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The Butler County, Ohio Family History
J - Z Surnames and Queries
April 11 1999 through August 16 1999.

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LEGET/LEGGET (David, Jane GALLION) 1813. From: - Kathy Gavin (Apr 12, 1999)
Seeking any information on the following people: Jane GALLION married David LEGET, Butler Co., OH, 1813

WOODS (John and ? PARKS). From: - Robert J. O'Brien (Apr 14, 1999)
I am look for any information on John Woods who lived in Butler County in the early part of the 1800s and then moved to Dayton, KY

MORRIS (John and Mary RAY). From: - Barbara Kuykendall (Apr 17, 1999)
Roberta Flitner, I tried to respond to your query about John Morris. My message kept coming back to me. Please contact me at barbkuy@evansville.net

LILLICH (Andrew and Anna Jane STAFF). From: - Tammy Lillich (Apr 24, 1999)
Searching for the family of Andrew & Anna Jane Staff Lillich. I am looking for Andrew's parents and siblings in particular! The family appears to have been in Hamilton Ohio, ca. 1850's maybe earlier. Children of Andrew & Anna; *Jacob*, William, Jasper, Andrew, George, Jane, Elizabeth & Christina. Andrew was born in 1804 in Baden Germany. We do not know when he came to the US, nor if he was married to Anna when doing so. Their appears to have been several Lillich families in Ohio at one point and they scattered! Would like to connect with other Lillich researchers in this area!

BREESE (Elwood and Anna BURNETT) From: - Susan Adkins Connerley (May 2, 1999)
Elwood b.1849.

MAURATH / MAURAT / MARAT / MORAT / MURAT family, mid to late 1800's http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/a/u/John-L-Maurath/index.html. From: - John L. Maurath (May 9, 1999)
Seeking anyone associated with the surname MAURATH in Ohio, whose ancestors came from Baden, Germany, where the Maurath's have been since 1600. The name has been mis-spelled Maurat, Marat,Morat, Murat, Mourath, Mowrath,

JACOB (Theobald, Johanna SCHULER) mid to late 1800's. From: - John L. Maurath (May 9, 1999)
Seeking descendants of Theobald JACOB and Johanna SCHULER, who came from Lorraine, France to Ohio in the 1830's. Some of their children went to St.Louis, Mo. He was also known as Dipoll, Dipold, Diebold, Thibault, and she was also known as Hanna, Anna, Jeannette.

NEWTON (April Dawn). From: - Beverly Stone (May 14, 1999)
b 6/24/70 to Sandy STAFFORD and Belvery NEWTON. [message in all caps had to be deleted for Surname Helper to work]

PEAK (Joseph and ? LICK) Stanford Towship, 1837 probably until he wed = 1857. From: - Marilynn Kaye (Standerfer) Weems (May 15, 1999)
The PEAK family later moved to Illinois where they died. Which was in Flora, Clay County, Illinois

MOCK (Michael and Barbara BEAVER) Ross Township 1815-1821, St. Clair Twp. 1825-1833. From: - Ron Stoner (May 16, 1999)
Do records exist from St, Peter's Lutheran Church, located SW of Hamilton?

JONES (Frank and Rosebelle) Hamilton and Middletown early 1900's http://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/trees/dmarsh/brehm.htm. From: - Dottie Marsh (May 18, 1999)
I am trying to find relatives of Frank L. Jones and Rosebelle Longnecker The are my great grand parents. My Grand Father Joseph W. Jones. He is still alive, but he is unsure of all of the history.

LAIDLER (John and Laurena (SUTTON)) Hamilton, OH. From: - Harris Laidler (May 18, 1999)
[Deleted message was in all caps]

LAWSON family. From: - Kathy {Lawson} Coldiron (May 26, 1999)

MICHAEL (Henry and Elizabeth STEWART) Bef 1828. From: - Sharon Mills (May 31, 1999)
Henry and Wiley MICHAEL both bought land 1828 from John Jay in Miami Co, stating that they were "formerly of Butler Co. Henry married Elizabeth Stewart 1817 in Miami Co. Paul MICHAEL is listed as a witness to a Butler Co land transaction 1806. Other MICHAELS who witnessed land transactions in connection with Henry and Wiley MICHAEL were Daniel and Joseph MICHAEL. Henry and Wiley may be brothers as they are close in age. Any known connection or information about any MICHAELS in Butler Co OH will be appreciated.

LIEBRICH, LIEBRICK, LEIBRICH, LEIBRICK (any) Darrtown, Hamilton http://www.liebrich-land.de/. From: - Winfrid Liebrich (Jun 1, 1999; 2004 update)
Over 10 persons (m/f) emigrated during the 19th century from a small village Sippersfeld/Palatinate (Germany) to Butler County.

JENNINGS (?? and "Salley" Sarah HARRIS) Around 1824. From: - Marcia Bickel (Jun 3, 1999)
I would like to know the husband name on Jennings. If their daughter born Nov. 10, 1824 had any siblings. Name of the daughter was Annaretta M. Jennings. She also went by Anna M. Jennings, or Areta Jennings.

LONGFELLOW (William). From: - Rickie Longfellow (Jun 4, 1999)
Searching for William Franklin Longfellow born either 1877 or 1880. Married Sarah MURPHY circa 1922. Lived in Columbus during the 30s and 40s. Died 1950-1952.

POLK (William and Alta FARIES) Poplar Bluff 1913. From: - Coleen Randolph (Jun 6, 1999)
I'm looking for the families of William S. Polk born 1893 in Ky. Alta B. Faries born 1892 in Il.

LEHR (Henry) From: - Daniel Lehr (Jun 11, 1999)
My great, great grandfather married in your couty and I am trying to find a record of this marriage. The name is Henry Lehr and he married Isabelle Stroud on September 19, 1868. Henry also served in the 189th Ohio Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War. Enlisted February 27 1865. Thank you for any help beforehand. Thank you. Dan Lehr

LUDDINGTON (Comfort, Ira, Lafayette). From: - Randy Olson (Jun 12, 1999)
Looking for any Luddington/Luddington. Thomas / Sarah Luddington and 7 children moved to Clinton County Ohio in 1815 from Conecticut and before that Dutchess/Putnam counties in New York. Many other family members came through Southern Ohio. Any info on this family would be appreciated

MCKINSTRY (John and Charity GARD) Eaton, 1850. From: - Margo McKinstry (Jun 15, 1999)
In 1850 census, John (born abt 1790 - Kentucky) & Charity (born abt 1792 - Pennsylvania) are listed with Catherine McKinstry (age 30) and Mahershal McKinstry (age 10). Do I have three generations there? Is Catherine their daughter or daughter-in-law and is Mahershal their son or grandson? The 1840 and 1830 census show John with a large family. I have no names for his children. I suspect that Jacob, William and Catherine are three of his many children. Any information you can give me would be welcomed.

KRAUSKOPF (Justus and Rocilla BOWEN). From: - Robin Docherty (Jun 19, 1999)
trying to find out more about justus and rocilla,s place of birthand parents and marriage dates

PUSLEY (Marion) Middletown, some relatives still there I believe 1950's to present. From: - prissyoung@aol.com (Jul 1, 1999)
Looking for my fathers side "Pusley" his mother who I don't remember her maiden name and my father is deceased.

JONES (Arron). From: - Roberta (Jul 2, 1999)

JOHNSON (James and ????????) 1810 page 21 Tax List. From: - Herschel Ross (Jul 4, 1999)
James Johnson died (1810-1814). Is he listed in any will books?

LANDON (William Barbara WALDSCHMIDT) 1820-1830. From: - Gordon Weddle (Jul 14, 1999)

KOHLER (Jack & Christine JONES) Hamilton, 1960's. From: - Dianne Kohler (Jul 17, 1999)
If anyone has any informtation about Jack Kohlers family siblings and parents; plz contact me at ladidi69@aol.com subject; Kohler,Jack

KRAMER (Joseph and Barbara LENZ) 2nd Ward, Central Ave. 1870. From: - Greg Kramer (Jul 17, 1999)
Looking for any information about Joseph

MOORE (Lewis and Susannah ENYART). From: - Linda Thompson (Jul 19, 1999)
Seeking info on Lewis Moore, born 1782... married Susannah Enyart on 2 Aug. 1804 in Butler Co. She was born 5 Junly 1786 to Benjamin and Johanna (Tombs) Enyart. Lewis and Susannah had twelve children. I only have five listed: Rufus E., Elizabeth, Lydia, Stephen and Alphus. Does anyone have further info? If you can help, please contact me.

NICHOL (Thomas and Mary WELLS) by 1808, probably Hanover. From: - Katrina B. Weed (Jul 21, 1999)
I am looking for information on Thomas and mary Wells Nichol, the parents of Sarah Warwick Nichol. Thomas was b. in 1755 in Ireland amd i. bef June 1819 in Hanover, Butler Co. Mary also d. in Hanover. Sarah was b 12 Nov. 1808 there and m. 7 Oct, 1828 Jesse Andrew there. Would appreciate any assistance in finding additional information. Katrina

LEMON (Christopher) Lemon Township? http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/t/i/n/Bobbi-Tindle/. From: - Bobbi Tindle (Aug 1, 1999)
Christopher Lemon is said to have been an early settler of Butler Co. All that I know about him is that he had a daughter, Nancy "Ann" Lemon b.1844

LAING (Jacob and Sarah CHAMBERLAIN, CHAMBERLAN) Sarah d. College Corner. From: - Peg (Aug 7, 1999)
Jacob Laing's will was filed Fayette Co., IN in 1829. Wife, Sarah (Chamberlain) was still living in Butler Co. Will named wife, Sarah and children: Ann Rees, Harriet Gard, John Laing, Hanna Tucker and Rebecca Laing. Sarah's death cert. said she was born in NJ. Where? Seeking marriage and parentage of Jacob and Sarah.

MONJAR (John Adam SMITH & Hannah Monjar) Hamilton, Fairview Township 1842-1854. From: - Matt Smith (Aug 14, 1999)
I'm looking for information on the Monjar family. Specifically, I'm interested in finding the parents of Hannah Monjar. There are other Monjar families living at this time in Hamilton and Clermont Counties. Hannah is born in 1816 in New Jersey. She married John Adam Smith in about 1841. They moved to Benton County Indiana by flat boat in the 1850's.

MAIN (Christopher & Amelia WEAVER) Paddys Run? Morgan TWP 1813-1822. From: - Mac Main (Aug 15, 1999)
Looking for any information on the family of Christopher MAIN and Amelia WEAVER. They came to Butler Co from NY or PA. While there a son Christopher Jr married Mahala Johnston & a daughter Olive MAINE married a James MYLER. They moved to Henry Co, IN in 1822.

KNEESE (Andrew Jackson) 1850s. From: - Patricia Kneese Jones (Aug 15, 1999)

PHILLIPS (George & Clara EVANS) Middletown, 1939. From: - clara phillips reynolds (Aug 15, 1999)

NEINER (Nickodemus, Christina DUNG) Hamilton. From: - Pat Jones (Aug 15, 1999)
Nichodemus came from Germany. He built Mills. He and his wife Christina Dung Neiner lived in Hamilton between 1858 and 1880.

RIZZO (Phillip and Agostina SCALIA) from Sicily to Middletown. From: - M. Leeker (Apr 12, 1999; email updated 2009)

WETZEL (Jacob, Susannah JACOBY) Reily Township. From: - Dayton C Wetzel (Apr 13, 1999)
This WETZEL family was in Butler Co., 1830 on. Need info on Ch. Rueen Wetzel b. 1 Jul 1805, Old Zionville, Lehigh Co., PA, and Ch. Samuel Wetzel b. 1805/1810, Old Zionville, Lehigh Co., PA. Samuel married Louisa Jones ?.

WIDNER, WEIDNER, WIDENER (Samuel) Rossville, St. Clair Twp., 1828-1848. From: - Tom Widner (Apr 17, 1999)
Samuel was born Sept. 25, 1828. His father is reputedly Abraham (or Abram) F. (or T.) Widner (or Weidner). Spouse's name unknown. Abraham may have arrived in Butler Co. about 1817 from near Rochester, NY. Abraham reputedly died in Fayette Co., IN, between 1840 and 1850. Any information on this family?

YOUNGS (Benjamin and Elizabeth ____________) St. Clair Township. From: - Paula Young Mayberry (Apr 21, 1999)
Benjamin died in Butler County. Where is he buried and what happened to Elizabeth? Their daughter Hannah Youongs married a James Smith. Did they stay in Butler County or move on with Hannah's brothers to Indiana?

RAWLINS (Hamilton and Martha SECRIST) Marble Furnace 18??. From: - F.W.Rawlins (Apr 25, 1999)
Looking siblings and/or parents of Hamilton Harper Rawlins

WALLACE (John and Catherine (BARRETT)) Oxford. From: - Randi Richardson (Apr 28, 1999)
My grandmother, Elizabeth Lorean (Wallace) MASTON was the daughter of John and Catherine (Barrett) Wallace. She was born in Oxford, Ohio, in 1896. I would like to locate other descendants of this family.

WEHR (Samuel and Julia CRAIG). From: - Richard James Leibenguth (May 5, 1999)
Looking for info on Samuel Wehr Born 1808 dont know where married to Julia Ann Craig. They were married in Buttler Co. early 1830.Looking for anythig on this family. please e-mail at guth@cabi.net.id

SWAREN (William A. and Martha Ellen BURCH/BERCH) circa 1854 through 1865. From: - Pamela Boehr (May 6, 1999)
William A. SWAREN b. 1833 in Frankfurt, Germany settled in Cincinnati area circa 1850. Circa 1854 he married Martha BURCH/BERCH. Children: William, Julia, Lillie b. 1862 Butler Co.

WILLIAMS (Jayhue and Rachel) West Chester - 1920-1930. From: - Ronald L Williams (May 6, 1999)

SCRIBNER (Azor & Nancy) Middletown, 1803. From: - Rebecca Deepchandani (May 11, 1999)
Sarah Scribner was supposed to have been born in Middletown on August 9, 1803. Her father Azor went to Greenville in 1806. Any info or corroborating evidence?

ROCKHILL (William) Hanover Twp. From: - Shirley (Poinsett) Slater (May 13, 1999)
Genealogical info about him

ROCKHILL (Edward) Wayne Twp. From: - Shirley (Poinsett) Slater (May 13, 1999)
Am looking for info about Edward and his family

POINSETT (Peter) German Twp., Montgomery Co. From: - Shirley (Poinsett) Slater (May 13, 1999)
Am searching for info about Peter & his family

WHITEMAN (Hattie). From: - Patti (May 13, 1999)
Looking for information on Hattie Whiteman who died July 24,1964 in Butler County.

VANNOSTIN (Abraham and Margaret COOK) Hamilton approx. 1795-1850. From: - Lena Seng (May 14, 1999)

STEWART (Alonzo Merle and Lavina Day POOLE, POOL). From: - Estella M. Stewart, York (May 26, 1999)

SKINNER (Joshua, and Cordelia CARTER) 1850. From: - Darwin D. Davis (May 27, 1999)
Joshua SKINNER (b. 1800, NC) came possibly first to Preble Co., and married Cordelia CARTER prob. 1825-30. Bought property from Elisha CARTER in 1829 (Preble Co.), Family showed up in Butler Co. in 1850 (ch. Mary, John, Miles, Rachel, Elizabeth, Albert, Eliza). Family left for IL shortly after.

STERRETT (Thomas (Uncle Tommy) and 5 wives) Ross Township (1810) Hamilton, Ohio (1890). From: - Pat Bauman (May 28, 1999)
Uncle Tommy Sterrett was a well known figure around Butler County. He had 5 wives and 25 children and wrote articles for a newspaper in Hamilton. He died in 1893 and his obituary appeared in the newspaper. I am interested in any of the articles about this man as he wrote about his family. Does anyone know how I can get these copies. (He died 18 Jul 1893) Pat

LAFAN (Albert and Adeline SLATER) Hamilton, 1925. From: - stephen sauter (May 28, 1999)

VILVENS family. From: - Lois Vilvens Campbell (May 31, 1999)

WELLS (Roy and Ida NICKELL) MIDDLETOWN 1920. From: - pwburdette@axom.com (Jun 3, 1999)

STAMBAUGH (David and Elizabeth BRINEY) 1837 - 1839. From: - Michael Stambaugh (Jun 4, 1999)
Looking for any information on David or elizabeth married 03/09/1837. Son James Stambaugh born aprox 1838.

REES (Robert) Morgan Twp., 1850. From: - Esther Reese Newman (Jun 9, 1999)
Looking for information on the Robert Rees who lived in Morgan Twp., Butler Co., according to the 1850 census. Also any land, will or probate records. Thanks, Esther

SCHWING (George and Mary RUOFF) Venice - 1880. From: - Cindy Arrico (Jun 9, 1999)

REGAN (Owen, wife MCCUE) Middle to late 1800's. From: - Maureen Regan Neeley (Jun 10, 1999)
I am just looking for any info. we don't know anything except that this was her second marriage (widowed) and they had one son also Owen. she lived in Lima OH at her death but I don't know anything about him.

SYMMONDS (John Henry and Barbara CASTLEMAN) Madison twp - 1818. From: - Edy-Rae Symmonds Christensen (Jun 17, 1999)
[capitalized message deleted for Surname Helper search to work]

WILLIAMS (John Marsh Williams and Catherine Jane LANE (2nd wife Harriet NOBLE)) They were married in Butler County November 22, 1836. From: - Michelle (Jun 17, 1999)
I'm looking for the parents or other information about John Marsh Williams and Catherine Jane Lane. John was born in 1812 and Catherine in 1818. Catherine died in 1848 and John remarried Harriet Noble or Nobel in 1849. These children were born to John: Mary Eliza, Henrietta, Emma Hatfield, Francis Jane, Clara Bell, Benjamin Franklin, Edward Noble. Edward Noble Willias married Mary Ebbie or Elbie Pratt in 1893. This information is from a family Bible. Please contact me if this information matches yours.

TOOLEY (William and Margaret SEARS) Middletown. From: - Chester TOOLEY (Jun 18, 1999)

SHOCK family. From: - Pamela Shock (Jun 21, 1999)

SHAFF (Frederick) Liberty twp - 1810, 1820 Federal census. From: - Herschel Ross (Jun 22, 1999)
Looking for any info on Frederick SHAFF and family. Think they moved to Pickaway Co-OH then to Indiana by 1840.

SAUM (Martin and Mary Eleanor THOMAS) Jacksonboro 1850-1884. From: - Richard L. Saum or rsaum@netzero.net (Jun 23, 1999)
Martin Saum lost mother at age 7 (c. 1850) in Brookville,IN; lived with the STOKES family (Franklin Co, IN? &) Butler Co, OH until 1861 when he served with 35th OH Inf; married Mary Eleanor Thomas on July 30, 1865 at Seven Mile by Rev. S.W. Carey (minister of what church?), had 6 sons while living in Butler Co. (William died at age 3; another unnamed child died) until moving to Maroa and/or Kenney IL in 1884. Need info on church in Seven Mile; name of 2nd child and where buried; schools both may have attended, farm Martin worked in (STOKES? THOMAS?)
(Jul 9, 1999 addition)
Around 1860 orphaned and moved from Brookville, IN to work as farmhand for the STOKES family until joining the 35th Ohio Infantry in August 1861, married Mary Eleanor Thomas on July 30, 1865 by Rev. S.W. CAREY at Seven Mile. Do you know any information such as the church that Rev. Carey was ministering?

WEIGHTMAN (John and Rebecca BLOW). From: - Paula Weightman Harrington (Jun 23, 1999)
Looking for marriage between John Weightman & Rebecca Blow 1840 pharringf@uswest.net

SWANN (William and Anna EVANS). From: - Irene Keller (Jul 1, 1999)
I am looking for the parents and siblings of William SWAN. He was born 1814/15 in Virginia. He married Anna EVANS on 8 Jan 1838 in Butler Co., Ohio. They were in Ford Co., Illinois in 1850-1865. William died after 1865. I would appreciate any help you could give me in locating William's parents and siblings. If you know of anyone with information on this SWAN family, I would appreciate their names and addresses. Thank you for your help.

SHAFF or SHAFT (Frederick and Sarah JOHNSON) 1807 Misc Twps, 1810 page 35, 1820 Liberty Twp, 1830 union Twp. From: - Herschel Ross (Jul 4, 1999)
Looking for marriage record of Frederick and any info about children named Thomas and David.

SQUIER (David Lucy Todd) 1835. From: - chris newland (Jul 9, 1999)

WILSON - SLAUGHTER (John and Mariah/Maria Slaughter) lived in Butler Co circa 1815-1828. From: - Mary F Kelley (Jul 11, 1999)
Seeking information about John and Mariah/Maria Slaughter WILSON who lived in Butler Co circa 1815-1828. Moved to Rush Co, IN.where John died in c. 1835. John Wilson was a friend of William MURRAY and may have been an early member of Masons. He was the son of Thomas and Tabitha WILSON.

WILSON (Thomas) Circa 1812. From: - Mary F Kelley (Jul 11, 1999)
Seeking information about Thomas WILSON who is listed as a private in the Muster Roll of Capt. Joel Collins's Co during the War of 1812. Was he married to Tabitha ? and the father of John WILSON?

SENA - SENEY - SEANEY (John and Phebe SAMPSON) Reily Township between 1814 and 1830. From: - Dave Seaney (Jul 11, 1999)
John was a free black man from Wayne Co., IN, that came to Butler Co. before 1814 and married Phebe Sampson. By 1830 they moved to Franklin Co., IN. They eventually moved to the Cabin Creek Colored Settlement in Randolph Co., IN. Looking for information on free black families in early Butler Co. history, especially the Sena and Sampson families.

RADER (Benjamin) Hamilton. From: - Ran (Jul 19, 1999)
Searching for Ben Rader, would have been living in Hamilton, Ohio during the later part of the 1920's.

WALLEN (John and Lulu DILL) Hamilton or Oxford abt. 1913. From: - Gale Wallen (Jul 21, 1999)
I am looking for information about the families of John Wallen and his wife Lulu Dill. Both were living in Butler Co. OH in 1913.

SHANEYFELT (Henry and Elizabeth ELEY) October 14, 1843. From: - Diana Kerrigan (Jul 25, 1999)
I am looking for any information on Henry Shaneyfelt or his parents George and Nance Shaneyfelt. Henry was born in Butler Co. in 1843. The family later moved to New Pittsburg IN.

ROST (John Henry and Christina ISKE) Hamilton, 1863-1928. From: - Gary Rost (Jul 27, 1999)
Looking for leads on my family line surname ROST. They all lived or died in Butler County Ohio. We would appreciate any one who could give us a lead on how to continue seeking for more information or has information which may help us. John Henry ROST and Christina ISKE had a son named Frederick ROST 1889-1953 and Cumy Patience JOYCE, b 1905, m 1926. Frederick is an only son, but rumors have persisted in our family that there was another brother of Frederick (possibly named Lenerd) who was given over to an agency when he was very young. (Nothing has been proven that there is a brother.) Frederick is the son of; John Henry ROST born sometime in 1863 in Hamilton, Butler, Ohio; wife Christina ISKE (from Alsec Lorraine - born 1871); John Henry is the son of John Christian ROST, who is believed to have been from West Phalie region of Germany. He was married to Mary BUMUS. John Christian ROST is the first ROST in my family line who came to the United States.

SPIVEY (Vinnedge and Susannah GARVER) St. Clair Township, 1850. From: - Sue Spivey (Jul 28, 1999)
Would like more information about Susannah, also their children: George, John V. and Martha Spivey.

VINNEDGE (Adam and Margaret SIMONTON) Adam died in Butler County in 1825. From: - Sue Spivey (Jul 28, 1999)
Would like to correspond with others researching this family.

SMILEY (David). From: - Nancy Baker (Jul 30, 1999)
Searching for parents of David Smiley that was supposed to have lived in Butler Co., before coming to Ripley Co., IN. Any info greatly appreciated. Father may have been William Smiley of Ireland and PA.

RINGEISEN (John Ringeisen and Mary "Mamie" Elizabeth WICKE) http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/t/i/n/Bobbi-Tindle/. From: - Bobbi Tindle (Aug 1, 1999)

WICKE (John Frederick WICKE and Nancy "Ann" LEMON) Liberty Township and West Chester http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/t/i/n/Bobbi-Tindle/. From: - Bobbi Tindle (Aug 1, 1999)

YEAGER (George) Butler County 1839. From: - Steve Yeager (Aug 1, 1999)
I have located Federal land records that indicate George Yeager of Butler Co. Oh., purchased land in Indiana in 1839. He purchased 71 acres in Decatur Co & 80 acres in Bartholomew Co. I am looking for George Yeager age 20 in 1850 located in Preble Co Oh., can anyone make a connection if the George in Preble Co could be the son of George in Butler Co?

VANNOY (James and Tilitha CATES) 1854. From: - JON ANTHONY VANNOY (Aug 8, 1999)

WEAVER family. From: - Mac Main (Aug 15, 1999)

TINNEY - CORNWELL (Luther, Bertie Cornwell) 1043 Symmes Ave.,Hamilton, Ohio. (their daughter was born here in 1925, and at Luther's death in 1938, it was still his residents). From: - Allana V. (Aug 16, 1999)
Luther Tinney was Married once before to Kate Weber, They had two children; Mabel Viola Tinney, b.1897 d.1914 Ernest Tinney b.1895 d.?(he is said to have been killed in WW1, on the second day that he was there. Second marriage to Bertie;Norma Viola Tinney b.1925 d.1981 Luther and Bertie's Marriage certificate was from the probate court, Butler County, Ohio. They were married 0n 12-22-1920. Bertie b.1886 d.4-13-1936 Luther b.8-24-1874 d.1940?