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Adel Blanton

(copied at the Cincinnati Historical Society)

Anna Reeves, born 5 May 1871, Clermont County, 0. mother, Maria Reeves of Mulbery, Clermont Co.; 27 Dec.1871 (surrendered child to Children's Home)

Georoe Washington Walker, born 4 July 1863, Milford, 0. mother, Mrs. Betsy Walker of Milford; 6 Nov. 1873.

Frances Bools, born 11 Aug. 1856 London, England. Mary Ann Bools, born 11 Oct. 1858, Williamsburg, 0.Georoe Bools, born 28 May 1860, near Batavia, 0. mother, Sarah Bools of Cincinnati, 0.; 5 Aug. 1865.

John Quincy Meeker, born 12 Aug. 1856 Bethel, CIer. Co., 0. mother, Martha Meeker of Walnut (? Hills), Hamilton, Co.,0. 28 Feb. 1867.

Andrew Wisby Frazee, born 31 March 1856 Cler.Co.,O. mother, America Mitchell of Cincinnati, 0.; 4 May 1867.

Cynthia Weaver, born 28 Dec. 1858, Amelia, Clermont Co. Fanny Weaver, born 30 July 1860, Amelia, Cler. Co. 0. mother, Sarah Weaver of Cincinnati, 0.; 20 & 21 Sept. 1867.

Isaac N. Nelson, born 16 Sept. 1866 Powshiek (Co.) Iowa. mother, Nannie Nelson of "Mount Washington, Clermont Co."; 27 Dec. 1867.

Francis A. McLauahlin, born 30 Oct. 1875, Withamsville, Clermont Co.; mother, Myra Wood of Cincinnati; 31 May 1877.

Walter Thomas, born 10 March 1876, Muncie, Indiana. mother "and only custodian", Sadie Brown of Loveland, Clermont Co.; 4 Sept. 1882.

Annie Burns, born 4 July 1871, Marathon, Clermont Co. LuIa Burns, born 2 April 1873, Marathon, Clermont Co. father, William Burns of Cincinnati; 5 March 1883.

Harry E. Rose, born 9 June 1873, Moscow, 0. parents, John & Mary C. Rose of Cincinnati; 11 Nov. 1885.

Flora Deniaht, born 28 Dec. 1876 Loveland, Ohio. Lilly Deniaht, born 28 Nov. 1878 Blanchester, Ohio. parents, Abraham & Talitha Denight of Cincinnati; 12 Dec. 1885; signed by mother, 5 June 1886.

Ora E. Deniaht (male), born 28 March, 1881, Blanchester, 0. father, Abraham Denight of Cincinnati; 12 Dec. 1885.

Harvey Bruce Lindsey, born 20 Dec. 1875, Manchester, Adams Co., Ohio. mo,ther, Belle Lindsey McClellan of Cincinnati; (father deceased); 27 Jan. 1887.

Georae Manning, born 31 Aug. 1872, Blanchester, Ohio. guardian, W.P. Wolfe of Wilmington, Clinton Co., 0.; 8 Feb. 1887.

Otto Irons, born 6 Nov. 1876, Blanchester, Ohio. mother, Carrie Eva Shaw of Blanchester, Clinton Co., 0.; 1st Dec. 1886.

William Moniar, born 19 March 1880 Withamsville, Ohio. James Moniar, born 27 July 1881 Withamsville, Ohio. Forrest Moniar, born 7 Nov. 1884 Pendleton, Ohio (Ham.Co.) father, James B. Monjar of Cincinnati, Ohio 6 Oct. 1887.

The Cincinnati Children's Home was begun in the West End in 1860 by a group of local Quakers, supported by Mr. Munuy Shipley. They had established "Penn Mission" in a basement room on Mill St. (near Third St.), offering Swtday-school classes and a day school. Here, homeless children regularly turned up, and the women teachers soon began providing sleeping space for them at the Mission. Poor families had financial problems in taking care of their children, and these young ones too were token in. A better building was secured in 1864 in the same neighborhood, on Third St. near Park St., and the "Cincinnati Children's Home" was incorporated in December of that year. The Home's Board of Lady Managers, after six months, reported that 19 children had been place in foster homes and 80 attended the day school. A superintendent and a matron were employed.

The increasing numbers of children coming to the Home caused a series of moves to lager facilities:

1871 - to a fonner residence on W Third St., near Plum St.

1878- to a new facility on W Ninth St. Here, the Home not only received children on both a permanent and temporwy basis, but also offered a day nursery and a day school for children of working parents.

1917- they moved to the cowitiy campus at Madisonvile, where the present function is that of caring for emotionally troubled adolescents..

(Ref.: pp. 378-379, 'The Bicentennial Guide to Greater Cincinnati"

(1988); also county histories.) (The majority of children at

Cincinnati Children's Home were not orphans.)


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