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The CHASTEEN Family of Hamilton, Ohio
by Kathy Sharp Chasteen

Wallace Chasteen & Mary Frances Johnston Chasteen (his first wife) from Hamilton, Ohio. I don't have a date for the photo but I think it is their wedding picture or shortly after they married.
Wallace Chasteen -- born December 10, 1892 - died June 20, 1970
Mary Frances Chasteen -- born about 1893 - died March 27, 1920
They had 3 children Blanche, Bernie, William at the time of Mary's death in 1920. William was my husband's father -- he was only 4 years old when his mother died.
This is a copy of Mary Frances' Funeral Bill. She died in 1920 at the age of 27.

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This is the original transit certificate to ship her body to Ford, Ky. for burial

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FUNERAL CARD: Wallace Chasteen (1970)
The first card is the original card for Wallace Chasteen. His first wife was Mary Frances Johnston.

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FUNERAL CARD: William Chasteen (1961)
The second card is a copy of a notecard I found with some crushed roses in a plastic bag attached to it. William Chasteen was Wallace Chasteen's father. I believe he was born in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. I am not sure of his wife's name.

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This picture was taken at a Chasteen family reunion in Hamilton, Ohio. The gentleman with the cane is William Chasteen and his son Wallace Chasteen. (1958)

I am not sure who these two ladies ("Aunt Lillian" and "Aunt Margaret") are. My husband thinks they might be sisters of Mary Frances Johnston Chasteen. She had a sister Lillian who married Robert L. Jordan (Jordon). (1957)

I have had trouble researching the Chasteen's because both my husbands parents are deceased now. Mary Frances Johnston Chasteen was his grandma but his father remarried shortly after her death, moved to Elmore, Ohio and over the years no one kept in contact that branch of the Chasteens.

I found the obituary for Amanda Johnson Miller, daughter of Larry and Annie Parker Johnson of Winchester and Ford, KY who would appear to be related to Mary Frances.

December, 2003