Henry Stokes, Pastor

2nd M. E. Church, J. H. Payne, Pastor.

John Anderson, Cooper

I. N. Brown, Physician

J. L. Barkley & Co., Gen. Mdse.

J. S. Boys & Son, Blacksmiths

B. H. Bainum, Undertaker and Carpenter

E. S. Dole, Hotel

E. W. Day, Shoemaker

P. Kennedy, Physician

C. L. Kennedy, Physician

E. F, Kelch, Blacksmith

John Mofford, Grocer

L. B. South, Physician

Kate South, Milliner

M. Simmons, Notary Public

Simmons Bros., Tobacco Dealers

W. D. Simmons, Butcher

F. M. Sells, Gunsinith

J. B. Turner, Justice of Peace

Noah Tompkins, Auctioneer

Isaac Willis, Carpenter

Mrs. M. J. Willis, Milliner


LINDALE is a small hamlet on the New Richmond and

Batavia Turnpike, six miles from the former town and six

miles from the latter. The post office was formerly called

Lyndon. In the vicinity are steam grist and saw mills,

operated by Donham & Hill, which furnish work for some

of the inhabitants of the place. There are several mechanic

shops and a good store within the hamlet. The Lindale

Baptist Church is south of it. Good schools are adjacent.

Population 30. Postmistress, Mrs. S. L. Wheeler.

Jacob Donhamn, Carpenter

George Degarman, Carpenter

Donlmam & Hill, Millers

Edmund Lindsey, Stonemason

John Motts, Physician

Byron McDaniel, Butcher

Jasper Malick, Gate Keeper

Thomas Townsley, Blacksmith

L. W. K. Tracy, Physician

James Townsley, Butcher

A. A. Trover, Shoemaker

J. A. Windsor Physician

Mrs. S. L. Wheeler, Gen Mdse

W. T. Young, Teamster


LOCUST CORNER P.O. Or the hamlet of Pleasant Hill,

is pleasantly situated near the center of the township, six

miles from Ne~v Richmond, two miles from Palestine and

eight miles form the county seat. It lies on an elevation of

land in a rich section of the township. Mail is received daily

from Palestine. A fine public hall, a substantial school

building and Methodist Episcopal Church are within the

Village. It is a station on the Ohio River branch of the C. &

E R.R.. Population 50. Postmaster, Edward Maddox.

Dr. Fries, Physician

Edward Maddox, Gen Mdse

J. H. Short, J.P.

Trump & Bro., Hucksters

John Wagoner, Grocer

Ceo. Wood, Blacksmith


LOGTOWN P. 0. is situated on the Newtonsville and

Brownsville turnpike, fifteen miles from Batavia and four

from Newtonsville. The village is known as Brownsville,

and contains several neat houses and stores. It was laid out

in 1834, consisting of eighteen lots lying in the form of a

triangle. It is in fl~te midst of a rich farming community, and

in the course of time ~vill become a village of considerable

population and business. Brownsville Christian Church.

Public School building, with prosperous schools. Population

75. Postmaster, I. F. Smith; assistant, Christena Smith.

Michael Collins, Stonemason

J. Genett, Grocery and Saloon

F. Griswold, Huckster

C. Hall, Carpenter

J. Palmer, Blacksmith

J. Kelly, Clock Repairer

1. Mangum, Musician

J. E. Kelly, Attorney

J. F. Smith, Blacksmith

Thomas Smith, Gen Mdse

J. Schuler, Carpenter


LOVELAND is in the northwest corner of the county,

twenty-three miles from Cincinnati and sixteen miles from

Batavia. It is situated on the Little Miami River, at the

mouth of Obannon Creek, and at the junction of the Little

Miami and Marietta and Cincinnati Railroads. The town

was founded by Ccl. Win. Ramsey in 1850, and was incor-

porated in 1876. Its growth has been remarkable and its

limits have extended into the adjoining counties. Many of

the inhabitants are merchants and lawyers doing business in

Cincinnati and living here, their homes being located upon

the surrounding hills. These handsome residences, by their

picturesque situation and architecture, add greatly to the

appearance of the place. The streams flowing by separate

the outskirts from the main part of the town, and are crossed

by neat iron bridges erected by the counties of Clermont and

Hamilton. The Little Miami and Marietta and Cincinnati

Railroads have commodious depots conveniently located in

the center of town and managed by accommodating agents.

It contains three churches, several hotels, a Masonic hall,

and a large school building and town hall combined.

Loveland is renowned for its location, wealth and refine-

ment, and the sterling business habits of its citizens. In the

neighborhood much attention is given to the culture of fruit.

Population 725. Postmaster, John F. Harper; Assistant, 1. E.


Churches and Pastors. — M.E., Rev. Young; Presbyterian,

J. A. Tenny; Catholic, Father Kayser. Emery Lodge No. 258,

F. and A. M.; Mas., A. Lyons; Sec., J. M. Dyer. Meets

fourth Saturday in each month.

Town Officers. — Mayor, C.

P. Spaulding; Clerk, C. N. Mears; Treasurer, John Connar;

Street Commissioner, Ed Connar; Marshal, Thos. Lynch;

Councilmen — Edward Hurf, Win. Nash, C. Spaeth, James

Hewett, A. Smith, Dr. Carmichael. School Boards. — East

Loveland; Michael Keating, A. B. Brock, U. P. Turner.

West Loveland: Edward Hurf~ J. Hewett, J. R. Hindman.

Express Agents

Charles Ayres, B & 0

Albert Hill, Adams & Anier’n

R. R. Agents

Charles Ayres M & C

G. M. Keating L M

Life Insurance

Henry Evans


H. Clinton

Thomas Heath

M. S. Williamson

Sewing Machine

H. S. Hatfield

Agricultural Implements

John Fogleman

W. W. Brock

Builder and Contractor

A. B. Brock


J. Skillrnan

Matt Collins

Baker and Confectioner

G. E. Millitzer


Win Taylor

E. Walters

Books and Stationery

E. Caddy

Mrs. A. Lotz

Boots and Shoes

Win Gaiser

Jno Huebner

L. Schemel


J. W. Cross

Hindman & Rowan

Coal and Lumber Yard

A. B. Brock


A. Creager

Win Caldwell

John Seavers

Christian Spaeth

J. N. Smith


Mrs. A. Lotz

Mrs. J Lugdon

Mrs. I. Ramsey

Miss Shappey


A. B. Anshultz


Win Scott & Co.

J. J. Shuesler

Flour and Grist Mill

Eveland & Dyer


W. T. Banks

James Clements

General Merchandise

W. W. Brock & Sons

John Fogleinan

Hindman & Rowan

Hill Bros

C. P. Spaulding

N. P. Turner

House and Sign Painters

A. B. Brock

Wm Todd


American House — B.F. Rowe

Loveland House

National Hotel — T. B. Rich

Justice of the Peace

John Simonton

Liveiy Stable

B.F. Rowan

Mason and Plasterers

P. Cartright

Robt Sears

D. Monce


John Hathorne


J. C. Miller


L. W. Bishop

W. A. Cannichael

J. W. Criley

Wm Scott

Real Estate Agents

J. W. Convin

G. W. Ramsey


P. Melvin

Saddles and Harness

Anton Lotz

Theodore Spinner

Stoves and Tinware

A. Ruhr

Telegraph Operators

Charles Griffith

Michael Keating

Win Redmond

I. B. Simpson


B.F. Dyer

Mattie Dugan

Sarah Hines


James Luckton


James Scott

Wines and Liquors

Joseph Denser

Heniy Glady

P. Melvin

N. C. McCarthy

J. W. Stewart


Win M. Ball, conductor

John Black, Blacksmith 1 mile south of Loveland

T. B. Rich, conductor

W. R. Runyan, clerk


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