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Butler County, Ohio Family History Surnames and Queries
posted from late April through early July 1998

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GEORGE (Alexander and/or James) Morgan twp, 1820 census. From: - Nancy Sween (Feb 3, 1998)
Who were they and what happened to them? James was in the Spanish-American and Civil Wars from Butler County.

FAY or FAHEY family of Middletown 1860+ From: - Bob Krebs (Feb 7, 1998)
any information or others researching

KREBS () Middletown 1900+ From: - Bob Krebs (Feb 7, 1998)
any information or others researching

DERROUGH (Rebecca) From: - L. A. Derrough (Feb 7, 1998)
Rebecca DERROUGH married Robert ORBISON on 23 Sep 1813 in Butler Co. Where was she born and who were her parents? Any leads appreciated.

HERBST (Felix (Unknown)) Hamilton, Abt 1850. From: - Joe Weber (Feb 8, 1998)
Felix Herbst ran a hotel in Hamilton which went bankrupt before 1854. His brother Alois posted bond. Felix daughter, Anna married (?) DIEFFENBACH -2 children. Looking for any information on this family

AGNEW (David and Asinah MCKEE) Alert - 1822. From: - Jeff Blakley (May 15, 1999 update)
I have extensive information available in GedCom format on the descendants of William and Margaret Brant Agnew. William settled in Hamilton County, near the present-day Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church, in 1797.

BUFFINGTON (Derias and Mary Ann COUNTZ) Ross Twp. 1830. From: - Trudy Spanier (Feb 9, 1998)
Looking for dates of birth, siblings, and parents info. Believe his parents could be Jeremiah Buffington and Stella Cooper. Jeremiah is seen on 1820 Ross TWP census. Any info. helpful. Derias Buffington b. 1810-1817 Butler Co. Mary Ann Countz daughter of Fredrick Countz and Elizabeth Dean possibly born Pennsylvania? They had at least one child. James Joseph Buffington b. Jan 30, 1832 Vermillion Co, IN.

FLORA (Adam & Sarah HARRELL) In Butler Co. in 1840 census. From: - Netta (Feb 9, 1998)

DAVIS (James R. DAVIS m Jane WOOD) Hartwell, Van Wert From: - Millie Dillon (Feb 9, 1998)
to Ohio in 1838 from Wales. Son of David G and Eleaor (JONES ) DAVIS, both natives of Wales. James R. served in Civil War. Do you have any info to share?

ALLEN (Robert) Georgetown. From: - Ronald E. Hagen (Feb 10, 1998)
Am looking for information on Robert ALLEN (born 1811, Morrow County) and his sister Mary Ann ALLEN (born 1800, Ireland). Father might be Robert or James ALLEN. Family moved to Georgetown area around the time of War of 1812, later to Indiana. Robert ALLEN was Maj. Gen in Civil War but early life not well known. Mary Ann married Thomas Bereman and moved to Highland County.

HARRIS, COVALT, GORDON (Otho E., Susan Jane) Saint Clair Township. From: - Ronald E. Hagen (Feb 11, 1998)
HARRIS, COVALT, GORDON- I am interested in any available information on Otho E. HARRIS and his wife Susan Jane COVALT. Otho E. was born in 1822 in Ohio. On 17 June 1848 he married Susan Jane in Clermont County, Ohio. By the 1850 census he was a farmer in Saint Clair Township, Butler County with his wife. By the 1860 census they were living in Huntington County, Indiana. Otho might have had a brother Henry R. HARRIS (born between 1815 and 1820) who married Sarah GORDON who was born in Butler County on 20 June 1821, thus earlier Butler County associations are possible. Confusion is added by the fact that there were at least three Otho Harrises in Clermont County in the early nineteenth century. I suspect that Otho E. is a link between large Harris families in the two counties.-Ronald E. Hagen

FREEMAN (Clarkson Cummings). From: - Carl A. Freeman (Feb 12, 1998)
Looking for information on Clarkson Cummings (C.C.) Freeman b 7 Jun 1831. Father may be Dr. James Clarkson Freeman. Clarkson migrated to Sacramento Co. Calif. between 1850-1860 Possible brother are Isaac F. Freeman b 1814, Hamilton Co. and Obediah S. (O. S.) Freeman b 1815 Butler Co. All three settled Calif in the same time, were masons, and farmers

FARRELL (Elizabeth). From: - Ann Conway Gee (Feb 12, 1998)
born in Ireland, married John J. CONWAY circa 1892-93. Six children. Any info?

COLBY (Joseph) Several Townships 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830. From: - Larry J Culby (Feb 14, 1998)
COLBY / COLEBY , Joseph and family lived in the Townships of Liberty, Fairfield, and Union in Butler County for many years. Any knowledge about this group would be appreciated.

DAVIS (Zachariah and Hannah) near Reiley. From: - Sam D. Lawson (Feb 15, 1998)
Looking for those researching the DAVIS family of Butler Co., Ohio and Franklin Co., Indiana. Zachariah and Hannah DAVIS moved from Fayette Co., Pa. in the spring of 1814 after being married in the fall of 1813 in Fayette Co., Pa. After staying about 2 to 3 years in Butler Co. they moved across the state line into Franklin Co., Indiana, at Coulter's Corner (now Bath). Zachariah DAVIS died 6 July, 1859, and is buried in the Big Cedar Church Cemetery on Liberty Pike in Franklin Co., Indiana. Hannah followed him in death in 1887. She is buried next to him at Big Cedar Cem. They had ten or eleven children, one being our ancestor, Robert Nelson DAVIS. Among others were Evan DAVIS, Samuel DAVIS, Nixon DAVIS, Kezia DAVIS, Mary DAVIS, David DAVIS...Please contact me at: Sam D. Lawson, 1929 Hiker Trace, Columbus, Indiana, 47203-3541 or E-mail me at: lawson@hsonline.net

COX (William) 1875. From: - Mike Rowan (Feb 16, 1998)

CURRY (James -spouse unknown) 1832 age 80. From: - Sherry Curry (Feb 17, 1998)
James Curry, and John WOODS of Butler Co appear as witnesses on James' brother John's pension (Rev War)application; they originated from Lancaster & Westmoreland Co PA

GRAHAM (Marco or Martha CARPENTER) Mausetown (Hamilton) 1915-1944. From: - Louis Graham (Feb 17, 1998; Oct 98 update)
Marco was born in Shelby County,Ohio on May 31 1878 Martha Ellen Carpenter was born in Kentucky on April 22 1897. I am looking for information anyone may have on these peorle.

CONRAD (Paul) From: - Donald L. Nichols Jr. (Feb 19, 1998)
In 1965 I was one of about 28 people who joined the U.S. Marine Corps. I was from Nebraska and a young man by the name of Paul Conrad was from Hamilton Ohio. In May of 1966 Paul became one of the first from our boot camp platoon to have been killed in Vietnam. He was buried at Rose Hill Memorial Park in Hamilton.

BECK (George, Rosalia BIPPUS). From: - Dorothy Peters (Feb 19, 1998)
Rosalia Bippus Beck, born in 1875 is buried in Greenwood Cemetery March 1903. Husband George W. Beck, born in Germany 1869 died in Memphis Tennessee 03Mar1933, buried Greenlawn Cemetery Columbus, Franklin, Ohio 03Mar1933. I am looking for marriage and/or birth records, specifying birth places and parents and/or siblings or children.

BAKE. From: - Gary Harvey (Feb 22, 1998)
Maria Bake was born in Butler County, OH, on June 28 1808. She married Leonard Garrison on July 13, 1825 in that same county, and died July 26, 1850 in Preble County OH.

GARRISON (Isreal M Ellen CARNEY). From: - Gary Harvey (Feb 22, 1998)
Isreal Garrison (b April 02, 1832 in Butler County) married M(ary?) Ellen Carney (b January 25, 1830 in Germantown OH area). They married December 12, 1849 in Montgomery Co., OH. Isreal died September 16, 1886 in Saline County KS. M Ellen died April 11, 1914 in Alton, TX.

HARRISON (Sarah) born 1793. From: - Cora Esch (Feb 24, 1998)
Who were the parents of Sarah. She had a brother,Lewis

COWAN (Aaron, Lydia ROBERTS) http://www.flash.net/~judyad/gene.html. From: - Judy Arnold (Feb 25, 1998)
Aaron was b. 3 Oct 1812, Butler Co., OH. Believe his siblings were: George, b. 1811, ?, OH; and Joseph, b. 1813, Ross Co., OH. Parents (believed to be) George COOK b. OH?/CT? and Sarah HAMILTON, b. ?, Butler Co. OH. Any help on this family appreciated.

DURRICK (Cornelius, Anne OBRIEN QUIGLEY) Oxford, OH C. 1850-?? From: - Ann CONWAY GEE (Mar 8, 1998)
Cornelius Durrick married Anne OBRIEN QUIGLEY in Oxford Oh. Anne was a widow and had one daughter, Josephine. Was she brought here from County Mayo Ireland as a war bride?? She was from County Mayo, Ireland. Both are buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Oxford.

HOOVEN (Earle, Anne KERSTEINER) Hamilton, OH 1942. From: - Chantal Sager Reilly (Mar 9, 1998)
Believe that Earle is related to the Hoovens who owned what is now Hooven House Museum in Hamilton

HUTCHINSON (Milton, Rhoda Maria BUTLER). From: - Dave Cottrell (Mar 9, 1998)
Hi, Searching for information about my gg-grandparents, Milton and Rhoda Maria (BUTLER) HUTCHINSON. Married in Butler Co Apr or May, 1830. At least two (2) sons, Sanford and Albert, born in Butler. Possibly had land stradling IN (Franklin Co) and OH (Butler Co). Searching for record of marriage, land record and twp lived in. Thanks in advance. Dave Cottrell

HEDGES (Nathaniel and Catherine DAUGHERTY) 1850 to 1920. From: - Gerry Brainard (Mar 10, 1998)
All of their children were born in Butler County. The children were Nell, Ruth, Charles E., William, Elizabeth Bertha and Sherman Hedges

BALL (Stephan and Susan BERRY) Trenton. From: - Davis F. Ball (Mar 12, 1998)
Helped found Trenton (18??) after arriving from NJ. Need info - he may be my 3 great grandfather. Will trade any "Texas info" you may need from this end.

FRAZEE, Okeana. From: - Lonnie Schnacker (Mar 14, 1998)
Looking for the parents of my great grandmother Bertha Evelyn FRAZEE born 29 september 1888. I have a birthday postcard that was sent to her in 1910, her family signed it ma and pa and the others with first initials only. Thank you.

BARRETT (Lucy (Lueretia) ROBINSON m Chester) Long Street ? From: - NAOMI (BARRETT) FRY (Mar 14, 1998)
looking for info on grandmother Lucy BARRETT, ROBINSON, MCDANIELS.

CANN (Joseph and (1) Catherine BITTINGER; (2) Harriet JOYCE) Morgan Twp., before 1840 until he d 1893; Harriet d 1937. From: - Janet K. Armbrust (Mar 20, 1998)
Joseph was a son of William and Jane (prob. STANLEY) CANN. Four children from lst mg were: Mary E. (m Ezra YOUMANS)-to IN; Andrew B. (m Sarah BRANT or BRIANT)-to KS; Serepta (m Wm. H. BLACK); Wm James (m Elizabeth MOOREHEAD)-to KS via IN. Seven children from 2nd mg were: Joseph N. (m Elizabeth SHACKWELL); Sarah J. (m Alexander McCREADY); Harmon William; Phoebe Elizabeth; Amelia "Millie" A. (m Edw George LOTZ); Mary M. (m lst Bernard J. WICHMAN, 2nd Ross WOODRUFF); Alice G. (m Pearl MULLEN).

BIDDINGER (Frederick and Catherine HOOVER) Morgan twp., 1830 until his d in 1845 and her d after that date. From: - Janet K. Armbrust (Mar 21, 1998)
A s/o Peter and Katherine (KRAMER) BEDINGER, Frederick was the father of Jacob (m Mary HYDE), Solomon (m Catherine SHROYER), Frederick (m Sarah BLACK), Elizabeth (m Amos CANN), Catherine (m Joseph CANN), Andrew R. (m Malinda ?), Michael (m Sarah NELSON), George W. (m Catherine ?), and possibly Peter and Jonathan.

DEEM (Adam Jane CAMBELL) Madison Twp. 1803-1825,29. From: - Patrick Deem (Mar 22, 1998)
Adam DEEM and his wife Jane (CAMBELL) are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Madison Twp. Madison Twp. history has Adam arriving in 1803, having married Jane in 1800. They were joined before 1812 by another Adam Deem, John H. Deem and John Deem Sr.. I have have not been able to link these people to any other Deem family tree.

BALL (Amos,M.Pennington). From: - Kate (Mar 23, 1998)
Searching for info on Ball family. Amos Ball b.1780 married M.Pennington . Son, Amos P. Ball born May 20, 1825 in Butler Co., Ohio.

BELL (Walter) Dayton, about 1920 thru 1940. From: - James Bell (Mar 24, 1998)
Walter was born in Iowa, 26 Oct 1881. He lived in Montana, Illinois and Texas before moving to Dayton. Can't find him after he moved to Ohio. Wife's name in Ohio was probably Leda or Grace. He had a daughter, Marilyn Bell. Anything in a city directory? Thank you.

HITE (Henry and Annie Laurie RAMSEY) Possibly lived in Butler County around 1914-1915. From: - Roxanne Fox (Mar 25, 1998)
Henry and Annie abandoned an infant at the Children's Home in Butler County in 1914. I am trying to establish where they went afterwards. Did Henry die? Annie remarried to a man named BAYES by 1932 and may have changed her name to Leslie. Any info on this would be much appreciated.

ELY (Charles m Susan Rebecca MCCAIN). From: - lois lykes (Mar 26, 1998)
Susan bonr 2-25-1869 in Butler Co. Married Charles Ely born July 1864. Where was Charles born?

HOWELL(S) (Mary). From: - Doris Houston (Mar 27, 1998)
Need information about Branson HOWELL (HOWELLS) & Mary TIERNAM or TIERMAN. Branson was in l836 or 1837. Contact me at DHous85229@aol.com Thanks. Doris

BYERS (Joseph m. Bertha Ann CRUZEN) Fairfield Tp. circa 1838. From: - Shirley Cruzen Stevens (Mar 28, 1998)
Joseph BYERS and Bertha Ann Cruzen were married in Butler County, 1838, no further record of her. Did Bertha die and he remarry? Did they have children?

BURKE, BURK, BIRK (Susan EDWARDS) near Jacksonburg. From: - Kathryn Stuart (Mar 29, 1998)
Susan Edwards Burke GUDGEON is said to have been buried in Jacksonburg, Ohio in 1880. She was the daughter of Joseph Edwards and Hannah MULFORD. Hannah died in Jacksonburg, Butler Co, OH and is buried in the churchyard of the old Jacksonburg Evangelical United Brethren Church in the village. Susan married first a Mr. Burke and had a son, Thomas O. Burke who lived in Middletown in the early 1900s. Does anyone have any information on this family?

EDWARDS (Joseph - Hannah MULFORD) Jacksonburg, Ohio before 1872. From: - Kathryn Stuart (Mar 29, 1998)
Joseph EDWARDS was born probably in New Jersey about 1779. He married Hannah Mulford estimated circa 1810. Joseph Edwards died in Ohio at age 62 in 1841. Hannah Edwards died in Jacksonburg, Butler Co, OH on 22 March 1872 at age 92 years and 4 months and is buried in the old Evangelical United Brethren Churchyard in Jacksonburg. Joseph and Hannah had a daughter Susan Edwards who married first a Burke and second William Gudgeon. She died in Darke County in 1880, but is buried in the Jacksonburg cemetery. Any information on this family is appreciated.

GUDGEON (Hiram - Christine E. MCDONALD) Jacksonburg. From: - Kathryn Stuart (Mar 29, 1998)
On page 616 of the History of Butler County is a bio of Hiram Gudgeon. He came to Butler County in 1869 and was Postmaster and Mayor of Jacksonburg from 1879-1881. His parents were William and Nancy Jones Gudgeon. Where and when did Hiram Gudgeon and his wife die and where are they buried. Is there any other information on this family in the history of Butler County? Thank you for your help!

GWILYM or GWILLYM (Mahetable). From: - Carolyn Cobb (Mar 29, 1998)
Seeking information about Mahetable GWILYM who married Jacob FUNK March 12, 1839 in Butler County

HUNTER (George and Eva) possibly Fairfield Twp. early 1900-mid 1920's. From: - Roxanne Fox (Mar 30, 1998)
Searching for possibly descendents of George and Eva HUNTER, who had a farm possibly in Fairfield Twp. They were foster parents to my grandmother when she was a young girl. I am hoping to gather some more information about that time in her life. George was killed in a train/auto accident about 1923-24.

FORLOW (John & Caterine WALDSMITH) Early 1800'S. From: - Sue Kruse (Apr 4, 1998)
Chaterline Forlow died Butler Co about 1832. She was a cousin of an ancestor I'm searching for. Would like to contact any of her descendants.

HERTZIGER (Cathleen OFFENBACH) Hamilton. From: - Sherrie Stauffer (Apr 7, 1998)
any info would be appreciated

BIRGEL (Donald & Linda IRVIN) Hamilton, OH. From: - LINDA BIRGEL (Apr 8, 1998)
would like more info on this family

CLIPPINGER (Humphrey and Sarah JAQUES) Hamilton and Milville about 1816-1837. From: - Nancy Beasley (Apr 12, 1998)
Looking for any clues to CLIPPINGER and/or JAQUES in Hamilton and Milville areas.

DUNHAM (Eleazer, Dinah BUTLER) Oxford and Reily from abt 1813 to 1850s. From: - Angela Dunham (Apr 13, 1998)
I am trying to find out where Eleazer and Dinah are buried. They both died Butler Co. in the 1850s. They were from Ma. and I am also looking for Eleazers parents. I have many of their descendants and I am looking for more.

DUNHAM (James, Matilda LOWE) Reily abt 1840. From: - Angela Dunham (Apr 13, 1998)
Any descendents, Where he is buried or info to share on James or his wifes family?

GREGG (William and Tabitha LESLIE) Lived in Poasttown. From: - Karen Anderson (Apr 14, 1998; Jan 12, 2003 update)
GREGG, William, b. 1797 GA. and d. 1870 OH. Son of Silas Gregg and Rhoda Armstrong. William married in 1835 Tabitha LESLIE, (1805-1864) dau. of John Leslie and Hannah Davis who were among the original settlers of Preble Co. Children of Wm. and Tabitha were Hannah Gregg BEAM and John L. Gregg. Happy to exchange information.

GILLEY family of Middletown and Hamilton. From: - Debby HARRIS MCGREEHAN (Apr 14, 1998)
Some of my GILLEY family from Wolfe Co KY moved to Butler Co OH in the 1920's I believe. I have found them in some of the city directories. I would like to hear from anyone with a GILLEY interest in Butler Co.OH

HITTLE family. Web Site in the Works following Research. From: - Hittle Descendents in Pennsylvania (Apr 15, 1998)
Looking for any dates, names and info on the HITTLE family. Creating a complete genealogy website for the name and need all of the info I can get.

AGNEW (James Mary SAYER) Possible Riley Township 1850-1880. From: - Michael G. Hardwick (Apr 17, 1998)
My grandmopther's parents (Martha Jane Agnew, born in Riley 10/22/1852 from death certificate)

GEAR (Luther xl Elizabeth MOON) Oxford Township, married Oct. 27, 1842. From: - RON GEAR (Apr 17, 1998)
I,m wanting any info. on the GEAR family of Butler County, OHIO. Luther GEAR my great, great grandfather was born in Bulter co. Dec. 15,1823 to A.C. GEAR and Lavina FREEMAN. In 1852 he moved to Illinois and on to Iowa in 1855. He married Elizabeth MOON in 1843 and had 12 children. Luthers son, Milton moved to Parker, Kansas in 1880. The 1900 census shows many other GEARs in Parker, also. Other GEARs in Butler County.

Sylvanus Gear x Mary Ellen Keller  11Feb1869
Richard Gear x Cynthia Stout  16Oct1834
Harris Gear x Maria Stout  11 Sept 1834

CABLE (John Cooper) Hamilton. From: - Ruby Roach (Apr 19, 1998)
John Cable was my grandfather. I never met him. He had a second family. He was divorced from Sera Cable in the 1920's . He had 4 children. Stewart , Elizabeth, Cora And Harlan. I think he passed away in the middle or late 50's. If anyone has any information I would like very much to hear from you.

HANDLEY (Robert and Nancy). From: - Judy Handley Newland (Apr 21, 1998)
I noticed in the query's someone was looking for Robert and Nancy and it only mentioned "to Butler Co OH'. I have information of them in Decatur Co, Jackson Twp 1860 IN census along with children Margaret, Jane, Catherine, John and Elizabeth. Handley page

JENKINS (Evan and Isabelle HANDLEY). From: - Judy Handley Newland (Apr 21, 1998)
Isabelle was a sister to my GGGrandfather Evan J Handley. Evan Jenkins was a postmaster in Butler co Their daughter married into the DEARMOND family. This was posted in the surname listing. This is some of the information I have on them.

HEAVRIN (William & Margaret GREGORY) 1825/35. From: - kay livengood heavrin (Apr 22, 1998)
William & Margaret Gregory Heavrin were marr: 3 Apr 1825 Butler Co, Oh. Three children b. Butler co, Oh were James M., 1829 - Martha, 1832 - Sabrina, 1834. They then moved to Shelby co, Ind. any info e-mail mkheav@aol.com

CORNELISON (Andrew & Nancy PHELPS) Wayne Twp - 1797/1803 --- Butler Co - 1810. From: - kay livengood heavrin (Apr 22, 1998)
Andrew & Nancy - Marr: ca 1784 - Surry Co, NC - children: Marsh, William, John, Nancy, Elizabeth, Timothy A., Mary, David, (all b. NC) Jesse & Andrew (b. Butler Co, OH) Any info?

FINNEGAN (Michael Ellen DEVANY) 1857. From: - Mark Shaffer (Apr 22, 1998)
Michael & Ellen (DEVANY) FINNEGAN were born in Belfast, Ireland. They came first to Hawkins,OtsegoCo, NY, then to ButlerCo,OH. Their children were: John Fitzgerald; Mary; Nora; Luke; Michael; & Nellie Pearl. The birth order is unknown. John was born: Jan 26, 1857 in Butler Co., OH, & m. Mary Ann MCCAULEY. Mary m. ? SCHICK. Nora m. ? FITZGERALD. John is said to have lived most of his life in Clinton Co., IN. Therefore, it is not certain how long before & after 1857 this family was present in Butler Co. Michael Finnegan was a Railroad Engineer & he served in the Civil War.

ABELL (Thomas) Middletown. From: - Roxanne Fox (Apr 24, 1998)
Looking for links to Thomas ABELL to hopefully find more information about his sister, Ella, who came to Middletown sometime after 1907 with her four sons; William, Albert, Edward, Eugene. He may have worked at Sorg Paper Mill. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

GREENHAWK family. From: - Sylvia (Apr 24, 1998)
Researching Surname GREENHAWK any information, any date, any place, any time. Thanks

SHEEHAN (John and Margaret CONLEY, CONNELLY) Monroe area, early 1900's. From: - Kathy Nenni (Apr 26, 1998)
Looking for any info about John's family - his parents and before. He was a farmer. I believe I have traced Margaret Conley to her parents - Edwin and Ann, but would like more information and a confirmation on that info.

HARMON (James and Sarah (Sally) QUINLISK) Hamilton, Woodsdale area til 1913, Monroe after that. From: - Kathy Nenni (Apr 26, 1998)
Looking for links to both the Harmon and Quinlisk names.

HERTZIGER (unk, Cathleen Hilda OFFENBACH) Hamilton. From: - Sherrie Stauffer (Apr 26, 1998)
I am searching for information on my maternal great-grandmother Cathleen Hilda Offenbach Hertziger.

CLAIR (Peter A. and Unknown SCHWARTKOPF) Lived in Hamilton, 1880's. From: - Cindy Hollingsworth (Apr 28, 1998)
Looking for info on Peter A. CLAIR and wife, maiden name similar to Schwartkopf, unknown first name. Peter A. CLAIR was Hamilton's Superintendant of Police and was killed (age 41) at Schenck's Station on the C.H.&D crossing, date was June 6, 1899. Also died, daughter Margaret, age 4, at Mercy Hospital. Wife, unknown name, survived. Also had a son, Joseph Peter CLAIR, not involved in accident, born March 11, 1888. Peter A. CLAIR was a member of Branch No. 1, Catholic Knights of Ohio and Hamilton Lodge No. 98 B.P.O.E. Home address given as starting point for funeral procession as 820 or 829 Campbell Avenue. Mother of Peter A. CLAIR apparently lived in Hamilton, no information on her name or his father's. Any help would be much appreciated.

GORSUCH (Edmund - Elizabeth SMITH) Liberty Twp., Bethany abt 1900-1915. From: - Marilyn Taylor (Apr 29, 1998)
Edmund was son of Nicholas Gorsuch and Catherine Curtis and was born in Baltimore Co., MD. He married Elizabeth Smith in Butler Co. Oct 1870 Children: Frank, Sadie Louise, Emma and unknown infant.

DODDS (John & Margaret MILLER) circa 1812. http://www.iland.net/~agan. From: - Martha Agan (Apr 29, 1998)
Looking for information on John Dodds and Margaret Miller. Margaret Miller was a native of Pennsylvania. They migrated to Indiana settling in Cass Co., Indiana in 1830. John Dodds immigrated from Ireland as a youth. Their son David Dodds then migrated to Cooper Co., Missouri finally settling in Henry Co., MO. I have a large list of descendants and am happy to share information. Thank you.

REED (Alvin, Mary Jane GRAHAM) Fairfield Twp. married in 1848 and were in 1850 census. From: - Kathy Venable (May 3, 1998)
Need info on this family, parents and sibblings.

HUNT (Thomas & Ann FITCH) Huntsville - town was named after him - settled there c. 1800. From: - Rosie Byard (no email address) (May 3, 1998)
Searching for information about Thomas and Ann and any of their descendants especially Mary HUNT who married Charles WEST c.1805.

HILL (William Hill and Eliza Ann SATER) Morgan Township, 1870's. From: - Mike Hill (May 3, 1998)
I am searching for information on William B. Hill or Benjamin Hill from Morgan Township. William was married to Eliza A. Sater. Benjamin Hill's first wife was Dolly Hodson from Morgan Township.

HENTHORN or HENTHORNE. From: - Faye Henthorne Spence (May 4, 1998)
If there are any Henthornes in your county let me hear from you.

ALBERTSON (Nathaniel) Oxford township. From: - roy albertson (May 4, 1998)

GRABEL (Alexander and Clara YORDY) Hamilton abt 1888-1950. From: - mick TRANOR (May 7, 1998)
The GRABEL family lived in what i susoect was mostly rural hamilton as they are listed as farmers. I have a lot of GRABEL names and more information such as siblings, children etc. I have no obituary information except for Oliver GRABEL son, of Alexander who died in 1944. Anyone have any information on this family?? Mick TRANOR

HEATON (David). From: - Mary Joan Cassidy (May 9, 1998)
David Heaton was supposedly a Revolutionary War soldier. He is said to have died in Middletown in 1839. He is NOT my ancestor. My ancestor Jonah Heaton lived in Warren County and is said to have relied upon his BROTHER DAVID HEATON for support throughout his life. I have reason to believe that the David Heaton who d. in Butler County is Jonah's brother and I am trying to figure out Jonah's ancestry.

BOWERS (Henry m. Mary Ann BOWEN) 1820-1822. From: - Gary Bowers (May 17, 1998)
I would like to contact dbower2@directnet.net. I believe we are related.

DEWEESE (Samuel and Sarah MCDOUGAL) 1814. From: - Kay E. DeWeese (May 18, 1998)
Samuel Deweese and Sarah, his wife, were living in Butler Co., OH when they sold land in Monongalia Co., VA (now WV) in February, 1814. Samuel was a Baptist minister and may have been serving a church in Butler Co. at that time. Desire information on where he resided in Butler Co., what years he was there, and what church he may have been affiliated with. He died in Miami Co., OH in 1819. Thank you.

WATTS (Israel and Mary DEWEESE) 1809. From: - Kay E. DeWeese (May 18, 1998)
Israel WATTS and Mary DEWEESE were married in Butler Co., OH, 14 Nov 1809. This is all the information I have, and am looking for information on this couple and their descendants for publication on the descendants of her father, Rev. Joshua Deweese. Mary was b. about 1785-1788, in Kent Co., DE and probably accompanied her brothers, Lewis, Samuel and James on their migration to Ohio from Monongalia Co., VA (now WV). Thank you.

GROLLMUS (Fred, Luzitta QUENZER) Hamilton. From: - DeAnn Harmon Sefton (May 19, 1998)
The Quenzer's came from Germany around l886. Settled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Luzitta had 1 brother Fred and 1 sister Louise. Both never married and died in Indiana. Her parents were Louise and Fredrick quenzer. Want to know if Luzitta and Fred had any children and where they are now.

GARDNER (Isaac & daughter Mary) possibly Lemon Twp. From: - Bob Frayer (May 25, 1998)
i hoping to confirm that my decendants are indeed one Isaac GARDNER who had a child Mary who in the early 1840s married a John BENNER who had a child Emaline then moved to Miami co. Indiana soon after. Thanks for your time and possible search. bob frayer

FLYNN (John). From: - Roberta Summers (May 27, 1998)
John's mother was Elizabeth MCTEARNEY Flynn and they came to the US during the Potatoe famine landing in Cincinnati. John stayed in Butler county while the rest moved on to Hancock County Illinois. Would appreciate any help in locating John. Willing to share what I know about his mother and brothers. Roberta Summers KSum555@aol.com

ANDERSON (Cosmos & Patricia ANDERSON) Hamilton 1970 thru 1976. From: - Lisa Nichalas (May 30, 1998)
Looking for, if her name wasn`t changed at adoption, Cassie Marie NICHOLAS who was sent to Clermont Co. welfare for adoption in early to mid 1970. I am using my girlfriends computer, She is also helping me in my search for my sister. I remember a family member, her name was Ethyl, taking care of her for a short time until she called Clermont Co. Ohio welfare services who adopted her out. Don`t know year of adoption she was between 5 and 7. Her name was Cassie Marie Nicholas. she has a brother named Scott, and three sister. Her dads name is Cosmas Riso Nicholas, he was called Cass. Her mothers name is Patricia Lee Nicholas, Maiden name Anderson. They were divorced when Cassie was young. We lived in a trailor park in Goshen, Ohio called Gaslight Viliage. Now it is called Lakeshore Estates, with are aunt Marion ALLEN. Cassie has brown eyes and brown hair. Please email my friend or call her 937-444-6527 she will rush to get me. email: latchford@earthlink.com Thank you Lisa Nichlas

BLAYLOCK (John and Hannah HAMMER) Madison Township, December 1823. From: - Gary Blaylock (Jun 1, 1998)

HUNT (David and Mary BLAYLOCK) Madison Township, October 1820. From: - Gary Blaylock (Jun 1, 1998)

BLAYLOCK (William and Elizabeth DAVIS) Madison Township, October 1820. From: - Gary Blaylock (Jun 1, 1998)

CAMPBELL (Martin (Sr.) and Margaret TAYLOR) 1840 Butler Co., OH. From: - Marcella Kincaid Campbell (Jun 4, 1998)
Seek parents, marriage date for Martin CAMPBELL Sr. b about 1805 Ohio, d 1875 Indiana; and wife Margaret Taylor b. 1806 Oh/PA d 1871 Indiana. In 1830 census Colerain Twn, Hamilton Co., OH, 1840 Butler Co., OH;' 1850 Crosby Twn, Hamilton Co., Oh, moved to Clay Co, IN 1852 with six children.

EMORY (James W. and Martha Jane Harris) Around Hamilton, Ohio? in 1848. From: - Mom Dill55@aol.com (Jun 6, 1998)
Looking for information on either family EMORY or HARRIS. According to family bible: James W. EMORY was married, Dec 6 1848, 8 miles east of Hamilton in Butler Co., Ohio. 2 miles W. of Winchester by Clem Clifton, Esq. License taken in Hamilton. I have marriage record. This couple moved to Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN and family descended from them. Later census list James as Born: 1816 in MD or DE. I believe Martha Jane HARRIS to be the daughter of Samuel HARRIS. But have no knowledge of what happened to this family. Or if there were EMORY's in the area before 1848 or if James was just passing thru. Have researched this for 20 years. Need Help! Contact: Deb (EMORY) Dillard, 2017 Hidden Cove Rd., Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 Thanks!!!!!!!!

ASHTON (Jonathan A. and Amelia Jane APPLEGATE) Madison Twp by 1897; Middletown by 1900 till 1921. From: - Ramona MOORE BOWLING (Jun 6, 1998)
In 1880, Jonathan A & Amelia Jane (APPLEGATE) ASHTON lived in Brown Co, OH; moved to Butler Co, OH, by 1897 when dau Luella Belle graduated from school in Madison Twp. When did they first move there? Dau Luella Belle md in 1900 at Poast Town to George Martin MOORE; by 1900, Jonathan & Amelia lived at Middletown. Children were: Rachel, George, Amelia Jane, Luella Belle, & Mary. Need dates of birth & places for each child. Need to contact any descendants of any of the children of Jonathan & Amelia Jane. Have much info to share on their parents.

ASHTON (George and Susie F. ???) 111 1/2 E 3rd St, Middletown, 1914; 103 S Shafor St, 1920. From: - Ramona Moore Bowling (Jun 6, 1998)
George H. ASHTON, b 1876, Brown Co, OH, s/o Jonathan A. & Amelia Jane (APPLEGATE) ASHTON, & wife Susie (need her maiden name & date of mg) lived in Middletown, Butler Co, by 1914; listed in Middletown Directory as proprietor of the Valley House at 111 1/2 E 3rd St; in the 1923-24 & 1924-25 Directories, George H. ASHTON was listed as a grocer at 104 S Franklin Ave with residence at same address; the 1926-27 Directory listed George as manager of the Middletown Collecting Co & as a Notary Public at 204 Jacoby Bldg, with residence then at 118 Franklin Ave. A news clipping (no date) states that George's wife Susie "was burned seriously ...when gasoline from a leaking tank on the kitchen stove ignited her clothing...was removed to Middletown Hospital." Susie died of these burns. Did George & Susie have any children? If so, who & when? Did George remarry after Susie's death? If so, when & where & to whom? Any children? Also need date & place of death & burial for George H. ASHTON. If he had any children, need to contact any descendants. Have much family info to share & want to learn more about George.

EVERTS, EVERRTS, EVERETTS (Henry A. and Martha J. ASHTON) Madison Twp by 1880. From: - Ramona Moore Bowling (Jun 6, 1998)
Henry A. EVERTS & Martha J. ASHTON md 1869 in Clermont Co, OH; in 1870 they lived in Miami Twp, Cler. Co.; by 1880 they lived in Madison Twp, Butler Co; Henry A. age 34, b PA; Martha J. age 32, b OH. Known children: William b 1869-70; JOnathan b 1872; Rachel L. b 1874; Lillie b 1877; Edward W b 1879. Need full names & dates for all children; also marriages, deaths, etc. Need to know when Henry & Martha 1st moved to Butler Co, their dates & places of death & burial. Need to contact any descendants of this family. Have much to share.

SHARRITS (Charles M. and Amelia Jane ASHTON) Madison Twp and Trenton ca 1940s. From: - Ramona Moore Bowling (Jun 6, 1998)
Charles M. SHARRITS b ca 1871, s/o Samuel & Mary, md Amelia Jane ASHTON "Mellie" b 1884; need date & place of marriage. In the 1900 census, "Mellie's" parents, Jonathan A. & Amelia J ASHTON, & Samuel & Mary SHARRITS lived in Madison Twp, Dwellings # 86 & 87. "Mellie's" obit stated that she 7 Charles lived at Trenton at the time of her death in 1944, having lived there for "many years and was a member of the United Presbyterian Church there." She was also a member of D of A, which gave her funeral service at Riggs Funeral Home. Surviving children were: Mrs Ethel REYNOLDS; Mrs Thelma THOMPSON of Middletown; Mrs Rachel CASSIDY of Springfield; Mrs Hazel VANDERVOORT of Dayton; & Mrs Luette FUNK of Hamilton; & sons Charles J of Middletown & David M "now serving in the Navy" (1944). "Mellie's" obit also said her surviving brother George ASHTON "of Carlisle" and sisters, Mrs Rachel ASHTON & Mrs Luella MOORE of Williamsburg, Clermont Co, OH, plus 19 grandchildren & one gr-grandchild survived her. Need to locate any descendants of Amelia Jane "Mellie" ASHTON EVERRTS. Have much to share on her parents & grandparents.

ASHTON (Mary ASHTON) Madison Twp and Middletown ca 1897-1920s till ?? From: - Ramona MOORE BOWLING (Jun 6, 1998)
Mary ASHTON b 1890, d/o Jonathan A. & Amelia Jane (APPLEGATE) ASHTON who moved from Clermont Co, OH, to Butler Co after 1880; need to know if Mary married in Butler Co and to whom ca 1905-1925? Did she have any children? If so, need names & dates. Did Mary die in 1925? If so, need date & place & also place of burial. I have a small photo of Mary with her sister Luella Belle ASHTON MOORE ca 1920s.

BENNETT (John) Somerville, Ohio. From: - Myron Horn (Jun 7, 1998)
Just starting to do husband's family history. Need any information on the Bennet family that lived in Somerville Ohio. They came from Clary Co. Ky, and moved to Ohio. I believe that John Bennett ran a business in Somerville. All leads will be greatly appreciated.

BOWLING family of Somerville and Hamilton. From: - Myron Horn (Jun 7, 1998)
Starting to do family history and need HELP! the Bowlings are related to me and have a uncle that his name was Bart Bowling and is buried in Somerville Cemetery. The Bowling's are related to the BENNETTs and the RHOADES.

BALL (Zopher, Elizabeth HUNTER) Fairfield Township 1805 to 1820. From: - William L. Slager (Jun 8, 1998)
BALL, Zopher: Seeking info on Zopher who lived in Fairfield Township, Butler Co. from at least 1805 to 1820 ,possibly later. Married Elizabeth Hunter 24 April 1806 in Butler Co. Any info appreciated.

DEERING (Richard CLINTON ?????) Hamilton before 1942. From: - American Red Cross (Jun 8, 1998)
Need paper form clerk of the court as to if he left a will. Robert died in 1942 leaving a wife and one child Nancy was five {5} when he died. Robert retired from the B & O Railroad Where can I find out about his retirement? Thanks

CLIPPINGER (Sarah Jane CLIPPINGER married Isaac DECKER) Ross Twp. circa 1850. From: - Patricia (or) Patricia Kight McMurray (Jun 8, 1998)
I am looking for information about the parents of Sarah Jane Clippinger and Missouri Clippinger (sisters). Sarah married Isaac Decker (Date unknown). Missouri married Michael Greenwood of Pittsburgh, Pa. and Yorkshire, England (date unknown). Sarah was born May 13, 1841 and died Oct 7,1916. Missouri died in 1933 in Erie, Pa. Sarah is my Great great grandmother and Missouri is my Great grandmother. I have information on their offspring.

DECKER (Isaac m. Sarah Jane CLIPPINGER) Ross Twp. circa 1850. From: - Patricia Kight McMurray (Jun 8, 1998)
I am looking for information about Isaac Decker's parents and siblings. Isaac was born Aug. 10, 1833 and died Sept 9, 1909. I have information about his offspring.

HAMBY (Ezekiel and Mildred Tubbs) Hamilton there by 1910. From: - Kristy Smith (Jun 10, 1998)
According to Ezekiel Hamby's obit.He lived in Hamilton OH.He died in Oconee co.SC while visiting family.Came to Ohio from Kentucky.One child Goldie May Hamby married Charles M. Blazer.

DREW (Robert and Lydia BLISS) Lemon Twp http://www.geocities.com/lookingformore/. From: - Cindy Gant Sopko (Jun 19, 1998; Sep 2000 update)
Hi, Looking for information on Robert DREW. He married Lydia BLISS in Warren County, in 1830. He came from NJ around 1825 and settled in Van Buren Twp, Darke County. He was in the 1830, Lemon Twp, Butler County Census. Thank you. Cindy Gant Sopko (Robert & Lydia are my 3x grandparents)

DANCER (Beatrice Mary) Florida. From: - Carol Heltebrake-Gammel (Jun 23, 1998)
My grandmother Beatrice Mary Dancer was born in 1883. Looking for connections to the Dancer line. Her mother's name was Emily Reid.

DRAPER (William and Rachel HAVELIK) http://home.ccipost.net/~amyhar. From: - Andrew Hardin (Jun 24, 1998)
I am looking for info on William DRAPER. He was born in VA. May 1, 1784. He married Rachel HAVELIK. They moved to Decatur Co. Ind. and then moved back to Butler Co. OH. And then moved back to Ind. If any one has info please Email me. Thank you

ADDISON (Archibald and Mary MEADER) Reiley twp. 1820 to 1846. From: - Joan Addison (Jul 1, 1998)
I am looking to correspond with any on researching this family. Children: William H., Timothy, Lucy, Sarah, John M., Lewis Chaney. Thanks.

DODDS (John Margaret MILLER). From: - Martha Agan (Jul 1, 1998)
I am looking for the heritage of John Dodds and Margaret Miller located in Butler Co., Ohio for several years before moving on to Cass Co., Indiana. John was originally from Ireland and Margaret may have been from Pennsylvania.

Crawford (Joseph and Helsey) died 1828. From: - george mckee (Jul 1, 1998)
I would like to know the names of his parents and where he came from

DOLLAHON Oxford, OH. From: - Grace Dollahon Bartholet (Jul 5, 1998)
Just starting Genology search and know from a cousin that there are Dollahon's buried in the Oxford Cemetary. Who were they? How can I find out more?

CUTLER (Loretta CUTLER) From: - John CUTLER (Jul 12, 1998)

FRUIT(S) (Jonathan & Polly NOBLE) 1812. From: - Cory Tarrants (Jul 14, 1998)
Seeking further info on the marriage of Jonathan and Polly Noble Fruit(s). Jonathan was b. probably in PA. or Ohio. I don't have a d.o.b. or d.o.d. on Jonathan. Polly was b. abt. 1792 or 1793 in Montgomery Co., NC. Jonathan's father was George Fruit(s) and I believe his wife to be Margaret. Thanks.

GILLEY (Joseph C. and Venice "Happy " (NORTON)) Middletown / Hamilton. From: - Debby McGreehan (Jul 17, 1998)

HERVEY (Joel and Elizabeth DAVID OR DAVIDS) Union Twp. 1820-1840. From: - Lionel C. Lewis (Jul 18, 1998)
Joel B. HERVEY, b. at sea 1800-1820?? m/Elizabeth David or Davids of NJ, had several children, only know of one, Jothan Clark HERVEY, b. 1842 in Butler County, OH. Jothan married Hester Ann Miles of KY, dau. of Levi MILES of VA and Catherine (DURBIN) MILES. They had 6 children: Emma, Julia, Henry, James, Benjamin and Charles J. Need to know parents of Joel B. HERVEY and Elizabeth Davids. Children of Jothan were born Darke County, OH. Family lived on farm in Darke County, Ansonia, IN. Any info about the HERVEY's needed. Thanks.

BLOSSOM (Cyrus C. and Harriet HARRIS) Milford Township..during the 1840-, Married 60. From: - Karren Blossom Minkler (Jul 19, 1998)
Looking for information on the following people...Cyrus C. Blossom, Harriet Harris (wife)children: Emily, born abt.1843, married to a man named Isiah Howser, or Hanson, Ebenezer, born abt. 1846, Mary E., born abt. 1848, Hannah Charlotte, born aby 1850, married Westley Beauchamp, son of Wilson Beauchamp, grandson of Alexander, Elick Beauchamp, Hannah later married a man last named Ludwig...she possibly went by the name Lotte, James C. born abt 1852, and possibly a Fernanado, born aby 1856, and my great grandfather Loius Roscoe Blossom, born 1861...Cyrus was probably the son of Ebenezer and Hannah Blossom...Any help with this fmily ewould be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance for any help you may give..

BAYS (Leslie Milton and Anna Laura Ramsey HITE) Middletown, 1919-? From: - Roxanne Fox (Jul 19, 1998)
Looking for links, clues to this couple. Anna Laura was my g-grandmother (thru the Hite name) and I would like to find her date of death and if she had any other children.

PAYNTER (Squire E. and Ella Abell PAYNE) Middletown, 1919-? From: - Roxanne Fox (Jul 19, 1998)
Looking for links, clues to this couple. Ella was my g-grandmother (thru the Payne name) and I would like to find her date of death.

GARVER (Hanna) born Butler County, March 2, 1983. From: - Dorothy D. or James R. Welsh (Jul 22, 1998)
We are seeking information on this woman's parents. She married Emanuel Welsh, but we do not know the date.

EBERT (Adam, Hannah GARRETT) From: - Arthur C. Epert (Jul 23, 1998)
This Couple was married in Pa. Schuylkill Cnty. They moved to Butler Cnty. where I know they had two sons. Adam in 1833 and William in 1839. They had a n older daughtor Catherina who was born in Pa. Thanks for any help Art Epert abe@ligtel.com

GRABEL Peter & Elizabeth BARNHARDT) Colerain and Springfield. From: - mick TRANOR (Jul 23, 1998)
Looking for any GRABEL in Butler county. Also looking for Parents/Sibs of Elizabeth BARNHARDT

DUNWOODY (James and Sarah GRANT). From: - Naomi Emmich (Jul 25, 1998)
family to Mercer Co OH then Mahaska Co IA, where did James and Sarah go from there?