Clermont County Genealogical Society


Taken from 1880 History by J.L.Rockey and R.J. Bancroft

"We give below the official list of marriages in the county for the first seven years after its organization, by whom solemnized, and dates thereof"


September 20th, John Earhart and Sally Wood, by William Hunter, J.P; 

October 25th, James Irvin and Cinthy Anna Dilliner, by William Hunter, J.P.; 

September 5th, Michael Hildebrand and Mary Ann Harper, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

October 20th, William South and Phebe Frazee, by Moses Frazee, M.G. 

December 9th, Archibald Hoabrook and Phebe Osborn, by Moses Frazee, M.G. 

December 6th, Stephen Frazee and Hannah Beck, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

October 29th, Tobias Hunter and Barbara Sheak, by Owen Todd, J.P.; 

December 24, Isaac Manning and Christena McCohn, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

December 24th, John York and Betsey Murfey, by Alexander Martin, J.P.


January 4th, Jonathan Bragdon and Sally Bradberry, by Moses Frazee, M.G. 

January 11, Benjamin Sills and Katuren Baum, by Houton Clarke, J.P.; 

January 16th, John Dimmitt and Lydia Gist, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

January 30th, Arthur St. Clair (son of the Governor of the Territory of the North West) and Frances Stall, by William Hunter, J P.; 

May 21st, Joseph Moor and Mary Mefford, by Amos Ellis, J.P.; 

May 24th, Samuel Kinnett and Elizabeth Rogers, by Amos Ellis, J.P.; 

March 7th, John Ross and Rebeckah Frazee, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

April 4th, Aaron Leonard and Sarah Rounds, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

April 17th, Noses Bradberry and Agnes Hunt, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

May 23d, Aaron Osborn and Eloner Musgrove, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

May 1st, James Boothby and Abigail Rounds, by Moses Frazee M.G.; 

June 3d, Elijah Strong and Submit Miller, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

April 8th, Timothy Conner and Mary Dickinson, by William Buchanan, J.P.; 

August 5th, Charles Steward and Mary Tate, by William Buchanan, J.P.; 

September 3d, Josiah Boothby and Mary Rounds, by David Loofbourrow, M.G.; 

October 19th, John Read and Jane Simonton, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

Christy Apple and Katuren Polender (date not given of' the month and day), by Houton Clarke, J.P

November 19th, Peter Emery and Elizabeth Apple, by John Hunter, J.P.; 

November 22d, Robert Bradley and Elizabeth Lytle, by Sylvester Hutchinson, M.G.


January 2d, Daniel JUdd and Mary Buntin, by William Hunter, J.P.; 

February 18th, Roger W. Waring and Martha McClellan, by William Hunter, J.P.; 

April 23d, Levi Fryberger and Rachel Custard, by Owen Todd, J.P; 

March 29th, William Smith and Susannah Light, by Elisha Bowman, M.G.; 

February 4th, John Gest and Martha Gatch, by Elisha Bowman, M.G.; 

February 19th, Edward Tatman and Amy Mills, by Houtin Clarke, J.P.; 

April 19th, James Arthur and Anne Osbourn, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

April 21st, John Vanneton and Mary McDonna, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

July 12th, John Williams and Anna Teegarden, by Morris Witham, M.G.; 

November 1st, Andrew and Ann Perine, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.


January 24th, John Lucas and Peggy Harp, by Alexander Martin, J.P.; 

January 24th, Isaac Lucas and Phemy Harp, by Alexander Martin, J.P.; 

January 28th, Reuben Leacock and Sarah Jordan, by Alexander Martin, J.P.;

February 19th, John Vanner and Catherine Spence, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

April 3d, James Bunting and Sally Doughty, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

July 4th, James Perine and Polly Kain, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

September 4th, John Hill and Elizabeth Monahan, by Alexander Martin, J.P.; 

December 2d~ Ezekiel Howard and Betsey Shinkle, by William Fee, J.P.


March 4th, Robert Allen and Martha Work, by Alexander Martin, J.P.; 

October 4th, Thomas Glaze and Rebecca Jones, by Alexander Martin, J.P.; 

October 4th, John Lytle and Dorcas Waring, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

June 14th, Solomon Hedges and Polly Jenkins, by William Fee, J.P.; 

July 6th, James Hunt and Nancy Shotwell, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

September 15th, Isaac Coulthar and Mary Holmes, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

September 23d, James Thompson and Margaret Burget, by Henry Chapman, J.P.; 

September 24th, John Smith and Jane Wishard, by Jacob Slight, M.G.; 

September 22d, Benjamin Clark and Lucusso Garland, by Francis McCormick, M.G.;

April 25th, John Pollock and Polly Stillow, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

January 1st, JosephCalvin and Jane Wardlow, by William Hunter, J.P.; 

November 21st, John South and Nancy Burnet,by (name too defaced to be made out); 

November 7th, Reuben Fights and Sally Waits, by William Hunter, J.P.; 

November 5th, Edward Sargent and Anna Sargent, by George Brown, M.G.; (Mrs. Sargent was living in 1880, and resided on the same farm, and in part of the same house, where she went three-quarters of a century ago on her wedding day, and her wedding was one of the grandest in the county for an early day); 

November 7th, Josiah Warton and Peggy Utter, by George Brown, M.G.;

November 17th, John McGraw and Susan Miller, by William Fee, J.P.; 

August 14th, Samuel Wood and Alice Richey, by William Fee, J.P.; 

November 19th, John Shinkle and Barbara Shinkle, by William Fee, J.P.; 

November 28th, John Day and Catharine Hendrix, by William Fee, J.P.; 

March 14th, John Pitser and Catharine Leeferry, by Henry Chapman, J.P.; 

March 7th, Thomas Jennings and Polly Parker, by Henry Chapman, J.P.; 

June 6th, James Kirkpatrick and Hannah Pullance, by Henry Chapman, J.P.;

June 20th, Joseph Wood and Polly Hodges, by George Brown, M.G.; 

July 16th, Absalom Brooks and Isabel Coulthar, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

July 4th, James Fox and Peggy Berry, by Francis McCormick, M.G.;

July 7th, John Armstrong and Sarah Sly, by Francis McCormick, M.G.; 

November 28th, John White and Veighty Church, by Henry Willis, J.P.; 

September 19th, John Knott and Nancy Dumford, by Francis McCormick, M.G.; 

September 19th, Joseph Brunk and Polly South, by Francis McCormick, M.G.; 

December 1st, Daniel Kain and Nelly Foster, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

November 29th, Hugh Ferguson and Mary Arthus, by Francis McCormick, M.G.; 

November 17th, Samuel Beck and Hannah Morris, by John Morris, J.P.


March 19th, Benjamin Osburn and Ruth Dusket, by Moses Frazee, M.G.; 

March 24th, Stacy Brown and Betsey Wilson, by Levi Rogers, M.G.; 

June 5th, Robert Lain and Martha Witham, by John Hunter, J.P.; 

January 21st, Hutson Marter and Martha Leacock, by Alexander Martin, J.P.; 

June 5th, William Fletcher and Ann William, by William Hunter, J.P.; 

March 20th, Mr. Vanosdol and Amy McCollum, by Henry Willis, J.P.; 

April 3rd, William Gold and Mevarcum Rounds, by Henry Willis, J.P.; 

June 5th, Frederick Councilman and Leah Rodermel, by Henry Willis, J.P.; 

April 10th, Andrew Gray and Elizabeth Logan, by Morris Witham, M.G.; 

September l8th,George Jones and Elizabeth Hamilton, by William Fee, J.P.; 

September 20th, William Smith and Mary Richardson, by William Fee, J.P.; 

October 21st, James Dye and Nancy Ellis, by Bernard Thompson, J.P.; 

October 28th, William Collerham and Rachel Smith, by Bernard Thompson, J.P.; 

October 6th, Jesse Hill and Fanny Miller, by Jacob Light, M.G.; 

November 16th, Perry Garland and Margaret Davis, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

December 19th, Michael Swing and Ruth Gatch, by John Collins, M.G.; 

December 4th, Jonathan Wier and Liza Bottinghouf, by George Brown, M.G.; 

December 13th, Benjamin Rue and ___Geats, by John Pollock, J.P., 

August 20th, Josiah McKinney and Eleanor Thom, by William Hunter, J.P.; 

January 2nd, Nicholas Christ and Barbara Teagarden, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

January 4th, Thomas Foster and Abigail Davis, by Francis McCormick, M.G.; 

January 2nd, William Richey and Sophia Miller, by William Fee, J.P.; 

January 6th, Michael Baum and Elizabeth Richey, by William Fee, J.P.; 

December 5th, John Woodruff and Polly Harper, by Henry Chapman, J.P.; 

December 25th, James Foster and Elizabeth Burget, by Henry Chapman, J.P.; 

February 27th, John Cuncade and Mary Johnston, by George Brown, M.G,; 

February 15th, Hugh Rankin and Betsey Light, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

March 1st, Joseph Davis and Rachel Fowler, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.,; 

February 6th, William Mastin and Barbary Shikely, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

March 6th, Ebenezer Osburn and Fanny Elston, by Philip Gatch, M.G.


January 15th, Thomas Berry and Mary Wright, by Henry Chapman, J.P.; 

March 20th, Thoman Mcllroy and Sarah Christy, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

March 23d, John Chambers and Mary Miller, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

March 27th, William Ackles and Mary Long, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

March 27th, John Hall or Hill, and Hannah Moore, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

March 7th, Abraham Myre and Polly Miller, by James Sargent, J.P.; 

Sears Cram and Anna Nuth, (day and month blank), by Moses Hutchings, MG.; 

March 23d, Isaac South and Deborah Hutchings, by Moses Hutchingg, M.G.;

(the following three couples were married by John Pollock, J.P. but date of days and months not given):

Joseph Clements and Mary Wiggons, 

Jonathan Eldridge and Mary Ramsey, 

William Donnels and Magdaline Simonton; 

July 8th, Jacob Borstler and Sarah Robbins, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.; 

January 5th, John McCollum and Assigning Winning, by John Collins, M.G.; 

January 16th, William Bartlett and Betsy Evans, by James Gilliland, M.G.; 

January 22d, Christian Husong and Elizabeth Chapman, by Morris Witham, M.G.; 

January 22d, William McKibben and Susannah Prather, by William Fee, J.P.; 

February 2d, Conduce Gatch and Margaret McGrue, by Benjamin Lakin, M.G.; 

February 28th, Ambrose Ransom and Susan Roye, by Benjamin Lakin, M.G.; 

March 20th, Joseph Lemming and Margaret Lambert, by Levi Rogers, M.G.;

March 10th, John Lattimore and Margaret Homer, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

April.l ,Samuel Shumard and Elizabeth Conrod, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

May 14th, Jonathan McGrew and Ruth Crawford, by Philip Gatch, M.G.; 

March 19th, Abel Frazee and Elizabeth Brown, by John Morris, J.P.; 

April 30th, Isaac Hartman and Polly Daughters, by Levi Rogers, M.G.; 

March 12th, John Wilson and Betsey Leeds, by Roger W. Waring, J.P.

"The foregoing list embraces all the marriages from the organization of Clermont, in December, 1800, to the year 1808, that were returned to the clerk of court by the ministers and justices solemnizing them, and of course, many returns of licenses issued and marriages performed were never returned. It will be seen that Roger W. Waring, the clerk of court, who issued marriage licenses, was also a justice of the peace, and thus was able to do a large business in the marriage line."

Submitted by: George Marshall


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