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Surnames Beginning with W

  1. WADE: I am researching the family of Judge Nehemiah Wade who was born August 18, 1795 in Hamilton Co., Ohio, married Margaret Wallace October 9, 1813 and died in Venice on July 24, 1879. See also Gilliland & Hopkins, Marsh amckay@sdssmich.physics.lsa.umich.edu
  2. WADLEIGH - WADLEY family of Oxford, Oxford Twp. Robert Lee Wadleigh, wadrl32@netzero.com (8/6/96; updated 12/26/4)
  3. WALDORFF (Waldroff) of Hamilton. julian@bluemarble.net (12/19/96)
  4. WALDSMITH of Sycamore twp. slkruse@garlic.com (12/21/96)
  5. WALKER, James O. (b 1819) and George R (b 1827) somewhere in Ohio. Moved to Switzerland Co., IN ca 1840, later Caldwell Co., MO. Info on parents, siblings please. Rosalene Nielsen (10/18/96)
  6. WALTZ family descendants: Evelyn Waltz McDonald and Harry McDonald and a 1919 school picture of their son and his future wife, James W. MacDonald, front row, middle, and Lois GEORGE sitting to his left. Nancy Sween, Sftrail@aol.com (See obituaries)
  7. WAMPLER - MASON - MILLER - ZIEGLER - SHANK family histories. Floyd R. Mason Feb 18 1997
    We have researched and written the following Family Histories. We have a limited supply for libraries and connected families. Many of them went to IN and OH in the early 1800's. John Mason & Mary Ann Miller - 1986; Matthias Miller & his 17 Children - 1986; Ziegler Family Record - 1990; Shank Family Record - 1992; Michael Miller Family Record - 1993; Wampler Family Record - 1996. We are researching many other families of PA and VA such as Garber, Long, Miller, Garst & Bowman.
  8. WARD (William/ unknown BOWEN) Middletown/1845. From: - Rich Ward (Feb 26, 1998)
    I am researching William L. Ward. His wife's maiden name was Bowen. I only know of one son, his name was William M. Ward. William M. Ward served in the 12th Cavalry of Indiana during the Civil War. The family lived in Middletown, OH for some time. William M. married Sarrah Susan Doolittle after the war and lived in Stockwell, IN. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  9. WARWICK family lived in St. Clair township on Warwick Road. (picture of the house) Later, they moved from Butler County to Warren County, where there is more information provided by Vivian K Moon (Nov 18, 2003)
  10. WASSON of Hanover. patmcypres@aol.com (1/4/97)
  11. WASSONS, William, James B., Maark B.: Looking for Info on Wassons from around 1790 to 1900 e-mail me at sawdustc@enter.net Thank you
  12. WATSON: Ann and Rachel married brothers James Harvey and John W. Mullen in Butler County in 1835. The brothers were from Rush County, IN. Anyone with information about either the WATSON or MULLEN families please contact me. Madonna Mullen Shutt (10/9/96)
  13. WATTERSON, Thomas W. (to Kansas, 1854)
  14. Wear or Wehr of Reily. ssfalf@aol.com (11/30/96)
  15. WEBER - MARR (Edward & Catherine) Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1900, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97) not on w yet
  16. WEBSTER - BAKER - PAGE - MILLER. I am seeking information on family of Nancy Ann Webster, born July 18, 1835-Hamilton, Ohio. Her mother was a Baker and somewhere a Page was on her mothers side of the family. She married Charles Henry Miller April 7, 1856 at Shelby, Ohio. They moved to Missouri. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Shirley Dubuque, ClassyD@aol.com (3/7/97)
  17. Wehr of Riely. Pschult@tlcnet.muohio.edu (11/17/96)
  18. WEIDE - THOMPSON - BUSBY - REAVIS. Kris, RNK@NETRIDE.COM I have information on a William J. Thompson born Dec 13, 1845 in Butler Co. Ohio and died December 17, 1915. He was married to a first wife Mary Jane Weide who was born in 1844 and died in 1873. They had three children. Ida F. born 11-15-1867 died 6-17-1943. Franklin Blair born 6-13-1869 died 12-6-1953. Cora A. born 4-17-1871 died 8-15-1953. William Thompson married for the second time to Cynthia J. (Busby) born 9-16-1846 died 3-17-1926. They had one son Ursel Bert born 1-8-1884 died 1969. I am tracing back my grandmother's maiden name. (On my mom's side). Her name was Mildred E. Thompson born 10-23-1902 died 3-5-56. She married Harold E. Reavis on November 15, 1924. It would be greatly appreciated if you can give me any further information. Thanks, Kris (4/2/1997)
  19. WEIERMAN (Anna Katherine - m Joseph BOSCH 1890s?) Paula A. Carle-Bosch. (10/5/96)
  20. WELCH of Hamilton. julian@bluemarble.net (12/19/96)
  21. WELKER. gburch@inreach.com (12/20/96)
  22. WELLIVER (WOOLIVER) of Hamilton. julian@bluemarble.net (12/19/96)
  23. WELLIVERS of Butler Co. IRSHANDLEY@aol.com (1/26/97)
  24. WELLS family of St. Clair twp. jwells (9/3/96)
  25. WELLS, John and his wife, Persis (Earle) - 5 children, son, James Fones WELLS (b 1815 NY) was a stagecoach driver. Ohio relatives include Tim Billing(sly). Also, his name has been proven to be James not John. Bonita Hillmer, LadyBonitaResearch@consultant.com (4-5-3 update)
  26. WELSH, John Irwin and Mary (Morton). I published a 350 page book on this line in 1991. Am still interested in meeting descendants of this family from Darrtown, Milford Twp, Butler Co., Oh, 1798 on. Lyndon Irwin (Sep 20 1996)
  27. WENGER/WINGER, Randolph. wenger
  28. WESTON of Oxford Twp. slaven@pwrtc.com (12/25/96)
  29. WETZEL, Susanne nee JACOBY, b 1858 at Seven Mile, OH. (huband, John; children? relatives? 1850 census?) Ruth Volk (10/2/96) WHIPP (Elizabeth). From: - Wayne Webb (Feb 8, 1998)
    Interested in the information for Elizabeth Whipp, Key "Hst", Src "Hist", Book "403", Page "3-401".
  30. WHITE (Joseph) lived in butler cty, in 1800 etc and died there. From: - lois Schroeder (Apr 21, 1998)
    Trying to find his daughter, Sarah White, married 1809 to Thomas GRAY, or GREY. I don't know what happened to them. Joseph White, died in Butler Cty, His wife and other children moved to Dark Cty, Ohio on border to Indiana
  31. WHITE. LHChristen@AOL.com (10/25/96)
  32. WHITE, Fairfield Twp. (1798-1838), Rick Crume, 71161.2632@compuserve.com
  33. WHITE (Edward) - HANCOCK - McKENON. Elizabeth HANCOCK married 18 Jul 1822 Butler Co., OH to William B. McKENON. Is Elizabeth dau/o of (Capt.) John & Nancy Ann (GRAVES) HANCOCK of Butler Co., OH? OR...Is Elizabeth, widow of Graves HANCOCK who died in 1821? Any help with this family would be appreciated. They seem to have vanished from Butler Co., OH. Could Elizabeth, widow of Graves HANCOCK, have also mar Edward WHITE? Thank you. Audrey HANCOCK, davehancock@worldnet.att.net (3/14/97)
  34. WHITENACK family of Fairfield Township (8/20/96)
  35. WICKARD: louellas@olympus.net
  36. WHITNEY (William) Hamilton. From: - Douglas Whitney (Feb 26, 1998)
    Born in Hamilton abt 1837, Married into Walden Familty of Pulaski, CO Indiana, and served in 9th Indiana Infantry in Civil War. Looking for his parents
  37. WICKARD of Hanover. louellas@olympus.net (11/13/96)
  38. WILCOX (Harrison) Married 4 Nov 1916 to Etta Levone Baldwin in Middletown, Butler Co, OH. http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/5267/index_tree.html. From: - Douglas Keith Melzer (Apr 24, 1998)
    Researching BALDWIN, ORNER, and WILCOX.
  39. WILCOX - DUVALL - VANSKIVER. Seeking parents of Abel Duvall, b. 1809, PA; m. Sarah Wilcox 1830, Butler County, OH. Resided Oxford twp., and Israel twp. Abel d. 1881; Sarah d. 1894. She is d/o Moses Willcocks and Tamson Murdock They had children: Moses W. Duvall, 1831; Charlotte, b. 1834, m. Thomas Reddish; Randolph, b. 1836, m. Amy Bell; Sarah J. b. 1840, m. John Dodge; Caroline b. 1843 m. James Brown; Tamson b. 1848 m. William H. H. VanSkiver; and Martha b. 1850, d. 1856. Also seeking infor on what happened to Sarah's father, Moses Willcocks. He disappears from family in 1830s. Will share information. Diane Gagel, DVGagel@aol.com (Feb 27 1997)
  40. WILES (Clarence E.) was born in Shandon, 4 June 1902, and graduated from high school there about 1919 or 1920. More on the WILES, MEREDITH, CLEAVER families, and see class picture. Bill Wiles
  41. WILKERSON of Butler Co. (dw150641) (9/17/96)
  42. WILKINSON. An e-mail network has been started for the descendants of Moses and Ezekiel DeCamp of Butler Co., OH. Associated family names are Hand, Misener, Hanlon, St. Clair, Stephenson, and Wilkinson. Please contact Wilson DeCamp at WilsonD212@aol.com for additional information.
  43. WILLENWEBER - BUHI (Sadie & William) of Hamilton, 1930. Dennis Buhi, skdmrx@aol.com
  44. WILLIAMS. My grandfather's family were the Williams folks of Butler Co...outside of Rosehill. They are buried there. Levi Williams, b. 1841, moved to KS in 1864/5. In 1874 they started farming outside of Rosehill. Wife was Eliza McKaughan. One of their dtrs., Ida Williams, died abt 1911 and was buried in Rosehill Cem. also. She had marr. Guy Crabb who was killed about 1906 in some sort of accident. Would love to hear about this, if anyone knows. Others of this family included: Clarence, Willard, Percy, Luella (marr. a Holcomb), Maude (who marr. a Dr. Farrar); Joe, Roy. Mary Wood (9/3/97)
  45. WILLIAMS (around Crooksville area) I know my family is from RR and coal mines. Any info, please email to US001608@interramp.com
  46. WILSON (William, Mary GILLESPIE) Hanover Twp, 1850. From: - Bob Wilson (Feb 17, 1998)
    Looking for William's parents (John Wilson/Jane CANNAHAN) and Mary's parents (Robert GILLESPIE/ Mary ROBINSON). Mar GILLESPIE was born in Ohio in 1819 as were her parents [born in Ohio]. William WILSON was born in Pensylvania in 1813.
  47. WILSON. PHHGENE@aol.com (10/9/96)
  48. Windisch. nicholsn@willapabay.org (1/2/97)
  49. WINGER/WENGER. wenger@hum.ucsc.edu
  50. The Winn - Wynn - Wynne family page
  51. WINN/WYNNE of Morgan twp. emmich@colorado.net (9/1/96)
  52. WITHERS of Middletown. n6jhg@prodigy.com (10/7/96)
  53. WITTKAMPER of Oxford. LHChristen@AOL.com (10/25/96)
  54. WOLF (Elizabeth WOLF - John LONGFELLOW) From: - Fran Bradburn Henley (Apr 25, 1998)
    Elizabeth WOLF was born abt. 1824 in Butler Co. OH and married John LONGFELLOW 22 Dec. 1841. Does anyone know Elizabeth's parents? Will share what I have. Fran Bradburn Henley
  55. WOLF of Hamilton. LHChristen@AOL.com (10/25/96)
  56. WOLF (Katherine; Mrs. Nicholas Schatz) of Hamilton or Dry Ridge, about 1854. Katherine had a number of brothers and sisters including Nicholas Wolf, Mary Wolf and others. Carolyn Travers
  57. WOLSTENHOLM of Hamilton. leeward@gte.net (8/17/96)
  58. WOLFE - APPLEGATE. Seeking the parents of Amanda WOLFF who was born in 1843 and who married Milton APPLEGATE in Butler County, Ohio on April 2, 1864. Lynn E. Applegate (Sep 1 1997)
  59. WOLVERTON - MOORE (Isaac & Christina), 1837-1853, in Reily Twp Oxford,Butler Co. Any information on this family. Mary L. Wolverton, mlw@skyenet.net (8/1/97)
  60. Wood of Hamilton? dlj62@upstate.net (11/20/96)
  61. WOODS - BOATRIGHT: ktt@yournet.com
  62. WOODS - GLINES (Samuel & Abigail), of Rossville, 1824. Dave Schubert. I have records of many Scots-Irish families in Butler county. Web page. (Sep 10 1997)
  63. WOOLIVER (Welliver) of Hamilton. julian@bluemarble.net (12/19/96)
  64. WRAY (James - Wife Unknown) Hanover died there in 1814. From: - Dean O. Hildreth (Mar 8, 1998)
    I am looking for the name of the spouse of James WRAY who died in Hanover, Butler Co., OH in 1814. His son was William WRAY who married Abigail PASSMORE 28 Aug 1817 in Butler Co., OH.
  65. WRIGHT of Fairfield. gumby@edge.net (11/15/96)
  66. WRIGHT, William in Liberty Township circa 1820-1840. Ron Stoner stoner@bgnet.bgsu.edu
  67. WRIGHT, Elijah W., born 17 Aug 1801, Butler Co., OH, 1st wife, Charity Teitsort,2 wife, Mary Johnson. Please contact Daisy467@aol.com
  68. WULFTANGE. I'm trying to help my family do some research. Any help would be appreciated. daniw@corp.sgi.com.
  69. The WINN - WYNN - WYNNE family page
  70. WYNNE - WINN of Morgan twp. (emmich-9/1/96)
  71. WYNN families of Morgan twp. I am researching all the Wynn/Wynne Brothers who came from PA in early 1800's; their descendants and associated families. Please contact Lunetta595@aol.com
  72. WYNN (and McCOTTER) families. Roots' Wynn list

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