A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio
Union Township: Pages 587 - 593
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Sylvester McLEAN was born in Union Township, Mar 6, 1836. He was the son of Samuel McLEAN and Elizabeth WHITLOCK. Samuel McLEAN was born in Fayette County, PA in 1799, coming with his parents to Butler County in 1804. They settled at Seven-Mile. William McLEAN was a soldier in the War of 1812, and one of the pioneers of the county. Samuel McLEAN died in Hamilton County, in 1870. He was a justice of the peace for 40 years in Butler and Hamilton Counties. Mrs. Elizabeth McLEAN is still living, vigorous in mind and body. She resides in Hamilton County. Sylvester McLEAN was a pupil at the common schools in Union Township, receiving a fair education. He was employed as a farmer in his earliest years, remaining with his parents until he came of age.

Mr. McLEAN was married Oct 14, 1857, to Sarah E. COX, daughter of John COX, who was a native of Union Township, born in 1800. He was the son of Joseph COX one of the earliest settlers and a brave soldier of WAYNE's war. John COX was a prominent and successful man, owning at his death some 1800 acres in this county. He never would hold office. He reared a family of 2 daughters and 2 sons, of whom but 2 survive. He died in 1863, highly lamented and deplored. Mrs. Ann COX died in 1870. Mrs. McLEAN was born in Union Township, Nov 27, 1838. To the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. McLEAN was born 1 son, Charles A., on the 9th of May, 1859. Mrs. McLEAN died Nov 27, 1869. She was a woman who was highly esteemed, and was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church. Soon after being married Mr. McLEAN became a resident of Westchester and stayed there during the 12 years of his wedded life.

Joseph COX settled upon the COX homestead in Union Township at the end of 1795 or beginning of 1796. He was a native of NJ, born about 1767 and dying in 1842. He was a captain in the War of 1812 and always was known as Captain COX. With his son John he lies buried on the family homestead. Eliza, the oldest daughter of John COX who was born Jun 6 1836 was married to Luther M. HUGHES Sep 7, 1859. This marriage resulted in 2 children. Julia A. was born Jun 26, 1860 and Emma L. Jun 10, 1863. Mrs and Mrs. HUGHES occupy the old family homestead, a portion of which was built by Captain COX*as early as 1812. Mr. McLEAN and son own 540 acres.

Isaac Myers was born in Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, May 31, 1807, and was the son of Joseph MYERS and Ruth SHUFF, who were emigrants from MD. He attended one of the old-fashioned school-houses in which the seats were fashioned of logs. He was brought up from his earliest recollection as a farmer, but at 17 learned the trade of a shoemaker. He was married Nov 7, 1827, to Eliza GRAY who was born in Fleming County, KY in 1806. They were the parents of 6 children. Charles H. was born Jul 3, 1828. He now lives in IL. William, who died at the age of 12 was born Jan 15, 1830. Joseph was born Apr 12, 1832 and now lives in Hamilton County. Eliza A., the wife of William PARKER and a resident of KS was born Jan 15 1835; Jacob was born Dec 25, 1837, living at present in Union Township. Isaac was born Nov 12, 1844. He enlisted in the fall of 1862 in the 69th Regiment, participating in numerous battles and serving until the close of the war. He died Nov 21, 1879, being the father of 3 sons. Mrs. MYERS, the mother of these children, died Sep 12, 1870.

After marriage Mr. MYERS remained in Sharon until coming to Butler County, in the spring of 1835, settling upon the farm that he still owns, on Section 16, Union Township. It had a log house upon it, which is still standing and had been partially improved. It was previously owned by John COX. In the spring of 1836 he went to Westchester, where he owned a tannery and conducted a boot and shoe business jointly with farming. He was in the village 7 years and then returned to the farm. The log cabin was used as a dwelling until he built his present residence, about 1847. His place consists of 140 acres, under good cultivation. He has been overseer of the poor for 5 years.

George McKINNEY was born in Newbury Township, York County, PA, Sep 6, 1818, and was the oldest son of John McKINNEY and Mary FIELDS. The father was of Irish descent, and was a soldier of the War of 1812. He died about 1830. George McKINNEY learned the trade of a blacksmith when 15, his apprenticeship to run until he came of age. He then worked as a journeyman for a short time, and in the winter of 1840, came to OH, locating at Westchester, there laboring for 4 or 5 years. He was married to Catherine DAWSON Oct 20, 1844 and had born to him 1 daughter and 2 sons. John H. was born Aug 3, 1845 now being a resident of Warren County. James W. was born Mar 30, 1847.

Mr. McKINNEY*s wife died Jun 3, 1850 and on the 2nd of Mar 1851 he was again married. His choice was Mary SMITH, daughter of Major H. SMITH. They have had 4 children, 2 of whom are living. Anson was born Jan 20, 1856. He is a school-teacher and lives at home. Sarah was born Jan 18, 1861 and is still at home. After his marriage he located on the site of his present place in 1845, occupying a log house, and putting up a log blacksmith shop, which he has continued up to the present time, still doing a little at it to convenience his neighbors. The log dwelling-house was replaced by the present handsome frame structure about 1874. He has never held any office, except that of school director.

Robert MOORE is a native of Butler County, being born here Dec 16, 1815. His parents were Alexander and Mary MOORE who came to this county in 1802. He was married in Nov 1839 to Sarah Jane WARDWELL, daughter of Isaac and Nancy WARDWELL, who was born in NY, Apr 23, 1817, and moved to this county in 1820. He has had 8 children. William Oseer, born Jan 17, 1841; Mary Arnand, Aug 13, 1842; Frances Margaret, wife of J.L. CARR, Dec 5, 1844; Isaac, Nov 14, 1846; Robert G., Dec 20, 1849; James Alphonso, Sep 12, 1853; Theodore H., Oct 3, 1855; and Mark C., Apr 19, 1858. William lives in White County, IN; Isaac and Theodore in Mixerville, Mrs. CARR in Cincinnati and James in Nashville, TN. Mr. MOORE is a farmer, and served as a justice of the peace for 3 years. John MOORE, his grandfather, was killed in the Revolution, and Alexander MOORE served in the War of 1812. William WARDWELL was in the Revolutionary War, serving 7 years and William O. MOORE served 3 years and 9 months in the last war.

William M. MILLER was born in Steubenville, OH, Apr 14, 1818. He was the son of John and Margaret (ANDREWS) MILLER, both natives of PA. His father was a lumberman, and resided in PA, and at an early day moved to Steubenville, where he had a lumber-yard. In 1827 he moved to Butler County, from Wayne County, where he had resided for the space of 8 years. He followed the lumber business, after coming here, for about 5 years, when he retired from active labor and so remained up to the time of his death, Sep 17, 1852. The mother died in Wayne County Nov 5, 1826. William M. MILLER is the only child now surviving of 6. He received a common school education in the district schools of this county, and on reaching manhood engaged in agricultural pursuits. He now owns a homestead near Maud's Station. In Oct 1865 he was elected a commissioner of Butler County, and held that office for 2 terms of 3 years each. He has been a school trustee for a number of years and a member of the board of education and director of schools and has always taken a deep interest in education. He is a democrat. He was married Feb 19, 1846, to Miss Mary CUMMINS, daughter of Isaac CUMMINS, an early settler.

Four children were born to them. Alexander is engaged in farming; Marietta is now the wife of Obadiah SEWARD; Ross is in Kansas City, engaged as a traveling agent; and John Harold, who is a graduate of the Central Normal College, Danville, IN has recently been elected as principal of the Campbell Normal University, Holton, KS

Richard W. NIXON was born in Union Township, Oct 5, 1819, being the younger son of John NIXON and Elizabeth TAYLOR, both natives of PA, of English descent. John NIXON was one of the pioneers of Butler County, settling on the place now owned by Charles KROUSKOPF about the beginning of the century. He cleared up that place, where he spent the remainder of his days. He was born in 1776 and died in 1821. His wife died in 1835. Richard W. NIXON was a pupil at the common schools, receiving an ordinary education. He has always followed farming as an occupation. He was at home until he was 13 years of age, his mother then breaking up housekeeping, when he went to live with his brother John, in whose employment he was until his marriage. That occurred on the 29th of Oct 1842. His wife is Abigail J. AYERS, the oldest daughter of Samuel W. AYERS and Mary COX. Mr. AYERS was born in the township, and was the son of one of the earliest settlers. The son settled on the premises now owned by Francis KROUSKOPF about 1825, raising a family of 3 daughters and 3 sons, all now living. Mr. AYERS died Mar 11, 1842.

Mrs. NIXON was born Jan 2, 1827 and has been blessed with 9 children. Samuel A. was born Nov 9, 1843; Oliver P., Oct 30, 1845; George C., Jan 15, 1848; Mary E., Feb 23, 1850; Margaret Ann, Mar 14, 1852; Lydia J., May 20, 1857; Hester E., May 11, 1862; Wade S., Dec 13, 1864; Allen M., Feb 14, 1869. The oldest son, Samuel A., enlisted in Co A, 69th Volunteers in 1861 and participated in all the battles of his regiment until 1864. At the battle of Jonesboro, GA, Sep 1st of that year, young NIXON was mortally wounded while gallantly fighting in defense of our flag, dying on the 4th. Oliver P. And George C. now live in IA. Mary E. is the wife of January SPINNER, a resident of Union Township. Margaret Ann is married and lives in Warren County. The others are at home.

After marriage Mr. NIXON was a resident of the S.W. AYERS homestead for 5 years, then going to Warren County, where he lived for 4 years. Returning to Butler County in 1852, he soon after settled upon the site of his present home. In the spring of 1860 he put up the new buildings now upon the place. He enlisted in Co A, 69th Regiment in Dec 1861, but was discharged on account of physical disability in July, 1862.

Frederick C. PETRI was born in Bavaria Dec 19, 1838 being the son of George C. PETRI and Constance FEY. He came to America May 2, 1855 soon after being in Liberty Township, working for John FLENNER. There he stayed for 3 years and a half. Mr. PETRI was married on the 20th of Mar 1862, to Elizabeth MILLER, born in Germany in 1837. Mr. and Mrs. PETRI have been granted 5 children, of whom 3 survive. Cora Anna was born Jan 18, 1870; Fred C., Jr., Jul 3, 1872 and Edward, Nov 1, 1874.

Mr. PETRI conducted the GEBHARDT farm in St. Clair Township, for 2 years was 1 year on the WOODMANSEE farm in Liberty Township, occupied the Peter W. SHEPHERD farm, in Liberty Township 2 years, locating on the place where he now lives in the spring of 1867. It was known as the MILLS place. It consists of 240 acres. In 1874 Mr. PETRI made a trip to Germany with his family and was gone over 6 months. He and his wife are members of the Lutheran church at Hamilton. Mr. PETRI has served as school director.

John POCOCK was born in Hanover Township, Butler County, Sep 5, 1837, and is the son of James and Harriet S. POCOCK. The father was a native of MD coming to Butler County early in the century. He was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was married in this county, and raised a family of children.

John G. POLSTER, the youngest son of John and Anne POLSTER, was born in Bavaria, Oct 10, 1829. He came to American in 1849, living in Steuben County, NY for 14 years. He was married Jan 14, 1854, to Margaret STROBEL, who was born in Bavaria, Jan 27, 1833. Mr. and Mrs. POLSTER are the parents of 9 children. Mary was born Sep 8, 1854, and is now the wife of Conrad HUFFNAGLE, of Cincinnati. John George was born Oct 29, 1856, and lives at home. Margaret Elizabeth was born Jan 16, 1860; Louisa, Jan 29, 1862; Katie Rachel, Mar 30, 1863; John W., Oct 16, 1865; Eli John, Mar 4, 1868; Mary Ann, Sep 28, 1871 and Lizzie Barbara, May 16, 1874. In the fall of 1863 he came to OH locating in Butler County in 1864 and purchasing the farm where he still resides. It consists of over 100 acres of fine land, under good cultivation. He began without money, having but 5 francs left when he arrived in NY. He is a member of the Lutheran church at Hamilton.

Henry STICKELS was born in Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, Apr 12, 1837, being the son of Joseph STICKELS and Mary CONDON, of PA and OH and of German and English descent. The family removed in 1849, to Butler County where the boy was brought up to the occupation of a farmer. When about 20 he traveled for several years on the rivers and with show companies. Mr. STICKELS was married, Jun 3, 1861 to Emily WALKER, daughter of Joseph WALKER, a well-known citizen of this county. She was born in 1842. Mr. and Mrs. STICKELS are the parents of 8 children, of whom 6 are living. Oscar, the oldest child, died at the age of 9. Cora was born Aug 6, 1866; Rush, Jul 12, 1868; Charles, Dec 31, 1869; Annie, Mar 20, 1871; Elsie, Jul 5, 1872; Harry, Sep 8, 1873. An infant died Sep 27, 1878.

One year after his marriage, Mr. STICKELS entered the 83rd Regiment, participating in the battle of Arkansas Post, the siege of Vicksburg, Jackson, Mississippi, and several others. He was taken prisoner at Carrion Crow, LA, being confined at Alexandria for 2 months. On being exchanged, he returned to his regiment, serving until the close of the war, and was mustered out at Camp Dennison, OH, Jul 1865. He came to Butler County and engaged in conducting a saw-mill for 7 years. In 1872 he went to Maud's, beginning the lumber and coal business in connection with a mercantile business. He is now doing an extensive and increasing trade. In 1859 he went to Pike's Peak, trading a year among the Indians. Mrs. STICKELS died Sep 28, 1878.

Jacob STEINMAN was born in Bavaria, May 23, 1842. He is the son of Valentine and Margaret STEINMANN(sic). He received a fair education in Bavaria, before coming with his parents to America in the fall of 1854, the family remaining in Niagara County, NY for some 3 years. Jacob was a pupil at the common schools in Niagara County. He came to Butler County in the spring of 1858, working at farming in Fairfield Township. He was married Oct 25, 1866 to Susan M. BEISER, daughter of George BEISER, an early settler. She was born in this county Jan 26, 1843. They are the parents of 5 children, 4 now being alive. Jacob George was born Sep 17, 1867; Charles Frederick, Sep 4, 1869, dying when 1 year and 11 months old; John Edward, Dec 10, 1871; Susan M., Oct 14, 1873; and Charles F., Feb 27, 1876.

He lived 1 year in Fairfield township after being married, and in the spring of 1868 came to Union township, conducting the farm now owned by Christian MOERLEIN first, and then a place near Port Union for 4 years. He then bought the place now owned by William W. GRAHAM and resided there 7 years. In the fall of 1879 he sold out, and the following spring purchased the farm where he now lives, formerly the Captain MOORE farm. It comprises 225 acres, and has a handsome residence upon it, with pleasant surrounding. Mr. and Mrs. STEINMAN are members of the Lutheran church at Hamilton. He is a democrat in politics.

Anthony SALSMAN, son of Joseph SALSMAN and Elizabeth C. SLIFER, of PA and MD birth, and German and French extraction, was born Feb 28, 1833. With his parents he came to this county about 1839, settling in Fairfield township. His father died when he was a small boy, and he began working as soon as possible. He was employed around a farm in various places in this county, and was a resident of Hamilton County for some years. He remained with his mother until a year after marriage, which took place Nov 22, 1857. The object of his choice was Miss Mary Jane GRAY, daughter of William GRAY, an old resident of the county. She was born Jun 16, 1839.

Mr. and Mrs. SALSMAN are the parents of 10 children, 8 of whom are living. John B. was born Mar 13, 1859; Elizabeth M., Aug 13, 1860; Francis M., May 8, 1862; Anthony W., Apr 25, 1864; Amanda L., Jun 30, 1866; U.G., Oct 13, 1868; Emma C., Aug 11, 1874; Vermillion, Dec 26, 1876 and Norris L., Jan 22, 1880. The last died Aug 9, 1881. Until 1859 he lived upon the place now owned by his father-in-law, settling in the spring of 1861 upon the place where he now resides. The buildings were then poor, and the improvements small, but have since been remodeled and added to.

George Washington SWEARINGEN was born in Union Township, Apr 8, 1826. He is the son of John Van SWEARINGEN and Amelia DALEY, natives of DE of German and English descent. John Van SWEARINGEN was a Revolutionary soldier, and also served in the war of 1812. He came to Butler County in 1808, settling upon the farm now owned by his son. He was a prosperous farmer, but was a miller by trade. He was married about 1796, and reared a family of 11 children, 5 of whom are now alive, 3 daughters and 2 sons, all well-known residents of this county. Mary Ann, the youngest daughter was born Feb 20, 1820, and always has lived upon the place. George W. SWEARINGEN went to the common schools until old enough to labor, when he began working upon the farm, where he has always lived. He owns 50 acres, which are well cultivated, and lives in the old house, built about 1820. Upon the place is the grave of the Rev. Mr. GRIMES, a missionary to the Indians.

Isaac SWEARINGEN, the first member of the SWEARINGEN family that came to OH, was born in Frederick County, MD, being a brother of General Joseph SWEARINGEN of the Revolutionary War. He was a surveyor, and came to this region as one of the first of that calling ever in this neighborhood. He laid out, it is said, the first road in the county. His brother, the general, had been sent to fight the Indians, and he came with him, returning to the East with the army. About 1795 he brought out his family and squatted in Union Township, and in 1803 his brother John came to OH and bought him out, when he returned to MD. In 1809 he came back and settled at North Bend, and about 1830 moved to Laurel, IN and there died, leaving no family. The ancestor of the family in America was originally known as VANSWEARING. He was kidnapped when a child from Germany and brought to this country more than a 100 years ago, being sold to a merchant in Baltimore. He afterwards became a merchant himself. In after years 2 of his brothers came to America, and to distinguish the families he added *gen* to his name, making it VANSWEARINGEN. When he died he was of the great reported age of 117.

John VAN SWEARINGEN was born in Frederick County, MD Jun 4, 1762 and died in Union Township in 1852. He married about 1799, in MD, Amelia DAILY (sic), who was born in MD about 1780 on the ground where the battle of Antietam was afterwards fought, and died Jul 30, 1836. She had 11 children. Drusilla was born Jul 25, 1801; Thomas V., Jun 2, 1804; Margaret, Mar 13, 1807; Naomi, Oct 5, 1809; Isaac, Dec 25, 1811; Elizabeth, Feb 25, 1814; Rebecca, Aug 22, 1816; John D., Aug 20, 1819; Mary Ann, Feb. 21, 1821; William born Feb. 23, 1824; and Washington, Apr 8, 1826. Naomi is still living, and is the widow of F.C. CRAWFORD; Elizabeth is the widow of Cyrus CRANE; John D. lives in Bethany; Mary Ann is at home; and Washington lives in Union Township. The others are dead.

Mr. VAN SWEARINGEN came to Butler County in 1803, and settled in Union Township, purchasing the tract of ground upon which his brother Isaac had squatted, containing 98 acres of land, where he settled and lived till the day of his death. During the War of the Revolution he was called out to watch the slaves, and to prevent the colored people from rising in response to the calls of the British. About 1832 he lost his eye-sight, and was blind till his death. He was a mechanic, and learned harness-making first of all. Afterward his father left him a grist-mill and he learned milling. For many years he ran the mills of Governor MORROW and Colonel HUNT and also was called from long distances to dress mill buhrs. He was probably the only man in the Miami Valley who could do this. He was the first man that ever made a cradle for cradling grain in Butler County. He was a mechanical genius, and could make almost anything that was needful. He would go to the blacksmith*s shop and make his own tools, and also made shoes, chairs, and wheels and was also a weaver.

His son, John D., was born Aug 20, 1819, in Union Township and was married on the 1st of Jan 1843, to Julia CRANE, who was born in Liberty, Oct 12, 1819, and died Mar 4, 1865. They had 6 children 5 of whom lived to grow up. Benton was born Mar 7, 1845; Eliza Ann, Oct 12, 1846; Christie Ann, Oct 21, 1848 now dead; Margaret F., Jun 26, 1850; Luella Belle, Feb. 9, 1852 now dead; and John D. was born May 3, 1854. He was married the second time on Mar 2, 1857 to Eunice C., widow of William G. WHEELER, who was born Apr 2, 1865 in this county and dying Feb. 9, 1869. Her maiden name was WHIPPLE. She had no family. He was married the third time, Nov 13, 1870, in Lebanon, Warren County, to Lavina HAWTHORNE, born in Warren County, Jan 11, 1830. She has no family. He has been a member of the Odd Fellows* Society for some years, but of late years has retired. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and is its steward. He has held all the offices except pastor. He joined the organization in 1836 and has been a liberal supporter ever since.

William E. SHEPHERD was born in Liberty Township, Dec 29, 1838, and is the son of David SHEPHERD and Elizabeth ELY. When David SHEPHERD came to this county in 1837, he looked around for a place on which to settle, and the next year found it. It is the one now owned by his son. Then it was but very slightly improved, but soon began to present a different aspect. He had a family of 3 sons. He died Oct 1876, being then a member of the Baptist Church. William E. SHEPHERD was married Aug 30, 1865, to Miss Elizabeth Jane COY who was born in Union Township, May 28, 1848. They are the parents of 6 children, 5 of whom are living. Irene Gertrude was born Jun 3, 1869; Wilbur C., Jul 29, 1872; Isaac Percival, Dec. 11, 1875; Abbie Elizabeth, Nov 6, 1877; David Lloyd, Dec 7, 1879. Mr. SHEPHERD has always lived on the home place, which he inherited from his father. He owns 269 acres, and is now engaged in putting up a fine house. They are members of the United Brethren Church.

Charles H. SHEPHERD the son of David SHEPHERD and Elizabeth ELY was born in Union Township, Jul 16, 1850. His parents were natives of NJ, of German and English descent. Mrs. SHEPHERD is still living, residing with her son, Charles H. The latter was married Mar 1, 1875, to Miss Barbara WEHR, daughter of J.G. WEHR. They are the parents of 2 children. W.E. SHEPHERD was born Sep 24, 1877, and Elmer SHEPHERD, Jan 1, 1880. Mr. SHEPHERD resides upon a portion of the homestead, occupying a residence built in 1880. It is a handsome, well built structure, and cost about $4,000. He owns 184 acres of finely cultivated land. Mrs. SHEPHERD is a member of the Lutheran Church in Hamilton. He is a Republican.

Nehemiah VANHISE was born in Union Township, Butler County, Dec 17, 1822, being the younger son of William VAN HISE and Rachel HAGEMAN of NJ. They are of German extraction. William VAN HISE came to Butler County about 1800, and was one of the pioneers. He was township trustee for several terms. He was a prosperous farmer, and raised a family of 6 sons and 2 daughters. Three sons are now living. Mr. VAN HISE died about 1853. Nehemiah VAN HISE remained on the home place until his marriage, which happened on the 28th of Nov, 1848. He was then united to Elizabeth AYDELOTTE, daughter of James A. AYDELOTTE. She was born in 1824. Mr. and Mrs. VAN HISE are the parents of 4 children, of whom 2 are living. Luella May was the wife of E. MOORE. She died May 28, 1880, aged 23. Anna Laurie died Feb 8, 1880. Benjamin F. is a resident of Hamilton County, and James is still at home. After marriage he continued on his father's place for 3 years; then removing to Pisgah and engaging in the manufacture of brooms, a business that he conducted for some 18 years. He then entered upon mercantile business in Pisgah, which he has since carried on, doing an extensive trade. He keeps a general stock of goods. Mr. VAN HISE was township treasurer one term of 2 years, about 1864. He and his wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

George VINNEDGE was born in Fairfield Township, Nov 30, 1809, being the younger son of John and Rosanna (MOORE) VINNEDGE. John VINNEDGE was a native of PA, where he was born in 1774, on the 4th of Apr. He accompanied the expedition of General WAYNE to the Indian grounds at the north, and was packhorse-master from Fort Hamilton to Fort Greenville. After the defeat of the Indians he remained in Hamilton, where he was married in Jun, 1796. This is the earliest marriage in the limits of this county known to the editor of this book. He settled on the place now farmed by Thomas VAN CLEAF, fin 1798, and lived there till 1850. He raised a family of 8 children, of whom but 4 survive - 2 sons and 2 daughters. In 1850 he removed south of Hamilton, in Fairfield Township. He was a justice of the peace for many years and was an active Democrat in politics. He was a member of the Methodist Church. He died in Aug 1868, in his 95th year. George was educated in the common schools in Fairfield Township, and was brought up to farming. He remained at home until he was 24.

In 1831 Mr. VINNEDGE was married to Miss Malinda ROBBINS, and has had 5 children - 3 daughters and 2 sons. Three daughters are now living, residents of Butler County. They are Mary R., widow of Isaac SKILLMAN, living in Milford; Nancy R., wife of Frank JONES, living in Hamilton; and Julia W., wife of Johnston GERARD, living in Union Township. The first Mrs. VINNEDGE died in 1875, and he was again married, Apr 1875. His wife was Mrs. Katy MAGNESS, daughter of Henry SPELLMAN. Mr. VINNEDGE has nearly always been engaged in farming. In 1839 he purchased a farm on the Springdale Pike, where he resided until coming to Union Township in 1856, locating on the place now occupied by Johnston GERARD, a short distance north of Port Union. He afterwards removed to his present home, a short distance south of Port Union, where he owns 83 acres, having on the old place 150 acres. He was a director in the infirmary board some 9 years. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

William TOWNSEND, the son of Daniel TOWNSEND and Mary HAMLIN, was born in Devonshire, England, May 1828. He was employed upon a farm until coming to America in the spring of 1850. From NY he proceeded to Cincinnati direct, being a resident of Hamilton County for some 10 years, working upon a farm. He was married Aug 14, 1860, to Henrietta CRAIG, daughter of John Frederick CRAIG, an old settler in Texas, then the name of a part of Cincinnati, who assisted in building the first house in that part of the city. Mrs. TOWNSEND was born in Hamilton County, Feb 8, 1837. Mr. and Mrs. TOWNSEND are the parents of 7 children. Mary Ella was born May 8, 1862; Sarah Anna, Jan 12, 1865; William Frederick, Aug 18, 1867; Benjamin Franklin, May 3, 1870; Ida May, Jun 21, 1872; Grace Edith, Jan 22, 1874 and Theodore Albert, May 20, 1877.

After marriage he came to Butler County, in 1860, locating in Union Township. After 4 years in Union Township he went to Fairfield Township, where he conducted the WINDISCH farm for 12 years. It was the spring of 1877 Mr. TOWNSEND purchased the farm formerly owned by E. BECKLEY, consisting of 165 acres of fine land, with residence and ample buildings. He had no start in life, and has wrought his destiny himself. He and his wife are worthy members of the Methodist Church at Port Union.

W. L. VANHISE was born in Union Township Aug 5, 1840, and is the only son of William W. VAN HISE and Jane M. TRUESDALE. She is from NJ, and is of German and English extraction. W.L. VAN HISE began as a clerk, when 15 year of age, and in 1863 began business in Westchester. After 3 years he went to St. Louis, where he remained 3 years. He then came to Cincinnati, where he was in a wholesale grocery for 3 years, and then returned to Westchester. In Mar 1879, he entered into partnership with James SCHENCK, in the firm of SCHENCK & Co. He keeps a general store, and does an extensive and increasing trade. He is also a grain buyer. Mr. VAN HISE was the township treasurer for 2 terms, beginning in 1863. He was married Dec 3, 1863 to Miss Rachel A. VAN HISE, daughter of James VAN HISE. Their children are Nellie, born Dec 3, 1864 and Clarence L. born Feb 5, 1872. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Henry T. VOORHEES was born in Warren County, OH, Jul 4, 1803, and is the oldest son of Daniel VOORHEES and Betsy TUCKER, natives of NJ. Daniel VOORHEES*settled at Lebanon, Warren County, having previously been a teamster for General WAYNE*s army. The occupation at which Henry T. VOORHEES first began was farming, following it till be became of age and for 2 or 3 years after. He was married about 1825 to Mary BRANDEBURG, a native of PA. Mr and Mrs. VOORHEES were the parents of 5 children, of whom 3 survive. Daniel B. lives in Omaha, NB; Eliza was the wife of Wesley CALDWELL, and died about 1860; Israel is a resident of Union Township; Charlotte is the wife if Milton THOMSON, living in Warren County; and Henry died in his infancy.

Mr. VOORHEES continued a resident of Warren County until 1837, then removing to Union Township, in this county. He now has an improved place of 140 acres of valuable land, and under a high state of cultivation. He began with nothing. When he was first married they had to borrow cooking utensils. Mrs. VOORHEES is a member of the Baptist Church at Muddy Creek. They now live in a comfortable and commodious residence, built about 1844.

John George WEHR was born in Bavaria, Jan 10, 1800. He was the son of John WEHR and Susannah HAUSER. He received a fair education in Germany, and was brought up a shepherd. He was married in 1839 to Barbara HEILENGER, born in Germany in 1810, on the 29th of Jun. They were the parents of 8 children, of whom 6 are now living. Lena Barbara was born Feb 2, 1840, and is now Mrs. Jackson MEAHL. Mary Elizabeth was born Dec 2, 1844 and is now the wife of George MUSKOPF of Butler County. Simon D. was born Jun 25, 1846 and is now residing on the home place as is the next brother, George C, born Sep 15, 1848. Barbara was born Sep 20, 1850 and is the wife of Charles H. SHEPHERD of Union Township. Andrew H. was born Jul 8, 1852. Mr. WEHR came to America in 1843 being in Hanover Township 4 years, St. Clair 2 years, Liberty 8 years, and 12 years in Fairfield, renting places. In 1871 he purchased the farm where he now lives from James PATCHELL. It consists of 90 acres. They are members of the Lutheran Church. He is a Democrat in politics.

Frederick WICKE was born in the kingdom of Hanover, near Bremen, Mar 16, 1839. He is the son of Henry WICKE and Olive KOOLMAN. He received a fair education, but at the age of 17 determined to emigrate to America, and continued his journey until he reached Cincinnati. There he was employed 6 months, thence going to Sharonville, where he remained until coming to Westchester in the spring of 1859. In that year he commenced buying produce, doing a prosperous business. He rented a small farm known as the Peter MOORE place. Sep 19, 1861, he was married to Miss Nancy LEMON, born in Huntsville, Sep 17, 1844. She is the daughter of Christopher LEMON, an early settler in Liberty Township. They have had 6 children of whom 2 are dead. Olive A. was born Feb 28, 1865; Mary E. Apr 5, 1868, dying in infancy; John T. died at the age of 14 months; Henry R., Nov 28, 1875; and Anna C. Jan 1, 1878.

Mr. WICKE continued on the Pliny MOORE place till the spring of 1862, when he went to Liberty Township, engaging in farming and the buying of live stock. This he continued until the spring of 1865, when he purchased the AUG farm, near Westchester, where he still lives. It consists of 225 acres of land adjoining Westchester, of a valuable quality, and finely cultivated. He built his present residence in 1869. It has fine barns and outbuildings. Mr. WICKE is largely engaged in buying live stock and shipping it to the Cincinnati markets, doing this in addition to managing his own place. He had nothing to begin on, and his life is a good example of what industry will accomplish. He has held the office of township trustee for 8 years. He is an ardent Democrat in politics, and is an active and influential citizen. Mr. WICKE is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and Mrs. WICKE of the Methodist Episcopal Church.