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Kemp and Zeller tombstones

Sally Hagins provided the following photos from her collection.

Leah KEMP was the wife of George C. KEMP. (George was the son of Jacob and Mary (ALWINE) KEMP.) Leah was buried in Miltonville, Ohio, and died April 16 1854.

George W. KEMP was the young son of George C. and Leah KEMP. George W. was 2 when he died in 1840, and was buried in Miltonville, Ohio.

Francis M. KEMP and his wife Catharine C., buried in the Middletown (Ohio) Historical Cemetery. Catharine died in 1871, and her husband died in 1909. Francis was a descendant of Conrad KEMP, MD 1685.

Andrew Zeller and his wife Elizabeth were buried in Miltonville, Ohio. Andrew, a bishop in the United Brethren Church, died in 1846. Elizabeth died in 1884. (Also see: Zeller querry)

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