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Cook Cemetery - Stony Creek Road between Valley Pike & Storms Creek Roads; S13 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

Gard-Rector Cemetery - Located S11 T4 R1. At the intersection of Upper Valley Pike & Storms Creek Road, on border of Clark County.    READING

Huston - Shaffer Cemetery #1 - Coffin Station Road just west of Terre Haute Road; S30 T4 R10.

Idle Cemetery - Old Troy Pike between Neff and State Rt 560 Roads; S15 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

Jenkins - Kite Cemetery - Nettle Creek Road just east of Vance Road; S28 T4 R11.

Lockwood Cemetery - State Rt 55 and Valley Pike Road; S8 T4 R11.

Myrtle Tree Cemetery - 3 miles east of St. Paris on State Rt 36 on church grounds; S36 T4 R11. (microfilmed & microfiched by FHL)

Nettle Tree Cemetery - At junction of State Rt 560 & Nettle Creek Road, 1 mile south of Westville; S16 T4 R11. (microfilmed & microfiched by FHL)

Owen Cemetery - In field on Old Troy Pike, west of State Rt 60; S15 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

Prince Cemetery - Nettle Creek Road east of Kite Road; S28 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

Rouze Cemetery - Coffin Station Road, south of Terre Haute; S25 T4 R11.

Shaffer Cemetery - (microfilmed by FHL)

Shockey Cemetery - Blair Road north of Nettle Creek; S3 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

Snyder Cemetery - State Rt 560 south of railroad tracks; S10 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

Taylor Cemetery - South of US36 near Zimmerman Road; S29 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

Terre Haute Cemetery - State Rt 55 at Terre Haute; S25 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL) READING

Zerkle Cemetery - Coffin Station Road; S30 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

Zimmerman Cemetery - Zimmerman & Millerstown Road; S30 T4 R11. (microfilmed by FHL)

The following cemeteries no longer exist, having been moved or lost:

Methodist Cemetery - at S17 T4 R13, 1/2 mile west of Westville.

Reynolds Cemetery - not far from the railroad (microfilmed by FHL)

Stevens Cemetery - North of Westville (microfilmed by FHL)


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