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The following records are fmm the Bible now owned by Patncia M Cwran, 7201 Easy Street, Camp SpHngs, MD 20748.

Alice Wiederhold, 11 Deerfleld Dr. Loveland Ohio, 45140 made the intetpretation of the photocopy submitted by Ms. Curran and submitted it for the newsletter.


by M. CAREY & SON, 126 Chestnut Street


(this title page has been signed thus)

James McKinnie his Book December 5th 1830

James McKinnie Born June 5th 1798

Sarah Ann McKinnie Born August 11th 1798

(on the other side of this page is the following)

James McKinnie Senr Born Augt 12th 1765 (Peters twp, Franklin

Co., Pa.) and died July 11th 1811 = aged 44 years.

Elizabeth McKinnie Born Jany 12th 1773 (Franldin Co., Pa.) and

died July 1824 aged 51 years (Elizabeth is the dau. of Richard Bard and Catharine Poe)


(all born in Peters twp. Franklin Co. Pa)

Catharine McKinnie Born Oct 7th 1795

Josiah McKinnie Born March 5th 1797

James McKinnie Born June 5th 1798

Richard B. (Bard) McKinnie Born Augt 5th 1800

Isabella McKinnie Born July 1799

John McKinnie Born Oct 13th 1801

Infant son Born and died Api 1st 1802

Margaret McKinnie Born Api 2nd 1804

Josiah McKinnie Born Augt 24th 1806

Walter McKinnie Born Oct 2d 1808

Archibald Thomas McKinnie Born Decr 28 1811

(the hand writing and color of ink now changes)

Brother Walter McKinnie Died of Cholera Near Quincy Ill May 4th 1853

(separate page)


James McKinnie born June 5th A.D. 1798

Sarah Ann (Moore) McKinnie born August 11th A.D. 1798

James McKinnie and Sarah Ann his wife were Married March

31 A.D. 1820 by Revd. D. Elliott D.D.

James McKinnie Junr born December 20th A.D. 1820

Allice Susannah McKinnie was born December 18 A.D. 1820

Elizabeth Bard McKinnie born April 25th 1825

Margaret McKinnie born October 5th A.D. 1827

Sarah Ann McKinnie born April 3d 1830

Racheal McKinnie Born December 11th 1832

John McKinnie Born December 23rd 1834 (Abingdon, Ill.)

Isabella McKinme Born May 5th 1838

(I believe this family record was written by the same person but color of ink is not always the same)

(Still same page but may be different hand writing)

Nov 19th 1840 Sarah Ann McKinnie Died aged 42 years 3 months 8 day

December 21st 1886 James McKinnie Sr. Died aged (88 yr in pencil) 87 years 6 months and 16 days. This was written by Rachel McKinnie Hines at the age of 54, when living in Dexter, Kansas.

(other side of page follows)

On the 3d day of February 1842 James McKinnie and Jane

(Scott) were Joined in Marriage by Revd L.G. Gains

December 29th 1842 William McKinnie was Born

September 28th 1843 William KcKinnie departed this life aged

9 months lacking 24 hours

August 3d 1844 Elen Jane McKinnie was born

December 29th 1844 Ellen Jane McKinnie departed this life

Feb 20th 1902 Rachel Hines Died -at 2. O'clock a.m. (this was

in blue pencil and someone else added in pencil also) Feb 20-


(on the last page of the Apocrypha James McKinnie wrote)

Presented by James McKinnie to his affectionate Daughter Rachel McKinnie Hines Galesburg, Ill Feby 26th 1874

(some one else added) When on a visit R. Hines

(someone did a little math on this page and added)

73 Y 2 m Brother James age when he dec'd in Dexter Kansas (The following letter was glued to a page of the Bible)

Galesburg, Ill. Febr 26th 1874. Daughter Rachel Hines I hereby present to you this relic of times long past, This was a New Book in Sept. 1821 when decending the Ohio River our Boat sunk in 15 feet of watter, when about 20 inches deep in the Boat, I lifted your Dear Mother & Jas in her arms Out of the Boat and sent them in a skiff to the Virginia side, while I and one other man stood in the Boat and worked the oars with all our power untifl the watters were above our henches, we desisted barely in time to get on top the Boat, which all went under but a strip of a foot wide in center of the top, on which I lay down lengthwise and cought articles of clothing floating out - we had groceries & amunition for to do us one year which with many other useful things were lost - or greatly injured, My little select Libry of New Books, including this one - after a delay of three days we were all aboard again, all driping with watter, I aired my Books on top of the Boat and saved some of them in a damaged condition, and even yet my Dear Children there remains many, very many precious promises to those that obey the Lord and Keep his commandments, you will find the more you read and study this old Book prayer the more you will be pleased with it- Train My Dear little Kinnie to read this good old Book, May the Lord bless the reading thereof To you all, is the prayer of an old parent J. McKinnie (This was written in brown ink)

(In pencil is added) This Bible is 76 years old. Written by R. Hines Ottawa (Kansas) New Years eve Dec. 31st 189?


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