A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio
Hamilton: Pages 400 - 404
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Lucius B. POTTER was born in Licking County, Ohio, August 17, 1843, being the oldest son of Dr. S.H. and Augusta S. POTTER. He was educated in the public schools of Hamilton, and had just graduated at the high school in June, 1861, when he enlisted in Company C, Thirty-fifth Ohio, in August. He participated in all its battles and engagements, and in October, 1862, was appointed sergeant-major of the regiment. At the battle of Chickamauga he had a horse shot under him. He served out his time, and was mustered out with the regiment at Chattanooga in September, 1864. Returning to civil life, he took a course at a commercial college in Cincinnati, and then entered the employment of J.W. DAVIS as book-keeper till Mr. DAVIS retired from business. He was then with GIFFEN Brothers, and afterwards with the WOODSDALE Paper Company. He began as book-keeper for Louis SNIDER & Sons in 1880. He was married in 1868 to Miss Mary BACHMAN, and is the father of one daughter, Lizzie A., born in 1869. He is a member of the Royal Arcanum and the Grand Army of the Republic.

Charles RICHTER was born in Trenton, July 4, 1835, being a younger son of Frederick and Catherine (LONG) RICHTER, and was educated in the common schools. When he was eighteen he commenced to learn the trade of blacksmithing, serving a three yearsı apprenticeship. After acquiring the art he worked in various places till 1862, when he enlisted in the Fifth Ohio Cavalry, Company I. He was with that regiment during all its campaigns, participating in the affairs at Shiloh and Corinth, and numerous raids and skirmishes. He made the march to the sea under Sherman. The term of the regiment having expired, it was mustered out at Sistersı Ferry, Georgia, February, 1865. He returned to Hamilton, and worked as a journeyman till about 1872, when he began horse-shoeing for himself, conducting the place known as the City Horse-shoeing Shop, on Third Street.

Mr. RICHTER was married in March, 1866, to Martha A. DILLON. They are the parents of one son and two daughters. Frank P. Was born June 4, 1867; Bessie, May 15, 1872; and Jessie Ermina, March 11, 1875. Mrs. RICHTER is a member of the Presbyterian Church. Mr. RICHTER is a member of the Grand Army of the Republic, Knights of Honor, Knights of the Golden Rule, and of the Ancient Order of United Workmen.

John SORTMAN was born in this county, June 18, 1836, and is the younger son of Daniel and Elizabeth (McCLOSKEY) SORTMAN. He was educated in the common schools and was employed at farming until he became of age. He served an apprenticeship of seven years at the carpenterıs trade, beginning in 1856. He worked as a journeyman for some years. In connection with his father and brother he engaged in the grocery trade in the First Ward for some years. In 1876, in connection with William MURPHY, under the firm name of MURPHY & SORTMAN, he built the Globe Mills. The firm existed until May, 1881, when Mr. SORTMAN took the entire charge of the business, which is now extensive.

Mr. SORTMAN has been twice married, first in 1860 to Miss Rebecca GIBSON. To that union were born two children, Mary E. And Daniel. Mrs. SORTMAN died in 1865. His present wife, to whom he was married in 1868, was Miss Lucinda HAUK. They have one son, John Richard. Mr. SORTMAN is a member of the Odd Fellows and of the Knights of Honor, and Mrs. SORTMAN is a member of the Knights and Ladies of Honor.

Dr. J.J. STRECKER was born in Wirtemberg, Germany, October 19, 1830, attending school there. When he was sixteen years of age he came to America, the family locating in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where they remained one year, then going to Marietta, Ohio, where the doctor continued to read medicine. In 1861 he began to practice his profession at Marietta, and continued there until 1878. He then entered the Columbus Medical College, taking a full course in 1878 and 1879, and another in 1879 and 1880. He was graduated from that institution in 1880, and came to Hamilton in March of that year and soon succeeded in getting a good practice. Dr. STRECKER was married in 1853 to Miss Salome KIEFFER, and is the father of nine children, six of whom, four sons and two daughter, are living. He is a member of the Royal Arcanum, the Butler County Medical Society, and also of the District Union Medical Society.

W.C. SHEPHERD was born in Monroe, Lemon Township, July 3, 1855, being the son of George B and Sarah H. SHEPHERD. He was educated in Middletown, and with his parents came to Hamilton in 1864, soon after removing to Liberty. He was brought up to farming, but went to the common schools until his seventeenth year, then entering the National Normal School at Lebanon in the Fall of 1874, where he continued till the Fall of 1875. He then taught for two Winters to acquire means to prepare himself for the study of law. In August, 1877, he entered the office of McKEMY & ANDREWS, and remained with them until admitted to the bar in the Spring of 1879. In the Spring of 1882 he was admitted to practice in the United States Courts. He is a member of the Odd Fellows, and also of the Knights of Pythias. Of the former he is an advanced member, having passed through to the grand lodge, representing his society in that body for two terms. Mr. SHEPHERD is a rising and promising young member of the Butler County bar, and has gained his present position without any start in life.

Henry SCHLOSSER was born in Darmstadt, Germany, July 16, 1832, being the oldest son of George and Maria (SCHMIDT) SCHLOSSER. He was brought up to farming until he was fifteen, coming to America in 1849. In 1852 he began an apprenticeship of three years at the trade of miller. He came to Hamilton in 1854, in the employment of TAPSCOTT & RUSSELL, in the Peopleıs Mills, staying with them one year. He then rented a mill at Collinsville, continuing there four years. He returned to Hamilton, and entered the employment of Jacob SHAFFER, in the Hamilton Hydraulic Mills. He was with TANQUART & ANDERSON as foreman, in their Hamilton mills, remaining till 1863, when he purchased one-third interest in the Hamilton Hydraulic Mills, being there for two years. He sold out to COONE & PARMLEE. He owned and conducted a mill at Connersville from 1865 to 1870, during which time he also did business in Cincinnati as a commission merchant, selling at Connersville. He then began in 1869 the malt business, which he still conducts in Hamilton, doing an excellent business in a capacious building, erected especially for the purpose by himself. He employs from eight to ten hands constantly. Mr. SCHLOSSER was married in 1855 to Miss Henrietta BAUERSOCKS, and is the father of one daughter and two sons. They are Carrie E., William O., and Carl George. He and his wife are members of the Zion Lutheran Church. Mr. SCHLOSSER used his means and influence to support the government during the Rebellion. He is president of the EDMONDS Manufacturing Co., organized in 1882 for the purpose of manufacturing grain separators, mill machinery, etc.

James Reed SITES was born at Millville, Butler County, August 5, 1842. His parents were Jacob and Lydia SITES, who now live in Franklin County, Indiana. Both his grandfathers, John SITES and Robert REED, were in the War of 1812. John SITES came with his family from Virginia in the year 1839, and settled in Miltonville. He died in the Winter of 1867. Robert REED came from Pennsylvania at a very early day and settled near Monroe. Mr. James R. SITES graduated at Brookville College, Brookville, Indiana, on the 26th of June, 1867, coming to this city and beginning the practice of law in 1870.

He was married December 31, 1867, to Almira FOWLER, who was born in Springfield, Indiana, in May, 1848. Her parents were Jeremiah FOWLER and Elizabeth FLOYD. Mr. and Mrs. Sites have had six children, Edmund M., Martha Alice, William Elmer, Jacob J., George, and John Wesley. Jacob J and George are dead. On this fatherıs side Mr. SITESıs ancestry were Germans, his great grandfather being the first of the family that came to America. On his motherıs side they are Welsh.

Joseph STIMPSON was born in Massachusetts, February, 2, 1802, being the son of Joseph and Sally (BROWN) STIMPSON, both natives of the old Bay State, and removing to this county in 1812, first settling in Ross Township. His motherıs father served in the Revolution, fighting at Bunker Hill. Mr. STIMPSON was brought up on Indian Creek, and has a clear recollection of seeing Captain RAMSEY march out to the war with England, and being brought back dead, being killed by Indians. He also saw Col. Richard M. Johnson when he left with his detachment.

Mr. STIMPSON was married in Montgomery County, April 28, 1828, to Elizabeth PARKES, daughter of Robert and Isabel PARKES. She was born November 29, 1811. Her father was out in the war of 1812, and was several times in the hands of the Indians. Mr. and Mrs. STIMPSON have had four children. Robert P. was born February 6, 1829, Isabel Louise, January 8, 1831, John H., September 20, 1833, and Joseph F., July 13, 1835.

Asa SCHULER, a leading manufacturer of this city, is a native of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, where he was born on the 15th of August, 1823. His father, Samuel SHULER, came to this county in 1835, but is now dead. His mother, whose name before marriage was Susan WHITE, is still living in Pennsylvania, aged ninety years. Mr. SCHULER as he grew up learned the carpenterıs trade, and followed that as his vocation a few years. He is now, and has been for many years, in conjunction with his late partner, Mr. BENNINGHOFEN, engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of woolen goods, particularly paper makerıs felts and yarns. This is under the firm name of SHULER & BENNINGHOFEN. Their trade extends to every part of the United States and the Canadas. Their factory is situated at the corner of Heaton and Laurel Streets. At the time of the discovery of gold in California, Mr. SHULER went out to the Pacific coast, returning in 1852, after a sojourn of three years. With this exception, he has been here continuously since 1845.

He was married December 26, 1852, at Seven-Mile, to Miss Mary Ann SORVER, daughter of Jonathan and Lydia SORVER. The father is still living. Mr. and Mrs. SHULER have had seven children. Augeline was born February 10, 1854; Julia V., August 2, 1856, dying September 18, 1857; Charles A., June 23, 1858; William B., August 5, 1860; Albert, August 7, 1862, dying February 5, 1870; Ella, November 2, 1866; May, September 8, 1873. Mr. SHULER has been a member of the school board for four years, from 1877 till 1880, and part of 1881. His brother Silas was a member of the One Hundred and Seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry, dying from disease contracted in the army.

Caspar SCHORR was born in Obersteinbach, Bavaria, March 19, 1807, and came to this county at the same time with his parents Frederick SCHORR and Appolonia KACHELRIES, in 1837. Ten years afterwards, in March, 1847, he was married to Margaret Christina GUGEL, a native of Hrefen, Bavaria, where she was born, December 23, 1815. She was the daughter of Frederick GUGEL. Mr and Mrs SCHORR have had five children -- John, Charles, William, Frederick, and Annie Mary. Mr. SCHORR had but two dollars in his pocket when he came to Hamilton, but by dint of industry and frugality has now a comfortable maintenance for his old age.

Christian Adam SCHULER, son of Asa and Mary (SORBER) SHULER, was born in this county in 1858. His parents came to this county in 1852 from Pennsylvania. Mr. SORBER is engaged in the nursery business and has now sixty-three acres laid out for that purpose.

Joseph STRAUB was born in the kingdom of Wirtemberg, Germany, in 1828, and came here with his father in 1836. His parents were Thaddeus and Brisca STRAUB both now dead. His occupation is that of a dealer in coal and wood. He was married in Hamilton, in the year 1858, to Rebecca Ann RILEY, daughter of Henry and Mary RILEY, who came here in 1820. Mrs. STRAUBıs grandfather, James RILEY, was in the Revolutionary War, and his oldest son, Joshua RILEY, was at HULLıs surrender in 1812. James RILEY lost a thumb during one of the engagements in our war of independence. Two of her brothers were in the war of 1861, both having died since its conclusion. Mr and Mrs. STRAUB have eight children. Mary B. was born June 19, 1859; Sarah S., October 12, 1861; Adeline, February 4, 1862; Felix Joseph, January 4, 1865; George Riley, February 8, 1867; Thaddeus, January 16, 1870; Anna Jane, February 24, 1872; and Cleophas, December 2, 1874. Anna Jane is dead.

John SCHELLEY, a very prominent maltster, was born on the river Rhine, in the province of Rhenish Hesse, Germany, 12th March, 1812. His parents were Philip and Barbara SCHELLY, whose maiden name was ARNOLD. At the age of four he was left an orphan, and went to live with his uncle, John ARNOLD, until he reached the age of fourteen, when he commenced the struggles of life for himself. Believing that America afforded better advantages for those who were willing to work, he determined to try his fortune there, and when he had reached the age of twenty-two he landed in Baltimore. He was not at first successful in obtaining employment, although he was ready to put his hand to almost anything. He visited Pittsburg, Louisville, New Orleans, and, in 1835, he arrived in Hamilton. Having a fair knowledge of the wagon business, he found employment at his trade, and was so engaged for several years.

In 1848, in partnership with Mr. DEINZER, he erected the Washington Brewery, a building now occupied and known as the DEUSCHER Malt House. This he sold out or exchanged for a grocery to M.D. DINGLELDER soon thereafter, and one year later disposed of his grocery and built a part of his present large and commodious malt house. He has from year to year gradually increased his facilities and enlarged his premises until he has one of the largest malt houses in the county. In November, 1879, he leased his property to REUTTI & MASON. Mr. SCHELLEY has a fine water-power at Elkhart, Indiana which he rents to good advantage.

He is a member of the Lutheran Church, and in politics is a Republican. He spends much of his time on his farm of one hundred and eight acres, closely adjoining the city limits. He was married to Miss Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, daughter of Jacob SCHNEIDER, now deceased, in September of the year 1840. She is also a native of the province of Bavaria, Germany. Ten children have been born to the, two only surviving now, a son and daughter, Frederick and Mary.

John C. SKINNER, paper manufacturer, was born November 9, 1816, near Lebanon, Warren County. His father, Daniel SKINNER, was a native of Pennsylvania, afterwards coming to Ohio, and settling on Mill Creek about 1815. He soon after removed to Warren County, where he carried on the weaving business. The boy assisted in winding the bobbins, and otherwise helping the father. His motherıs maiden name was Abigail WHITTAKER. She was a native of New Jersey, and her father was a sergeant in the war of 1812. John C. SKINNER was the oldest child in a family of five, and was brought up to steady and persistent labor. He paid his way through school by sweeping the school-house, and afterwards earned sufficient money to take him to Hanover College, where he remained three years. On holidays and after recitation hours, he worked in the printing-office, setting type on a newspaper known as the Presbyterian Standard, of which Joseph G. MONFORT, now the Rev. Joseph G. MONFORT, of Cincinnati, was the foreman. He also was employed at book binding.

While at school he made a specialty of mathematics and engineering, and on leaving he became an assistant engineer on the Whitewater Canal, where he was employed about two years. Then he laid out several turnpikes and helped in locating the Cincinnati and Eaton Railroad, which engaged his attention for three years. During this time he was also the city engineer of Hamilton. In the year 1842 he was the engineer of the Hamilton and Rossville Hydraulic Works, which were completed the following year.

In 1848 he engaged in the grocery and hardware business, and the year following, was appointed deputy sheriff. He held this position two years, and during this time was also a member of the city council. He continued in the mercantile business until 1858, when he sold out. In 1861 he purchased the Hamilton paper mills, and has since been engaged in that business. He manufactures all grades of wrapping papers, and has earned a high reputation for the excellence of his products. When he began manufacturing, the paper business in the West was in its infancy; now there is only one part of the United States that produces more paper than the Miami region of Ohio. During the war he was strenuous in upholding the honor of our flag.

He was married on the 3d of May, 1842, to Miss Jane H. GREGG, daughter of Captain Israel GREGG. Mr. SKINNER has had ten children, five of whom survive: Alfred N.; George C., a practicing physician of Hamilton; Frank E., who is in business with his father; Walter M., who is attending school; and Sarah M. now the wife of Daniel KENNEDY, commission merchant, and also running a line of canal boats to Cincinnati. In 1855 he became a member of the Presbyterian Church of Hamilton, where he has been an elder for about ten years. He has held all the degrees in the order of Odd Fellows, and has been a delegate to the Grand Lodge.

John Barton SCOTT, M.D., son of Wilson and Anna (WOODWARD) SCOTT, was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, January 10, 1849. His great-grandfather, Thomas C. SCOTT, was a patriot of the War of the Revolution. His brother Crawford Harrison SCOTT, creditably served as a soldier in the Union cause during the Rebellion of 1861-1865, being a member of Company I, Eighty-Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. He was severely wounded in the left lung at the battle of Deep Bottom, August 14, 1864, for which he now receives a justly deserved pension from the government.

Dr. SCOTT in his boyhood attended the district schools of his native county, and at the age of eleven years entered the Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Normal Schools, where, at the end of three years, he graduated. After teaching school for two years, he commenced the study of medicine under Dr. HAZLETTE, and continued with him two years. After attending a course of lectures at Philadelphia, he became dissatisfied with the ³old school,² and began the study of the Physio-Medical system with Dr. George W. NEWCOMER, at Connelsville, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where he remained three years, attending during the same time two courses of lectures at the Physio-Medical Institute, Cincinnati, Ohio. After one yearıs practice of his profession with Dr. NEWCOMER, he removed to New Salem, in the same county, where he remained until 1874, when he selected Hamilton as his future home. Here he has an extensive practice, devoting himself specially to chronic diseases.

Dr. SCOTT was married, at Cincinnati, Ohio, April 9, 1878, to Miss Addie M. BRADY, daughter of Christian and Lydia (SORTMAN) BRADY, who located in Butler County in 1815, where they still reside.

John H. STEPHANS is a native of Hanover, Germany, where he was born in 1832. His parents were John Henry STEPHANS and Margaret STEPHANS, who came to this country in 1837, and are both now dead. Mr. STEPHANS came to this country in 1850, and in March, 1856, he was married to Hannah Louisa WOLANWEBER, daughter of Daniel WOLANWEBER. His children are Emma C., Mary, William H., Amelia, Louis, Sophia, Henrietta, Leonard Edward, John Herman, Charles, Ernest Ludwig, and Augusta. Mr. STEPHANS is a councilman of the city of Hamilton, and was elected in April, 1880, for two years. His brother Herman served in the war of the Rebellion in the Union army for four years, twice enlisting from the State of Kentucky. He was in the First Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel WOOLFORD. He carries on a business, comprising stock and building, to the amount of thirty thousand dollars. It is under the firm name of DEINZER & STEPHANS. They manufacture hubs, spokes, felloes, and shafts, and bent work of every description. Mr. STEPHANS has been hard at work ever since he was a boy, and at twelve years of age he started to help his father build his mill.

John B. SALLEE was born in Madison Township, Butler County, March 8, 1808. His parents were Daniel SALLEE and Sarah GRAY, the former of whom came from New Jersey in 1800, and died about thirty-five years ago. Daniel SALLEE was in the War of 1812, and was under General HULL. He afterwards rose to be a colonel of militia. He was married April 14, 1831, in Madison Township, to Ann CHASE, also born in 1808. She was the daughter of John CHASE and Rose Nancy FOX. They had ten children. Daniel SALLEE was born August 21, 1832; Catherine, August 2, 1834; Caroline, April 12, 1838; Adeline, September 18, 1840; Susannah, October 3, 1842; J.K. Polk, December 28, 1844; Johnson F., April 10, 1848; Nancy J., September 14, 1849; Robert D., February 10, 1851; Ernest M., December 28, 1854. His son Daniel was a member of Colonel McCOOKıs regiment in the late war under General McCLELLAN.

Mr. SALLEE helped to construct the canal from Middletown to Dayton. After its completion he built a boat called the General Lafayette, and ran it for ten years. He also helped to construct the Ohio Canal. In boyhood he worked on the farm, but after his maturity he turned his attention to boating, jobbing, and contracting, and followed these pursuits until a few years since. His death occurred a year ago.

Frank Holmes SHAFFER is the son of William SHAFFER and Susan A. SHAFFER, who came to this county and settled in Fairfield Township in 1836. He was born in Cincinnati, March 31, 1857. After obtaining sufficient elementary instruction he entered Yale College, at New Haven, Connecticut, and was graduated at the end of his four yearsı course. He then attended the regular course at the Ann Arbor law school, where he also was graduated. After this he returned to Hamilton and began the practice of law, in conjunction with Mr. SLAYBACK, in which he has obtained gratifying success. He is now city solicitor, being the only Republican holding office in the city of Hamilton, and was elected on the independent ticket.

Michael SCHELLENBACH was born in Lorraine, France, August 1, 1837. He is the son of Michael and Anna (SPAD) SCHELLENBACH, and was educated in the schools in France, coming with his parents to America in 1853, and directing his course to Hamilton. In 1858 he began an apprenticeship to LONG, BLACK & ALSTETTER, which lasted three years, and then worked as a journeyman for some eight or ten years. In 1872 the firm of SCHELLENBACH & BRILLMAYER was formed in the grocery trade, at his present location. Business was begun in a modest way, but soon increased. The firm existed until the death of Mr. BRILLMAYER, in 1877, when Mr. SCHELLENBACH purchased from the heirs his partnerıs interest, and has since carried on the business alone. He deals in family groceries, fresh and salt meats, crockery, glass, and queensware, wines, liquors, and tobacco. He was married in 1864 to Miss Elizabeth ALLSTETTER, and they are the parents of six children, of whom are living Annie, Edward, Ferdinand, Robert, and Louis Alexander. They are members of St. Stephenıs Roman Catholic Church. He has served as township trustee for one term, and has been a member of the fire department for eighteen years.

Edward SCHEURER was born in Cincinnati July 15, 1844, and is the son of John A. and Magdalena (SNIDER) SCHEURER. The father was a native of Germany, coming to America in 1836, and settling in Cincinnati. He came to Hamilton in 1852, afterward carrying on a mercantile business. He raised a family of four children to maturity, all being now alive. In business he was successful. He died in 1857, and his wife in 1870. Edward SCHEURER was educated in the public schools in Cincinnati and Hamilton, graduating from the high school in this place in 1857. He was employed in various stores in Hamilton until 1861, and in May of that year enlisted in the Ninth Ohio Regiment, participating with it in the battle at Carnifex Ferry, and in all the conflicts and trials of that organization, including Chickamauga. He was placed on detached duty with the topographical engineers of the Army of the Cumberland, under command of Captain W.C. MARGEDANT, and remained there until his term of service had expired. He was mustered out at Camp Dennison, in May, 1864. He then resumed his former occupation as salesman with T.V. HOWELL and others. In 1871 Mr. SCHEURER began in mercantile business for himself, and continued in it for some five years. In 1879 he entered the employment of Henry FRECHTLING & Sons, with whom he still remains. Mr. SCHEURER was married, in 1872, to Miss Justine EISLE, and is the father of four children, two of whom are living -- William E. and Leonora Mary. He is a member of St. Johnıs Church and of the Grand Army of the Republic.

John SEWARD was born in Hamilton, May 16, 1847, being the son of George and Mary A. SEWARD. He was educated in the public schools of Hamilton, and completed his education in a commercial college in this place. When twenty years old he became assistant book-keeper for OWENS, LANE & SLONNEGER, in general insurance and real estate. They are doing an increasing and prosperous business. Mr. SLONNEGER was married in October, 1871, to Miss Etta W., daughter of William N. and Esther W. HUNTER. Their children are Martin A., and Marietta. Mr. SEWARD is a Methodist, and is steward of his Church. Mrs. SEWARD is a Presbyterian.

Jacob STAHL was born in Bavaria, Germany, March 30, 1826, and is the oldest son of Henry and Margaret STAHL. He came with his parents to America in 1833, settling in Hamilton, where the boy attended the common schools. In company with Charles HEPP he made a trip to Greytown, Nicaragua, in Central American, being in the employment of Commodore VANDERBILT. He was interested in the Rossville Brewery, in the firm of BECK, STAHL & KENNINGER, in 1855. He continued his connection with that brewery till about 1870, doing a successful business. In 1875 he organized the firm of STAHL & STEPHANS, admitting John BOOSE in 1880, and now carrying on business under the firm name of STAHL & BOOSE. Mr. STAHL was married in 1855, to Miss Philopena SCHALK, daughter of John SCHALK. They are the parents of two daughters, Kate and Annie, the latter being the wife of Christian BENNINGHOFEN. They are members of the St. Johnıs Lutheran Church. Mr. STAHL is a member of the Odd Fellows and of the Knights of Honor.

John L. SMITH was born in this county, January 1, 1842. His parents are John L. SMITH, born in Germany, March 8, 1811, and Lena SMITH, also born in Germany, November 17, 1818. They came to this county in 1823. John L. SMITH, the younger, is married to Wilhelmina SIPP, daughter of William SIPP and Katharine RARR. They have six children. Wilhelmina Louise was born April 7, 1866; John William, May 26, 1868; Jacob C., March 24, 1870; John George, September 4, 1871; Annie K. Lizzie, September 3, 1874; and Voldine, December 25, 1878.