A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio

Morgan Township: Pages 437 - 438
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John EVANS, born in North Wales, Jul 17, 1795, came to this county in 1818, & settled on Paddy's Run. His wife, Sarah, was born in this county in 1806, & married him on Jun 28, 1821. By trade Mr. EVANS is a tanner. He is the father of 14 children: Mrs. Mary JONES, born Dec 9, 1827; Evan, born Nov 4, 1823 (?); William, born Jul 7, 1823 (?); Mrs. Elizabeth DAVIS, born Mar 26, 1827; James, born Feb 26, 1829; Mrs. Ann JONES, born Nov 26, 1830; Mrs. Martha GRIFFITH, born Aug 17, 1832; John, born Jul 17, 1834; Robert, born Mar 8, 1836; David, born Jul 21, 1838; Mrs. Sarah DAVIS, born Nov 3, 1840; Richard, born Dec 1, 1842; Edward, born Aug 24, 1845; George, born Jan 19, 1850. John EVANS's father's given name was Evan, & his mother's name Elizabeth; his wife's father's & mother's names were James & Mary NICHOLAS. They came to this county in 1812. John EVANS, Jr., was a soldier of the Rebellion. John EVANS, Sr. is a man of ripe experience; he has accumulated a large & handsome property about him, & in all the active walks of life has acted his part well.

Joseph CLAWSON was born in Butler Co., OH, Mar 7, 1803, & married for his first wife, Cynthia PARKHURST, Feb 26, 1824, who was born Jun 14, 1806 & died Dec 28, 1834. For his second wife he married Belinda PARKHURST (born in Trumbull Co., OH, Nov 21, 1809), Apr 14, 1836. Andrew & Mary CLAWSON, his father & mother, came to this county in 1802; his wife's father & mother, David & Mary PARKHURST, came to Butler Co. in 1814. Joseph CLAWSON is the father of Belinda, born Dec 30, 1824; G. W., born Jul 23, 1832; Cynthia, born Dec 25, 1836; Maria SULSER, born Nov 21, 1841, a resident of Kansas; Amos P., born Jun 14, 1844; Ellen SMITH, born Oct 10, 1846; Malon M., born March 17, 1849; Andrew P., born Jan 5, 1853. G. W. & A. P. were soldiers in the late war. He is a man of good habits, & has accumulated, by careful industry and economy, a large share of this world's goods.

WOODRUFF, FENTON (Morgan Twp., p. 437)
A well known gentleman in Morgan, Reuben WOODRUFF, was born in Lemon Twp., Butler Co., OH, Sep 11, 1804, & was married Dec 2, 1824, in Ross Twp., to Elizabeth FENTON, born Aug 11, 1808. This marriage resulted in John, born Sep 6, 1826--dead; George, born Nov 3, 1828, now of Edwards Co., IL; Stacy, born Jul 11, 1831, now of St. Charles, this county; James C. born Sep 3, 1834; Daniel R. born Oct 28, 1837, of Paddy's Run; Samuel W., born Dec 26, 1839; Ensign, born Aug 13, 1845--physician. Daniel & Sarah WOODRUFF came to Butler Co. Jan 5, 1800. Stacy & Mary FENTON came also to the same county in 1808. Samuel Williamson, the 6th son, was a soldier in the late war, in the 35th OH Volunteer Infantry. Mr. & Mrs. WOODRUFF have lived together for over 57 years, & have raised a family of respectable sons. Daniel, his father, witnessed the battle of Bunker Hill, at the age of 10 years. His son has now a musket and bayonet used in that memorable fight.

Alexander Walker DeARMOND was born in Butler Co., OH, Dec 5, 1822. For his first wife he married Eliza, dau/o Jacob & Margaret ROSS, Oct 21, 1845; for his second wife, Elizabeth LLOYD, dau/o David & Nancy OWENS, Jan 9, 1867. The fruits of these unions have been William Augustus, born Aug 17, 1846; Bryon Ellwood, born Jan 22, 1851--dead; Cassius M., born Aug 23, 1860; Angie HAMMOND, born May 13, 1844, living in Boone Co., IN; Imogene THOMPSON, born Dec 27, 1846, St. Charles; Eva SPARKS, born Feb 23, 1850, wife of Samuel SPARKS of Groesbeck, Hamilton Co., OH. Thomas & Rebecca DeARMOND came to this county in 1813. William JENKINS, one of their relatives, was a soldier in the war of 1861. Mr. A. W. DeARMOND was a soldier in the war of 1861. He has also accumulated a considerable property, mostly in land, to the amount of 325 acres, all of which he has earned through his own efforts.

One of the most prominent men in Butler Co., who held the office of justice of peace for 24 years, was township treasurer for 9 years, & trustee for 2 years, is Samuel DeARMOND, born in Hamilton Co., OH, Nov 15, 1805, & married to Sarah, dau/o Peter & Sarah YOUMANS, Nov 2, 1826. Mrs. DeARMOND was born in Sussex Co., NJ, the 2nd day of Nov 1806. King & Hannah DeARMOND, his father & mother, came to this county in 1807; his wife's father & mother came to Butler Co. in 1815. Samuel DeARMOND is the father of 7 children: Hannah ROBINSON, born Feb 6, 1830--dead; Elizabeth Ann, born Feb 27, 1832, now of St. Mary's, IL; Caroline BROWN, born Apr 24, 1834; Margaret SISELOVE, born May 22, 1839; John C., born May 25, 1841; Mary E. HALL, born Nov 19, 1843, now of Sumner Co., KS; Samuel H., born May 1, 1846. Mr. DeARMOND is a man of iron nerve. During his term as magistrate he never had a decision overruled. He is known throughout the country as "Squire Sam," a title which he won by being a civil officer for a long time. This household has been happy, & is now completing its 54th year of married life.

James DeARMOND, a farmer, living in Okeana, was born in Franklin Co., IN, Oct 20, 1807, settling in Butler Co. in 1815. On the 30th of Aug 1827, he married Maria, dau/o Peter & Sarah YOUMANS, who was born in Sussex Co., NJ, Jan 24, 1810. This marriage resulted in a large & estimable family as follows: John Randolph, born Aug 5, 1828--dead; Sarah SMITH, born Jul 22, 1830, of Decatur Co., IN; Peter, born Jul 30, 1832; Rebecca GEORGE, born Nov 19, 1834--dead; Elizabeth JONES, born Aug 1, 1837; Anna MERCER, born Sep 20, 1839; Mary Ellen DENISON, born Jan 26, 1842; Emeline DAY, born Mar 28, 1844; Theodore, born Sep 28, 1846; James, born Dec 28, 1847; 1807, settling in Butler Co. in 1815. On the 30th of Aug 1827, he married Maria, dau/o Peter & Sarah YOUMANS, who was born in Sussex Co., NJ, Jan 24, 1810. This marriage resulted in a large & estimable family as follows: John Randolph, born Aug 5, 1828--dead; Sarah SMITH, born Jul 22, 1830, of Decatur Co., IN; Peter, born July 30, 1832; Rebecca GEORGE, born November 19, 1842 - dead; Elizabeth JONES, born August 1, 1837; Anna MERCER, born September 20, 1839; Mary Ellen DENISON, born January 26, 1842; Emeline DAY, born March 28, 1844; Theodore, born September 28, 1846; James, born December 27, 1847; Isabella PHELLIS, born May 8, 1850; Eliza M. DAY, born July 5, 1852.

Alexander and Elizabeth, the father and mother of James DeARMOND, came to this country in 1807. They had their horses stolen by the Indians. By careful management they accumulated a large share of the goods of the world, as also have their children.

FINN, DEE (Morgan Twp., p. 438)
John FINN was born in Ireland, about 1823, & was the son of William and Catharine FINN. He settled in this county in 1852, & was in 1855 married to Ellen DEE, dau/o Thomas & Margaret DEE, & born in Ireland, Nov 24, 1831. They have had 5 children: Catharine, Margaret, William, Mary, & John. Margaret & Mary are dead. Mr. FINN has always been a farmer.

EVANS, DEANE, PRICE (Morgan Twp., p. 438)
John Lloyd EVANS was born in Culpepper Co., VA, Jun 22, 1827, & is the s/o William Harris EVANS & Lavina (DEANE) EVANS. They came from Culpepper Co. to this State in 1832, settling at Paddy's Run, Aug 1st. He was married Apr 21, 1870, at Brookville, IN, to Josephine PRICE, born Nov 21, 1839, dau/o Henry & Sarah PRICE, who lived in Franklin Co., IN. Mr. & Mrs. EVANS have had two children, LeRoy, who was born Sep 7, 1872, & Lloyd PRICE, who was born Jan 2, 1874. Mr. EVANS is engaged in general merchandise at New London, & was the postmaster of Paddy's Run in 1852 & 1853, and from 1860 to 1872. His mother's father, John DEANE, was in the Revolutionary War. He was at Princeton & Brandywine, going from Fauquier Co., VA, & serving 3 years. Mr. EVAN's father, William Harris EVANS, was in the 73rd Welsh Fusileers from 1808 to 1815, & was at the storming of Badajos & the battle of Waterloo. He was born in 1790 & died Jun, 1843, at New London.

CANN, JOYCE, BITTINGER (Morgan Twp., p. 438)
Joseph CANN was born in Loudon Co., VA, in 1804. His parents were Wilson & Jane CANN, & he came with them to this county in 1831. He has been twice married; the first time to Harriet JOYCE, by whom he had four children. Elizabeth Mary was born Apr 15, 1838; Andrew B., May 7, 1840; Sarepta, Jun 24, 1842; & William James, May 12, 1845. His second wife was Catherine BITTINGER, & by her he had four children. Joseph Norvell was born May 26, 1874; Sarah Jane, Dec 21, 1876; Harmon Will, Sep 14, 1878; & Phebe Elizabeth, Oct 17, 1880. His first wife died in 1866, & he married again in 1872. The farm that he now lives on he settled in 1835, & he has cleared it all himself.

E. J. GEORGE was born in this county Jul 7, 1827, being the s/o Joshua & Catherine GEORGE, who came to this county in 1810. He was married August 7, 1851, to Margaret E. DE ARMOND, dau/o Thomas & Phebe DE ARMOND, who was born March 1, 1832. They have 8 children. Oscar Weller was born Jan 5, 1855; Mary J., Jun 9, 1857; Alfred Cory, Nov 7, 1859; Clement V. Benton, Dec 22, 1861; Alice O., May 18, 1864; Franklin J., Sep 29, 1866; Charles W., Feb 6, 1871; & Eva A., Feb 4, 1875. A grandfather of Mr. GEORGE, David THOMPSON, served under Gen. WAYNE.

MERCER, BELL (Morgan Twp., p. 438)
William MERCER was born in Washington Co., PA, Dec 9, 1798, & was married in this county in 1826, to Margaret BELL, dau/o David & Margaret BELL, who was born Aug 8, 1804. She bore him 9 children. David was born Jul 31, 1827; Letitia Lovis, Dec 24, 1828; William, Dec 26, 1830; John R., Dec 8, 1832; James L., Nov 8, 1834; Robert L., Jan 29, 1838; Willson L., Oct 11, 1840; Margaret A., Oct 3, 1844; Florence A., Jul 3, 1848. Mr. MERCER's father, Thomas, served in the Revolutionary War. His mother's name was Letitia. David MERCER & Wilson MERCER were in the last war, & the latter was killed on Pumpkin Vine Creek in 1864. David served in the Mexican War. Mr. MERCER has been a justice of the peace & township trustee.