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Volume three of our Bible Records

Clermont County Genealogical Society

Volume three of our Bible Records was compiled and indexed by the D.A.R.. (Following is A through K)

Name, Page

ABBOTT, Abigail Disbrow, 97

ABBOTT, Alen Woodard, 97, 98

ABBOTT, Della, 27

ABBOTT, Elizabeth, 96, 98

ABBOTT, Harriet Smith, 97, 98

ABBOTT, Harriett Louise, 96, 98

ABBOTT, Abigail Disbrow, 97

ABBOTT, Alen Woodard, 97, 98

ABBOTT, Della, 27

ABBOTT, Elizabeth, 96, 98

ABBOTT, Harriet Smith, 97, 98

ABBOTT, Harriett Louise, 96, 98

ABBOTT, Hemy Bascom, 97,98

ABBOTT, Hiram Clifton, 98

ABBOTT, Horatio Nelson, 97,98

ABBOTT, James Rusco, 97

ABBOTT, Julius D., 96

ABBOTT, Lorenzo Disbrow, 97

ABBOTT, Louise, 85

ABBOTT, Maria Elizabeth, 96

ABBOTT, Marie Ryan, 96

ABBOTT, Means Daniel, 98

ABBOTT, Nathan Milbus, 97, 98

ABBOTT, Williard Pemberton, 96

ABINGER, Marie, 40

ABINGER, Mary, 40

ACKMAN, Marlene, 77

ADAMS, John, 110

ADAMS, John Quincy, 21

ADAMS, Sally Selemina, 110

ADDISON, Helen, 104

AICHOLTZ, Dorthea, 42

AICHOLTZ, Henry, 10

AKRE, Margaret, 57

ALDINGER, Emma, 58

ALDINGER, George, 58

ALD1NGER, Harry, 58

ALDINGER, Louisa (2), 58

ALDINGER, Oscar, 58

ALD1NGER, Rudolph P., 58

ALDINGER, Wilhelmina, 58

ALLEN, Albert S., 30

ALLEN, Albert Sidney, 30, 31

ALLEN, Augusta Penn, 30

ALLEN, Bessie May, 30

ALLEN, Charles H., 31

ALLEN, Frank, 30

ALLEN, Graflon W.,30

ALLEN, Henrietta H.,30

ALLEN, James W.,31

ALLEN, Lulu Penn, 31

ALLEN, Mary, 54

ALLEN, Mary E.,30

ALLEN, Mary Melissa, 31

ALLEN, Mattie E., 30, 31

ALLEN, Melissa, 30

ALLEN, Nettle, 30, 31

ALLEN, Nettie Pitzer, 30

ALLEN, Oliver Perry, 30

ALLEN, Oscar, 54

ALLEN, Robert Lee, 30,31

ALLEN, Roy H., 31

ALLEN, Susie P.,30

ALLEN, William W.,30

ALTMAN, Ann, 103

ALTMAN, Daniel, 103

ALTMAN, Eliza C., 103

ALTMAN, Guy Clifton, 103

ALTMAN, John R., 103

ALTMAN, Leoto Maude, 103

ALTMAN, Michael, 102

ALTMAN, Ray, 103

ALTMAN, Ren E.,103

ALTMAN, Ruth Salt, 102

ALTMAN, Theodore, 102

ANDERSON, Amanda, 53

ANDERSON, Lloyd, 41

ANDERSON, Mabel, 103

ANDERSON, Mary F.,41

ANDERSON, Sue Ellen, 41

APPLEGATE, Alice, 38

ARCHER, Chapman, 12

ARCHER, Mary Ann, 12

ARCHER, Sophia, 12

ARMSTRONG, Sallie M.,27

ARNOLD, Mollie May, 32


ARTERBERRY, Ruth Evelyn Skirvin, 104


ARTHUR, CoraE.,100

ARTHUR, Florella, 64

ARTHUR, John, 100

ARTHIJR, Mary, 11,16

ARTHUR, William, 11

ASHTON, Marilou, 50

ATCHLEY, Adde, 5

ATCI-ILEY, Addle, 15

ATCHLEY, Bathania, 63

ATCHLEY, Samuel, 63

ATCHLEY, Sarah E.,50



ATKINSON, Catherine A.,1

AULTMAN, Emma, 85

AYER, Alta Jane, 109

AYER, Iva Florence, 109

AYER, James Warren, 109

AYER, Joseph Herbert, 109

AYER, Martha Jane, 109

AYER, Victoria, 109

AYER, William, 109

AYER, William Emerson, 109

BADE, Albert, 92

BADE, Christine, 92

BADE, David, 92

BADE, Geraldine, 92

BADE, Lela, 92

BADE, Marilyn, 92

BADE, Mildred Gulshen, 92

BADE, Reine, 92

BADE, Rosemarie, 92

BADE, Shirley, 92

BAKER, Bessie Salt, 104

BAKER, Charles Dean, 104

BAKER, Christian E.,104

BAKER, Helen, 101, 104

BAKER, Helen Louise, 104

BAKER, Mary Kathryn, 104

BAKER, Mary Opp, 104

BAKER, Rev.,35

BAKER, Ruth Naomi, 104

BALDWIN, John H., 82

BALDWIN, Nancy Ellen, 82

BALDWIN, Sarah, 21

BALES, Ema A.,121

BALES, Ethel Loretta, 94

BALES, James Clayton, 94, 121

BALES, Lore Lueila, 94

BALES, Mary Ellen, 121

BALES, Nancy, 94

BALES, Rosa Isaphene, 94, 121

BALES, William, 94

BALEY, Louisa, 118

BALL, Mary, 45

BALLINGER, Alonzo W.,107

BALLINGER, Anna Louella, 107

BALLINGER, Elmer L., 107,108



BALLINGER, M. E. Kirk, 107

BALLINGER, Mary E.,108

BALLINGER, Nellie, 107

BALLINGER, Stanley K., 107

BANESThR, Elizabeth C.,5

BANESThR, Nancy, 5

BANESThR, William H.,5

BARBER, Allen, 120

BARBER, Jane, 120

BARBER, John William, 94

BARBER, Margaret, 120

BARBER, Martha Jeane, 94

BARBER, Robert, 94

BARBER, Sandra Jeane, 94

BARBER, William John, 94

BARNES, Emma E.,53

BARNET, Mary, 96

BARNHART, Irma, 115

BARROW, Abraham, 22,23

BARROW, Achsah, 22

BARROW, Aleatha ,23

BARROW, Alfred, 23

BARROW, Alma Ruth, 23

BARROW, America (Micky),23

BARROW, Ann, 24

BARROW, Aquilla Vogt, 42

BARROW, Archibold, 23

BARROW, Archibald Taylor, 22

BARROW, Augustin, 23

BARROW, Bennit, 23

BARROW, Blanch, 22

BARROW, Carrie E.,24

BARROW, Catherine Weber, 23

BARROW, Clarence Durham, 42

BARROW, Clyde E.,23

BARROW, Elvira, 23

BARROW, Emily, 23

BARROW, Hirman, 23

BARROW, Howard Cliflon, 42

BARROW, John, 23

BARROW, John Carrie, 23

BARROW, John H.,22

BARROW, Judith, 23

BARROW, Lucinda, 19,23

BARROW, Lucinda Jane, 22

BARROW, Lydia, 22

BARROW, Maggie McAuley, 23

BARROW, Martha Matilda, 24

BARROW, Maiy, 22

BARROW, Matilda Gorman, 23

BARROW, Missouri, 22

BARROW, Nancy, 24

BARROW, Nathan, 22,23

BARROW, Ruth, 23

BARROW, Sarah, 23

BARROW, Sarah Maria, 22

BARROW, Sarah Moore, 23

BARROW, William, 23

BARTHOLOMEW, Catherine, 49


BAUER, Charley Westley, 40

BAUER, Clarence Alen, 40

BAUER, Daisie, 40

BAIJER, Daniel, 40

BAUER, Fanny Elizabeth, 40

BAUER, Freddie Logan, 40

BAUER, Jamed Eddie, 40

BAUER, Jessie Louis, 40

BAUER, John Frank, 40

BAUER, Laura Josephine, 40

BAUER, Lucinda, 40

BAUER, Maggie Moch, 40

BAUER, Mary M., 40

BAUER, Mary Maggie, 40

BAUER, Sarah Mainda, 40

BAUER, Wittie Chalmer, 40

BAUM, Margaret, 2


BAVIS, Ethel, 27

BAVIS, Harry, 27

BEAGLE, Jesse H.,79

BECK, Charity, 99

BECK, Jeremiah, 99

BECK, Maria, 99

BECKETT, Curtis Earl, 13

BECKETT, Dorothy V.,13

BECKETT, Elsie, 13

BECKETT, Harmon B.,13

BECKETT, Jsadora N.,13

BECKETT, Lula Marie, 13

BECKETT, Mary Robb, 13

BEE, Clarabel, 80

BEE, William, 80

BEHYMER, Albert Lee, 56

BEHYMER, Alice, 56

BEHYMER, Alice Bird, 56

BEHYMER, Anna, 11

BEHYMER, Anna Belle, 56

BEHYMER, Barbara Esther, 56

BEHYMER, Belinda, 11

BEHYMIER, Benjamin, 11,12

BEHYMER, Bennett, 12

BEHYMER, Blanche Belle (2),56

BEHYMER, Casander, 12

BEHYMER, Cathleen, 56

BEHYMER, Chapman A.,12

BEHYMER, Clara Raye, 12

BEHYMIER, Della, 56

BEHYMER, Dennis Lee, 56

BEHYMER, Dolores Mae, 56

BEHYMER, Eben, 11

BEHYMER, Edgar, 12

BEHYMER, Edgar Archer, 12

BEJ-IYMER, Elaine, 56

BEHYMER, Elisha B.,11

BEHYMER, Elizabeth. 11

BEHY7N4ER, Emily (Smith), 11

BEHYMER, Emma Caroline, 56

BEHYMER, Eve France, 11

BEHYMER, Fannie, 56

BEHYMER, Fannie Agness, 56

BEHYMER. Fanny, 11

BEHYMIER, Flora J.,12

BEHYMER, Florence J.,12

BEHYMER, George W. (3),12

BEHYMER, Harold Jr.,56

BEI-IYMER, Harold Snyder, 56

BEHYMER, Harry Russell, 56

BEHYMER, Hazel, 12

BEHYMER, Helen Louise, 56

BEHYMER, Henry, 11

BEHYMER, Ida Frances, 56

BEHYMER, Jackson, 56,6 1

BEHYMER, Jane, 11

BEHYMER, Joel, 11

BEHYMER, John, 11

BEHYMER, Josephine, 56,6 1

BEHYMER, Lacine, 56

BEHYMER, Lida E.,12

BEHYMER, Lowell William, 56

BEHYMER, Lucy (2),56

BEHYMER, Lydia, 11

BEHYMER, Madison, 12

BEHYMER, Mark Whitaker, 11

BEHYMER,Maiy, 11

BEHYMER, Mary Ann, 12

BEHYMER, Mary Bronough, 11

BEHYMER, Mary Catherine, 12

BEHYMER, Michael, 11,12

BEHYIMER, Mollie, 11

BEHYMER, Nancy, 11

BEHYMER, Olive R.,12

BEHYMER, Paula Diana, 56

BEHYMER, Rebecca Jane, 11

BEHYMER, Robert Andrew, 56

BEHYMER, Roscoe C.,12

BEHYMER, Rose Bell, 12

BEHYMER, Ruth, 56

BEHYIvIER, Ruth L.,12

BEHYMER, Sarah Ann, 11

BEHYMER, Sarah Belle, 12

BEHYMER, Verne Halse, 56

BEHYMER, Virginia (2),56

BEI-IYM1ER, Walter (3),56

BEHYMER, Walter Albert, 56

BEHYMER, Warren, 56

BEHYMER, Warren Elmer, 56

BEHYMER, Warren Lowell, 56

BEHYMER, William J., 11

BELL, Alta, 27

BELL, Annie, 27

BELL, Fay, 27

BENJAMIN, John, 80

BENJAMIN, Mary Louise, 80

BENNETT, Alberta, 77

BENNETT, Arnanda Lavina, 13

BENNETT, Arnanda Luvina, 75

BENNETT, Asburn Kay, 75

BENNETT, Carolina Jenetce, 75

BENNETT, Edward Estte, 75

BENNETT, Elizabeth S.,13

BENNETT, Elizabeth Walker, 75

BENNETT, Likergas, 75

BENNETT, Lula A.,80

BENNETT, Margaret, 80

BENNETT, Mary Jane, 75

BENNETT, Mauris Witham, 75

BENNETT, Nathaniel, 13,75

BENNETT, Rebecca A. Hopper, 75

BENNETT, Sarah Fina, 75

BENNETT, William Madison, 75

BENThEY, Alice, 120

BENTLEY, John, 120

BERNE, Lois, 103

BERINE, Lorna R. Salt, 103

BERNE, Louis, 103

BERNE, Marilyn, 103

BERNE, Virginia, 103

BIBY, Amy Musgrove, 89

BIBY, Hazel, 89

BIBY, Hazel L.,89

BIBY, Inez, 89

B1BY, Ira, 89

BLBY, Lester, 89

BLBY, Myrtle, 89

BIBY, Samuel Mien, 89

BICKEL, Alpha, 10

BICKEL, Andrew J.,10

BICKEL, Bengnon J.,1O

BICKEL, Charley F.,10

BICKEL, Christian, 10

BICKEL, Etea L.,10

BICKEL, George, 21

BICKEL, George W.,10

BICKEL, Jacob (2), 10

BICKEL, Jacob D., 10

BICKEL, Mary, 10

BICKEL, Mary Murtel, 10

BICKEL, Nancy Ann, 18

BICKEL, Netta L.,10

BICKEL, Sarah Ann, 21

BICKEL, Sarah Elizabeth, 10

BICKEL, Susie Jane, 10

BICKIEL, Virgel, 10

BICKMORE, Susan, 10

BINGAMIN, Wilbur, 19

BIRGE, Elvira Lee, 119

BIRGE, James, 119

BIRGE, Rose Ann Lee, 119

BISHOP, Eugene, 37

BISHOP, Evelyn, 37

BISHOP, Larma, 37

BLACK, Clarence William, 117

BLACK, Harriet Winters, 117

BLACK, Henry Wharton, 117

BLACK, James Finley, 117

BLACK, John Wesley, 117

BLACK, Lizzie Bruce, 117

BLACK, Lorena, 117

BLACK, Margaret E.,117

BLACK, Nancy C.,117

BLACK, Raymond Eder, 117

BLACK, Rebecca Jane, 117

BLACK, Robert W., 117

BLACK, Sarah Ellen, 117

BLACK, Sarah Jane, 117

BLACK, William, 117

BLACK, William Fletcher, 117

BLACKMAN, James, 101

BLACKMAN, Rhuhama, 101

BLAIR, Lacine, 56

BLAKE, Ernest W.,72

BLAKE, Harriet, 72

BLAKE, William, 72

BLYTHE, Boughman, 12

BLYTHE, Catherine, 12

BLYTHE, Lida E.,12

BOGEN, Allen, 32

BOGUS, A. A.,6

BOGGS, Aaron John, 6

BOGGS, Alexander, 6,7

BOGGS, Alexander T.,6

BOGGS, Ammany, 6

BOGGS, Ann Cordelia, 6

BOGGS, Cathnne, 6

BOGGS, Gary, 57

BOUGS, George, 6

BOGUS, Grace, 7

BOGUS, John, 6

BOGUS, John (2),7

BOGUS, John Allen, 57

BOGUS, Joseph, 6

BOGUS, Magelean, 6

BOGUS, Margaret, 7

BOGUS, Margret, 6,7

BOGUS, Martha Lou, 57

BOGUS, Mary (3),7

BOGUS, Mathew T.,6

BOGUS, Maude Mildred, 57

BOGUS, Peter 5,6

BOGUS, Raymond F.,57

BOGUS, Raymond Walter, 57

BOGUS, Sarah, 7

BOGUS, Sarah Lucretia, 57

BOLEN, Georgianna B.,121

BOLEN, Roberta D.,121

BOLENDER, Charles, 30

BOLENDER, Henrietta H.,30

BOLER, Hiram, 118

BOOTH, Clarjane, 104

BOOTHBY, Newton C.,20

BORD WELL, Bertha Adelaide, 44

BORDWELL, Bess Lewis, 44

BORD WELL, Burr Burton, 44

BORD WELL, Charles Stoddard, 44

BORD WELL, Chester, 44

BORD WELL, Edna Mary, 44

BORD WELL, Elvira M., 44

BORDWELL Jane Ann Willson, 44

BORD WELL, Lena Elmira, 44

BORD WELL, Lydia H.,44

BORD WELL, Mabel Pearl, 44

BORD WELL, Nannie Ireland, 44

BORD WELL, Nellie Cochran, 44

BORD WELL, Olive Ida Williams, 44

BORD WELL, Zama Grace, 44

BORMAN, Bertha, 78

BOS WORTH, Edward Ann, 4

BOYCE, Libbie, 3

BOYER, Abigail, 3

BOYER, Alice E.,80

BRACH, John Eliga, 39

BRACKMAN, Alice, 118

BRADENBIJRG, Calvin Earl, 51

BRADENBURG, Charles Earl, 51


BRADENBURG, Marilyn Jane, 51

BRADLEY, Elizabeth, 63

BRADLEY, George W.,63

BRADY, Abigail, 52

BRADY, Ben, 52

BRADY, Jane, 52

BRADY, Lucinda, 40

BRAGDON, Elizabeth Noyes, 67

BRAGDON, Eva Louella, 68

BRAUDON, Luella, 67

BRAGDON, Thomas Carwin, 67

BRAGDON, William, 67

BRAGG, George A.,122

BRAGG, Sarah Ann, 122

BRED WELL, Mary, 17

BREDWELL, Polly, 17

BREDWELL, Sarah, 67

BRED WELL, Thomas, 17

BRELFOIJRD, Catherine, 114

BRELFOURD, John, 114

BRELFOURD, Martha, 114

BRIDGES, Anna, 14

BRIDGES, Hannah, 14

BRIDGES, John,14

BRIGGS, Celinda, 52

BRITTIAIN, Catherine, 65

BRITI'IAN, John, 65

BRONOUGH, Mary, 11

BROOKS, Charles D.,26

BROOKS, Helen, 25

BROOKS, James, 26

BROOKS, Jerry Lee, 26

BROOKS, Lenora, 25

BROOKS, Magnolia, 25

BROOKS, Mary Jane, 27

BROOKS, Mills, 25

BROOKS, Mills Elton, 25

BROOKS, Ralph Earnest, 25

BROOKS, Thomas, 27

BROOKS, Thomas Edwin, 26

BROOKS, Wanetta, 25

BROWER, Matilda, 116

BROWN, Aledia M.,109

BROWN, Alice Brackman, 118

BROWN, Alma Salt, 102

BROWN, Alva R.,118

BROWN, Annie, 45

BROWN, Barbara, 46

BROWN, Bartley, 46

BROWN, Bessie McPherson, 37

BROWN, Carroll Alton, 118

BROWN, Catherine, 107

BROWN, Christopher, 46

BROWN, Clara Jane, 118

BROWN, Daniel, 45

BROWN, Eleanor, 46

BROWN, Elizabeth, 46,115,124

BROWN, Erasmus, 46

BROWN, George, 45,46

BROWN, Grace Glancy, 118

BROWN, Hannah, 45

BROWN, Hannah Jane, 118

BROWN, Hazel Alma, 12

BROWN, Helen, 12

BROWN, Henry, 46

BROWN, Hiram, 46

BROWN, Jeremiah, 118

BROWN, John, 45,46

BROWN, Joseph, 45

BROWN, Joseph, 107

BROWN, Joseph (2),46

BROWN, Joyce Carol, 118

BROWN, Leslie R.,118

BROWN, Levina J.,1 15

BROWN, Malinda, 118

BROWN, Margaret, 46

BROWN, Margaret Meyer, 118

BROWN, Mary, 45,46

BROWN, Mary Ann, 46

BROWN, Nancy, 46

BROWN, 0. T.,12

BROWN, Paula Ann, 118

BROWN, Rachel, 45

BROWN, Rebekah, 45

BROWN, Sadie J.,118

BROWN, Sarah, 45,46

BROWN, Sarah Jane, 46

BROWN, Susan, 82

BROWN, Susan Lynn, 118

BROWN, Thomas, 45

BROWN, Vincen, 118

BROWN, William, 45

BROWN, William (2),46

BRUCE, Almedia, 111

BRUCE, James M.,117

BRUCE, Jane Erwin Clark, 117

BRUCE, Lizzie, 117

BRUCE, Nanny, 111

BRUCE, Ottice C.,111

BRUCE, Robert, 111

BRUNK, Eliza, 32

BRUSH, Ivcah, 27

BRUSH, Roscoe, 27

BUCHANAN, Alexander, 83

BUEHRLE, Betty Johnson, 91

BUEHRLE, Clayton Dale, 91

BUEHIRLE, Cynthia Joyce ,9 1

BUEHIRLE, David Lynn, 91

BUEHRLE, Nancy Joyce, 91

BUEHRLE, Paul Michael, 91

BUEHRLE, Walter Albert, 91

BUEHRLE, Walter Michael, 91

BUEHRLE, William Dale, 91

BUNTING, Frances C.,63

BURGER, Gerald, 87

BURGER, Louis, 87

BURGER, Verna, 87

BURK, Sophronia, 62

BURNETT, Ann Eliza, 63

BURROWS, Sarah, 95

BURTON, Hattie, 27

BUTT, Mollie, 108

BYRN, Nancy, 81


CAMFIELD, Sallie, 72

CANTER, Albert, 30

CANTER, Amy, 85

CANTER, Mattie E.,30

CARGO, Edward B.,24

CARGO, Eileen, 24

CARGO, Elizabeth Jo, 24

CARGO, Mildred, 24

CARGO, Sharan Eileen, 24

CARGO, Stephen William, 24

CARGO, Theresa Eileen, 24

CARGO, William Ingelo, 24

CARGO, William James, 24

CARMONY, Jacob, 73

CARMONY, Mary B.,73

CARPENTER, Anna M.,121

CARR, Mary Bamet, 96

CARR, Robert, 96

CARR, Sarah, 96

CARTER, Kathern Adelia, 54

CARTER, Richard, 54

CHANNELL, Addie B.,109

CHARLES, Eliza, 90

CHASE, Madeline, 103

CHATTERTON, Barton 5,62

CHATT'ERTON, Ethel B.,62

CHATFERTON, Philip, 62

CHATTERTON, Sophronia, 62

CHA'VFON, Edward, 24

CHATTON, John (2),24

CHATTON, Nancy, 24

CHATTON, Pearl, 24

CHRISTMAN, Julie, 53

CHRISTMAN, Louis, 53

CHURCH, Albert Franklin, 29

CHURCH, Byard Hamilton, 28

CHURCH, Charles Henry, 29

CHURCH, Eliza Amanda, 29

CHURCH, Francis Marion, 29

CHURCH, George Washington, 28

CHURCH, Harriett Earhart, 28

CHURCH, James Franklin, 28

CHURCH, John Leondus, 29

CHURCH, Jonathan, 28,29

CHURCH, Leondas Maine, 28

CHURCH, Martha Rebecca, 29

CHURCH, Martin Vanburon, 28

CHURCH, Mary Amanda, 28

CHURCH, Nathaniel Adams, 29

CHURCH, Rancy, 28

CHURCH, Rebecca, 28

CHURCH, William Earhart, 29

CHURCH, William Virgil, 29

CLARK, Jane Erwin, 117

CLARK, Judith, 23

CLARK, Mary F.,49

CLARKE, Christiana, 101

CLARKE, Clara, 101

CLARKE, Margaret Ross, 106

CLARKE, Missouri, 106

CLARKE, Nancy, 101

CLARKE, Reader W.,106

CLARKE, Smith, 101

CLELLAND, Christana, 7


CLEMONS, Joshua B.,7

CLEMONS, Mary Ann, 7

CLEMONS, Minnie M.,108

CLINE, Donald Lawrence, 54

CLINE, Linda Joanne, 55

CLINE, Lois Bernice, 54

CLINE, William Lawrence, 55

CLOYER, Lloyd, 85

CLOYER, Verna Louise, 85

COCHRAN, Nellie, 44

COFFIN, Kate, 101

COFFIN, Zebulon, 101

COLE, Rev.,41

COLLARD, Mary, 106

COLLIER, Arthur, 27

COLLIER, Ella, 30

COLLIER, James, 30

COLLIER, Jane, 26

COLLIER, Joan, 26

COLLIER, Lenora Brooks, 27

COLLIER, Lonzo, 30

COLLIER, Louis, 30

COLLIER, Margeret J.,30

COLLIER, Mary (2),30

COLLIER, Nola, 26

COLLIER, 0. S.,30

COLLIER, Rebecca, 30

COLLIER, Sarah A.,30

COLLINS, Abigail, 45

COLLINS, Addie, 20

COLLINS, Cyrus Wilson, 20

COLLINS, David, 20

COLLINS, Diana, 45

COLLINS, Edward (2),45

COLLINS, Effie Elvie, 20

COLLINS, Elizabeth, 20

COLLINS, Elizabeth (2),45

COLLINS, Elizabeth French, 46

COLLINS, Frank Borden, 20

COLLINS, H. P., 118

COLLINS, Huston Bare, 20

COLLINS, James, 20

COLLINS, Jane W.,46

COLLINS, Joseph (2),45

COLLINS, Lesta, 20

COLLINS, Margaret, 20

COLLINS, Marguette, 20

COLLINS, Mary, 46,118

COLLINS, Mary Ann, 20

COLLINS, Mary Jane, 20

COLLINS, Mary V.,20

COLLINS, Nancy, 20

COLLINS, Ossie Mertel, 20

COLLINS, Phebee, 45

COLLINS, Rachel, 46

COLLINS, Rebecca, 45

COLLINS, Rosanna, 45

COLLINS, Samuel (2),45

COLLINS, Sarah, 20,45

COLLINS, Sarah Jane, 20

COLLINS, Susan, 119

COLLINS, Thomas, 45

COLLINS, William McKinney, 20

COLLINS, William W.,20

COLTHAR, John, 28

COLTHAR, Mary Church, 28

COLTHAR, Rancy Church, 28

COMBS, Milton, 114

COMBS, Rebecca E.,115

CONKEL, Marie, 54

CONLEY, Matilda F.,1 16

CONN, Leona Marie, 91

CONNOR, Alma Duzan, 87

CONNOR, Anastasia, 76

CONNOR, Catherine (Katie),76

CONNOR, Catherine McCabe, 76

CONNOR, Dale L., 87

CONNOR, Deborah, 87

CONNOR, Dennis, 87

CONNOR, Elizabeth (Lizzie),76

CONNOR, George, 87

CONNOR, Helen, 87

CONNOR, James, 76

CONNOR, Jesse, 87

CONNOR, John, 76

CONNOR, Lula Mary, 87

CONNOR, Margaret (Maggie),76

CONNOR, Mary Ann, 76

CONNOR, Mary Dale, 87

CONNOR, Michael, 87

CONNOR, Mickael, 76

CONNOR, Patrick, 76

CONNOR, Patrick Jr.,76

CONNOR, Peggy, 87

CONNOR, Samuel, 76

CONNOR, Thelma, 87

CONNOR, Verna, 87

CONNOR, William, 76

CONOVER, Frankie, 19

CONOVER, Kate, 19

CONOVER, Louisa, 19

CONOVER, Marie, 19

CONOVER, May, 64

CONOVER, Nancy, 19

CONREY, Priscilla, 101

CONSTANT, Harvey 1,94

CONSTANT, Lena Craig, 94

CONSTANT, Winifred Louise, 94

COOK, Arinonia, 72

COOK, Emeline, 72

COOK. Emily, 72

COOK, Lewis R.,72

COOK, Newel, 72

COOPER, Elizabeth, 100

COPPERTON, Albertine, 53

COWDREY, Blanche, 15

COWDREY, Carl, 15

COWDREY, Ursula, 15

COWDREY, Will, 15

COX, Northwood, 19

CRABB, Ann Elizabeth, 21

CRAIG, Lena, 94

CRAWFORD, A. Jackson, 15, 90, 124

CRAWFORD, Annie Laurie, 30

CRAWFORD, Beulah Ordell, 30

CRAWFORD, Daniel, 124

CRAWFORD, Eliza, 90, 124

CRAWFORD, Julius, 30

CRAWFORD, Laura, 15,90,124

CRAWFORD, Mary, 30

CRAWFORD, Oliver C.,30

CRAWFORD, Olliver Simpson, 30


CRAWFORD, Robert E. L.,30

CRAWFORD, Ruth, 124

CRAWFORD, Solon, 124

CRAWFORD, Ursula, 15,124

CRAWFORD, William, 30

CROSLEY, Belinda, 5

CROUCH, Blanche Belle, 56

CROUCH, Caleb, 56

CROW, Daniel, 33

CRUZAN, John, 122

CRUZAN, Nancy Ann, 122

CUNNINGHAM, Rebecca, 7

CURRY, Charley McKeever, 51

CURRY, Cherry Lee, 51

CURRY, Edna, 51

CURRY, Ethel, 51

CURRY, Isabell, 48, 51

CURRY, Jessie, 51

CURRY, John Charles, 51

CURRY, John Stanton, 51

CURRY, John William, 51

CURRY, Mabel Elsie, 51

CURRY, Marguerite, 51

CURRY, Mary Carol, 51

CURRY, Mary Isabel, 51

CURRY, Phyliss, 51

CURRY, Shirley Mae, 51

CURRY, Walter Coats, 51

CURRY, Walter Robert, 51

DALY, Father, 76

DANBURY, Lydia, 22

DANIELS, Chris, 27

DANIELS, Edgar, 27

DANIELS, Lewie, 27

DANIELS, Lottie, 27

DARNABY, Agnes, 9

DAUB, Wanda, 27

DAUGHERTY, Charley, 59

DAUGHERTY, Nellie, 59

DAUGHERTY, William Edgar, 59

DAVIDSON, Elizabeth, 100

DAVIDSON, Hattie, 33

DAVIDSON, John S.,33

DAVIDSON, Laura, 77

DAVIDSON, Sarah Jane, 47

DAVIS, Albert, 42

DAVIS, Clifford S.,43

DAVIS, Edna May, 104

DAVIS, Eliza J.,105

DAVIS, Emma E.,42

DAVIS, Frank, 42

DAVIS, George J.,43

DAVIS, George W.,105

DAVIS, Harriet Ross, 105

DAVIS, Jarnima, 31

DAVIS, John, 17

DAVIS, John E.,43

DAVIS, Julia E.,119

DAVIS, Lizzie Robinson, 108

DAVIS, Louise, 43

DAVIS, Margaret A.,105

DAVIS, Mariam, 17

DAVIS, Mary, 43

DAVIS, Rachel, 17

DAVIS, Robert, 105

DAVIS, Ruth, 105

DAVIS, Teresa Spahr, 42

DAVIS, William C.,43

DAWSON, Albina, 9

DAWSON, Amos, 30

DAWSON, Ellen, 30

DAY, Abigail, 3

DAY, Benjamin F.,3

DAY, Clemmie, 101

DAY, Dr. I. H.,101

DAY, Margaret, 101

DAY, Mary Frances, 3

DEAN, Mary, 17

DEEL, Carrie, 59

DEEL, Joseph C.,63

DEEL, Mary Emelyn, 91

DEEL, Sarah A., 63


DENBOW, Hazel, 3

DENHAM, Jerusha, 90

DENNIS, Catherine, 63

DENNIS, Elijah, 63

DEWILDE, Dinah, 38

DIARRY, Lucinda, 17

DIMMITT, Elijah Currens, 69

DIMMITT, Hal Woodward, 69

DIMMITT, Hamilton Wall, 69

DIMMITT, Lucy Ann, 69

DIMMITT, Lydia Ellen, 69

DIMMITT, Margaret, 69

DIMMITT, Rhoda, 79

DIRKY, Rachel, 17

DISBROW, Abigail, 97

DOELLMAN, Evelyn, 57

DOLT, Fannie Agnes, 42

DONOVAN, Nancy, 101

DORCH, Anna, 40

DORSEY, Francina Ann, 90

DORSEY, L. E., 90

DOUGLAS, Jane, 5

DRAKE, Catherine Kugler, 116,117

DRAKE, J.,116

DRUMMY, Matilda, 66

DUCKWALL, James P.,12

DUCKWALL, Ollie, 12

DUDLEY, Otis, 32

DUFEU, Albert, 56

DUFEU, Lucy, 56

DUMELE, Peter, 27

DUMFORD, Aaron, 32

DUMFORD, Addie, 32

DUMFORD, Anna May, 53

DUMFORD, Cynthia, 32

DUMFORD, Eliza Ruth, 32

DUMFORD, Hattie, 32

DUMFORD, Jacob, 31

DUMFORD, Jamima, 3 1,32

DUMFORD, Jane, 32

DUMFORD, John Randolph, 32

DUMFORD, Joseph, 33

DUMFORD, Madison Ulston, 32

DUMFORD, Matilda, 31

DUMFORD, Nora, 19

DUMFORD, Ollie, 32

DUMFORD, Oscar Lee Jr, 53

DUMFORD, Russell, 19

DUMFORD, Sarah Elizabeth, 32

DUMFORD, Vivian Eileen, 54

DUMFORD, William, 32

DUNN, Almedia, 111

DUNN, Archy, 111

DUNN, Butler, 111

DUNN, Durward McClellan, 111

DUNN, Elisibeth, 111

DUNN, Hubert E., 111

DUNN, James A., 111

DUNN, James K., 111

DUNN, Jena Bruce, 111

DUNN, John C.,lll

DUNN, John C.,112

DUNN, John Calvin, 111

DUNN, Lizzie Gott, 111

DUNN, Margaret, 111

DUNN, Mary Church Colthar, 28

DUNN, Mary Elizabeth Lester, 112

DUNN, Mollie Gentry, 111

DUNN, Nancy B.,111

DUNN, Nancy Cleveland, 111

DUNN, Nannie, 111

DUNN, Nanny Bruce, 111

DUNN, Orena, 111

DUNN, Taska, 111

DUNN, Thomas Calvin, 112

DUNN, Thomas Harold, 111

DUNN, William, 111

DUNN, William Oscar, 111

DUZAN, Alma, 87

DYE, Rev.,38

DYKE, ? Ross, 105

EARHART, Elizabeth Pearl, 38

EARHART, Harriett, 28

EDWARDS, John, 90

EDWARDS, Malinda, 90

EDWARDS, Martha, 90

EDWARDS, Timothy, 90

ELLIS, Donald Lee, 26

ELLIS, Francis M.,103

ELLIS, Harrison, 103

ELLIS, Joan Fox, 27

ELLIS, Mary, 27

ELLIS, Myrtie, 103

ELLIS, Patrick, 26

ELLIS, Sarah M. Salt, 103

ELLIS, Vicky, 26

ELLIS, Victor, 27

ELROD, Beatrice LaVon, 62

ELROD, Ethel B.,62

ELROD, Naomi, 50,62

ELROD, Philip Elton, 62

ELROD, Rachel Jean, 62

ELROD, William Thomas, 62

ELY, John, 63

ELY, Keziah, 63

ELZE, Barbara, 92

ELZE, Reine, 92

ELZE, Verne, 92

ELZE, Vernon, 92

EMBRY, Alice May, 57

EMERY, Emma Louise, 57

EMERY, Helen Jane, 57

EMERY, Mona June, 57

EMBRY, Zadock W.,57

EMERSON, Mary Collard, 106

EMERY, Mary, 66

EMPSON, Caroline Amanda, 49

EMPSON, Catherine, 49

EMPSON, Eliza Ann, 49

EMPSON, Elizabeth, 49

EMPSON, Jefferson F.,49

EMPSON, Jesse, 49

EMPSON, John H.,49

EMPSON, Mary F.,49

EMPSON, Mary Lemira, 49

EMPSON, Ruth, 49

EMPSON, Sarah Ann, 49

EMPSON, Susan, 49

EMPSON, Thomas, 49

EMPSON, Thomas S.,49

EMPSON, Tilford, 49

ERTEL, Alba Bernice, 80

ERTEL, Floyd, 75, 80

EVANS, Eh~yn, 27

EVANS, Lucy, 85

EVANS, Ruth, 27

EVANSHINE, Lavinia, 96

FANCHIER, Lizzie, 112

FARJS, Lewis, 119

FARIS, Sarah Jane, 119

FARQUER, Clarence, 27

FARQUER, Earl, 27

FARQUER, Retta, 27

FARQUER, Robert, 27

FARQUER, Wilbur, 27

FAUL, Bessie Kate, 85

FAUL, Henry, 85

FAY, Christina, 58

FAY, Jacob, 58

FAY, Wilhelmina, 58

FELTER, Virginia, 53

FENIMORE, Sarah, 45

FERGUSON, Hugh, 16

FERGUSON, Mary, 16

FERGUSON, Nancy Ann, 16

FERRELL, Ezekiel, 100

FERRELL, Lucy, 100

FERRELL, Mornen, 100

FERRIS, Benjamin, 23

FERRIS, Corn, 23

FERRIS, DelIa, 23

FERRIS, Elvira, 23

FERRIS, Ennett, 23

FERRIS, Lottie, 24

FERRIS, Verna (2),23

FINLEY, G. P.,112

FINLEY, G. W.,112

FINLEY, Jim C.,112

FINLEY, Louise Jane, 112

FINLEY, Mary A.,112

FINLEY, Nita P.,1 12

FINLEY, William Henry, 112

FISHBACK, Judge Owen, 33

FISHER, Aceny, 83

FISHER, Adam, 81

FISHER, Adam Jr.,85

FISHER, Albert Edgar, 87

FISHER, Alexes 0,86

FISHER, Alice Fay, 87

FISHER, Amy Canter, 85

FISHER, Angela, 87

FISHER, Anne Hass, 85

FISHER, Aseanea, 83

FISHER, Atopse Merick, 82

FISHER, Barbary, 81

FISHER, Bessie Kate, 85

FISHER, Betty, 87

FISHER, Beverly, 88

FISHER, Cashus, 86

FISHER, Catherine, 83

FISHER, Cathy Ann, 87

FISHER, Caty, 83

FISHER, Charles N.,33

FISHER, Charles Nichols, 85

FISHER, Charles William, 87

FISHER, D. W.,81

FISHER, Daniel, 81

FISHER, David, 81,86,87

FISHER, David C.,83

FISHER, David Stanley, 85

FISHER, David Wesly Jr.,81

FISHER, David Wesly Sr.,81

FISHER, Donald, 87

FISHER, Dorothy Steward, 87

FISHER, Edward, 86

FISHER, Eliza, 81

FISHER, Elizabeth, 8 1,83

FISHER, Ella Talmadge, 82

FISHER, Elmina, 81

FISHER, Emma, 86

FISHER, Emma Aultman, 85

FISHER, Francis M.,83

FISHER, Franklin Clifford, 85

FISHER, George, 81

FISHER, Grace King, 85

FISHER, Grace Marie, 87

FISHER, Gracie Annette, 85

FISHER, Granger Elton, 85

FISHER, Harriet Caroline, 81

FISHER, Harriett Louise, 96

FISHER, Henry, 81

FISHER, Howard Roy, 85

FISHER, Jacob, 81

FISHER, James Auston, 87

FISHER, Janet, 88

FISHER, Jerome Augustine, 81

FISHER, Jesse Roosevelt, 87

FISHER, John, 8 1,86

FISHER, John L.,83,86

FISHER, Joseph McClain, 87

FISHER, Julia Avalon, 87

FISHER, Kathlyn Sammons, 87

FISHER, Leander Hack, 86

FISHER, Levanda, 85

FISHER, Linda, 87

FISHER, Louise Abbott, 85

FISHER, Lucy Evans, 85

FISHER, Lula Mary, 87

FISHER, Mack Lamar, 85

FISHER, Margaret, 81

FISHER, Mary C.,116

FISHER, Mary Elmire, 15

FISHER, Nancy, 83,87

FISHER, Nancy Ellen, 81

FISHER, Norma, 87

FISHER, Peggy, 88

FISHER, Peter, 81

FISHER, Rev. Charles Nichols, 96

FISHER, Robert, 8 1,88

FISHER, Ruie Gulf, 87

FISHER, Samuel, 81

FISHER, Samuel P.,83

FISHER, Sarah, 81

FISHER, Sarah B.,83

FISHER, Selina, 81

FISHER, Sheila, 115

FISHER, Shirley Hockstock, 87

FISHER, Stella Lady, 85

FISHER, Susan, 81

FISHER, Susannah, 81,83

FISHER, Thomas, 88

FISHER, Verna Louise, 85

FISHER, Wealthy, 81

FISHER, William, 83,87

FISHER, William Byrn, 81

FISHER, William O.,86

FISHER, William Oscar, 85

FITHRN, Sally, 59

FLETCHER, Dorothy, 54

FLETCHER, Harold, 54

FLICK, Elmer, 40

FLOYD, Nita P.,112

FLYNN, Eileen, 24

FORTNER, Julia Larkins, 91

FORTNER, Richard E.,91

FORTNER, Sharon Lynn, 91

FOSTER, Alice, 50

FOSTER, Connie Joe, 26

FOSTER, Robert, 50

FOWLER, Evaline, 105

FOX, Alma A.,25,27

FOX, Donald D.,25,27

FOX, George D.,25,27

FOX, George Donald, 26

FOX, James, 26

FOX, James David, 26

FOX, Linda K.,26

FOX, Norma Jean, 25,27

FOX, Ora Lee, 25

FOX, Rachel Marie, 26

FOX, Vernon, 25,27

FOX, Wanda, 26

FRANCE, Eve. 11

FRAZEE, Benjamin, 93,95

FRAZEE, Eleanor, 88,90

FRAZEE. Moses, 95

FRAZEE, Phebe, 93,95

FRAZEE, Susannah, 93

FRAZER, Emily, 101

FRAZIER, Alphinas H.,102

FRAZIER, Angeline, 102

FRAZIER, Ann, 102

FRAZIER, Edward F.,102

FRAZIER, Ellen, 102

FRAZIER, Erastus. 102

FRAZIER, Francis Marion, 102

FRAZIER, George, 102

FRAZIER, Innocent Salt, 102

FRAZIER, Isaac, 102

FRAZIER, James W.,102

FRAZIER, Jesse, 102

FRAZIER, John, 102

FRAZIER, John F.,102

FRAZIER, Leonidas W.,102

FRAZIER, Leroy 5,102

FRAZIER, Minerva, 102

FRAZIER, Polly, 102

FRAZIER, Rebecca West, 102

FRAZIER, Sarah (2),102

FRAZIER, Thompson, 102

FRAZIER, William (3), 102


GALLOWAY, Oma Musgrove,88

GARDNER, Betty Jane Skirvin,104

GARDNER, Charles,32,35

GARDNER, Cleament,32,35

GARDNER, Edwina Marie,32

GARDNER, George,33

GARDNER, Gerald Wayne,32,35

GARDNER, Janet Lee,32,35

GARDNER, Joan May,32,35

GARDNER, John,104

GARDNER, Luella,68

GARDNER, Margaret,35

GARDNER, Minnie,3 1-33

GARDNER, Naomi Jean,32,35

GARDNER, Philip, 104

GARDNER, Virginia Eileen,32,35

GENTRY, Mollie, 111

GENTRY, Nannie C.,lll

GEORGE, Stella, 14

GIBSON, Rebecca,30

GILBERT, Grace,10l

GLENN, Rev. John, 118

GOMIEN, Albert,44

GOMIEN, Lena E.,44

GORDON, Beulah,28

GORMAN, Joseph,23

GORMAN, Martha,23

GORMAN, Matilda,23

GORY, Hariy,24

GORY, Lottie,24

GOTT, Lizzie, 111

GRAHAM, Elizabeth,76

GRAHAM, Joseph W.,76

GRANT, General,8

GRANT, Hannah,8

GRAY, Belinda, 11

GRAY, W. T.,l1

GREEN, Maiy, 119

GREER, Anna Mae Moore,78

GREER, Edward Harm,78

GREER, Minnie Louise,78

GREGEORY, Hemietta Nettie Allen,3 1

GREY, Llewellyn,80

GREY, Margaret Emily,80

GRIFFITH, Elizabeth,8



GROVES, Sarah Elizabeth,32

GUION, Wealthy,8 1

GULFF, Ruie,87

GULLET, Jan Lynn,26

GULLET, Lillian Mclntosh,27

GULLET, Thurman,27

GULSHAN, Mildred,92



HAINES, Jane W.,46

HALL, Jane,7

HAMM, Barbara Jean,88

HAMM, Constance,88

HAMM, James,88

HAMM, Patricia,88

HAMM, Richard,87

HAMN, Thelma,87

HAMPTON, Susie P.,30

HARDGRUN, Jessamine,28

HARDIN, Joseph,84

HARDIN, Margaret A.,84

HARNESS, Sarah E.,121

HARNESS, Susannah E.,121

HARPER, Rev.,41

HARRIS, Lillian,43

HARRIS, Margaret Ross, 106

HARRY, Coates,32

HARRY, Jamima,3 1

HARRY, Minnie,31,32

HARTE, Clifford, 102

HARTE, Dorothy, 102

HARTE, George (2),102

HARTE, Glorvina Salt,102

HARTMANN, Alvin, 18

HARTMANN, Geneva,20

HARVEY, Andrew,24

HARVEY, Ann,24

HASS, Ann,85

HATFIELD, Anna L., 11

HAUGHEY, Alice,120

HAUGHEY, Andrew M.,120

HAUGHEY, Ann January,120

HAUGHEY, Barnett, 120

HAUGHEY, Esther, 120

HAUGHEY, Jane, 120

HAUGHEY, John, 120

HAUGHEY, Joseph,120

HAUGHEY, Margaret, 120

HAUGHEY, Nancy,120

HAUGHEY, Patience, 120

HAUGHEY, Polly,120

HAUGHEY, Sarah,1 19,120

HAUGHEY, Susan, 120

HAUGHEY, Thomas, 120

HAUGI-IEY, Violet (2),120

HAWKINS, Phoebe A.,103

HAYES, Mildred Williamson,53

HELMS, Mary V.,20

HELTMAN, Bertha A.,44

HELTMAN, William P.,44

HENDERSON, Alyce Ogden,25

HENDERSON, Bertha Addela,29

HENDERSON, Beverly Ann,26

HENDERSON, Carlos A.,29

HENDERSON, Carol Sue,26

HENDERSON, Charles,27

HENDERSON, Charles W.,25

HENDERSON, David Eugene,26

HENDERSON, Delbert,29

HENDERSON, Dorotha Ann,27

HENDERSON, Elmer L.,29

HENDERSON, Eva Mabel, 109

HENDERSON, Gariy Lynn,26

HENDERSON, George W.,25

HENDERSON, George Washington,29

HENDERSON, Harriet L.,29

HENDERSON, Henry F.,29

HENDERSON, James Walter,26

HENDERSON, Janet Arlene,26

HENDERSON, Jessie Edwin (2),29

HENDERSON, Jessie May, 109

HENDERSON, John, 109

HENDERSON, John David, 109

HENDERSON, Karen Louise,26


HENDERSON, Mary Helen,27

HENDERSON, Norman, 109

HENDERSON, Rebecca Jan,26

HENDERSON, Talitha Catharine, 109

HENDERSON, Thomas Hamer,109

HENDERSON, Victoria, 109

HENDERSON, Walter,25,27

HENDERSON, Wilbur C.,29




HENRY, Sarah L. Zumstein, 115

HENRY, Thomas N.,115

HENSHAW, George, 119

HENSHAW, John P.,119

HENSHAW, Lottie (Charlotte), 119

HENSON, Barbara Ellen,27

HENSON, Bessie,27

HENSON, Bryan,27

HENSON, Cora,27

HENSON, Dora Lee,27

HENSON, Edwin,27

HENSON, Hattie Burton,27

HENSON, James,27

HIENSON, John,27

HENSON, Lou,27

HENSON, Robert,27

HENSON, Rozelle,27

HENSON, Virginia,27

HERGET, H. May,14

HERGET, Mary,13,14

HERGET, Maryetta Merle, 14

HERGET, Raymond,14

HERGET, Raymond F.,14

HIERGET, Stella, 14

HERRON, Lydia, 11

HERRON, Thorn, 11


HICKMAN, Alice,1

HIGBEE, Abigail Steelrnan,95

HILER, George,27

HILER, Mildred,25

HILER, Mildred Mclntosh,27

HILER, Patty Sue,26

HILL, James C.,94

HILL, James Walter,90

HILL, Maiy Lee Sargent,90

HILL, Mary McMullen,94

HILL, Rachel Anna,94

HILL, Theodore,90

HILL, Williarn,90

HINDS, Ann,4

HINDS, John (2),4

HINDS, Lucinda,4

HINDS, Nancy Nuswanger,4

HINES, Alfred, 102

HINES, Alpha, 102

HIIRSCHAUER, Charles Henry,43

HIRSCHAUER, Grace McGuire,43


HIRSCHAUER, Joel Thomas,43

HIRSCHAUER, Lillian,43

HIRSCHAUER, Theresa Evelyn,43

HITCH, John, 102

HITCH, Ollie, 102

HITCHCOCK, Elta Isaphene,93

HITCHCOCK, Lucian Elmer,93

HITCHCOCK, Mary Frances,93

HITCHCOCK, Violet,93, 121

HITCHCOCK, William H.,93,121

HOBBITT, John, 120

HOCKSTOCK, Shirley,87

HODGE, Martha,36

HOES, Esq.,32

HOFMANN, Cynthia Beth,5 1

HOFMANN, Herbert John,51

HOFMANN, John Frederick,5 1

HOFMANN, Mary Madeline,51

HOFMANN, Peter Reed,5 1

HOLDEN, Abigail,46

HOLDEN, Daniel,46

HONAKER, Walter,27

HOOPES, Daniel, 1

HOOPES, Hannah, 1

HOPPER, Charles Henry,75

HOPPER, Garritt,75

HOPPER, Rebecca A.,75

HORN, Martha Perrine,73

HORN, Sarah,73

HORN, William,73

HORNEY, Sarah Jane, 119

HOUSE, Marguerite,5 1


HOWARD, Anna M.,1

HOWARD, E. J.,118

HOWARD, Elizabeth T.,1

HOWARD, Hannah P.,1

HOWARD, Harper,1

HOWARD, Sarah P.,1

HOWERTON, Larma,37

HOWERTON, Virgie,37

HUGGINS, Albert Walter,19

HUGGINS, Carrie Ellen, 19

HUGGINS, Dottie, 19

HUGGINS, Tish,19

HUGGINS, Willie Lawrence, 19

HUGGINS, Zoe Laverne,19

HUGHES, Clifford, 13

HUGHES, Clifford Raymond, 14

HUGHES, Ella,13

HUGHES, Lula M.,13

HUGHES, Marejetta, 14

HUGHES, Mary,13,14

HUGHES, Milton,13

HUGHES, Rebecca,77

HUGHES, Roger Earl,14

HUGHEY, Hannah A.,36


HULICK, Allie,7 1

HULICK, Liebee,7 1

HULICK, Mary,71

HULICK, Rhoda Dimmitt,79

HIJLICK, Ruth Gatch,71

HULSE, Anthony,73

HIJLSE, Jane,73

HULSE, Mary Vaughn,73

HUNTER, Mary Byram,103

HUNTER, Mary Wilhelrnina (Minnie), 103

HUNTER, William C.,103

HUSONG, Catherine, 16

HUSSEY, Christopher Jr.,120

HUSSEY, Margaret, 120

HUTCHCRAFT, Clifton Todd,9




IDLER, Jearl Charles,5 1

IMES, Ann,106

INGELS, Mildred,24

INNJS, Addie,15

INNIS, Charles Francis,15

INNIS, Elnette,15

INNIS, Elsie Leona,15

INNIS, James Willson,15

INNIS, Jennie,15

INNIS, Jessie,15

INNIS, John (2),15

INNIS, Joseph Scott, 15

INNIS, Lucien Crawford, 15

LNNIS, Margret Jane,15

INNIS, Mary Elmire,15

INNIS, Nathaniel,15

1NNIS, Oliver,15

INNIS, Sarah Elen, 15

INNIS, Ursula Blanche, 15

INNIS, William Edward, 15

IRELAND, Nannie,44

IRETON, Dorothy,54

IRIETON, Elizabeth Henrietta,53

IRETON, Flaurie,54

IRETON, G. Earl,53

IRETON, Mary,54

ISON, Archibald,37

ISON, Dr. Kloctor,37

ISON, Gideon,37

ISON, Hilda,37

ISON, John Sr.,37

JACOBS, Amos,52

JACOBS, Blanche,43

JACOBS, Byron,27

JACOBS, Cora Worck,43

JACOBS, Donald,77

JACOBS, Finley,43

JACOBS, Huldah,52

JACOBS, Janice Elnora,77

JACOBS, Jay Scott,77

JACOBS, Lenora,27

JACOBS, Lola Blanche,77

JACOBS, Sarnuel,43

JACOBS, Walston,43

JACOBS, Walston Jr.,77

JANUARY, Ann, 120

JENKINS, Elizabeth,63

JENKINS, Robert R.,63

JEPSON, Albert,1 13

JEPSON, Alexander L.,112,113

JEPSON, Alice J.,112,113

JEPSON, George E.,113

JEP SON, Jeremiah, 112

JEPSON, Mary Ann,112

JESTER, Adelia Ruth,53

JESTER, Ann Wharton, 102

JESTER, Betty Jean,54

JESTER, James, 102

JESTER, James Valentine,54

JESTER, Jayle Ann,S5

JESTER, John, 102

JESTER, Marie Evelyn,54

JESTER, Mary Salt,102

JESTER, Theodore R,53

JESTER, William Leroy,54

JOHNSON, Abigail Shrack,94

JOHNSON, Abram,60

JOHNSON, Alpheus T., 16

JOHNSON, Andrew,60

JOHNSON, Anna, 14

JOHNSON, Anne,60

JOHNSON, Betty Bonita,91

JOHNSON, Beulah S.,4

JOHNSON, Carl Johan Sten,42

JOHNSON, Catherine,14

JOHNSON, Charles, 14

JOHNSON, Charles Benjaniin,16

JOHNSON, Charley Shrader,60

JOHNSON, Chester C., 14

JOHNSON, Cyrus H.,93,121

JOHNSON, Delilah,60

JOHNSON, Dorcas,60

JOHNSON, Earline,6 1

JOHNSON, Elira,60

JOHNSON, Elisha, 14

JOHNSON, Elizabeth,60

JOHNSON, Emma Lulla,60

JOHNSON, Eva A., 16

JOHNSON, Eva Marie,16

JOHNSON, Fannah,60

JOHNSON, Fanny,60

JOHNSON, Frances Josephine,42

JOHNSON, Francis Marion,93,94, 121

JOHNSON, Franklin, 14

JOHNSON, Hannah,14

JOHNSON, Hilda Musgrove,91,94

JOHNSON, Hiram Heberling,60

JOHNSON, Jacob,60

JOHNSON, James,60

JOHNSON, Jane,60

JOHNSON, Jesse Roscoe,93,94

JOHNSON, John Beckett,60

JOHNSON, John C.,14

JOHNSON, John S.,4

JOHNSON, Joseph,60

JOHNSON, Josephine,56,60,6 1

JOHNSON, Kenneth Ray,42

JOHNSON, Marion Keith,94

JOHNSON, Maiy,60

JOHNSON, Maiy Abbie,93,94

JOHNSON, Mary Leone,94

JOHNSON, Metildiy,60

JOHNSON, Nancy Joyce,9 1

JOHNSON, Nancy Margaret,93

JOHNSON, Noah,6 1

JOHNSON, Noah Gillett,60

JOHNSON, Orpha Ann,28

JOHNSON, Peter,60

JOHNSON, Polly,60

JOHNSON, Rebecca,14

JOHNSON, Rebekah,60

JOHNSON, Sarah Beckett,60

JOHNSON, Sarah Stephens,93,94, 121

JOHNSON, Selerte,60

JOHNSON, Solomon,60

JOHNSON, Susan O'Brien,94

JOHNSON, Susanna,4

JOHNSON, W. Earle,91,94

JOHNSON, Walter Richard (2), 14

JOHNSON, William,60

JOHNSON, William Ashley,94

JOHNSON, William Hemy Harrison, 14

JOHNSON, Winifred Louise,94


JOHNSTON, Carrie Emma,54

JOHNSTON, Donna Jane,54

JOHNSTON, Granville Ralph,53

JOHNSTON, Kathern Adelia,54

JOHNSTON, Mary Florence,53

JONES, Abigail,95

JONES, Abigail Steelman,95

JONES, Abraham,95

JONES, Abraham Milton,9

JONES, Albina,9

JONES, Anabel,95

JONES, Betsey,9

JONES, Carlyle,95

JONES, Cary (Cade) Waldron,95

JONES, Charles C. Jr.,95

JONES, Charles Coleman,95

JONES, Clara Burrows,95

JONES, Dell Diston,95

JONES, Eliza Ann,9

JONES, Eliza Mills,95

JONES, Eliza Ruth,32

JONES, Elizabeth,95

JONES, Elizabeth Ann,9

JONES, Ernest Richard,9

JONES, Gorman,95

JONES, Greenberry,105

JONES, Harry E.,95

JONES, Isaac,95

JONES, Israel T.,9

JONES, James,95

JONES, James William,9

JONES, Jedediah M.,95

JONES, John H.,9

JONES, John Hawkins,9

JONES, John Milton,9

JONES, Judge S.,95

JONES, M. M.,28

JONES, Margaret Ann,9

JONES, Mary,9

JONES, Mary Ann,9

JONES, Mary E.,9

JONES, Mary H.,9

JONES, Mary Smysor, 115

JONES, Mary Woolston,95

JONES, Mildred,9,1 12

JONES, Mitchell,9

JONES, Mollie,9

JONES, Mollie H.,9

JONES, Nancy,9

JONES, Nancy S.,9

JONES, Newton, 115

JONES, Peggy,9

JONES, Richard M.,9

JONES, Ruth Ross, 105

JONES, Samuel,95

JONES, Samuel Jr.,95

JONES, Sarah Burrows,95

JONES, Strother,9

JONES, Susannah,80

JONES, Thomas,95

JONES, Thomas (3),9

JONES, Thomas H.,9

JONES, Thomas W.,9

JONES, Thomas William,9

JONES, Tom,32

JONES, William (2),9

JONES, William (95),95

JONES, William Young,9

JORDAN, Deborah Ann,92

JORDAN, Shirley,92

JORDAN, William,92

JORDAN, William Jr.,92

JORDAN, Wilma,71

JUSTICE, Ann,101

JUSTICE, Ruhama, 101

JUSTICE, Savil,101

KAISER, Amelia Rebecca,40

KAISER, Edna Anna,40

KAISER, John Xavier,40

KAUTZ, Bessie,64

KEEN, Elizabeth Salt, 102

KEEN, George W.,102

KEENER, Bertha Schubert,39

KEENER, Diania J.,39

KEENER, Louis,39

KENNEDY, Mary Ann,38

KERR, Ella Josephine,66

KERR, John D.,66

KERR, John Emery Myers,66

KETCH1TM, Caroline, 17

KEYT, Martha,4

KEYT, Mary,4

KEYT, Nathan,4

KIMBALL, Benjamin, 108

KIMBALL, Loretta,39

KIMBALL, Millard,39

KINDER, John, 105

KINDER, Margaret Ross, 105

KINDLE, Augusta P.,30

KINDLE, Rachel,53

KING, Grace,85

KINNAIRD, Rev. Robert,32

KIRK, Clara,108

KiRK, Joseph, 108

KIRK, M. E.,107

KIRK, Margaret E.,108

KIRK, Mary,108

KIRKLAND, Carrie, 102

KRIEGER, Henry, 104

KRIEGER, Lillie, 104

KRIEGER, Lulu,104

KUGLER, Ada Drake,116,117

KUGLER, Catherine Elizabeth,1 16,117

KUGLER, Chnstian,1 16,117

KUGLER, David, 116,117

KUGLER, Elizabeth,1 16,117

KUGLER, Harry Eugene, 116,117

KUGLER, Jacob (2),116,117

KUGLER, John, 116,117

KUGLER, John Edward,1 16,117

KUGLER, Josephine Eckert,116,117

KUGLER, Julie Rebecca,1 16,117

KUGLER, June Riesterer, 116,117

KUGLER, Katherine,1 16,117

KUGLER, Leverett Stone, 116,117

KUGLER, Malinda, 116,117

KUGLER, Mary C.,116,117

KUGLER, Mathias,1 16,117

KUGLER, Matilda,1 16,117

KUGLER, Matilda Francis, 116,117

KUGLER, Matthias, 116,117

KUGLER, R J.,116,117

KUGLER, RebeccaJ. E.,116,117

KUGLER, Sarah,1 16,117

KUNKLE, Chester,94

KUNKLE, Mary Leone,94

LADEU, Mary Ann, 112


LADY, Stella,85

LANGSTAFF, Williarn,28

LANHAM, Jessie Marie,5 1

LARKINS, George Arthur,91

LARKINS, Julia Euphemia,91

LARKINS, Ruth Musgrove,91

LAUGHLIN, Margaret, 17

LAUGHLIN, Matthew, 17

LAUGHLIN, Sarah, 17

LAWRENCE, Gracie Annette,84,85

LAWRENCE, Henty,84,85

LEE, Catherine, 119

LEE, Charlotte,1 19

LEE, David P.,l 19,120

LEE, David P. Jr,119

LEE, Eliza Jane,1 19

LEE, Elvira,119

LEE, George R.,119

LEE, Harriet, 119

LEE, James,120

LEE, James H.,119

LEE, Julie E.,119

LEE, Margaret,119

LEE, Mary,1 19

LEE, Mary R.,119

LEE, Millie Jane,l 19

LEE, Nancy,120

LEE, Nancy Ann,119

LEE, Rose Ann, 119

LEE, Sarah Haughey,l 19,120

LEE, Sarah Jane (2),119

LEE, Susan, 119

LEE, Violet H.,119

LEE, Wilson 5,119

LEMING, Ann,65

LEMING, Bergen,65

LEMING, Elijah,65

LEMING, Eliza,65

LEMING, Ezekiel,65

LEMING, Ezekiel Wesley,65

LEMING, Frederick,65

LEMING, Isaac (2),65

LEMING, John B.,65

LEMING, Lucy (3),65

LEMING, Mary Ann,65

LEMING, Melenchton,65

LEMING, Moses,65

LEMING, Nancy (2),65

LEMING, Paul,65

LEMING, Randall,65

LEMING, Randle,65

LEMING, Sarah,65

LEMING, Uriah,65

LEONARD, Arabelle,52

LEONARD, Eunice,38

LEONARD, Susannah,52

LESTER, Barry F.,112

LESTER, Elizabeth,1 12

LESTER, George Ballard, 112

LESTER, Harold, 112

LESTER, Mildred Jones,1 12

LEWIS, Bess,44

LEWIS, Blanch,22

LEWIS, Frances,17

LEWIS, Mahala,17

LEWIS, Nora,17

LEWIS, William,17

LIGHT, George C.,88

LIGHT, N.,14

LIMING, Aaron,38

LIMING, Abraham (2),38

LIMING, Abraham R.,38

LIMING, Alice,38

LIMING, Alice Applegate,38

LIMING, Alineda,38

LIMING, Caroline,38

LIMING, Christina,38

LIMING, Deleplaine,38

LIMING, Dellzell,38

LIMING, Dinah DeWilde,38

LIMING, Elizabeth,38

LIMING, Elizabeth Pearl Earhart,38

LIMING, Emily Jane Neal,38

LIMING, Estelle,38

LIMING, Eunice,38

LIMING, Eunice Leonard,38

LIMING, Franklin (2),38

LIMING, Henry,38

LIMING, J. W.,38

LIMING, James (2),38

LIMING, Jane (2),38

LIMING, Jane Wrasler,38

LIMING, Jasper,38

LIMING, John,38

LIMING, John 11,38

LIMING, Jonathan,3 8

LIMING, Joseph (2),38

LIMING, Judge James,38

LIMING, Mac,38

LIMING, Margaret,38

LIMING, Mary,38

LIMING, Mary Ann,38

LIMING, Mary Ann Kennedy,38

LIMING, Neal,38

LIMING, Ora,38

LIMING, Ora Lee,38

LIMING, Prudence,38

LIMING, Samuel,38

LIMING, Sarah (3),38

LIMING, Sarah Delephaine,38

LIMING, Stephen,38

LIMING, Susan, 115

LIMING, Thomas,38

LIMING, Wendelll,38

LIMING, Williain,38

LINDSEY, Barbery,63,80,83?,85

LINDSEY, Catherine,83

LINDSEY, Eliza,83

LINDSEY, Hezekiah,83,85

LINDSEY, Jsabell,53

LINDSEY, Noah,64

LINGER, Creed,38,4 1

LINGER, Opal,38,41


LITTLE, Phebe,93

LIVENGOOD, Judith Ann,71

LIVENGOOD, Kay Rowan,7 1

LIVENGOOD, Russell,71

LONG, Carolyn (2),17

LONG, Dan,17

LONG, David,17

LONG, Delilah,17

LONG, Eliza,17

LONG, Henry, 17

LONG, Hester,17

LONG, Joseph, 17

LONG, Lydia,17

LONG, Mary,52

LONG, Nellie,27

LONG, Racliel,17

LONG, Ray,27

LONG, Ruth,27

LONG, Smith, 17

LONG, Washington, 17

LONGWORTH, Marion Randolph,51,64

LUCK, Oral,27


LYTLE, Hannah B.,100

LYTLE, William,100

MAFFETT, Temperance,52

MAHAM, Alice,32,50

MAHAM, Anna E.,50

MAHAM, Daniel Lyinan,50

MAHAM, Deborah Ann,50,62

MAHAM, Dorothy,50,62

MAHAM, John Isaac,5O,62

MAHAM, John Samuel,50,62

MAHAM, Lucian T.,50

MAHAM, Marilou,50,62

MAHAM, Mary J.,107

MAHAM, Naomi,50,62

MAHAM, Philip Daniel,50,62

MAHAM, Roger Jay,50,62

MALOTT, Alva Coates,48

MALOTT, Ann Eliza,48

MALOTT, Arthur Hamer,48

MALOTT, Benjamin Franklin Dyer,48

MALOTT, Clint,27

MALOTT, Druzella,47

MALOTT, Elizabeth R.,48

MALOTT, Elsie,27

MALOTT, Eirnna Jane,48

MALOTT, Frederic A.,48

MALOTT, Henry B.,48

MALOTT, Hirain,48

MALOTT, Isabell,48

MALOTT, John Elery,48

MALOTT, Joseph, 10

MALOTT, Katie P.,48

MALOTT, Lennie,27

MALOTT, Lorenzo Dow,48

MALOTT, Mary,48

MALOTT, Mary Helen,27

MALOTT, Mary Isabel,48

MALOTT, Mary Louisa,48

MALOTT, Netta,10

MALOTT, Ora Lee,48

MALOTT, Orville L.,48

MALOTT, Rose Pearl,48

MALOTF, Tomie,27

MALOTT, William Augustus,48

MALTBY, Eliza Jane,119

MALTBY, Millie Jane,119

MANN, Charles,39

MANN, Gendla,39

MANN, Laura Quick,39

MANN, Loretta,39

MANN, Stella,39

MANNING, Ann, 101

MARLEY, Malinda,1 16

MARRIOTT, Albert,20

MARRIOTT, Amanda,2 1


MARRIOTT, Ann Elizabeth,18,21

MARRIOTT, Benjamin, 18

MARRIOTT, Benjamin (2),2 1

MARRIOTT, Catharine E.,19

MARRIOTT, Catherine, 18,21

MARRIOTT, Charles,2 1

MARRIOTT, Charles Franklin,18

MARRIOTT, Cyrus Stacy,20

MARRIOTT, Effie E.,20

MARRIOTT, Elizabeth,1 8,21

MARRIOTT, Elizabeth Maiy,l8

MARRIOTT, Elmer Elworth, 19

MARRIOTT, Florence M.,20

MARRIOTT, Frederick,2 1

MARRIOTT, Geneva,20

MARRIOTT, Grace Mae,18

MARRIOTT, Hariette Francis,19

MARRIOTT, Herbert McKee,18

MARRIOTT, Ida Belle, 19

MARRIOTT, Isaac Frankliri,18

MARRIOTT, James A.,20

MARRIOTT, James Albert, 19



MARRIOTT, John Isaac,21

MARRIOTT, Joseph (2),l 8

MARRIOTT, Lewis,18

MARRIOTT, Lillie V.,20

MARRIOTT, Louise,19

MARRIOTT, Lucinda, 19


MARRIOTT, Mazy Jane,19

MARRIOTT, Nancy,l 9,21

MARRIOTT, Nancy Ann,18

MARRIOTT, Nancy L.,20

MARRIOTT, Nora Truenia,l8

MARRIOTT, Northwood, 19

MARRIOTT, Richard,l 9

MARRIOTT, Richard Newton,2 1

MARRIOTT, Ruth Louisa Belle,19

MARRIOTT, Sally Ann, 19

MARRIOTT, Sarah,1 8,21

MARRIOTT, Sarah Ann,21

MARRIOTT, Stacey W.,21

MARRIOTT, Stacy, 18,19

MARRIOTT, Turner,21

MARRIOTT, Viola Florence,l 9

MARSH, Blanche,67

MARSH, Oscar,67

MARTIN, Earline,6 1

MARTIN, John C.,14

MARTIN, Lewis,52

MARTIN, Lydia,52

MARTIN, Mary,52

MARTIN, Ruth,23

MARTIN, Sally,14

MARTIN, William,52

MASTERS, John,22

MASTERS, Lucinda,22

MATTHEWS, Catheiine, 109

MATTHEWS, Martha Jane,109

MATTHEWS, Talitha,l 09


McAFEE, Caiy,27

McAFEE, Cora Henson,27

McAFEE, George,27

McAFEE, Lou Henson,27

McAULEY, John,23

McAULEY, Maggie,23

McAULEY, S. J.,23

McCABE, Catherine,76

McCARTER, Rachel,80

McCLAIN, Elizabeth,4

McCLELLAN, Jerry Lynn,104

McCLELLAN, Judith Marie,104

McCLELLAN, Mary E. Salt,104

McCLELLAN, Rocille, 104

McCLELLAN, William, 104

McCLELLAN, William Jr.,104

McCORMACK, Donald Keith,26

McCORMICK, Sandra Kay,26

McCOY, Sarah Elizabeth,74

McCREARY, Lillian Sipes,89

McCUTCHEN, Mazy Boggs,7

McGINLEY, Margaret,46

McGOHAN, Malinda Musgrove,90

McGOHEN, John,63

McGOHEN, Maiy,63

McGU]RE, Alberta Bennett,77

McGUIRE, Alexander,77

McGUIRE, Alexander fl.,77

McGUIRE, Alta Margaret,77

McGUIRE, Charles,l23

McGUIRE, Charles C.,123

McGU]RE, Charles Chester,78

McGUIRE, Dibbie fleatrice,77

McGUIRE, Frances,78

McGU]RE, Frank A.,44,78

McGUIRE, Grace Manorah,78

McGUIRE, Harry Clifford,77

McGUIRE, John,123

McGUIRE, Joseph Austin,123

McGUIRE, Laura Davidson,77

McGUIRE, Laura Ella,77

McGUIRE, Lillian Alberta,77

McGUIRE, Lydia Bordwell,44,78

McGUIRE, Maggie R.,77

McGUJRE, Marvin Burton,78

McGUIRE, Mary,l23

McGUIRE, Milton Alfred,77

McGUIRE, Minnie Irene,77

McGUIRE, Nathan,123

McGUIRE, Rebecca,77

McGUIRE, Ruth,123

McGUIRE, Sarah,123

McGUIRE, Sarah Jane,123

McGUIRE, William Andrew (2),77

McINTOSH, Archie,25

McINTOSH, Charles,25

McINTOSH, Edward,25

McINTOSH, Lillian,25

McINTOSH, Mae,25

McINTOSH, Mary E.,25

McINTOSH, Mary Jane,26

McINTOSH, Mildred,25

McINTOSH, Steven Julias,26

McINTOSH, Willard L. ,25

McKEE, Elizabeth Mary,18

McKEE, Jane,32

McKINNEY, Mary Ann,20

McKINNEY, Sarah,20

McMULLEN, Mary,94

McMURCHY, Elizabeth,98

McNAIR, Alma Rosette,80

McNAIR, Grant,80

McPHERSON, Alfred Earl,37

McPHERSON, Alvie,37

McPHERSON, Bessie,37

McPHERSON, Chastine,37

McPI-IERSON, Clarence Otto,37

McPHERSON, Claude Lee,37

McPHERSON, Della Ann,37

McPHERSON, Guy Ed~in,37

McPHERSON, Harriet Belle Webb,37

McPHERSON, John William,37

McPHERSON, Susie Pearl,37

McPHERSON, William Fillmore,37

MEEKS, Albertine,53



MENEFEE, Bernice, 103

MENEFEE, Elizabeth,l 03

MENEFEE, William E.,l03

MERANDA, Betsy Salt, 102

MERANDA, Harrison, 102

MERANDA, John,102

MERANDA, Millicent,l02

MERPJCK, Atopse,82


METZGER, Amanda,3

METZGER, Andrew,3


METZGER, Barbara,2

METZGER, Bennie,3

METZGER, Bertie,3

METZGER, Charles Wesley,3

METZGER, Conrad,2

METZGER, David,2

METZGER, David (2),3

METZGER, Delilah,2

METZGER, Elijah J.,2

METZGER, Eliza,2

METZGER, Eliza E.,3

METZGER, Elizabeth C.,2

METZGER, Ethel,3

METZGER, Everett,3

METZGER, George,2

METZGER, Hamer,3

METZGER, Hannah Marra,2

METZGER, Hazel,3

METZGER, Hubert,3

METZGER, Jacob,2


METZGER, John W.,2

METZGER, John Wesley,3

METZGER, Jonas (2),3

METZGER, Joseph (2),2

METZGER, Josie B.,2

METZGER, Lafayett,3

METZGER, Leonard (2),3

METZGER, Leroy,3


METZGER, Libbie,3

METZGER, Lizzie,3

METZGER, Louis B.,3

METZGER, Mahala,3

METZGER, Margaret,2


METZGER, Mazy (2),2

METZGER, Mazy C.,2

METZGER, Mary Frances,3

METZGER, Maiyann,2

METZGER, Nancy,2

METZGER, Ollie,3

METZGER, Phebc,2

METZGER, Rebccca,2

METZGER, Samuel,2,3

METZGER, Sarah,3

METZGER, Sarah Jane,3

METZGER, Susann,3

METZGER, Susanna,3

METZGER, Thomas J ,3

METZGER, Wilhiam,2

METZGER, Wright,3

MEYER, Eva Mabel,109

MEYER, George Caspar,109

MEYER, Margaret, 118

MILLER, Abram,1 07

MILLER, Agnes,23

MILLER, Anna,108

MILLER, Anna M.,107

MILLER, Bertie,3

MILLER, Blanch Marie,23

MILLER, Carl Bennett,23

MILLER, Catherine,107

MILLER, Christ,40

MILLER, Eliza Sniith,97

MILLER, Eliza Therkley,97

MILLER, Elizabeth,107

MILLER, Ella Hughes,13

MILLER, Ellen, 108

MILLER, George,23,1 07

MILLER, George W.,107

MILLER, Gregrey Alen,23

MILLER, James Francis,107

MILLER, John Ira,107

MILLER, John P.,107

MILLER, John Smith,97

MILLER, Joseph Holoway,97

MILLER, Lawrence Russel,23

MILLER, Letty Jane, 107

MILLER, Lorenzo Huston,97,98

MILLER, Margaret,83

MILLER, Martha,90

MILLER, Martin,107

MILLER, Martin A.,107

MILLER, Martin V.,108

MILLER, Mary Abinger,24

MILLER, Mary E., 107

MILLER, Mary J.,107

MILLER, Mary Rose,40

MILLER, Nancy, 107

MILLER, Patrica,23

MILLER, Roger Lee,23

MILLER, Sarah Ann,107

MILLER, Stanley Glenway,23

MILLER, Verna Fenis,23

MILLER, William S.,107


MILLS, Eliza,95

MILNER, Wiley,28

MITCHELL, Daniel,1 18


MOHRSTADT, Amelia Rebecca,40

MONTJAR, Laura,1 7

MOORE, Abraham C.,4

MOORE, Adda Athley,5

MOORE, Allen,1 07

MOORE, Anna,24

MOORE, Anna Mae,78

MOORE, Annie I-Iinds,4

MOORE, Annie Johnston,5

MOORE, Benjamin,24

MOORE, Bessie,59

MOORE, Beulah S.,4

MOORE, Cliford,24

MOORE, Edward Ann,4

MOORE, Elizabeth C.,5

MOORE, Elizabeth J.,4,5

MOORE, Elizabeth McClain,4

MOORE, Elmer,24

MOORE, Eugene Llewellyn,4

MOORE, Eva Josephine,4

MOORE, Fred,59

MOORE, Hiram Ulyssus,4

MOORE, Jaxnes,4

MOORE, James Canby,4

MOORE, James Edwards Bosworth,4

MOORE, James Ed~in,4

MOORE, James Eugene,59

MOORE, Jane,4

MOORE, Jane Ann,4

MOORE, John,53

MOORE, John Edwards,4

MOORE, John H.,4,5

MOORE, John Hinds,4

MOORE, Josephine,4

MOORE, Judith,24

MOORE, Julia,53

MOORE, Julian Lamortine,4

MOORE, Letty Jane,107

MOORE, Lorenzo Wishart,4

MOORE, Lucinda (2),4

MOORE, Lysander R. ,4

MOORE, Mary Keyt,4

MOORE, Mary Laurabella,5

MOORE, Mazy S. C.,4

MOORE, Ruth,56

MOORE, Sarah,23

MOORE, Sarah Lucinda,4

MOORE, Sylvia Gertrude,59

MOORE, William,24

MORRIS, Elmira,102

MOSThLLER, Cora,23

MLJEL, Mary E.,107

MULLIGAN, Margaret,102,105

MURRAY, Sarah Ann,49

MUSGROVE, A. E.,l 10

MUSGROVE, Aaron Sargent,90

MIJSGROVE, Ama Theresa,89

MUSGROVE, Anna Dixon,89

MUSGROVE, Bessie Reed,91

MUSGROVE, Clifton Tasso,90

MIJSGROVE, Eleanor Frazee,88,90

MUSGROVE, Eliza,90

MUSGROVE, Elizabeth Jennings,90

MUSGROVE, Ella South,92,96

MUSGROVE, Eva Clare,89

MUSGROVE, Frances Volkman,92

MUSGROVE, Francina Ann,90

MUSGROVE, George Edward,90,9l

MUSGROVE, George W.,88

MUSGROVE, Glenn Eldon,91

MUSGROVE, Hannah,88

MUSGROVE, Harriet Pearl,89

MUSGROVE, Henry Clay,89

MUSGROVE, Hilda May,91

MUSGROVE, Homer Barrett,92

MUSGROVE, Homer Barrett 11,92

MUSGROVE, Homer Barrett 111,92

MIJSGROVE, Jaines,9 1,92

MUSGROVE, James Ivan,91

MUSGROVE, James L. Walter,90

MUSGROVE, James Ratliffe,88

MUSGROVE, James Ratliffe (2),90

MUSGROVE, Jane Kaphiro,l 10

MUSGROVE, John Fowler,1 10

MUSGROVE, John Reed,91

MUSGROVE, Joshua Jr. ,88,90

MUSGROVE, Joshua Lee,90,96

MUSGROVE, Joshua Q.,89

MUSGROVE, Joshua Sr. ,88,90

MUSGROVE, Lavinia,96


MUSGROVE, Leona Marie,91

MUSGROVE, Lucintha Margaret,1 10

MUSGROVE, Lucy Williammina,1 10

MUSGROVE, Malinda,90

MUSGROVE, Malinda Edwards,90

MUSGROVE, Margo Sue,92

MUSGROVE, Marie,92

MUSGROVE, Martha M.,90

MUSGROVE, Martha Maria,l 10

MUSGROVE, Mary Ella,89

MUSGROVE, Mary Emelyn,91

MUSGROVE, Mary Lee Sargent,90

MUSGROVE, Minnie Myztle,89

MUSGROVE, Nancy,1 10

MUSGROVE, Nancy Kay,91

MUSGROVE, Nona Gertrude,89


MUSGROVE, Polly Naurainlzie,1 10

MUSGROVE, Reed Lawrence,91

MUSGROVE, Ruth Anna,90

MUSGROVE, Ruth Maria,91

MUSGROVE, Sally, 110

MUSGROVE, Sally Selemina,1 10

MUSGROVE, Sarah Sipes,89

MUSGROVE, Sheila Stephens,92

MUSGROVE, Sherral Anne,92

MUSGROVE, Thelma Sheeley,92

MUSGROVE, Thomas L. M.,88

MUSGROVE, Thomas Livingstone,90

MUSGROVE, Virginia Lafayette, 110


MUSGROVE, Walter,96

MUSGROVE, William C.,89

MUSGROVE, William H.,l 10

MUSGROVE, William Whitaker,1 10

MYALL, Lucy Ann,69

MYERS, Eliza Jane,66

MYERS, Ella Josephine,66

MYERS, George (2),66

MYERS, George Baxley,66

MYERS, Hannah B. Walker,66

MYERS, John Emety,66

MYERS, Marion,66

MYERS, Martha Ann,66

MYERS, Martin Van Buren,66

MYERS, Maiy,66

MYERS, Mary C.,l

MYERS, Mary Jane,66

MYERS, Matilda,66

MYERS, Prudence,66

MYERS, Sarah,22

MYERS, William,22

MYERS, William Henry,66

NASH, Amanda Lavina, 13

NASH, Catherine,12

NASH, Curtis Alonzo, 13

NASH, Enos,75

NASH, Enos W.,1 3

NASH, Fanny, 11

NASH, George W. ,5

NASH, Isadora N., 13

NASH, Louis, 12

NASH, Luvina,75

NASH, Mazy Laurabella,S

NASH, Neltus Hamlin,13

NASH, Rose Bell,12

NASH, Susan,1 I

NASH, Wilber,13

NASH, William, 11

NEAL, Ella Ercil,25

NEAL, Emily Jane,38

NEAL, Estelle,38

NEAL, Mamie Belle,25

NEAL, Naomi llien,25

NEAL, Vernon,25

NEAL, Wilma P.,25

NEWBERRY, Addie B., 109

NEWBERRY, Media Marguerite,109

NEWBERRY, Annie,27

NEWBERRY, Clara,27

NEWBERRY, Harold Millard,109

NEWBERRY, Heniy,27

NEWBERRY, Lydia, 17

NEWBERRY, Pearl,27

NEWBERRY, Raymond,27

NEWBERRY, Rozelle,27

NEWBERRY, Solomon,109

NEWBERRY, William Herbert,109

NICHOLS, Abner,84

NICHOLS, Abner H.,85


NICHOLS, Catherine,84

NICHOLS, David C.,84

NICHOLS, Edward P. ,84

NICHOLS, Elijah G.,84

NICHOLS, Elizabeth,84

NICHOLS, George N.,84

NICHOLS, John,84

NICHOLS, John C.,84

NICHOLS, Jonathan C.,84

NICHOLS, Judge Perty,84

NICHOLS, Levanda,85

NICHOLS, Margaret A.,84

NICHOLS, Martha C.,36

NICHOLS, Nathan,84

NICHOLS, Nathan Robert,84

NICHOLS, Philip,84

NICHOLS, Sarah A. C.,84

NICHOLS, Thomas J.,84

NICHOLS, William S.,84

NILES, Sarah,52

NIPP, Margaret, 119

NOYES, Elizabeth,67


O’BRIEN, Sarah Goodpaster,94

O’BRIEN, Susan,94

O’BRIEN, Thomas,94

OGDEN, Allen,26

OGDEN, Alma A.,2S

OGDEN, Alta M. ,25

OGDEN, Alyce E.,25,27

OGDEN, Betty Lou,26

OGDEN, Beulah,25

OGDEN, Carol Jean,26

OGDEN, Charles Albert,25,27

OGDEN, Charles Roy,26

OGDEN, Emma Jane Wells,25,27

OGDEN, Gladys Mae,25

OGDEN, James Perzy,25

OGDEN, James Robert,25

OGDEN, Larry Jean,26

OGDEN, Loretta P. ,26

OGDEN, Magnolia P.,25

OGDEN, Mainie Belle,25

OGDEN, Margy,25

OGDEN, Mildred,25

OGDEN, Olive Ann,25

OGDEN, Pauline,25

OGDEN, Perxy Lee,26

OGDEN, Terty,26

OGDEN, William C. (2),25


006, Sarah Kugler,1 16,117

OPP, Maiy,104

OSBORN, Aaron,90

OSBORN, Eleanor Frazee,90

OWEN, Bessie May,30

PACE, Augustus,27

PACE, Sheny Anna,26

PACE, Wilma Pauline,27

PARK, Lamanda, 17

PARK, Sarah, 17

PARKER, Harriet, 119

PARKER, Marguette,20

PARKER, Maiy,46

PARKS, Grace Levina,53

PATIEN, Gertie,27

PATTEN, Gracie,27

PATTERSON, Carrie,102

PA7FERSON, Margaret Ann,122

PATTERSON, William,122


PAXTON, Mary Jane,66

PEACOCK, Blanche,l04

PEACOCK, Elizabeth, 104

PEACOCK, James,104

PEARSON, Edward W.,120

PEARSON, Everett,35

PEARSON, Frank,35

PEARSON, Isaac,120

PEARSON, Laura,35

PEARSON, Mahlon,35

PEARSON, Peter, 120

PEARSON, Rebecca,35

PEARSON, Susan, 120

PEARSON, Violet, 120

PEASE, Ann Ross,106

PEASE, Captain, 101

PEASE, Deborah,l01

PEASE, William B.,106

PEMBERTON, Abia Thekla,99

PEMBERTON, Alonzo,99

PEMBERTON, Carlos, 101

PEMBERTON, Carolina Lemina,98

PEMBERTON, Elizabeth,98

PEMBERTON, Elizabeth Charity,99

PEMBERTON, Elizabeth McMurchy,98

PEMBERTON, Elizabeth Toombs,99


PEMBERTON, Frances Mary,99

PEMBERTON, George Malick,99

PEMBERTON, John Richard,98

PEMBERTON, Lemira P. Pompella,99


PEMBERTON, Levi White,99

PEMBERTON, Luella N.,98

PEMBERTON, Maria Beck,99

PEMBERTON, Maria Elizabeth,96

PEMBERTON, Maria Louisa,99

PEMBERTON, Marion,I 01

PEMBERTON, Mary Alice,98

PEMBERTON, Mary Salt,lOl

PEMBERTON, Richard,99

PEMBERTON, Sarah Minerva,99

PEMBERTON, Walker,99

PEMBERTON, Walter S. ,98

PEMBERTON, Wesley Swing,99

PEMBERTON, William Ellsworth,99

PENNY, Charley,27

PENNY, Ora,27

PETERSON, Beatrice LaVon,62

PHILIPS, Elizabeth, 118

PHILIPS, Mary,60

PIERCE, Anna Ann,l22

PIERCE, Henry,l22

PINDELL, Jane,52

PINDELL, Mahala,52

PINDELL, Rachel,52

PIPER, Harold Weston, 104

PIPER, Mary K. Baker,104

PIPER, Robert Weston,104

PITZER, Nettie,30

PLANK, Lucinda, 101

POLLARD, Nancy, 102

POLLOCK, Babe Eleanor,73


POLLOCK, Lloyd B.,73

POLLOCK, Mary Jane,73

POLLOCK, Mary Louise,73

POLLOCK, Mattie,73

POLLOCK, Sarah L.,73


POOL, Larue,63,67

POWELL, Maiyann,2

POWELL, Thomas,2

POYNTER, Alma Ogden Fox,25

POYNTER, James,25

PRATT, Alice,1

PRATT, Catherine A.,1

PRATT, Elizabeth,1

PRATT, Hannah,1

PRTT, Joseph (1 ),1

PRATT, Phobe, 1

PRATT, Reece Hoopes,1

PRATT, Sarah (l),1

PREWEITT, Robert W.,62

PREW1TT, Jenny Louise,62

PREWJTT, Phyllis Bobette,62

PRICE, Mrs. Edwin,46

PRICKETT, Andrew Johnson, 100

PRICKETT, Carrie,100

PRICKET, Charles C.,100

PRICKETT, Clara T.,100

PRICKETT ,Cora E.,l00

PRICKETT, Eldon,l00

PRICKETT, Elizabeth,1 00


PRICKETT, Florence,100

PRICKET]7, Hannah B.,l00

PRICKE’IT, Isaiah, Jr.,100

PRICKETT, Isaiah, Sr., 100

PRICKETT, James,100

PRICKETT, James F.,100

PRICKETT, John,100

PRICKETT, John F.,100

PRICKETT, Lucy,100

PRICKETT, Mary,l00

PRICKETT, Mary Ann,l00

PRICKETT, Milton,1 00

PRICKET[, Minnie L., 100

PRICKETT, Robert D.,100

PRICKETT, William,1 00

PRICKETT, William Paul, 100

PRISCHEL, Maudlin,l0

PULLEN, Jacob W.,1 10

PULLEN, Lafayette,1 10

PULLEN, Lucintba M., 110

PULLEN, Mary L. Spencer,1 10

PULLEN, Melton B.,l 10

PULLEN, Polly, 110

PURXHISER, Carne,103

PURKHISER, Clarence,103

PIJRKHISER, Helen Vella,103

PURKHISER, Lorenzo B.,103

PURKHISER, Lorenzo Dow,103

PURKHISER, Mildred,103

PURKHISER, Missouri Salt,103


QUICGLEY, Jemima,96

QUICK, Laura,39

QUIGLEY, Isaac,96

RAGLAND, Emily,23

RAMMALL, Michael,87

RAPER, Charles W.,70

RAPER, James N.,70

RAPER, Joseph,70

RAPER, Leonard,70

RAPER, Leonard Fermary,70

RAPER, Margaret,70

RAPER, Margaret R.,70

RAPER, Marget L.,70

RAPER, Marie H.,70

RAPER, Mary C.,70

RAPER, Maryann F.,70

RAPER, Millisant,70

RAPER, Roseann L.,70

RAPER, Samuel H.,70

RAPER, Sarah Elizabeth,70

RAPER, Temperance,70

RARDIN, Abigail,48

RAYBURN, Mary Johnson,94

RAYBURN, Reed,94

REDMON, Fred,3

REDMON, Ollie,3

REED, Absalom,36

REED, Adelia,36

REED, Albert Raymond,36

REED, Barbara Jean,36

REED, Bessie,9 1

REED, Dilila,36

REED, Elizabeth,36

REED, Ernest M.,91

REED, Frances Swisher,36

REED, Grace Mildred,36

REED, Hannah A. Hughey,36

REED, Hany E.,36

REED, Hany F.,36

REED, Isaac,36

REED, J. H.,89

REED, James (2),36

REED, Jefferson,36

REED, John Calvin,36

REED, Johny,36

REED, Joseph,36

REED, Joseph Harold,36

REED, Joseph L.,36

REED, Kenneth E.,36

REED, Laura,36

REED, Lillie lrene,36

REED, Mariann,36

REED, Martha A.,36

REED, Martha C. Nichols,36

REED, Maiy,36

REED, Nancy,36

REED, Nellie Shinkle,36

REED, Phebe Ann,36

REED, Philip A.,36

REED, Sarah A. M.,9l

REED, Thomas,36

REED, Thomas C.,36

REED, Williain,36

REEVES, Abigail,122

REEVES, Mary,l00

REICH, David,92

REICH, John,92

REICH, Mafil~,92

REICH, Timothy,92

REID, Dorothy V.,l3

REID, Lawrence,1 3

REIZER, Eliza,2

REIZER, Mo~y,2

REMINGTON, Ann Eliza,72


REMINGTON, Emeline,72

REMINGTON, George R.,72

REMINGTON, Harriet,72


REMINGTON, Milton,72


REMINGTON, Oliver M. ,72

REMINGTON, Orren C.,72


REMINGTON, Sallie Camfield,72


REMINGTON, Samuel,72

REMINGTON, Suzanna,72



REMINGTON, Wilson D.,72

RESEBOIS, Josephine,47

RHINERT, Anna Miller,108

RICE, Arthur,72

RICE, Emily,72

RICE, Hannah Maria,2

RICE, Joseph J.,72

RICE, Robert D.,2

RICE, Tracy,72

RICE, Virgil,72

RICH, Nancy,72

RIESTERER, June,1 16

RIGDON, Anna,l4

RIGDON, Ezekiel,14

RIGDON, Sally,14

RIGGS, Eleanor,46

RILEA, Abel,12

RILEA, Sarah,12

RILEA, Sarah Belle,12

ROBB, Catherine,16

ROBB, Catherine Elizabeth,16

ROBB, Charles,16

ROBB, Elizabeth,1 1

ROBB, Eva A.,16

ROBB, Jaznes,11,16

ROBB, John,1 1

ROBB, Kate E.,16

ROBB, Maiy,13

ROBB, Mary Louisa,16

ROBB, Nancy,1 1,16

ROBERTS, Larry William,77


ROBINSON, Arthur,107

ROBINSON, Arthur Laboyteaux,108

ROBINSON, Edward,108

ROBINSON, Everett Fardinand,108

ROBINSON, Heniy Edward,108

ROBINSON, Martha Isabella,108

ROBINSON, Maiy,108

ROBINSON, Minnie M., 108

ROBINSON, Mollie Butt,108

ROBINSON, Ruba Hazel,108

ROBINSON, Vivian Lucretia,107

ROBINSON, William Walter,108

ROGERS, J. P.,112

ROGERS, Mildred,112

ROMOI-R, Dorothy Emma,50

ROSE, Belinda,5

ROSE, Edwin 5

ROSE, George Lewellin,5

ROSE, Jane,5

ROSE, John (2),5

ROSE, John Luther,5

ROSE, Laura Alice,5

ROSE, Leorena,5

ROSE, Lewis,5

ROSE, Permelia Jane,5

ROSE, Sarah,5

ROSE, Theodore,5

ROSEBERRY, Elija, 105

ROSEBERRY, Emeline, 105

ROSEBERRY, Harriett Ross,105

ROSS, Aaron,l05

ROSS, Albert G.,106

ROSS, Alexander (2),105

ROSS, Andrew,105

ROSS, Ann,105,106

ROSS, Ann Imes,106

ROSS, Ann Simpson, 105

ROSS, Charles,106

ROSS, Eli,105

ROSS, Elijah,105

ROSS, Evaline,105

ROSS, Harriet,105

ROSS, Helen, 105

ROSS, James (2),105

ROSS, John,105

ROSS, Marcellus,105

ROSS, Margaret,102,105,106

ROSS, Margaret M., 106

ROSS, Maxtha,106

ROSS, Mary,105

ROSS, Mazy Emerson,106

ROSS, Nancy Ann,105

ROSS, Orlando H.,1OS

ROSS, Ruth,102,l05

ROSS, Ruth,106

ROSS, Samuel,106

ROSS, Sarah Lucretia,57

ROSS, Thomas, 105

ROSS, Virginia, 106

ROSS, William,102,105,106

ROTEN, Maliala,52

ROWAN, Allie,71

ROWAN, Allie Marie,7l

ROWAN, Harold,71

ROWAN, Herbert,7l

ROWAN, Herbert Franklin,71

ROWAN, Jessie Lee,71

ROWAN, Wilma,7l

ROY, Mornon,100

ROYCE, Rev.,1 12

RUCKER, Hilda Ison,37

RUCKER, Virgie,37

RUMERY, Elizabeth,17

RUNYAN, Kenneth Schneider,24

RYAN, Jennie,96

RYAN, Marie,96

RYAN, Martin,96

RYLAND, Catherine,49

SACKET, Mary Ross,l05

SACKET, William,l05

SALT, Abraham C.,l01

SALT, Albert E. Jr.,104

SALT, Albert Edward,l03

SALT, Alma,102

SALT, Alpha Hines, 102

SALT, Amanda Test,l01

SALT, America Tnbble,102

SALT, Ann Eliza,102,l06

SALT, Ann Justice, 101

SALT, Ann Manning,101

SALT, Arthur,10l

SALT, Bernice Menefee, 103

SALT, flessie Laura, 103

SALT, fletsey, 101

SALT, Blanche Peacock, 104

SALT, Carrie G.,103

SALT, Came Patterson, 102

SALT, Charles,lOl

SALT, Christiana (2),lol

SALT, Clara,lOl

SALT, Claijane Booth,l04

SALT, Clemmie,101

SALT, Clifford,lOl,l02

SALT, Deborah Pease,l0l

SALT, Donald Melvin, 104

SALT, Dorothy Amanda,104

SALT, Dwight Stansell, 103

SALT, Dwight William,104

SALT, Edna May Davis,104

SALT, Edward DeKalb, 102

SALT, Edward Jr.,l01

SALT, Edward R.,102,106

SALT, Edward Robert,104

SALT, Edward Sr., 101

SALT, Edward W. ,10l

SALT, Edward W. Jr.,101

SALT, Edward Wiltshire,101

SALT, Eliza,lOl

SALT, Eliza C. Altman,103

SALT, Elizabeth, 102

SALT, Elizabeth Trees,lOl

SALT, Elmer Hunter,103

SALT, Elmira, 102

SALT, Emily Frazer, 101

SALT, Ette, 103

SALT, Everett, 103

SALT, Fannie, 101

SALT, Francis Marion, 101

SALT, George Edward,l03

SALT, George Henry,103

SALT, George Trotwine, 102

SALT, George W.,lOl,102,106

SALT, Georgia Glorvina,l02,l06

SALT, Glorvina (2), 102

SALT, Grace Gilbert,101

SALT, Harty,l02

SALT, Hattie Wood,103

SALT, Helen Addison,104

SALT, Helen Louise,l04

SALT, Heniy, 101

SALT, Henry Byram,l03

SALT, Herbert,102

SALT, Innocent, 101

SALT, Jacqueline Sue,104

SALT, Jeanette,l03

SALT, Jessie (2),lOl

SALT, Jessie Shaw, 104

SALT, John,103

SALT, John (2),lOl

SALT, Josephine Wonn, 104

SALT, Kate,l0l

SALT, Laura, 102

SALT, Laura Thornton,l02

SALT, Lizzie,l03

SALT, Lorenzo Dow,lOl

SALT, Lorna Ruth,l03

SALT, Lucinda Plank, 101

SALT, Lulu, 101

SALT, Lulu Krieger,l04

SALT, Mabel Anderson,103

SALT, Madeline Chase,l03

SALT, Margaret, 102

SALT, Margaret (2),lOl

SALT, Mary, 102

SALT, Mary (2),lOl

SALT, Mary Elizabeth,103

SALT, Mary Wilhelmina (Minnie), 103

SALT, Minerva, 101

SALT, Minora Olivia,102,106

SALT, Missouri Augusta,102,106

SALT, Nancy Clarke,l0l

SALT, Nancy Donovan,101

SALT, Nancy Pollard, 102

SALT, Nellie,10l

SALT, Oflie Hitch,102

SALT, Orpha J. Sims,l03

SALT, Phoebe A. Hawkins,103

SALT, Priscilla Conrey,101

SALT, Priscilla V.,102,l06

SALT, Ralph T.,103

SALT, Raymond, 101

SALT, Reader Wright,l02,106

SALT, Ross E.,l03

SALT, Ruth,102

SALT, Ruth Evelyn,l03

SALT, Ruth 1,104

SALT, Ruth Ross,102,106

SALT, Sarah C.,lol

SALT, Sarah Margaret,l02,l06

SALT, Savil J.,101

SALT, Susan Rguhama, 101

SALT, Walter Sherman,103

SALT, William Clark,102,106

SALT, William Clark Jr.,103

SALT, William E.,102

SALT, William Heiuy,104

SALT, William L.,101

SALT, Yvonne Wyenandt,104

SAMMONS, Kathlyn,87

SANDLIN, Sarah Ellen,39

SARGENT, Aaron,90

SARGENT, Jerusha,90

SARGENT, Mary Lee,90

SAVACOOL, Etta Salt,103

SAVACOOL, Hany,103

SAVACOOL, Mildred,103

SAVACOOL, Monte,1 03

SCHMIDT, Anna May,78

SCHMIDT, Bertha Borman,78

SCHMIDT, Charles,78

SCHMIDT, Hariy,78

SCHMIDT, Minnie (ireer,78

SCHMIDT, Rosemaiy,78

SCHNEIDER, Anna Dorch,40

SCHNEIDER, Edna Anna,40

SCHNEIDER, George,24,40

SCHNEIDER, Mary (2),24

SCHNEIDER, Mary Estelle,40

SCHNEIDER, Mary Rose,40

SCHNEIDER, Melchour,40

SCHNEIDER, Vivian Eileen,54

SCHNEIDER, William Jr.,40

SCHNEIDER, William Sr.,40

SCHOOLER, George M.,21

SCHUBERT, Bertha,39

SCHUBERT, George,39

SCHUBERT, Jacob,39

SCHUBERT, Stella Mann,39

SCHUBERT, Stephen,39

SCHULTZ, Carrie Emma,54

SCHULTZ, Donna Kathern,55


SCHULTZ, Mary Jo,55

SCOTT, Clarina,27

SEARS, Delilah, 17

SELLS, Sarah,17

SERGEANT, Margaret,91

SHAFFER, Magelean,6

SHANER, George, 122

SHANER, Nancy Ann, 122

SHARP, Alice May,57,58

SHARP, Anna May,57

SHARP, Audrey Elame,57

SHARP, Charlene Louise,57

SHARP, Charles Rudolph,57,58

SHARP, Edward John (2),58

SHARP, Edward John Jr.,57

SHARP, Evelyn,57

SHARP, Louisa,58

SHARP, Lucretia Ann,57

SHARP, Margaret,57

SHARP, Ona,57

SHARP, Oscar Howard,57,58

SHARP, Peggy Sue,57

SHARP, Rollan George,57

SHARP, William James,57,58

SHAVER, Eliza Ann,49

SHAW, Abigal,52

SHAW, Achilles Betts,I 14

SHAW, Adelia Ruth,53

SHAW, Albertine (2),53

SHAW, Alfred,52

SHAW, Amanda,53,104

SHAW, Amos, 114

SHAW, Amos Green, 114

SHAW, Anderson,52

SHAW, Andrew Jackson,52

SHAW, Anna Eliza,1 14

SHAW, Anna May,53,54

SHAW, Anthony,52,54

SHAW, Arabelle,52

SHAW, Celinda,52

SHAW, Edna Joan,55

SI-LAW, Edward,104

SI-LAW, Elisha,53

SHAW, Eliza Ann, 115

SHAW, Elizabeth,l 14

SHAW, Elizabeth Henrietta,53

SHAW, Emma E.,53

SHAW, Francis Marie,54

SHAW, George Ellsbeny,53

SHAW, George F. ,53

SHAW, George Herman,53

SHAW, George Joseph,55

SHAW, George Washmgton,52

SHAW, Grace Levma,53

SHAW, Hulda,52

SHAW, Ira Aquilla,54

SHAW, Isaac South, 114

SHAW, Isabell,53

SHAW, James B.,1 14

SHAW, James Beecham,53

SI-LAW, James William Belford,I 14

SHAW, Jane,52,53

SHAW, Jessie, 104

SHAW, John (2),1 14

SHAW, John Belford,1 14

SHAW, Julia,53

SHAW, Katharine,1 14

SHAW, Katherine, 114

SHAW, Keziah, 114

SHAW, Keziah South, 114

SHAW, Lloyd George,55

SHAW, Lois Bernice,54

SHAW, Lucia Merle,54

SHAW, Lucian Reece,53

SHAW, Lydia,52

SHAW, Mahala,52

SHAW, Marie,54

SHAW, Marjorie,54

SHAW, Martha,114

SHAW, Martha Elizabeth,1 14

SHAW, Martha Hester,73

SHAW, Martha Jane, 114

SHAW, Mary,1 14

SHAW, Mary (3),52

SHAW, Mary Florence,53

SHAW, Mary Hester, 114

SHAW, Mary Lou,55

SHAW, Mildred,53

SHAW, Milford,52

SHAW, Milton, 114

SI-lAW, Myrtle Francis,53

SHAW, Neaman Dawson,53

SHAW, Oliver Periy,52

SHAW, Ollie,53

SHAW, Patricia,55

SHAW, Rachel,52,53

SHAW, Rebecca Ann,1 14

SHAW, Robert, 114

SHAW, Robert Milton, 114

SHAW, Roscoe Fulton,53

SHAW, Sarah,52

SHAW, Sharon Ann,55

SHAW, Susannah,52

SHAW, Temperance (2),52

SHAW, Thomas, 114

SHAW, Thomas Jr.,1 14

SHAW, Tillie,53

SHAW, Virginia,53

SHAW, William, 115

SHAW, William Alfred,53,54

SHAW, William Green, 114

SHAW, William Herbert,54

SHAW, William Weaver,53

SHEELEY, Thelma,92

SHELDON, Susannah,4

SHELTON, Herbert Park, 111

SHELTON, Nancy Cleveland, 111

SHEPHERD, Alice,39

SHEPHERD, Blanchie,39

SHEPHERD, Corbet,39

SHEPHERD, Edgar,39

SHEPHERD, Elbie,39

SHEPHERD, Erbie,39

SHEPHERD, Hubert,39

SHEPHERD, Jesse Kimball,39

SHEPHERD, Lester,39

SHEPHERD, Myrtle,39

SHEPHERD, Sarah Ellen,39

SHEPHERD, Stella,39

SHEPHERD, Verna,39

SHINKLE, Lizzie,3

SHINKLE, Nellie,36


SHOCKEY, Rebecca,47

SHOEMAKER, Anna Ann,l22

SHOEMAKER, Carol Jane,55

SHOEMAKER, Francis Marie,54

SHOEMAKER, Lois Joan,55

SHOEMAKER, William Harlan,54

SHRACK, Abigail,94

SHUEY, W. J.,109

SHULTS, Elizabeth Kugler,l 16


SHUMAKER, Rev.,4 1

SHWA, Evelyn Grace,54


SIMCOX, Angelea Marie,26

SIMCOX, Helen,27

SIMCOX, John,27

SIMCOX, Lisbon R.,98

SIMCOX, Luella N.,98

SIMCOX, Ralph D.,26

SIMMERMAN, Alberta,59

SIMPKINS, Elizabeth,107

SIMPKINS, Isaac,107

SIMPSON, Amanda Jane,8

SIMPSON, Ann,105

SIMPSON, Elizabeth,8

SIMPSON, Hannah,8

SIMPSON, Harriet Elizabeth,8

SIMPSON, John (2),8


SIMPSON, Melissa Jane,8

SIMPSON, Robert Bellville,8

SIMPSON, Samuel,8

SIMPSON, Sarah,8

SIMPSON, Sarah Eleanor,8

SIMPSON, Thomas Giifflth,8

SIMS, Orpha J.,103

SIMS, Samuel,103

SINKS, Edward,102

SINKS, Edward 5,102

SINKS, Georgia,102

SINKS, John Sands, 102

SINKS, Margaret, 102

SINKS, Sarah C. Salt,102

SINKS, Thonias,102

SINKS, Viola, 102

SINKS, Virginia, 102

SINKS, William R.,102

SIPES, Lillian,89

SIPES, Sarah E.,89

SKIRVIN, Betty Jane,104

SKIRVIN, Emmett E. Jr., 104

SKIRVIN, Emmett Everett,104

SKIRVIN, Ruth Evelyn,104

SKIRVIN, Ruth Evel~m Salt,104

SLADE, John 5,85

SLADE, Sai-ahA. C.,85

SLADE, Sarah Smith,84

SLATER, Elizabeth,82,85

SLATER, Thomas,85

SLONE, Agnes,23

SLYE, Catherine E.,14

SMITH, Albert T.,47

SMiTH, Alvah C.,47

SMITH, Ann Randolph,5 1

SMiTH, Anna,12 1,122

SMiTH, Bessie,64

SMITH, Cora,17

SMITH, David J.,90

SMITH, Druzilla,47

SMITH, Eliza H.,97

SMITH, Elizabeth Musgrove,90

SMITH, Elizabeth Toombs,99

SMITH, Emma,47

SMITH, Fannie Salt,101

SMITH, Florella,64

SMITH, George,30

SMITH, George D.,47

SMITH, George P.,64

SMITH, Grace Glancy,1 18

SMITH, I-Iamer,28

SMITH, Haniet,97

SMiTH, Henry,1 22

SMITH, Jackson,84

SMITH, James Hugh,64

SMITH, Jeremiah,122

SMITH, John,84,101,122

SMITH, John Kermit,5 1,64

SMITH, John Wesley,5 1,64

SMITH, Josephine,47

SMITH, Leroy,64

SMITH, Lucinda,47

SMITH, Lucy,28

SMITH, Luesy,47

SMITH, Lula,64

SMITH, Lydia J.,47

SMITH, Mabel,47

SMITH, Mabel C.,51,64

SMITH, Marcellus, 11

SMITH, Margaret,84,122

SMITH, Marion Randolph,5 1,64

SMITH, Martha,4

SMITH, Mary,4,122

SMITH, Maiy Ann,47

SMITH, Maiy E.,30,31

SMITH, Mary Madeline,5 1,64

SMITH, May,64

SMITH, Myrtle,47

SMITH, Nancy,122

SMITH, P. Lowell,47

SMITH, Peter (2),47

SMITH, Phebe,47

SMITH, Rebecca Ann,47

SMITH, Samuel,4,84

SMITH, Sarah,84,122

SMITH, Sarah Jane,47

SMITH, Susan Hollister,51

SMITH, Susanna,122

SMITH, Washington,84

SMITH, William (2),l22

SMITH, William E.,64

SMITH, Willie Taylor,47

SMYSOR, Abraham,1 15

SMYSOR, Eliza Ann,l 15

SMYSOR, George W., 115

SMYSOR, Jacob,1 15

SMYSOR, John, 115

SMYSOR, Laurence W.,l 15

SMYSOR, Levina J.,1 15

SMYSOR, Mary, 115

SMYSOR, Rebecca Combs,1 15

SMYSOR, Sarah Laura,l 15

SMYSOR, Surepta A.,l 15

SMYSOR, Susan Liming, 115

SMYSOR, William Christy,1 15

SNAPP, Betty Jean, 54

SNIDER, Alpha,l0

SNIDER, Darrule,l0

SNIDER, Mary,52

SNIDER, Susan, 10

SNYDER, Catherine,2 1

SNYDER, Della,56

SNYDER, Elizabeth,2 1

SNYDER, Frederick,2 1

SOUTH, Dell Diston,95

SOUTH, Dr. Stephen Benton,95

SOUTH, Ella,92,96

SOUTH, Elwood,96

SOUTH, James,96

SOUTH, Jemima Quigley,96

SOUTH, Keziah, 114

SOUTH, Louesy,47

SOUTH, Samuel,47

SOUTH, Sarah,73

SOUTH, Sarah Carr,96

SOUTH, Thomas,73

SOUTH, William,95,96

SOUTH, William Jr.,96

SPAHR, Teresa,42


SPAULDING, Reuben,75

SPECKER, John, 10

SPECKER, Mary Murtel,l0

SPEHR, Connie,93

SPEHR, Lt. Albert,93

SPEHR, Luman U. ,92,93

SPEHR, Marie,92,93

SPEHR, Rev. Peter,93

SPENCER, Annie Laurie,l 10

SPENCER, Mary L.,1 10

STALLARD, Jesse,88

STEPHENS, Abigail,122

STEPHENS, Andrew,1 19,122

STEPHENS, Andrew 5,122

STEPHENS, Ann, 119,122

STEPHENS, Ann Mendenhall, 122

STEPHENS, Anna Ann,122

STEPHENS, Anna M.,121

STEPHENS, Anna Violet,93

STEPHENS, Asa Jerty,93

STEPHENS, David A. ,93,94

STEPHENS, David Andrew, 119

STEPHENS, Elmer Lee,93

STEPHENS, Elmer Vernon,93

STEPHENS, Emma A.,121

STEPHENS, Estella M.,93

STEPHENS, Ethel Alice,93

STEPHENS, Frank,93

STEPHENS, George,93,l 19,122

STEPHENS, Georgianna,94

STEPHENS, Georgianna B., 119

STEPHENS, Henry, 122

STEPHENS, James Elias,93

STEPHENS, James Lee, 119

STEPHENS, Jeremiah,94,l 19,121

STEPHENS, Jeremiah T.,93

STEPHENS, Jeremiah Thomas, 119

STEPHENS, John, 122

STEPHENS, John Wilson,121

STEPHENS, Lisbon Elmer,121

STEPHENS, Margaret Ann (Peggy),l22

STEPHENS, Mary Ellen,93,l 19

STEPHENS, Mary Jane,93

STEPHENS, Mary R.,94,119,121

STEPHENS, Myrtle Isaphene,93

STEPHENS, Nancy,122

STEPHENS, Nancy Ann,122

STEPHENS, Nancy Margaret,93,1 19

STEPHENS, Oda Mae,94

STEPHENS, Ora Ellen,94

STEPHENS, Roberta,93

STEPHENS, Roberta D.,1 19

STEPHENS, Rosa Isaphene,1 19

STEPHENS, Sarah Ann,1 19

STEPHENS, Sarah Ann (2),122

STEPHENS, Sarah E.,93,1 19

STEPHENS, Simon Harness,93

STEPHENS, Susannah,93

STEPHENS, Susannah E.,1 19

STEPHENS, Violet Isabel,121

STEPHENS, Williain,93,1 19,122

STEPHENS, William Dewey,93

STEVENS, Annie,27

STEVENS, Elizabeth.49



STEVENSON, Margaret Helm,9

STEVENSON, Pamela Ann,9


STEVENSON, Thomas N.,9

STEVENSON, William (2),9

STEWARD, Dorothy,87

STEWARD, Elizabeth,100

STEWARD, Mary Ann, 100


STOUDER, Sarah,46

STOWELL, Dimmitt,69

STOWELL, Etna,69

STOWELL, Fred,69

STOWELL, Freeman,69

STOWELL, Margaret,69

STOWELL, Raymond,69

STOWELL, Wilnia,69



STIJDIVAN, Alice, 120

STUDIVAN, Patience, 120

STURAT, Donna Jane,54

STIJRAT, William,54

SUDWICHER, Flauria,54


SUM1MERS, Betty Jean,4 1

SUMMERS, Clarice,41

SUMMERS, Deloris,4 1


SUMMERS, Fredrick Hanison,38

SUMMERS, Laverna,4 1

SUMMERS, Lavema Lou,4 1

SUMMERS, Linda Lau,38,4l

SUMMERS, Linger,41

SUMMERS, Margaret (2),41

SUMMERS, Marguerite Tuel,38

SUMMERS, Mary F.,41

SUMMERS, Terry Keith,38

SUMMERS, Terry Keith (2),41

SUMMERS, Willard L.,38,41

SUMMERS, William A.,4 I

SWEM, Helen Louise,56

SWEM, Jesse,83

SWEM, Mary,83

SWEM, Simon,56

SWEM, Virginia,56

SWING, George,96

SWISHER, Frances,36

SWOPE, Clarence Lee, 113

SWOPE, Clemmie Day,101

SWOPE, Hattie Watkins,l 12

SWOPE, Virgil,112



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