Rapp Cemetery

Clermont County Genealogical Society
Rapp Cemetery
St. Rt. 132, Stonelick Township

Take Rt. 50 - to left on St. Rt. 132 - immediately entering the Village of Owensville.  Drive pass Anstaett Road.  As you 
approach a steep curvy hill, cemetery is on the left.  Best to
drive pass cemetery, turn around and approach from St. Rt. 
131 side.  Pull right in front of
the cemetery, I pulled all the way up in the grass on a hill, easier to turn around to pull back
out.  Parking (maybe) for two small cars.  Well maintained and in excellent condition

Transcriptions and photos taken by Pamela Smith, CCGS member; and volunteer, DeborahThomason 
on August 12, 2006.

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Notes and Inscriptions

Entrance Sign
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Cemetery View
Bickmore, Elizabeth 1960 photo contributed by Bonnie Taylor
Bickmore, Elizabeth2000 contributed by Bonnie Taylor photo by Herb Hill...
Bickmore, Isabell
Bickmore, James
Bickmore, James & Isabell closeup
Bickmore, James
Bickmore, Sedate
Black, Adelia
Boyd, Eliel S. Footstone
Boyd, Eliel Shauklur
Boyd, Louisa
Boyd, Sarah
Boyd, Sarah Footstone
Burns, Albert
Burns, John
Burns, Mathias R.
Burns, Melinda
Clark, Corbly W.
Clark, Corbly W. Footstone
Clark, Julianna
Clark, Mary Melvina
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Susannah
Clark, Susannah Elizabeth
Clark, Thompson
Cook, Elmor
Cook, Nancy L.
Cook, Thomas
Cowin, Hannah
Dickey, Mary E.
Dumford, Solomon
Dumford, Susannah
Eberhart, Frederick
Florey, Julia Ann
Foster, Francis
Foster, Polinah
Foster, Rachel
Frazee, Delinda
Frazee, Jacob R.
Glancy, Adeline
Glancy, Albert
Glancy, Amanda
Glancy, Byron
Glancy, Elizabeth
Glancy, Elizabeth wife of Wm
Glancy, Hannah F.
Glancy, Infant Son
Glancy, Jesse
Glancy, Jesse Footstone
Glancy, John
Glancy, Joseph
Glancy, Mary
Glancy, Nancy J.
Glancy, Rachel.
Glancy, Rachel.
Glancy, William
Glancy, William A
Golden, John
Golden, Rhonda
Hair, John
Illegible Entrance by Smiths
Illegible with Clarks, Glancy and Williams
Illegible, First Stone in Cemetery
Illegible, Lillian Footstone by Cooks
Knott, John H. Footstone
Lawyer, Michael
Long, Emma
Long, Henry
Long, Henry & Margaret
Long, Ida
Long, Margaret, column laid against it
Long, Moses
Long, Nancy
Millspaugh, Mary Ann
Millspaugh, Ruth Emily
Moore, Anthony
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, James
Moore, Jane
Moore, John
Moore, Joseph
Moore, Joseph Footstone
Moore, laying with Lott Moore
Moore, Lott
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Nancy, Footstone
Moore, Phebe
Myer, Bertha
Myer, Joseph
Myer, Leopold
Philhower, Anna B.
Philhower, Isaac N.
Philhower, Rachel M.
Plout, Johney
Plout,not 100% Margaret next to Johney, same type of stone
Rapp, Addie
Rapp, Addie Footstone
Rapp, Ann
Rapp, Anna
Rapp, Ann Eliza
Rapp, Ann, died 1843
Rapp, Benjamin
Rapp, Benj & Anna Monument
Rapp, Charlotte
Rapp, Daniel A.
Rapp, David
Rapp, Eliza
Rapp, Elizabeth (Mother)
Rapp, Elvira
Rapp, Emma M.
Rapp, George
Rapp, Harvey Footstone
Rapp, Harvey O.
Rapp, Harvey O. Footstone also
Rapp, Illegible, left of Sarah Rapp
Rapp, Jacob
Rapp, Jacob, born 1772
Rapp, James
Rapp, Jane L.
Rapp, John
Rapp, John R. Monument
Rapp, Joseph
Rapp, Joseph B.
Rapp, Joseph (Father)
Rapp, Lucinda L.
Rapp, Margaret
Rapp, Mary .
Rapp, Mary .
Rapp, Mary E.
Rapp, Mary, born 1789
Rapp, Mathias
Rapp, Matties Grave
Rapp, Oilve L.
Rapp, Rebecca
Rapp, Sallie J.
Rapp, Sally M.
Rapp, Samantha
Rapp, Sarah
Rapp, Sarah, born 1821
Rapp, Sarah, wife of Benj.
Rapp, Sidney Footstone
Rapp, T. Sidney
Rapp, William
Roberts, Clara A.
Savage, Mary E.
Smith, Elizabeth M.
Smith, Elizabeth M. Footstone
Smith, Hannah
Smith, J. Footstone
Smith, Joseph
Smith, Joseph A.
Smith, Joseph closeup
Smith, Lewis P.
Smith, Mary Ann
Smith, Mary P.
Smith, Mary P. Footstone & Stonecutter's Practicing
Weaver, Nancy
Williams, Adeline Glancy
Williams, Ann
Williams, Ann Footstone
Williams, Charles
Williams, Edw. E.
Williams, George
Williams, Ira
Williams, John
Williams, Leander
Williams, Leander Footstone
Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary Glancy
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Warren
Williams, Warren born 1807
Williams, Zebina
Williams, Zebina Footstone
William, Rachel Glancy
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