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WHY GENEALOGY, HISTORY, and TRAVEL?     Our family's history sometimes changed by what was happening around them and by the geography of where they lived, so we
talk it over on forums, and search for clues in books, census, forums, genealogy, keywords, living people, local history, military history, name & surname searches, newspapers, research, and travel by state or destination like to * Fairfield * Harrison * Oxford * Cincinnati to do our research in person.
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Butler County OHIO
History, Travel, and Resource Links Page

Butler County OH History (list of local Post Offices)
Butler County OH History, Ohio History Central
Early Natives * Archaeology: Mound Builders
* Ft Ancient (Warren Co)
* Area history, Muncie IN
* The Adena People
* The Shawnee Tribe
* US Indian Tribes-Ohio
* The Miami Tribe * Miami Indians
* Myaamia Project, Miami University
* Miami emigration * Miami Tribal Chiefs
* Chief Little Turtle plus discussion * Battle of Fallen Timbers
* Ohio Indian Wars
Revolutionary War * Gen A Wayne's US Legion, 1792-96
* Fort Hanmilton
* Rev War Vets in Ohio 1818-1819
* Cincinnati: frontier outpost founded right after War
Northwest Territory
* treaty (1783)
* ordinance (1787)
* Northwest Territory
* NW Territory * Maps
* Executive Journal
Not consulted, area residents ("about 45,000 Indians and 2,000 traders, mostly French") went to war
Expansion of the Empire from an on-line exhibit
Symmes Purchase
Evolution of Ohio The Symmes Purchase, C. A. White
Symmes Purchase, Ohio History Central
Land ownershipIntroduction to Ohio Land History Federal Land Patent Records Historic Greater Cincinnati
Early 1800s Ohio Bicentennial Series 1803-2003 OhioLINK
Tecumseh at Adena, 1807 Miami University, 1809
1840s issue: emigration
Early 1800s Local Churches
SW OH Stagecoach lines
* War of 1812 Vets
* Local photography
The National Road north of Butler Co, 1820s
Post Offices, early 1800s on This list of Butler County OH Post Offices includes dates of operation and a search feature. The list is on the PostalHistory.com site, where readers can view - and customers can purchase - envelope covers and/or postmarks for their own collection. Many town postmarks are rare, not available.
Education "Miami Years"
Current schools:
* Miami University * Fairfield * Hamilton * Lakota * Monroe * Ross

Morgan Township High
old class photos
Oxford History Oxford and Butler County History, McGuffey Foundation School
Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad Stations

Narrative for the Spread Eagle (Dunlap)
Enlightenments Butler Co UGRR Assoc
Ohio Underground Railroad operators
More UGRR Links
UGRR: Washington & Athens Counties (Oh)
COFFIN, Levi (1798-1877), "president of the Underground Railroad"
National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Cincinnati)
The "Friends of Freedom Society" site explores the history of the Underground Railroad through SW Ohio, including Butler Co.
African AmericansOhio African American Genealogy
"The Ties That Bind"
Black Civil War Soldiers Cincinnati Civil War Round Table - OH, KY, IN
Civil WarCivil War: Missouri and more general links 39th Ohio Infantry, by Larry Stevens Camp Dennison
Colliers' Civil War
OHGenWeb Civil War* Ohio in the Civil War
* 6th Ohio Volunteers
Morgan's Raiders, Civil WarLocal Civil War Re-enactment
Late 1800s 1882:
History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio
Hamilton businesses
(Lane Library)
Map of Ohio
Lane Library
Early 1900s Heritage of Butler County Ohio: the history of Butler County via education, business, religion, recreation, transportation, organizations, events, and landmarks.
The 1913 Flood
Butler Co Flood Stories
Great Flood, 50 yrs later
with pictures
Statewide flood toll
Miami River
Great Miami River Days: history
Kayak Cam: kayaking on the Gr. Miami River at Blue Rock (youtube.com)
Butler Co historic bridges, bridgehunter.com
History of the
Miami Conservancy District
Early 1900s News * The Daily Republican News
Hamilton, Ohio
Vivian Combs Moon, transcriber
* Check other messages posted on OHButler-L by month
* Ohio Newspaper Index, 1793-1996, on microfilm
* Hamilton American * Hamilton Press * Hamilton Democrat
* Ancestry.com: Historical Newspapers
Ohio MedicineMedical History in Ohio Local 1918 Flu epidemic
by Roger L. Miller
UC College of Med
Eclectic Med Institute
Wars & Veterans American Veteran Sites for Genealogy Viet Nam War casualties (Virtual Wall) Butler Co OH Veterans
* Middletown Vet Memorial
* Tribute
Later 1900sFantasy Farm Memorial 1963-91 Local Lawyers
Butler County Bar

Butler County Today
Current NEWS * OHIO News from Butler County * JournalNews, Hamilton obits & county news
* Miami University (Cincy Post) * Middletown Journal * Oxford Press * Early 1900s News
Current Events Butler County, Ohio resources
Ohio bicentennial:

Butler Co Data
Butler Co On-Line
BOOK: Ohio Bicentennial Portrait, by Stephen Ostrander, Ian Adams * more books, below
Current Research: Family Tree DNA can determine if two people are related Use Surname DNA tests Did your paper trail end? Are you up against a brick wall? Let genetic genealogy help you. Excellent resource search site for many topics at Questia Online Library
BCO * Birth Certificates: how to obtain * Probate Court: search for recent estate and guardianship hearings

Research Butler County Genealogy

Ancestry.com offers free searches by name, location, and date. Some information requires a quarterly or yearly subscription fee, but they often have weekly "specials" for free. They are also putting Historical Newspapers, Social Security Death Index, Census Records Online, and viewable Census Records

Butler County Record Center and Archives, request information
Marriage Records 1803 - 1923+
Birth Records 1867 - 1908
Death Records 1867 - 1908
Naturalization Records 1804 - 1923
Will Records 1803 - 1923

Archives & Census for Ohio (USGenWeb Project pages)

Biographies on-line Butler County OH Genealogy Societies
Butler County OH
(more below)
New and Used Books from Amazon.com on "Butler County Ohio":
Local | Genealogy | History | Travel
Butler County Books and Collectables
Books On-Line: Butler County, OH history
Books: On-Line Searches and Lists

Basic Butler County Links, plus others
* Addresses and people searches

* Bed & Breakfast searches - Southwestern Ohio
* Plās Cadnant B&B, Shandon
* Several in Oxford
* Rossville Inn, Hamilton
* Books
* Butler County Records Center and Archives
123 North Third St., Hamilton, OH 45011
* Butler County OHGenWeb

* Calendar of Genealogy and History Events for the greater SW Ohio area (free to post and free to read)
* Cemeteries in Butler County, OH
* Census project - USGenWeb Project volunteers
* Cincy Historical Society Library
* Cities in Butler County, OH
* Ohio in the Civil War
* Collectibles: local postmarks & Books
* Comprehensive Genealogy sites (Interactive Genealogy)
* Butler County Court House, 2nd & High Streets, Hamilton, OH 45011
* County Courthouse picture postcard

* Darke County, Ohio
* Death Records
* Download Searches for genealogy, etc.

* E-mail list: OHBUTLER-L; free membership to discuss Butler Co OH families and history
* Butler County Engineers Office: many links to local and current information
* Email discussion lists about genealogy and history
* Everton's Genealogical Helper (Ohio)

F - G
* Genealogy Forums and Chat
* Other forum searches
* Genealogical Societies
* Genealogy for Sale

* Hamilton and other Butler County cities and towns
* Historical Markers * Historical Societies * History
* Hotels (above)

* Indiana Marriages, through 1850
* Interactive Genealogy searches
J - K - L
* Land Patent Records Site: search eastern states
* Libraries in Butler County, OH area:
    * Lane Public Library
    * Lloyd Library & Museum: eclectic and herbal medicine (Cincinnati; Eclectic Medical School)
    * Middletown: Middletown Public Library
* Ohio Public Libraries (also see BOOKS, above)
* Look-up help for short Butler County, OH genealogy questions
* Middletown and other Butler County cities and towns
* Maps of Butler County, OH or elsewhere
* Marion Co, OH Genealogy
* Miami & Erie Canals (Ohio's Historic Canals)
* Miami Valley Genealogy Index: searchable data from Butler County censuses, marriage & death records
* Montgomery Co OH Genealogical Society
* Monuments in Butler County
    * John Symmes' Hollow Earth Monument, Hamilton
    * John Symmes, French House
    * The Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Hamilton

N - O - P
* News
* Early 1900s News

* OHButler-L Archives
* Ohio One Room Schools, The Society for the Preservation of
* Ohio Resources Browse resource links and search for Ohio family surnames

* Pensions, 1835
* People Search
* Places in Butler County OH
* Places to spend the night
* Politicians of Butler County
* Politicians who were born, who died, or were buried in Butler County, OH

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* Research: Roz Young article, June 1980, Dayton Daily News

* Scioto Trails (Richmond)
* Surname searches via the "Interactive Genealogy" index
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T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z
* Towns and townships in Butler County, OH

* Usenet groups discussing genealogy
* USGenWeb Archives Table of Contents: census reports, wills, etc.

* Vital Records for Butler Co OH, Ohio counties, USA

* Yahoo's Butler County links local and current

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