A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio
Liberty Township: Pages 494 - 498
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Joshua ELLIOTT was the first member of this family that settled in Butler County. He was born in Baltimore County, MD, Jan 24, 1782, and was married in that State in Sep, 1807, to Betsy HUGHES, who was born Mar 3, 1786, in the same county. They had eight children. Elijah was born in 1810, and died in 1877; William, in 1812, and died in 1848; Sarah, in 1814, and died in 1816; Arthur, Mar 2, 1817; Betsy Ann, in 1819, and died in 1878; Joshua, born in 1822, and died in 1826; John Taylor, Mar 26, 1835; and Daniel, in 1827 and died in 1858. Mr. ELLIOTT was induced, by representations made by his brother, the Rev. Arthur ELLIOTT, to move to OH, and about 1810 he and his family, consisting of a wife and one child, together with his father and mother and five brothers and three sisters, came out here, and settled in Liberty Twp, near where the old Spring Church has since stood. At this time there was not a stikc of timber cut, so he began by clearing the land sufficiently to build a house. He first purchased about 100 acres, finally acquiring upwards of 500 acres in all in this county, and 400 in IN. He was for many years a consistent member of the Methodist Church, and his house was always a stopping-place for the Methodist ministers. He brought out with him a slave and a copper still. the slave, after serving out his time of two years, was freed, and went to Liberia. The still he never put up, being a strong temperance man.

Of his children Arthur is the only one living in the county. He was married Jan 15, 1840 to Emmeline VAN GORDEN, who was a native of the twp. She was born Feb 7, 1819. They had seven children: James Corwin, born in 1841, is married; Joshua, born in 1843, died in 1846; Newton, born in 1847, died the same year; Benjamin F., born in 1848, is married; Elmorie T., born in 1852, is married; Arthur E., born in 1858, died in 1859, and Mollie, born in 1861, died in 1867. Mr. ELLIOTT has been a twp trustee, and a member of the school board for several years. He is a farmer and stock breeder, and owns over 400 acres, which his sons farm.

David FLENNER came to OH before any of the other members of the family. He was born in Frederick County, MD, 1769, and was there married to Susannah BREWER, also of that county, where she was born about 1772. They had nine children, four of whom are living. Daniel, Solomon, and Betsy are dead. Susan, the wife of Jonas P. CLARK, resides in IN; David is dead; Rudolph was born Nov 20, 1809; Polly is the widow of Peter BREWER; Cynthia is dead; and John is married and lives in Liberty Twp.

Mr. FLENNER left MD about 1801, and went overland to Pittsburg, PA, and down the Ohio River in a flat-boat, to where Maysville now is, in KY. In 1803 he came to OH and settled in Liberty Twp. He purchased 305 acres of land and went to farming. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church. In 1811 he and his wife started overland on horseback to MD, accomplishing the entire distance, 700 miles, in that manner, changing horses every other day. They bought a carriage in MD, and drove back in that in 1812.

His father, Rudolph FLENNER, also came to Butler County, bring his wife and seven children, the remainder of his family. He settled in St. Clair Twp, where he purchased a large tract of land and gave each of his children a farm. They were a prominent and wealthy family in MD. He died about 1810, and his wife survived him about ten years.

Rudolph FLENNER was born in Liberty Twp, Nov 20, 1809, and was married the first time in 1833, to Mary MILEY, born in that twp May 3, 1818, who died Jul 21, 1875. By her he had 13 children, eight of whom are living. Harriet is the wife of William SCUDDER; Martha, of William M. ROOKE; Emma, of J. DAVIS; Mary, of Samuel THOMPSON. Dustin is married; Laura is the wife of Whittemore HUGHES; Marion is married, and David is single at home. Mr. FLENNER was married the second time on the 3rd of May, 1877. His wife was Ada MEIGHAN, who was born in Warren Coutny, Jan 21, 1837. He has been a member of the school board for 16 years, twp supervisor, captain of the first company, first cavalry squadron, first brigade, State militia, under Governor VANCE. His commission was dated Nov 10, 1837. He is a member of the Methodist Church, and has held the office of steward for 40 years. He is also a class leader.

Robert FITZGERALD was born in Ireland, Dec 14, 1770, and married Letitia ROBY, born in VA, Oct 9, 1772. They had six children, three now being alive. Sarah was born May 21, 1803, and is the widow of Ledstone ROBY; Nancy was born Oct 22, 1809, and is the widow of William DORN; Prior, born Dec 22, 1810; William, born Aug 26, 1801; Samuel, Jun 13, 1807; and Edward, Feb 26, 1812. The last three are dead. Prior FITZGERALD was born Dec 22, 1810, in Clermont County, and was married April 7, 1822, to Catherine VAN SCOYK, born in Lemon Twp, Nov 21, 1822. They had seven children, of whom five are now living. Taylor W. was born May 8, 1843; Emily, Feb 1, 1846; Bruce, Feb 3, 1848; Charles, Mar 13, 1858; and Clement L. VALLANDIGHAM, June 9, 1863. Mr. FITZGERALD came to Butler County with his father, and when he was 14 years old he commenced to earn his own living, working by the month on a farm for 10 or 12 years. He then farmed on shares and traded stock until he had accumulated some capital, and in 1840 he purchased 89 acres in Liberty Twp. He now owns about 110 acres in the county, and considerable personal property.

Peter L. GORSUCH, son of Thomas GORSUCH, was born in Liberty Twp, Mar 23, 1841, and was married Feb 4, 1864, to Hannah WILLIAMSON, daughter of David WILLIAMSON, who was born Apr 30, 1842. He had seven children. Mary Hattie was born May 30, 1865; Lerna Loretta, Sep 15, 1867; Ida Myrtle, Oct 5, 1869; Ellison Lee, Jan 3, 1873; Ethel Laura, Apr 11, 1876; Bertha Jane, May 1, 1878, and one unnamed, Jan 17, 1881. He worked his first year after he was 21 for his father for $100, and that was his first start. he then rented 20 acres, and farmed, planting corn, and when he had time worked by the day. In the Winter he cut corn-wood. He continued to rent different farms, among others his father's, till the Spring of 1872. In that year he purchased 95 acres of George SMITH, part of the old ANDERSON farm, paying $8,217 for it. There is another deed for the same farm now in his possession, which shows when it sold for only $250. Mr. GORSUCH is a self-made man. He contributes much to the support of the churches in his neighborhood. He gave largely to the one in Bethany, and is a trustee of the Presbyterian Church of that place. He now owns 153 acres, and considerable personal property. He was drafted three times during the war, and sent a substitute. He is a Democrat.

Thomas GORSUCH was born in Baltimore County, MD, Oct 14, 1816, ans was married in PA, Aug 18, 1836, to Mary LESOURD, also of Baltimore County. She was born Jan 17, 1814, and had ten children. Nicholas was born Jul 12, 1837; Susannnah, Jun 27, 1839; Peter L., Mar 23, 1841; Sarah A., Jan 11, 1843; Elisha, Jun 1, 1846; Edmund, Jul 18, 1847; Charles W., Mar 6, 1849; Mary E., Dec 20, 1850; Thomas B., Sep 30, 1853; Rebecca, Aug 4, 1855. Nicholas, Susannah, Elisha, Edmund, and Rebecca are dead. Sarah A. is the wife of William G. LESOURD, and Mary E. is the wife of Alfred LOWE. Mr. GORSUCH came to OH in 1836, settling on SLADE's farm, in Liberty Twp. He brought some capital, and in 1839 began business with his wife's uncle, Benjamin LESOURD, at Lesourdsville, where he remained about eighteen months, losing all his money. He then rented a farm and tilled it for several years, and about 1846 he purchased thirty-six acres. From that he has steadily improved, until he now owns 210 acres, part in Butler and part in Warren Counties. He has considerable personal property, and two town lots in Bethany. He has held the office of twp treasurer for 6 years. He was elected in 1873 and took the ofice in 1874, remaining in till 1880. He has been a member of the school board for ten years. He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which he joined while a boy in MD. He is a Democrat, and cast his first vote for General JACKSON.

Samuel and Sarah GREGORY were born in VA. They had ten children. James, John, William, and Samuel are dead; Elizabeth married Josiah CARR; Martha married Wiliam HARTLEY; Mary married Fergus MITCHELL; Sarah married William MCCLURE; CHarlotte married Lewis CLARKSON; and Annie married William KINCAID. Mr. GREGORY came to OH about the same time as the WOODMANSEE family, and purchased a section of land. Samuel GREGORY, son of the above, was born in Liberty Twp, Sep 20, 1813. He was married Dec 25, 1834, to Dolly TORBETT, born Nov 29, 1812, in Williamsport, PA. They had seven children. Sarah J. was born Aug 20, 1835, and is the widow of Joshua CHAMBERS; Joseph, born Jun 30, 1837, is married, and lives in TX; Thomas, born May 10, 1839; Catherine, born Apr 24, 1841, is dead; Elizabeth A., born Feb 5, 1843, is the wife of Samuel H. SMITH, and lives in Cincinnati; George W. was born Feb 11, 1845. mr. GREGORY received 152 acres of land from his father, and spent his time improving it. He was one of the prominent citizens of Liberty Twp. He died Jun 28, 1848, leaving a widow and six children.

Charles GORSUCH was born in Baltimore County, MD, Jun 13, 1789. He was married for the first time in that State, and had five children. He was married again on the 24th of December, 1840, to Hannah GORSUCH, born in Baltimore, MD, Apr 1, 1799. They had one child. Elisha was born Sep 26, 1832, and died Feb 16, 1874. He was married Mar 29, 1855, to Sarah E. STUBLER, a native of MD, where she was born Aug 6, 1831. He had four children. Raper D. was born May 1, 1856, and Edgar B. was a twin with him. Charles W. was born Aug 3, 1867, and Ella, Mar 5, 1861. Mr. GORSUCH is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, holding the offices of steward, trustee, and superintendent of the Sunday-school. His widow lives in Liberty Twp.

John GRIFFIS was born in Liberty Twp Apr 22, 1804, and married first, Dec 27, 1827, Anna SMALLEY, born in Liberty Twp, Jul 6, 1811, who died Sep 17, 1832, leaving one child, Lovina, born May 18, 1829, who died Jan 22, 1866. He married second, May 30, 1833, Nancy CLAWSON, born in Madison Twp, Apr 14, 1808. They had six children. Sarah Ann was born Oct 18, 1834; Martin and Marcus were born Dec 22, 1836; Milton, born Jul 30, 1839, is married, and lives in Liberty Twp; David, born Aug 28, 1841; and Martha, born Jan 26, 1844, the wife of Robert LOUTHAN, who lives in Liberty Twp. Only the latter and Milton are now living. Mr. GRIFFIS was a member of the Baptist Church. He died Jul 26, 1855, in Liberty Twp. Milton GRIFFIS, son of the above, was born Jul 30, 1839, and married Dec 22, 1863, to Eliza SHEARD, daughter of Elisha SHEARD and Eliza (BOOTH) SHEARD, who was born in Hanover Twp, May 22, 1842. They have three children. George W. was born Oct 17, 1864; Mary E. was born Jul 28, 1867, and Emma A. was born Mar 26, 1864. he is a farmer, and owns and farms 136 acres, inherited from his father.

John HARPER< the ancesotr of the HARPER family in Liberty Twp, was born in Westmoreland County, PA, Nov 1, 1786, and was married three time. Mary REES, his first wife, was born in Westmoreland County, Nov 8, 1785, and died about 1841, in Liberty. She ahd seven children. James was born Jan 14, 1807, in Liberty Twp, where he still lives; Elizabeth was born Feb 16, 1809; David, Feb 16, 1812; William, Jun 5, 1814; Mary, May 10, 1817; Hannah, Nov 5, 1819; Ruth, Aug 5, 1825. Hannah is living, but the others are dead. his second marriage was to Hannah BLUE, who was born in OH. She had one child, which is dead. In his third marriage he was united to Milly BRUNDRIDGE. He came to OH in 1810 and settled in Liberty Twp. About 1825 he purchased 47 acres, previous to which he had worked out and rented. He was a self-made man, and nothing when he came here, but acquired considerable property in the course of time. He was drafted for the War of 1812, but was prevented from going by sickness. His first wife's father was a soldier of the Revolution and served in all the war. Mr. HARPER was a member of the Campbellite denomination, and the church was built on his farm. he was one of its liberal supporters. He died about 1861, in Wayne Twp. His son, James, was born Jan 14, 1807, in Westmoreland County, PA, and was married Mar 10, 1830, to Hannah MOORE, born in Butler County, Nov 14, 1805, and ided in 1843, in Liberty, leaving no children. He then married, Dec 11, 1844, Ruth PEAKE, who was born in this county, Mar 19, 1814. She died Jan 23, 1873, having one child, Elizabeth Ann, who was born Jan 3, 1848. She is the wife of Clinton CLAWSON, who lives in Liberty Twp. Mr. HARPER has held the office of twp trustee, supervisor, and constable. He was elected a justice of the peace, but would not accept the position. In politics he is a Democrat.

Joshua E. HUGHES, retired farmer, was born in Liberty Twp, on the 6th of January, 1823. He is the youngest child of Elijah HUGHES and Sarah MUCHNER, the former of whom was born in MD, Nov 4, 1777, and the latter May 5, 1780. They were married in MD about 1800, and had as children Eliza, born Oct 9, 1803; Daniel, Ju 27, 1805; Micajah, Jan 25, 1807; James, Jun 3, 1808, dying when small; Mary, Feb 18, 1810; Elijah, Mar 15, 1812, died when little; Christopher, Dec 12, 1813; Rachel, Oct 9, 1815; Elizabeth, Jun 3, 1817; Philip, Oct 19, 1820, and Joshua. The latter was married to Mary Ann LEGG, in December, 1848, and has two children. Frank M. was born May 22, 1849, and Charles L., born May 23, 1851. Mrs. HUGHES was born May 189, 1828. Frank was married to Christiana SWEARINGEN, who died, and then he married Hannah SHAFOR, the daughter of Peter SHAFOR. He had two children by his first wife, Mary Mabel, and the other is dead. Charles married Florence DENEEN, and has one child, Lola May. Mr. HUGHES has always lived in this neighborhood; has been a supervisor for 15 years, and school director. Mr. HUGHES's father was of Welsh descent, and his mother of German. He subscribed liberally during the war for the relief of those who had been drafted, and none went from the township who did not desire to.

Few of the citizens fo Butlerwere better known than Christopher HUGHES. He was born in Balitmore County, MD, Dec 12, 1813, being the sixth child in a family of 11 children of Elijah HUGHES and Sarah MUCHNER. As will be seen elsewhere, the family came to OH at the close of the second war with Great Britain, and settled in Liberty Twp. Christopher HUGHES was married to Eliza A. YOUNG on the 6th of February, 1838. He speedily became noted as a political leader, and fought strenuously for his party, the Democratic, from the time of his majority till his death. He was endowed with more than ordinary natural abilities. Clear in his judgment, and decidedly firm in his convictions, enterprising and public-spirited, he acquired great influence, and for many years occupied a prominent place in social and political circles. He was of the Jacksonian type. He was four times elected to the Legislature, serving eight years. During the civil war he was a staunch opponent of the policy of the administration, yielding nothing to popular clamor. He took especial delight in agricultural pursuits, and for many years was connected with the county agricultural society, and for a long time was a county commissioner. He took an active part in securing the location of the Short Line Railroad from Dayton to Cincinnati. He possessed high principles of honor, and, though strong in his likes and dislikes, was by no means reengeful. He was very determined in his efforts to accomplish any object which he believed to be right, but whenever unsuccessful he took his defeat like a philosopher. He was a sincere and steadfast friend, and a very highly esteemed citizen.

Elijah HUGHES was born in Baltimore County, MD, about 1777, and died about 1838. Before leaving MD he married Sarah MUCHNER, born in the same county about 1780, and dying about 1831. Mr. HUGHES learned the trade of blacksmith, serving his full time in MD, and carrying on the business for about 10 years. In 1816 he purchsed a tract of 170 acres in Liberty, this conty, from Peter LESOURD, moving on it in 1817 with his family. He came overland on wagons, and immediately on his arrival went to work as a blacksmith, laboring at this occupation for about seven years. He also farmed a little, and at the expiration of the period just mentioned, gave up his forge, and turned his attention entirely to farming and stock dealing. He was a prominent man and well liked by his neighbors, very industrious and of good judgement. He was a pioneer member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Philip HUGHES was born in Liberty Twp, Oct 19, 1820, and was married on the 5th of May, 1847, to Elizabeth ROSE, daughter of Isaac ROSE and Charity (GARWOOD) ROSE, who was born in Liberty Twp, Feb 26, 1827. They have had two children. Rosa was born Sep 4, 1845, and is the wife of Linus P. CLAWSON; Emma was born May 12, 1852, and is at home. Mr. HUGHES is one of the prominent citizens of Liberty, has held the office of twp clerk two terms, and twp trustee several years. He is a member of the school board in Fairfield Twp, and also in Liberty Twp. He began life as a farmer, and remained so until his marriage, since which time, although owning farms, he has never conducted them himself, but has devoted his time to breeding stock. He was one of the first organizers of the First National Bank, and at present owns enough stock to act as director, an office he now holds. He was one of the organizers of the Butler County FIre Insurance Company, and served as a director until it closed up. He was a stockholder and director for some time in the Union Central Life Insurance Company in Cincinnati.

Michael IUTZI was born in Hesse Cassel, Germany, Aug 14, 1777, and married ther Maria HOLLY, born Apr 23, 1783. They ahd three children and came to America with them. John was born in Hesse Casse, Nov 13, 1803, and died in June, 1868, in Liberty Twp. Elizabeth, born about 1805, died in 1879, in Illinois. She was the wife of Daniel BRENNERMAN. Jocobina was born June 19, 1807, become the wife of Leonard ALLENDORF, and died Dec 30, 1853. John IUTZI married Elizabeth SCHANTZ, who was born Feb 20, 1809, in Nassau, near Wiesbaden, Germany, on the 26th of October, 1828, in Hesse Cassel. They had ten children. Christiana was born Oct 29, 1829; George, Aug 11, 1831; Helen, Sep 25, 1832; Frederick, Dec 22, 1834; William, Apr 27, 1837; Mary, Sep 19,1839; Elizabeth, Feb 18, 1842; Jocobina, Sep 8, 1844; Joshua B., Jun 14, 1847; John, Jul 14, 1853. Christiana and George died in Germany. Helen is the wife of Killian KENNEL. ELizabeth is the wife of SImon TWEEDEL. Mr. Michael IUTZI came to America in 1832, and in April, 1833, removed to Liberty Twp, settling on the farm where the family now reside. He was a farmer in Germany, and his son, John, brought some means when he came to this country. He purchased 230 acres where he settled. He died Dec 5, 1840, and his wife died Apr 29, 1853.

Benjamin Franklin KYLE was born in this twp in 1837. His father was James KYLE, who was born Sep 17, 1791, and died Apr 19, 1879. His mother was Elizabeth KYLE. She was born Feb 22, 1796, and died Sep 24, 1865. They came here in 1803, from PA. Benjamin F. KYLE was married, in 1868, to Helen LEIGHTER, daughter of Samuel K. LEIGHTER and Henrietta Caroline KING. The former was born in MD, and the latter in Stark County, OH. Their daughter was born in Stark County in 1843. Mr. and Mrs. KYLE have had three children. Henry LEIGHTER was born Jul 5, 1870; Blanche, June29, 1873; and Walter SMEDLEY, June 28, 1875. Mr. KYLE is a member of the school board. James D. KYLE was born on the 27th of September, 1839. He is the son of James KYLE, who had by his first wife, Esther CLARK, on e child, Sarah, wife of Vincent WYLE. By his second wife, Elizabeth DEARDOFF, he had three children: Maria Ann, born Apr 11, 1835, the wife of A. C. MARTIN, of Hamilton; James D., and Benjamin F. Mrs. Elizabeth KYLE was one that formed the first Methodist Society in Monroe. James D. KYLE married, Feb 16, 1869, Mary M. daughter of Alexander CARR. She was born in Clermont County, Feb 27, 1843. They have four children, as follows: Julia Irene, Elizabeth Olive, Clarence J. A., and Mary Lenetha. He was a member of Bethany Grange, and is a member of the Methodist Church, as is also his wife.

Adam LINN was born in Westmoreland County, PA, about 1740. He married a Miss DICKERSON, and had nine children. John, James, and Adam were the first three; Sarah married James GILBRETH; Isabel married Jeremiah WAKEFIELD; Margaret married William PATTERSON; Nancy married Jacob POWERS; Mary married Enoch THOMPSON; and Jane married John PATTERSON. He came to Ohio in 1804, and settled in Liberty Twp. By occupation he was a farmer, and served in the Revolutionary War. He died about 1810, his wife dying about 1815. Of his children, Adam was born in 1785, in Westmoreland County, and married Jane PATTERSON, born in the same county about 1790. They had eight children, three of whom are living. Anne, deceased, was born in 1806, and Samuel, born in 1808, is dead; William was born in 1810; Mary, deceased, was born in 1812; Margaret, born in 1814, is the wife of Louis ROFF, and lives in Sidney; Nancy was born in 1817, and is the widow of Joseph BOGGS, living at Rialto, in Union Twp; Jane, born in 1819, is dead; Charlotte was born about 1824. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, and was a soldier of 1812, under Captain SHAW, volunteering in place of a drafted man. He died in 1846, and his wife died about 1847. Of his children, William, born in 1810, married Jane DAVISON, who was born in Monmouth County, NJ, in 1819. They had one child, Dr. William D. LINN, who was born in 1840, and is now deceased. At his second union, WIlliam LINN married Rebecca JONES, who was born in Warren County in 1824. they had six children: Henry G.; Jane, wife of Joseph LESOURD; Mary, wife of Dr. C. W. STEDOM; Aletha A., James F., and Joseph M. Mr. LINN owns and farms 102 acres. He is a self-made man. He originally learned the trade of a carpenter, at which he worked for thirty years, but upon the failure of his eyesight he purchased the farm.

Charles LEGG was born in 1767, in Montgomery County, MD. He married, in 1787, Rachel WILCOXON, born about 1764 in the same county, and had eleven children, three living. Elizabeth was born about 1788, and is dead. Polly, born Dec 18, 1789, the widow of Aaron BURDSALL, lives in Liberty Twp. John, born in 1791; Rebecca, in 1793; William, in 1794; Walter, in 1796; Nancy, in 1797; Sarah, in 1799, are dead. Charles C., born July 12, 1801, is living; Arthur, born 1803, is dead; Amos, born September, 1805, is married and lives in Union Twp. Mr. LEGG moved to Washington County, PA, in 1800, where he resided about five years, and in 1805 he came down the Ohio on a flat-boat, and landed at Cincinnati. He moved at once to Butler County, where he settled in the present limits of Union Twp, and entered 80 acres of land in Madison Twp. He afterwards moved to Liberty, on the farm now owned by Simeon ROSENCRANZ, and in 1811 he leased the ministerial section, to which he moved Christmas-day, where he stayed ten years. He then bought 88 acres in Union Twp, where Amos now lives, and where he remained until his death, which occurred Sep 4, 1864; that of his wife happening about 1857. His son, William, was a soldier in 1812. He went to Detroit, MI, and returned after a brief service, sending a substitute. Mr. LEGG was a member of the Methodist Church, which both he and his wife joined early in life. His wife's brother, Amos WILCOXON, and his brother, Arthur LEGG, were out in the Revolution. Charles C. LEGG was born in Washington County, July 12, 1801, and married Sarah KAIN, born in NJ in 1801. They have had one child, Mary Ann, born May 18, 1828, the wife of Joshua HUGHES. Mr. LEGG has been school director and twp supervisor. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.