Ziliox and Zillyox Genealogy
Ziliox, also know as Zillyox
Steve Moore, AA8EK@aol.com (2005)

Hi, my name is Steve Moore and I am an ancestor of the Ziliox's who came to Millville sometime around 1840.

My Grandmother's Mother's maiden name was Ziliox. In the book it is spelled Zillyox. It is an easy spelling to mess up. I for years spelled it with 2 L's and it only has one L.

In addition, I am going to check with the Butler County Archives but I think Mr. Howe made a mistake as to which Ziliox was the Blacksmith in Millville about 1845 and up in Auburn a few years later. Jacob and Susan Ziliox came to this country about 1838 to 1840 from Bavaria. Family legend had it that they landed in New Orleans and came to Millville via the Mississippi River on a steamboat. He had his brother George Ziliox and George's wife with them also.

In the book it say's the blacksmith was Fredric Ziliox, the only Fredric I know of was married to Julia Beeler and he died in 1895 or so. Julia died about 1924 and she was my Grandmother's Grandmother on her Mother's side of the family. I am going to check with the Archives to ensure this information is correct. I can still remember my dear old Grandmother telling me about the stories she heard as a child about their trip over here from Germany.

Evidently, one of the small children got sick on the long voyage across the Atlantic and the child died. They had to bury the child at sea and that story is still told in my family to this day. Jacob Zilox died about 1865 or so. His wife Susan died around 1858, I think. I am going to go check the gravestones this week. The above mentioned Ziliox's are buried in the Millville Cemetery being some of the first interments out there.

I also had a Great Uncle I remember, his name was Max Ziliox. He owned and operated a car dealership in Oxford, Ohio back in the 50's and early 60's. I am told that Max used to run radio commercials about his car dealership that said, "Don't be a silly ox, buy your next car at Ziliox, Ziliox Motors, Oxford, Ohio." If someone can remember those commercials feel free to drop me a line. Max is buried in the Darrtown Cemetery with his wife Eunice P. Ziliox. They had no children that I am aware of.

But the name in Howe's 1882 Cyclopedia (see pages 455-459 and 413-417) and is spelled incorrectly.


Steve Moore

Hamilton, Ohio

13 October 2005 update:

Max Ziliox ran a Hardware store in Oxford from 1910 until 1923. At that point he went into the car dealership. He had a partner at the car dealership and the sign out front said Ziliox and Roe.

I found some pictures of Max Ziliox at the Lane library website. In addition to the car dealership and running Oxford Hardware he was on the Butler County Ration Board in 1942.

If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures I have of Max Ziliox then feel free to e-mail me.


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