Clermont County Genealogical Society



In 1856 an Ohio law was enacted, directing that evelyone involved in births or deaths -- clergymen, doctors, midwives, etc., should keep a complete record of all births and deaths, and a yearly report of this infonnahion should be made to the assessor Compliance with the law varied: some counties, including Clermont , have a usable record of births and deaths for the first two years only, 1856 and 1857.

In 1867 the above law was repealed and a new law enacted changing the reporting period to quarterly and directing that the Probate Judge receive and record the reports. Since the 1867 law, records of birth and death are more complete. The original 1856-1857 birth and death record are in the records of the Probate Court.. The following were taken from those records.

Charles J. Wood b. May 18, 1856 Father: Thompson Wood Mother: Rebecca Pool

Susannah Coffins b. Mar. 19, 1856 Father: Jesse Collins Mother: Sally Goodwin

William B. Hill b. Oct. 28, 1856 Father: Aaron Hill Mother: Ann E. Diinmitt

Clara M. Fuller b. Apr. 22, 1856 Father: A.B. Fuller Mother: Lucinda Kerr

Franklin H. Randall b. Jul. 20, 1856 Father: Win. LB. Randall Mother: Mary Decker

Upton L. Frey b. Oct. 20, 1856 Father: Lewis Frey Mother: Lydia Losey

Mary E. Doughty b. Nov. 30, 1856 Father: Enos Doughty Mother: Eve Doughman

Thomas Ferris b. Aug. 13, 1856 Father: John Ferris Mother: Elizabeth Gregory

Ellen Randall b. Dec. 10, 1856 Father: Pervis Randall Mother: Margaret Royston

Adda M. Kelly b. Oct. 13, 1856 Father: Michael Kelly Mother: Melindy J. Burton

Abiel K. Losey b. Feb. 26, 1857 Father: Abiel Losey Mother: Barbara E. Leevin

William F. Schooley b. Apr. 8,1856 Father: Edmund Schooley Mother: Phebe M. Felton

Alwilda J. Hill b. Aug. 11, 1856 Father: Knotly Hill Mother: Mary W. Masterson

Susannah Royston b. May 13, 1856 Father: Jonas RoystonMother: Lelah Starkey

Cortland F. Morris b. Jul. 14, 1856 Father: Osburn Morris Mother: Ellen Cox

Hannah L. Doughman b. Aug. 4, 1856 Father: Peter Doughman Mother: Menervy Mangan

William Deerwester b. Mar. 14, 1856 Father: Daniel Deerwester Mother: Cordilla Knott

John B. Snider b. Aug. 28, 1856 Father: Jackson Snider Mother: Barbara E. Doughman

Willard E. Andrews b. Jun. 17, 1856 Father: Benjamin Andrews Mother: Maxy J. Myers

Cate Rogers b. Aug. 22, 1856 Father: S.H. Rogers Mother: Deborah Lynch

Annetta Donnelly b. Apr. 8, 1856 Father: James Donnelly Mother: Sarah Farmer

Ellen Gibbs b. Apr. 13, 1856 Father: Heiny Gibbs Mother: Lucy Clark

Sarah E. Shields b. Jan. ?, 1857 Father: Francis Shields Mother: Lovinda Potter

Lewis Stump b. Sep. 8, 1856 Father: Lewis Stump Mother: Matilda Royce

John B. Randall b. Jul. 23, 1856 Father: J.D. Randall Mother: Jane Beatty

John H. Andrews b. Oct. 27, 1856 Father: Jacob Andrews Mother: Beliza Thacker

Not named male b. Dec. 2, 1856 Father: GJ. Jackson Mother: Sarah Davis

Eliza E. Hill b Feb. 7, 1857 Father: Jonas Hill Mother: Sarah Mallsbury

George W. Hunt b. Jan. 19, 1857 Father: S. Hunt Mother Mary Slade

Theresa B. Simonton b. Feb. 21, 1857 Father James Simonton Mother: Sarah Doughman

Temora Roudebush b. Nov. 4, 1856 Father Richard Roudebush Mother Arnanda Smith

Jacob. W. Griffith b. Jan. 15, 1857 Father Samuel Griffith Mother: Elizabeth Myers

Emma L. Conrod b. Jun. 24, 1856 Father William Conrod Mother: Frances Royce

Amelia C. Strassner b. May 23, 1856 Father Henry Strassner Mother: Amelia Sumner

Rachel A. McMullen b. ? ?, 1856 Father: Henry McMullen Mother: Sarah A. Hill

Jonathan Deerwester b. Jan. 3, 1857 Father: John Deerwester Mother: Susannah Lewis

Ada Foulds b. Jan. 18, 1857 Father: Thomas H. Foulds Mother: Mary 1. Maddock

Townsend T. Randall b. Apr. 11, 1856 Father: Job Randall Mother: Lydia Haywood

John Scott b. Feb. 1, 1857 Father: George Scott Mother: Jane Thacker

Matilda Dudley b. Apr. 27, 1856 Father: Ira Dudley Mother: Elizabeth Myers

Ella J. Odoms b. Jan. 5, 1856 Father: James Odoins Mother: Caroline Beatty

M.L. Derwester (t) b. May 27, 1856 Father: Joseph Derwester Mother: Sylva Dumfret

John W. Coombs b. Jan. 10, 1857 Father: James Coombs Mother: Nancy A. Dumfret

John H. Hughes b. Jun. 30, 1856 Father: Simon Hughes Mother: Nancy Bouteli

Mary C. Stouder b. Oct. 3, 1856 Father: David Stouder Mother: Mary Inhalt

John W. Stroup b. Feb. 1, 1857 Father: Stephen Stroup Mother: Mary A. Carter

Melinda B. Notsinger b. Jun. 5, 1856 Father Robert Notsinger Mother: Frances Woodluf

Laura Bell Dawson b. May 8, 1856 Father Henry Dawson Mother: Rosanna Thacker

Albert Morris b. Mar. 4,1856 Father: Daniel Morris Mother: Priscilla Leach

(unnamed born dead) b. Apr. 8, 1857 Father: Sylvester White Mother: Sarah Rogers

Frank Burkhart b. Feb. 2, 1857 Father: Charles Burkhart Mother: Barbara Hill

B.H. Cary (in) b. Aug. 6, 1856 Father: B.H. Caiy Mother: Harriet Barton

John McDonough b. Sep. 29, 1856 Father: Peter McDonough Mother: Catharine Clinton

Charles Carter b. Jun. 21, 1857 Father: Levi Carter Mother: Hester Mary Ashburn

Thomas Benton Grove b. Jul. 17, 1856 Father: Henry Knoble Mother: Nancy Grove

William Sweet b. Nov. 25, 1856 Father: Samuel Wilson Mother: Sarah W. Sweet

(unnamed and no sex) b. Sep. 1, 1856 Father: Richard Norton Mother: Eliza Glascow

Charles Gordon b. Aug. 6, 1856 Father: John Gordon Mother: Mary Kelman

Mary B. Hays b. Jul. 29, 1856 Father: George Hays Mother: Amanda White

Andrew Vandegriff b. Oct. 20,1856 Father: F. Vandegriff Mother: Sarah Houston

Salina Johnson b. Aug. 22, 1856 Father: Franklin Johnson Mother: Elizabeth Stump

Eugene Sturgis b. Aug. 15, 1856 Father: John Sturgis Mother: Keziah Jones

Charles C. Thompson b. Jan. 6, 1857 Father: S.C. Thompson Mother Martha Blanchard

__?__ Cross (no sex) b. Dec. 20, 1856 Father Daniel Cross Mother: Salana Blanchard

Robert W. Kelly b. Mar. 15, 1856 Father: John Kelly Mother Mary A. Davis

Corn Teal b. Aug. 23, 1856 Father: S.L. Teal Mother: Alvira Rice

? Pricket (in) b. Feb. 25, 1856 Father: Henry S. Pricket Mother: Mary Hughs

John E. Kilgore b. Jan. 19, 1857 Father: Thomas S. Kilgore Mother: Lavina Koonse

Mary E. Dole b. Sep. 15, 1856 Father: Ephraim B. Dole Mother: Angeline B. M. Loodore

Louie B. Malott (1) b. Dec. 2, 1856 Father: Andrew Malott Mother: Lureta Jane Chambers

John A. Whippy b. Nov. 22, 1856 Father: George Whippy Mother: Martha J. Dedveall

Rachel R. Gray b. Feb. 10, 1857 Father: Win. A. B. Gray Mother: Lucinda Arthur

Auristella C. Thomas (1) b. Dec. 3, 1856 Father: N.W. Thomas Mother: Sarah A. Gardaner

Olive Hunt b. Sep. 12, 1856 Father: John M. Hunt Mother: Elizabeth Conklin

Landon R. Chambersb. Mar. 28, 1856 Father: Uriah Chambers Mother Christians Jones

John A. Cook b. Apr. 13, 1856 Father: Thomas Cook Mother: Rachel Hill

John C. Kugler b. Feb. 20, 1857 Father: David Kugler Mother: Ma]inda Marley

Abner Hahn b. Sep. 8, 1856 Father: John Hahn Mother: Judeth Brown

(unnamed male) b. Feb. 25, 1856 Father: James W. Paxton Mother: Agnes D. Buckingham

Jefferson B. Davis b. Jul. 10, 1856Father: Alfred C. Davis Mother: Landona Carter

Isaac Furlong b. Sep. 28, 1856 Father: David Furlong Mother: Serenia Edwards

John Bourke b. Feb. 12, 1857 Father: James Bourke Mother: Catherine Glenn

(unnamed male) b. Oct. 12, 1856 Father: Henry Davis Mother: Mary Malott

Rebecca Vail b. Jan. 15, 1857 Father: Joel Vail Mother: Rebecca Carter

Sarah Davis b. Dec. 10, 1856 Father: Robert F. Davis Mother: Elizabeth Marriott

Win. Lovill b. Oct. 26, 1856 Father: W. M. Lovill Mother: Julia Ann Bennett

Lucy W. Goodall b. Jan. 6, 1857 Father: H.W. Goodall Mother: (none given)

John Vail b. Jan. 3, 1857Father: Isaiah Vail Mother: Perine Greenup

Jacob L. Johnson b. Oct. 22, 1856 Father: Oscar Johnson Mother: Caroline Teal

Francis W. Bangs b. Oct. 24, 1856Father: Artemus Bangs Mother: Eleanor Hohman

Henry Murphy b. Oct. 22, 1856 Father: William Murphy Mother: Elizabeth Bickel

Henry M. Merritt b. Apr. 6, 1856 Father: John Merritt Mother Mary Ann Haythorn

Odyon Lane (1) b. Mar. 23,1856 Father: Daniel A. Lane Mother: Caroline J. Fisher

Andrew W. Malott b. Mar. 31, 1856 Father: Andrew J. Malott Mother: America Chambers

Mary B. Cord b. Oct. 29, 1856 Father: William B. Cord Mother: AC. Temple

David S. Green b. Aug. 29, 1856 Father: JJ. Green Mother: Sarah A. Smith

Sintila R. Durham (t) -.- b. Nov. 20, 1856 Father: Joshua Durham Mother: Nancy Poor

Wilson Johnson b. Dec. 14, 1856 Father: James 0. Johnson Mother: Mary Hopper

John 1. Quinn b. Jul. 22, 1856 Father: James Quinn Mother: Kinniford Ragan

Joseph R. Lane b. Oct. 25, 1856 Father: John L. Lane Mother: Ann Richards

Laura Hall''b. Mar. 28, 1856 Father: John Hall Mother: Elizabeth Marsh

Moms M. Heltman b. Apr. 20, 1856 Father: Solomon Heltman Mother: Mary Ann Thomas

Mary Clark b. Jan. 17, 1857 Father: Laurence Clark Mother: Mary Gaviner

no entry made (1) b. Jan. 6, 1857 Father: J.M. Witham Mother: Caroline J. Duckwall

C. W. Huber (in) b. Aug. 2, 1857 Father: C.B. Huber Mother: M.L. Cary

James S. Peterson b. Feb. 5, 1857 Father: G.A. Peterson Mother: Rebecca Cade

Edward Sharp b. Sep. 6, 1856 Father: M. D. Sharp Mother: Virginia Sinks

no entry made (in) b. Nov. 5, 1856 Father: David McClung Mother: Margaret Smith

George L.P. Hines b. Sep. 23, 1856 Father: Win. E. Hines Mother: Lucinda Lytle

Alva Boulware b. Jul. 24, 1856 Father: A. V. Boulware Mother: Nancy R. Wright

no entry made (in) b. May 22, 1856 Father: V. Stockton Mother Mary R. Ritchie

Caroline Smith b. Aug. 22, 1856 Father: Charles Smith Mother: Elizabeth Danbury

Fredrick Waasner b. Oct. 16, 1856 Father: Andrew Waasner

Mary Ann Curlis b. Sep. 5, 1856 Father: Collins Curlis Mother: Rachel Sutton

no entry made (in) b. Jan. 17, 1857 Father: James Kain Mother: Ann Holeman

Della Smith b. Oct. 17, 1856 Father: Thompson Smith Mother: Hellander Snell

no entry made (f) b. Dec. 25, 1856 Father: J.H. Wrigh Mother: Mary Ann McNutt

Melissa McAdams b. Feb. 21, 1857 Father: Win. McAdams Mother: Elizabeth Hunter

Laura M. Crawford b. Sep. 10, 1856 Father: L.V. Crawford Mother: Rachel Collins

B. F. S. Kain (in) b. Dec. 28, 1856 Father: F. M. Kain Mother: Hannah Newbury

no entry made (in) b. Feb. 19, 1856 Father: Jesse R. Peterson Mother: Elizabeth Kain

Ellen Custalo b. Sep. 27, 1856 Father: Patrick Custalo Mother: Johanna Sulivan

no entry made (in) b. Apr. 11, 1856 Father John Wood Mother: Rebecca Carter

Leoner M. Haskell (t) b. Feb. 25, 1857 Father: Henry Haskell Mother: Jane Beebe

Edward C. Beebe b. Feb. 8, 1857 Father: Malcom Beebe Mother: Mary Jane Homan

born dead (1) b. Jun. 28, 1856 Father: John Fields Mother: Sarah Leeds

Hannah M. Curlis b. Nov. 21, 1856 Father: Joseph CurlisMother: Elizabeth Fields

Mary Ellen Waits b. Sep. 25, 1856 Father: Mathias Waits Mother: Margaret Howe

Delila J. Waits b. Nov. 17, 1856 Father: Peter Waits Mother: Sarah Moore

Maria E. Curlis b. Feb. 4, 1857 Father: John Curlis Mother: Rosanna Hays

Win. H. Curlis b. May 25, 1856 Father: Allen Curlis Mother: Angeline McAdams

Genoa A. Curlis (t) b. Jan. 22, 1857 Father: Taylor Curls, Sr. Mother: Mary Simpkins

Martha E. Burnet b. Dec. 23, 1856 Father: Win. Burnet Mother: Rachel Waits

Victoria A. Burnet b. Nov. 20, 1856 Father: Reuben Burnet Mother: Sarah Ann Willes

Meredith Maxfield b. Jan. 5, 1857 Father: John Maxfield Mother: Margaret Clark

Ladona M. Thompson b. Oct. 11, 1856 Father: Andrew Thompson Mother: Rachel Deal

Caroline Riley b. Jan. 3, 1857 Father: J.P. Riley Mother: Sarah Blair

John Harvey Wells b. Feb. 24, 1857 Father: Aaron Wells Mother: Clarissa White

no entry made (ni) b. Jan. 11, 1857 Father: George Sircunbau (?) Mother: Elizabeth Moon

Mary Jane Tribble b. Mar. 21, 1856 Father: John E. Tribble Mother: Sarah M. Whitaker

Aaron C. Chatterton b. Aug. 5, 1856 Father: H. M. Chatterton Mother: Mary Jenkins

Ralph Feeney b. May 22, 1856 Father: William Feeney Mother: Amelia Reed

no entry (in) b. Dec. 7, 1856 Father: Bolivar Smith Mother: Sophia McAdams

John Franldin Harry b. Jun. 3, 1856 Father: Benj. Franklin Hary Mother: Ann Homan

Posey C. Ellis (in) b. Jan. 9, 1857 Father: Hamilton McEllis Mother: Dulcena J. Moorehead

no entry (1) b. Jan. 8, 1857 Father: James McAdams Mother: Martha Ann Agin

Andrew L. Sprague b. Jun. 16, 1857 Father: Learner Sprague Mother: Elizabeth McCann

Emley Ellis b. Jan. 5, 1857 Father: Jacob Ellis Mother: Rachel Speight

James S. Reevis b. Jan. 19, 1857 Father: Enoch Reevis Mother: Mary Eacret

Victoria Courtot b. Jul. 1, 1856 Father: Francis Courtot Mother: Frances M. Leeds

Ella A. McAfee b. Apr. 2, 1856 Father: Samuel McAfee Mother: Sarah Jane Mahaxn

Charles M. Peterson b. May 10, 1856 Father: Win. Peterson Mother: Margaret Kain

Sarah E. Clark b. Apr. 17, 1856 Father: Abraham Clark Mother: Elizabeth Clark

Loella Ireton b. Jan. 1, 1857 Father: John Ireton Mother: Sarah M. Hadley

William Henry Fry b. Oct. 24, 1856 Father: Erastus Fry Mother: Mary Ann Conover

Isaac E. Foster b. Jul. 27, 1856 Father: John Foster Mother: Bethany Walker

Win. A. Planch b. May 4, 1856 Father: V. F. Plank Mother: Lois Ribott

Win. Cobb b. Sep. 12, 1856 Father:John Cobb Mother: Mary Nickols

W.H. Smith b. Jul. 24, 1856 Father: Wesley Smith Mother: Mary Moore

Frances J. Moses (1) b. Sep. 14, 1856 Father: Mathew Moses Mother: Charlotte Millison

Phebe 0. Duncanson b. Feb. 14, 1857 Father: Robert Duncanson Mother: Rebecca Dean

John Q. Hitch b. Jun. 23, 1856 Father: N. A. Hitch Mother: Charlotte Qunlan (?)

C. F. Doughty (1) b. May 25, 1856 Father: Joseph Doughty Mother: Lucy Ann Kain

Martha Q. Drummond b. Sep. 14, 1856 Father: Josiah Drummond Mother: Rebecca J.(?) Aichley

Charles Hays b. Nov. 28, 1856 Father: Robert Hays Mother: Margaret McMicbael

Andrew Robinson b. Nov. 28, 1856 Father: Thomas Robinson Mother: Mary Ann Hall

Mary Barker b. Oct. 28, 1856 Father: Morris Barker Mother: Amanda Hues

Emma Pool b. Nov. 20, 1856 Father: B. S. Pool Mother: Sarah Patton

Solon W. Crawford (t) b. Sep. 2, 1856 Father: Jackson Crawford Mother: Laura Winter

Mary Ller b. May 4, 1856 Father: Leander Iler Mother: Juda E. Kendel

Simon Thompson b. Jun 7, 1856 Father: William Thompson Mother: Sarah Pool

Clifford P. Pool b. May 27, 1856 Father: Eliot Pool Mother: Elizabeth Peam

Mary Ann Robbins b. Feb. 7, 1856 Father: Alexander Robbins Mother: Sarah Bennet

Eliza Jane Leeds b. May 13, 1857 Father: Gorbam Leeds Mother: Rebecca Jane Hill

Sarah C. MaIotL b. May 27, 1856 Father: Calvin MaloLt Mother: Isabel Peticord

Levit Kain (in) b. Apr. 1, 1856 Father H. C. Kain Mother: Rebecca Homan

David C. Paw b. Nov. 9, 1856 Father Critophen Paw Mother: Malinda J. South

no entry (in) b. Jan. 25, 1856 (?) Father: Jonithan Whizaker Mother: Rebecca Phelps

Dorien D. Barr (in) b. Apr. 10, 1856 Father: John Barr Mother: Larinda Lafferty

Lycurgus Tice (in) b. Jul. 15, 1856 Father: John Tice Mother: Malissa Crane

Kaw M. Pauley b. Mar. 23, 1856 Father: Win. H. Pauley Mother: Rebcca Schooley

Sarah Bell South b. Sep. 27, 1856 Father: Daniel M. South Mother Charlet Halfield

Sarah E. Dosen b. Mar. 16, 1856 Father: Joseph Dosen Mother: Nerrinda J. Hunwr

Rose Hammon b. Oct. 7, 1856 Father: George Hainmon Mother: Catherine Reil

Liley D. Hartman b. Jun. 15, 1856Father: J. M. Hartman Mother: Sarah (?) Bicken

James J. Abernathy b. Mar. 4, 1856 Father: John Abernathy Mother: Amanda White

Charles Johnson b. Sep. 27, 1856 Father: Benjamin Johnson Mother: Amatha Grible

no entery (f) b. Feb. 8, 1856 Father: William Hunter Mother: Catharine Davison

James A. Hewit b. Dec. 22, 1856 Father: R. D. Hewit Mother: Jane Williamson

Violy Bull (t) b. Feb. 8, 1856 Father: Walter Bull Mother: Caroline Leeds

Mary Dumford b. May 25, 1856 Father: Daniel Dumford Mother: Margaret Lockerd

Lewis Hoffman b. Apr. 6, 1856 Father: John Hoffman Mother: Mary A. Walker

Win. C. Nickel b. Aug. 13, 1856 Father: N. C. Nickels Mother: Amelia Linsey

Mary S. Hill b. Feb. 15, 1856 Father: Richard Hill Mother: Mareta Worething

James M. Walker b. Sep. 8, 1856 Father: James Walker Mother: Casander Meek

Scela Malott (t) b. Sep. 12, 1856 Father: Daniel Malott Mother: Martha Chaney

Sarah D. Hutchinson b. Mar. 10, 1856 Father: R. F. Hutchinson Mother: Rebecca A. Hartman

Malancton Smith b. Nov. 15, 1856 Father: Malancton Smith Mother: Margaret Hill

Joseph Cramer b. Mar. 16, 1856 Father: J. G. Cramer Mother: Elizabeth Nox

John Hawthorn b. Feb. 20, 1856 Father: Andrew Hawthorn Mother: Amaline Watts

Mary A. Higans b. Dec. 26, 1856 Father: Lute Higans Mother: Sarah A. Rider

no entry (t) b. Dec. 23, 1856 Father: D. W. Frazy Mother: Deliee (?) Randall

Frances M. Tucker b. Jan. 2, 1856 Father: Henry Tucker Mother: Mary A. Bishop

Wesley Snell b. Jan. 29, 1856 Father: Zeley Snell Mother: Abigail Runion

Lidia Arndall b. Oct. 14, 1856 Father: Charles Arndali Mother: Mary Boggs

Alfred Conger b. Apr. 2, 1856 Father: Hezekiab Conger Mother: Lucinda Cten (?)

Harriet Rush b. Sep. 1, 1856 Father: A. H. Rush Mother: Eliza McGuffen

Leo B. Spear b. Apr. 8, 1857 Father: Saml R. Spear Mother: Rachel Carey

Ely P. Morton (in) b. Jan. 17, 1856 Father: Leander Morten Mother: Rebecca Good

Thomas McClue b. Jan. 4, 1857 Michael: McClue Mother: Ann Agan

Daniel Runion b. Oct. 6, 1856 Father:James Runion Mother:Elizabeth Long

Clara 1. South b. Jul. 27, 1856 Father:John South Mother: Mary A. Wilun

Erastus 0. Southb. Oct. 3, 1856 Father:James M. South Mother:Emly Bell

no entry (?)b. Aug. 23, 1856Father: Win. BrownMother: Sarah Stowder

Lidia Grayb. Oct. 31, 1856 Father: Alfred A. Gray Mother: Elmira M. Bradley

Win Allen Smysor b. Nov. 23, 1857 Father: G. W. Smysor Mother: Rebecca Carroll

LuelIa Evelund b. Sep 7, 1857 Father: Peter Eveland Mother: Sarah Ward

John H. Decamp b. Dec 10, 1857 Father: Jno Decamp Mother: Serena A.R. Hildreth

Simeon Sutton b. Oct. 10, 1857Father:John Sutton Mother: Elizabeth Sanders

Lewis Buckingham b. Apr. 21, 1857 Father: Haratio Buckingham Mother: Euphemia Snyder

no entry b. Oct. 1, 1857Father:S. M. Hughes Mother:Amanda Smith

Ada Fitzwater b. Jul. 8, 1857 Father: Jno. Fitzwater Mother:Manilla(?) Halsted

Emma Viola Leever b. Oct. 31, 1857 Father: H. G. Leever Mother: Hester Ann Ramsey

Mary Sophia Turner b. Aug. 21, 1857 Father: David Turner Mother: Isabel Groves

Charles Belby b. Jan. 7, 1857 Father: George Belby Mother: Rebecca Warburton

Margaret Apgar b. Feb. 11, 1857 Father: G.W Apgar Mother: Harriet Hutchinson

John D. Davis b. Aug. 27, 1857 Father: Dani Davis Mother: Julia A. Belts

Martha J. Lefebre b. Oct. 30, 1857 Father: Wm Lefebre Mother: Electa Potts

Eliza Brown b. Mar. 29, 1856 Father: Henry Brown Mother: Eliza Helien

Joseph Gash b. Dec. 21, 1857 Father: William Gash Mother: Susan Brown

John F. Bell b. Jul. 7, 1857 FatheE William Bell Mother: Jane McGill

Ellen Coin b. Oct. 20, 1857 Father: Michael Coin Mother: Mary Wbay

Michael Gilder b. Oct. 22, 1857Father John Gilder Mother: Catherine Murray

Catherine Morin b. Sep. 8, 1857 Father: Mathias Morin Mother: Julia Ward

Mary Finn b. Feb. 26, 1857Father: John Finn Mary: Gilder

Louisa Hoffman b. Jun. 24, 1856 Father: George F. Hoffman Mother: Anna Holsemeller

Ellen Bringum b. Jul. 8, 1857 Father: Patrick Bringum Mother: Hannah Garvy

Mary Fiat b. Nov. 19, 1856 Father: George Fiat Mother: Catherine Balkesen(?)

John H. Lyonb. May 6, 1857 Father: Thos. J. Lyon Mother: Maiy 1. Foot

George D. Myerb. Feb. 18, 1857 Father: Francis Myer Mother: Moriah M. Dualey

Florence Reedb. Jan 10, 1857 Father: Tom C. Reed Mother: Margaret M. Brannon

Lyd A. Kelay (f)b. Oct. 3, 1857 Father: Thorns Kelay Mother: Sarah A. Hitesrnan

Phebe M. Baker b. Nov. 10, 1857 Father: B.J. Baker Mother: Susannah Wolf

William P. Merrel  b. May 4, 1857 Father: 1. Merrel Mother: Sarah McMullen

Susan Jane Dugle b. Dec. 6, 1857 Father: George Dugle Mother: Katharine Swigert

Hams Jorden (m)b. Nov. 4, 1857 Father: William Jorden Mother: Aurella Moore

Moses A. Powers b. Nov 25, 1857 Father: J. Powers Mother: Katharine Beckelhime

Silas Geidgeon? b. Jul 15, 1857 Father: Benj. 0. Geidgeon? Mother: Priscella A. Muchmore

Harmon McKinnis b. Jul 19, 1857 Father: Harmon McKinnis Mother: Charlott Davis

Hannah M Wainright  b. Mar 2, 1857Father: Wm Wainright Mother: Sarah Dart

Deborah Grosnickle  b. Oct (?), 1857Father: Daniel Grosnickle Mother: Elizabeth Binkly

Adelia L.E. Chaney  b. Jul 26, 1857 Father: Edward Chaney Mother: Hester A. Randall

John Harris b. Sep 5, 1857 Father: William Harris Mother: Sarah Addis

Joseph Paquott b. Sep 5, 1857 Father: Francis Paquott Mother: Rose Penois

William H. Brown b. Mar 7, 1857 Father: William Brown Mother: Mary J. Cramer

John W.G. Bennett b. Nov 11, 1857 Father: Henry D. Bennett Mother: Clarisso Gringer

Amelia Clark  b. Jul 17, 1857 Father: Bethuel Clark Mother: Rachel Willis

Albert Meeker b. Nov 13, 1857 Father: Charles F. Meeker Mother: Elizabeth Clark

Asa Applegate (m) b. Oct 3, 1857 Father: Richard Applegate Mother: Rebecca A. SneIl

Martha M. Price b. Jul 23, 1857Father: Mahlon Price Mother: Alice Leever

Mary E. Quinly b. Oct 2, 1857 Father: Thomas M. Quinly Mother: Eliza Cramer

Mary Laymon b. Sep 20, 1857 Father: A. Laymon Mother: Rebecca Hill

Robert Newton b. Feb 15, 1857 Father: Asa Newton Mother: Ann Whiting

William D. Barr b. Jan 10, 1857 Father: D. M. Barr Mother:   Ann C. Thompson

Hariy Burger b. Jun 2, 1857 Father: Enoch Burger Mother: Mary A. McDermy

Catharine Jones b. Jan 6, 1857 Father: William Jones Mother: Margaret Gwinn

Harriet Morgan b. Dec 19, 1857 Father: Henry Morgan Mother: Julia C. Bontz

Elinor 1. Thompson b. Nov 19, 1857 Father: D. W. Thompson Mother: Sarah Gordy

no named male b. Feb 17, 1857 Father: George Chaney Mother: Ann Carr?

Tereilla? Wood (f) b. Apr 13, 1857 Father: Samuel Wood Mother: Harriet Anderson

Melvina Williams (f) b. Jul 14, 1857 Father: Thomas J. Williams Mother: Harriet Williams

Waren Cowen (m) b. Feb 22, 1857 Father: Elijah Cowen Mother: Sarah Cary

George M. Randebyl? b. Jul 26, 1857 Father: Wm Randebyl? Mother: Elizabeth Clark

Charles A. Needham b. Mar4, 1857 Father: George Needham Mother: Lucretia Ferrel

Lucretia A. Ferree b. Dcc 16, 1857 Father: Richard Ferree Mother: Nancy Snider

James J. Hill b. Dec 2, 1857 Father: William Hill Mother: Mary A. Cowen

Sarah Whitaker b.Jan23, 1857 Father: Thomas M. Whitaker Mother: Sarah Needham

no name female b. Jan 29, 1857 Father: D. Pickelhimer Mother: A.A. Harris

Sarah 1. (no name entered) b. Sep 15, 1857 Father: Joseph Moler Mother: Barbara Souder

Susanna McCollum b. Nov 18, 1857 Father: John McCollum Mother: Marthy Benkley

Mary 0. Butler b. Nov 19, 1857 Father: R. J. Butler Mother: E. A. Montigue?

Mary E. Hibits? b. Oct 28, 1857 Father: N. M. Hibits Mother: Sarah 1. Manning

Eliza 1. Hare b. Oct 17, 1857 Father: Thomas Hare Mother: Ann Dawson

Elenor Kline b. Nov 9, 1856 Father: Adam Kline Mother: Mary Kline

M. J. Davis (in) b. Dec 24, 1856 Father: George M. Davis Mother: Ruth Everhart

Albert Swing b. May (?) 1856 Father: O. L. Swing Mother: Elizabeth McNear

Willie Sprague b. Dec 19, 1856 Father: A. J. Sprague Mother: L. Robinson

Emma Kate Vanosdol b. Jan 23, 1856 Father: R. J. Vanosdol Mother: Ann Eliza Burnet

Ida Eugenice Mount b. Feb 22, 1857 Father: Hezekiah Mount Mother: Nancy Duckwall

George W. Mount b. Sep 27, 1856 Father: J. H. Mount Mother: Eliza Richie

William S. Weaver b. Aug 12, 1856 Father: C.H. Weaver Mother: Mary T. Tate

Harvey Homan b. Feb 28, 1857 Father: Thomas Homan Mother: Deborah A. Sweet

Izora 13. Hodges (f) b. Feb 14, 1857 Father: A. 1. Hodges Mother: Susan P. Jenkins

John Haigh b. Apr 7, 1856 Father: Isaiah Haigh Mother: Elizabeth Bell

Oliver McCombs b. Mar 16, 1856 Father: John McCombs Mother: Emeline Stratton

Catharine Crane b. Apr 29, 1856 Father: C. B. Crane Mother: Ruth Tice

Sarah E. Moore b. Apr 5, 1856 Father: L. G. Moore Mother: Eliza Rust

Joseph Grant b. Jan 20, 1857 Father: John Grant Mother: Ann Fishback

Jos B. McMellan b. May 6, 1856 Twin Boys

Franklin McMellan Father: Joseph McMellan Mother: Laura Riley

Mary Ellis b. Jul 27, 1856 Father: Jesse Ellis Mother: Sarah Kain

Andrew H. Short b. Jul 20, 1856Father: Ephraim Short Mother: Eliza Potter

C. A. Robinson (m)   b. Sep 16, 1856 Father: Charles Robinson Mother: Phebe Dimmitt

Caroline Fleshel b. Nov (?) 1856 Father: Joseph Fleshel Mother: Mary Fleshel

Laura L. Jeffries b. Sep 26, 1856 Father: Blair Jeffries Mother: Maiy A. Smith

Clara B. McFarland b. Jun 14, 1856 Father: Cyrus McFarland Mother: Nancy Redebaugh

A. F. Ely (m) b. Nov11, 1856 Father: Amaca Ely Mother: Francinah Noyes

Nancy Dial b. Jul 20, 1856 Father: Robert Dial Mother: Lydia Jones

Charles Harris b. Jan (?) 1857 Father: J. W. Harris Mother: Jane Dennis

no name male b. Feb 2, 1857 Father: William Hall Mother: Beaulah A. Harvey

Martha P. John b. Sep 20, 1856 Father: Ira W. John Mother: Lausane Monjar

no name male b. Oct 15, 1856 Father: Thomas Carter Mother: Lucinda Smith

H. L. Simpson (black)(f) b. Jul 17, 1856 Father: G. W. Simpson Mother: W. H. Taylor

S. F. Vaugn (1) b. Feb 4, 1857 Father: W. H. Vaugn Mother: R. A. Hicks

Jesse Shaw (m) b. Oct 15, 1856 Father: Jesse Shaw Mother: Katharine Moore

Annis A. Myers (I) b. Oct. 30, 1856 Father: F. G. Myers Mother: D. S. South

Ida S. McGohen b. Sep 8, 1856 Father: A. J. McGohen Mother: Lucinda Thompson

Delfina Homan b. Jun 17, 1856 Father: David Homan Mother: (not listed)

Martha J. Johnson b. Nov. 5, 1856 Father: Abe Johnson Mother: Ann Johnson

Marian Iler b. Dec. 24, 1856 Father: George Iler Mother: Katharine Irwin

Anna B. Landham b. Oct. 8, 1856 Father: Richard Landham Mother: Anna Boyce

M. E. Ford (female) b. March 2, 1856 Father: William Ford Mother: A. E. Ford

Delila E. Riley b. Jan. 20, 1857Father: Edward Riley Mother: Rachel Hastings

Silas C. Smith b. Aug. 26, 1856 Father: A. J. Smith Mother: Lydia Riley

Sarah B. Denham b. Oct. 12, 1856Father: L. R. Denham Mother: Mary Weaver

Ralph B. West b. Oct. 24, 1856 Father: James West Mother: Mariah Bryan

Charles Cook b. Jan. 2, 1857 Father: Samuel Cook Mother: Adaline Thompson

Jeremiah 0. Beck b. Aug. 12, 1856 Father: William Beck Mother: Sarah Halse

Martha B. Mace b. Dec. 20, 1856 Father: John H. Mace Mother: Ealenor Porter

L. L. Gilman b. Sept. 9, 1856 Father: Samuel Oilman Mother: Martha Smith

Richard Kennedy b. Sept. 22, 1856 Father: Elias Kennedy Mother: E. A. Harvey

C. Hardon* (male) b. Dec. 4, 1856Father: L. L. Wardon* Mother: F. Shotwell ( *as recorded in the record)

W. W. Young (male) b. July 6, 1856 Father: L. L. Young Mother: S.A. Neuberiy

W. M. Riley (female) b. Dec. 28, 1856 Father: S. Riley Mother: L. Harris

Emily Salt b. Dec. 6, 1856 Father: F. M. Salt Mother: (not recorded)

Charles N. Miller b. Aug. 1, 1856 Father: Win. N. Miller Mother: E. Hicks

unnamed child (male) b. May 4, 1856 Father: Valentine Plank Mother: Lucy Ribolt

unnamed child (male) b. May 6, 1856 Father: William Elrod Mother: Sarah Simpson

unnamed child (female) b. May 19, 1856 Father: Elias Riley Mother: Ruth Poe

unnamed child (male) b. May 23, 1856 Father: Win. B. Boyce Mother: Nancy Harris

unnamed child (female) b. Sept. 9, 1856 Father: George McMurchy Mother: (not recorded)

unnamed child (male) [deadl b. Sept. 10, 1856 Father: D. A. McLane Mother: May J. Flick

unnamed child (female) b. Sept. 12, 1856 Father: Josiah Harris Mother: Mariah Doherty

unnamed child (male) b. Sept. 13, 1856 Father: Thomas Irvin Mother: Lucy Herring

unnamed child (male) b. Sept. 29, 1856 Father: A. D. Homan Mother: Eliza Douty

unnamed child (male) b. Oct. 20, 1856 Father: Alex McIntosh Mother: Sarah Seaton

unnamed child (male) b. Dec. 11, 1856 Father: James Simmons Mother: Emeline Gest

unnamed child (female) b. Jan. 15, 1857 Father: F. W. Page Mother: Jane Carr

unnamed child (female) b. Jan. 16, 1857 Father: Stephen Parrish Mother: Missouri Davis

Mary Louiza b. July 28, 1856 Father: Wrn Seven Mother: B’Hymer (no given name recorded)

Leina Williams b. May 16, 1856 Father: J. A. Williams Mother: Windsor (no given name recorded)

Leina Davis b. Dec. 16, 1856Father: Robert Davis Mother: Shaw (no given name recorded)

Walter Nichols b. Dec. 23, 1856Father: Philip Nichols Mother: Lindsey (no given name recorded)

Phebe A. Stewartb. Dec. 12, 1856 Father: Samuel H. Stewart Mother: Randolph (no given name recorded)

Joseph W. Morrisb. July 26, 1856 Father: Joseph L. Morris Mother: Whippy (no given name recorded)

unnamed child (male)b. Aug. 28, 1856 Father: Win Bragdon Mother: Sheldon (no given name recorded)

Wm Troy b. Oct. 13, 1856 Father: Win Troy Mother: Knabb (no given name recorded)

Wm Shannon b. May 7, 1856 Father: Robert Shannon Mother: (not recorded)

This concludes the listing of births between 1856 and

1857 that are recorded in Clermont County, Ohio.


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