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Items from the Clermont Courier

Clermont County Genealogical Society

Items from the Clermont Courier Newspaper. Batavia Ohio

(Abstracted by Carol Spitz)


March 19:

Died on Sunday the 6th inst Thomas, infant son of C.A. Warren, Esq. of this place.Died on the 11 inst. James G., infant son of Holly Raper, of this township. In this town, on Thursday the 17th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Mr. Charles Thornton, aged about 21 years.

April 13:

Died, an infant son of Mr. George Davidson, while playing upon the bank of the East Fork, a short distance below this town, on the 4th inst., was by accident precipitated into the stream, and before assistance could be had, was drowned.In Milford, on Sunday the 3rd inst., in the 6th year of her age. May 11:

Died in this town, on Saturday last, Mr. Samuel Strowhuber, in the 19th year of his age.

May 18:

Married Wednesday the 11th inst. by Rev. A. T. Rankin, Mr. T.H. Minor, of this county, to Miss Maria C. daughter of Wm W Clark, Esq. of Brown county.

Jun 1:

Died on Saturday evening last, of scarlet fever, William, youngest son of Jacob Gest, of Miami Township, in the 9th year of his age.

On Tuesday the 24th ult. in Bethel, Mrs. Eliza Smith, consort of J.H. Smith, leaving four small children.

Jun 15:

Married, in Cincinnati, Sunday the 5th inst. by Rev. Augustus Eddy, Mr. Joseph G. Rust, to Miss Jane, daughter of Rev. Thomas A. Morris.

July 20:

Married on the 29th of June ult. in Amelia County Virginia, Mr. Joseph M. Clarke of Bethel, Ohio, to Miss Elizabeth S. Ligan, of the former place.

July 27:

Died in this place, on Friday last, Mr. John Dennis, aged about 42 years.

On Monday last, in this place, Mrs. Mary Medray, consort of Mr. George Medary, Editor of the Ohio Sun. The deceased has left an infant but a few weeks old.

Oct 1:

Married Sunday last by Rev. George Gatch, Mr. Joel Ogg, of Milford, to Miss Sarah Kugler, daughter of Matthias Kugler, of Hamilton county.

Oct 15:

Married at Kugler's Mills, Hamilton county, on the 9th inst., by Rev. George Gatch, Mr. James Bell to Miss Mary Ann Ward.

Oct 29:

Married on the 8 nlt. at Greensburgh, Indiana, Peter J. Bartholomew, printer, formerly of this place, to Miss Minerva Hamilton, of the former place.

Married at Cambridge, Mass. on the 6th inst. by Rev. Mr. Winslow, Rev. Dr. Lyman Beecher, of Cincinnati, to Mrs. Lydia Jackson, of Boston.

Dec. 10:

Died at Boston, in this county, on Sunday last, Mr. John Sanders, formerly of this town. A wife and large family of children have lost an affectionate companion and tender father.

Dec 24:

Married on Wednesday last, by David Morris, Esq., Dr. Albert Dart, of Brown county, to Mrs. Hannah Bryan, of Batavia.

Dec 31:

Died at his residence in Williamsburg, on Friday the 23rd instant, Mr. John M'Night, in the 78th year of his age. The deceased entered the war of the Revolution in his fifteenth year, and served through nearly the whole of that pmtracted and fearful struggle. His remains were accompanied to the grave on Saturday, by a military escort, where an eulogy was pronounced on his character by Mr. Thomas M. Barker. His body was committed to the earth under the direction of Major Daniel Kain.

Clermont Co. Anti-Slavery Society: Rev John Rankin, James G. Birney and John Joliffe were appointed: - Resolved that a committee be appointed to report a list of officers for this Society. Rev. Caleb S. Walker, Rev. Daniel Parker, and Brice R. Blair were appointed for that purpose, who reported the folowing list of officers: Dr. John G. Rogers, President, Ezekiel Dimmitt, 1st Vice Pres., John Shannon, 2nd Vice Pres., Andrew Coombs, Jr., 3rd Vice Pres., Dr. Sam'l G. Meek, 4th Vice Pres., Managers; Dr. Andrew V. Hopkins, John 0. Butler, William S. Patterson, Jesse Ellis, Lemuel W Slade, Brice R. Blair, Treasurer, Rev. George Beecher, Corresponding Secretary, John Jolliffe, Recording Secretary.


Jan 7:

Died on Sunday 1st, in Cincinnati, Stephen B. Cleveland, late of this county.

Jan 14:

Died on the 3d inst. Mr. Isaac Hartman of Jackson Township, in the 58th year of his age. Mr. Hartman has left a large family.

Died on the 3d inst., Mr. Richard Taliaferro, a soldier of the Revolution, aged 74 years. continued m page 23

Died Friday morning last, Mrs. Nancy Glancy, wife of Mr. James Glancy of this township.

Feb 11:

Died, Mr. Fergus M'Lean (father of the Hon. John M'Lean) at his residence in Warren county, Ohio in the 21st Jan., at the advanced age of 90 years. "He was one of the pioneers to this country, having emigrated from New Jersey and settled in 1796 on the spot where he died".

Feb 18:

Died on Sunday morning last, at his residence near this town, Mr. Joseph Holliday, aged about 45 years.

Died on Monday last,(in consequence of having been scalded on the preceeding day) Wesley, infant son of Mr. Jonathan Rust of this place.

Feb 25:

Died at his residence in Tate township on the 20th Jan ult., Capt John Simpson in the 70th year of his age. Mr. Simpson was a native of Bucks Co. Pennsylvania.

Apr 8:

Died in this town, on Monday morning last, Mrs. Ruth Bryan, widow of David C. Bryan, Esq, in the 66th year of her age. Mrs. B. was a native of Long Island N.Y., but removed with her husband to this county near 35 years ago.

Apr 15:

Died at Bellevue house, Captain John Watson, a soldier of the revolution, in the 97th year of his age.

May 13:

Died, Major Alexander Buchanan, citizen of Moscow, drowned in the Ohio River on the evening of the 8th inst. Mr. Buchanan was aged about 29 or 30 years. He left a wife to mourn her sudden bereavement.

Jul 29:

Died at the residence of his uncle, in West Union, Adams Co., on the 22nd inst., Mr. James Carl, aged 20 years.

Aug 5:

Died on Thursday the 27th ult., Mr Philip Smizer, an aged citizen of Miami Township.

Sep 9:

Died in this place Tuesday the 5th inst., Mrs. Mary S. Benedict, wife of Mr. Nathan Benedict of this town, aged 29 years. In her death, a mother is left to mourn the loss of an affectionate daughter, sisters to weep over the early departure of a dear sister, a bereaved husband and three infants.

Sep 16:

Died in this town, on Thursday last, Mrs. Eliza D. Thomas, wife of Col. Win. Thomas, aged 35 years.

Died in this place, on the 6th inst., Mrs. Rachel Ann Grubb, consort of Collingwood, C. Grubb, formerly of Delaware city, Pennsylvania.

Died in Vicksburgh, on Tuesday evening 22nd inst., in the 22nd year of his age, Ira Scull, son of John H. and Elizabeth Scull of Clermont county Ohio.

Oct 14:

Died on Sunday the 8th inst, of croup, Martha Ann, only daughter of Rev. Jesse and Ann Thompson.

Nov 25:

Died on the 11th inst., Mr. Stephen C. Ustict, late of Philadelphia, age 64 years.

Died in Stonelick township, on the 12th inst., Mrs. Hannah Allison, in the 83d year of her age.

Dec 23:

Died at his residence at Williamsburg, on Wednesday last, Mr. Job Stockton.

List of letters remaining in the post office at Williamsburg: Thomas Rood, Mary Jane Irvin, Roxcillana Newbraw, Betsy Burnam, Chas D. M'Manaman, C.A. Warren, Enoch Hanldns, James Holeman, Moses Beckwith, IJ. Claypool, Johathan Parker, John M'Clain, Azel Lee, Robert Laughlin, Swift Conner, James M'Kee, Joseph Futherngili, SamuelDay, Daniel Newbury, Elizabeth Hutchinson, William Arthur, Ezeker Able, Benjamin Ross, George Fryman, Peter Malot, George B. Harry, Isaac Cordery, Peter Brewer jr., Thomas Gray, Hiram B. Cade, Elizabeth B. Larimore, Miss Caroline M'Adams.Job Stockton, PM. Williamsburg, April 1, 1836

List of letters remaining in the post office at Bantam:

Mrs. Eliza Shotwell, William Pairker, Titus Haire, Ephraim Sharby, James Higbee. Benjamin Ely, PM. Bantam, 0. April 1, 1836.

List of letters remaining in the post office at Williamsburg: Isaac M'Cune, Antoney Morse, Abener Johnson, William Predmore, Samuel L. Schooley, George C. Shumard, Henry Sweet, Edward Flowers, John Kendall, Robert Leeds, William Hooker, John Hadley, Heinrick Wiggers, Eliam Young, Isaac or Christopher Clark, Mrs. C. M'Adams, Daniel Newbury, Daniel John, Henry Toiwilegar, Neal M'Ginley, Lroy H. Stevens, Lavina Fry, Benage Osburn, Thomas Dutch, Matilda Laugh, Jobb Potter, Sayres Gazley, Charles Waits, Esq.

Job Stockton, PM. July 1, 1836.

List of letters remaining in the post office at Williamsburg:

Aaron Hutchinson, Ann Brewer, George Fryman, Edward

Wilson, Jesse Livengood, Thomas Walker, Bartlett White,

Smith Simpkins, Amos Smith, Jacob Chatterton, Win. G.

Kindle, John P. Smith, Samuel Medary, Jacob Theare,

Dav'nport Bidenham, Samuel Boyd, Allen Brown, John C.

Lee, John Snetcher, Wm Hartman, Charles Waits, James

Oghelee, Daniel S. Smith, James Cook, Samuel Johnson,

Rebecca Clark, Jane Mayham.

Job Stockton, P.M. January 1, 1837.

List of letters remaining in the post office at Williamsburg:

Anderson M. Waits, Joseph Johnson, Hannah Young, Henry

Norman, Charles Garrett, Wm B. Clark, Adam Orr, Seth

Burns, Nancy Boulware, Henry Sweet, John Swab, Smith

Simpkins, Wm Ritchinsin, John Moore, Joseph Dole, Benj.

Davenport, Davenport & Bidenham, Jacob Meyer, Samuel

Raper, Mary Waugh, Orson Young, Wm Vanhron, David

Light, Thomas Copeland, Abraham Hawkman, Asher Sexton,

Edmund Burdsell, Benjamin South, Wm Shanidand, Calvin

L Riley, Win S toiler, Robert Bricker, Jeremiah Day, John

Rollins, George Livengood, D.B. Davenport, Andrew


Job Stockton, P.M. Williamsburg July 1, 1837.

List of letters remaining in the post office at Williamsburg:

Rosannah Burk, Ann Brower, Henry Courtney, Charles

Garette, Nancy Wiatte, Benj K. Ireland, Solomon Leeds,

Jacob Long, Wm Nicewonger, James M. Niker, Frederick

Ream, Win Ritchison, Wm Stetlar, Luther Spring, Merrick

Arney, A. M. Waite, Seth Burr, H.E Bidenhare, Lewis

Davis, O.D. Hale, Elkanah Holmes, A. Johnson, K.D. Lilly,

Patrick Mooehead, Henry Norman, Wm Parker, Leonard

Rickster, Francis Robinson, A.D. Sweet, Asher Sexton, John

Walker, Joseph L. Waite.

Daniel Kain P.M. October 1, 1837.


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