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Champaign County - Name That Town

Some are known by this name by residents, past and present!

1. ___ A direction and a town    A Mutual
2. ___ A godly person in a French town A Powhatton
3. ___ An Indian Tribe C Springhills
4. ___ A bunch of wires C Carysville
5. ___ A direction, an explorer and city G Middletown
6. ___ A skilled workman and a city H Christiansburg
7. ___ A town for a flour maker I Woodstock
8. ___ A watering place and a slight elevation K Cable
9. ___ A following of Christ and a city M Crayon
10. ___ Common to two people N North Lewisburg
11. ___ Something with which to draw N Kingscreek
12. ___ A flower and a timber N Urbana
13. ___ A famous Indian Chief O St. Paris
14. ___ A fuel and a part of a gun or soup base O Mechanicsburg
15. ___ A town equally distant O Thackery
16. ___ A crowned ruler and a stream P Rosewood
17. ___ Conveys and a city T Addison
18. ___ An English novelist U Mingo
19. ___ To wait and a small house U Terre Haute
20. ___ This town is located in same county in Illinois W Millerstown
21. ___ First name of runaway slave from Mechanicsburg Y Addison
22. ___ Another direction and a town Y Northville