Clermont County Cemeteries

            Clermont County Cemetery Photo Project

Volunteers from the Clermont County Genealogical Society have started the huge project of photographing the gravestones in all the cemeteries in the county. Paticular emphasis will be on the old inactive cemeteries on private land.  The pictures will be added to this web page soon after they have been taken. Check back often.  

Cemetery Township Number of Photos
Adam Fisher CemeteryWashington15
Altman-Swope CemeteryFranklin25
Amelia IOOF CemeteryPierce1133
Amelia Methodist Church Cemetery Batavia 392
Armacost Private Cemetery Washington 6
Batavia IOOF Batavia 155
Batavia Union Cemetery Batavia 4881
Behymer (John) Cemetery Pierce 16
Behymer (Samuel ) Cemetery Pierce 20
Benton Christian Chapel Cemetery Franklin 58
Bredwell CemeteryTate23
Brick Chapel Wayne 42
Brown CemeteryTate7
Bullskin Creek CemeteryFranklin30
Calvary CemeteryWashington1706
Carl Lore Meier Cemetery Pierce 12
Cedron or ConcordFranklin71
Citizens Ohio 24
Chilo CemeteryFranklin1228
Clark Monroe  23
Clark Family CemeteryFranklin30
Clover CemeteryWilliamsburg525
Collard Cemetery Ohio 59
Concord CemeteryWilliamsburg420
Concord M.E. Church CemeteryMiami96
Cox-McElfresh-Wilson CemeteryOhio16
Daniel South CemeteryStonelick39
Deller-Clutterback Farm Batavia 27
Dial Family Cemetery Batavia 29
Donham CemeteryPierce31
Duckwall  Batavia 29
Edenton Cemetery Wayne 1000
Early Settler's Burying Ground
in Bethel
Tate 628
Elick CemeteryUnion9
Eli Davis Family Cemetery Union 26
Fee Cemetery Washington 39
Ferguson Family Cemetery Pierce 9
Franklin Chapel Cemetery Monroe 135
Gibson-Weaver Batavia 29
Goble Private Cemetery Ohio 27
Greenberry Cemetery Jackson 552
Greenbriar Batavia 100
Greenmound CemeteryOhio3472
Hartman Cemetery Jackson 178
Hunt CemeteryTate6
Irwin Goshen 31
John FisherMonroe36
Jordan Wayne 34
Judd - Mains - Berlew CemeteryFranklin23
Kidd Batavia 14
Light-Springer Ohio 14
Lindale CemeteryOhio374
Love Farm Cemetery Ohio 13
Lucy Run Batavia 284
Martin Anderson 41
McClure Family Cemetery  
(Clarence Ragland Cemetery)

Union 12
McCollum Wayne 133
McMahan Family Cemetery Union 14
Meal-Moore Tate 8
Medaris Family Cemetery Pierce 32
Milford IOOF Miami 91
Monroe Township Cemetery Monroe 728
Moreland Memorial CemeteryOhio79
Moore Batavia 145
Morse CemeteryPierce1
Moscow  Washington 457
Mt. Holly Christian Chapel Cemetery Batavia 166
Mt Olive Methodist Church Cemetery  Stonelick 22
Mt Olive CemeteryFranklin114
Mt. PleasantFranklin539
Mt. Zion Christian Church CemeteryMonroe1349
Mt Zion-Galley Hill Cemetery Stonelick 92
Mulberry Miami 104
Myers CemeteryGoshen1663
Neville Cemetery Washington 269
Neville Vesper Washington 1163
Nicholsville CemeteryMonroe142
Nine Mile Union 44
Old Bethel Methodist CemeteryTate1022
Old Baptist Wayne 41
Old Owensville Stonelick 122
Old Milford Novitiate Cemetery Miami 145
Old Ricker Family Cemetery Pierce 23
Old Town Ohio  14
Olive Branch Batavia 1115
Osborn CemeteryJackson24
Perintown Miami 47
Plainview CemeteryStonelick2910
Point Pleasant Cemetery Monroe 85
Price Cemetery Williamsburg 25
Prickett Stonelick 8
Rapp Stonelick 86
Reed CemeteryTate34
Robb CemeteryMonroe46
Rose Anderson 56
Roudebush Family Cemetery Batavia 9
Roundbottom Road Cemetery Union 30
Rural CemeteryFranklin139
Salem Church CemeteryWashington26
Samarian Ohio 123
Sharon Jackson 201
Shaw CemeteryMonroe28
Shiloh Cemetery Goshen 152
Shumard Stonelick 20
Simpkins Family Cemetery Stonelick 16
Slabcamp Wayne 7
Smith Cemetery Jackson 6
Smyrna Cemetery Franklin 172
Spresser Road CemeteryPierce7
St. Andrews Cemetery Miami 1071
St. Louis Church CemeteryStonelick1138
St. Peter's CemeteryTate1245
St. Philomena / Stonelick Cemetery Stonelick 545
Stonelick IOOF Cemetery Stonelick 1579
Stouder Cemetery Goshen 94
Sugar Tree Tate 47
Swing Tate 41
Tealtown Union 72
Ten Mile Cemetery Pierce 195
Thomas South CemeteryStonelick6
Towner CemeteryTate30
Tracy Family CemeteryMonroe24
Union Cemetery Miami 137
Ward Cemetery Pierce 18
Warren Ohio 34
Watkins-Hill Ohio 700
Wells CemeteryTate97
Wheeler-Short  Cemetery Pierce 10
Whitaker Batavia 10
Whitney Washington 2
William Jones CemeteryUnion24
Williamsburg Cemetery
Williamsburg 7033
Wood CemeteryWashington62
Wood Hill CemeteryWashington259