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Surnames Beginning with U

  1. USHER family egilomen@interaccess.com

Surnames Beginning with V

  1. VAIL, Emma married Moses Burdsall in Hamilton County. Emma's parents were Stephen Vail and Elizabeth Craig c. 1795. Paulette Delano Dias paulette@socomm.net (or) 75334.3170@compuserve.com
  2. VAIL (Samuel and Deziah JENNINGS). Samuel Vail (b August 23, 1754 in Greenbrook, Somerset County, NJ, d. April 12, 1846 in Middletown, Butler County, OH) and wife Deziah Jennings Vail (b.June 14, 1758 in New Jersey, d. July 20, 1828 in Butler County) are buried in the Clauson Family Cemetery near Princeton. Their first child (Isaac) was born in Butler County in February 1777, so we presume that they migrated to Butler County before that date.

    Samuel Vail and Deziah Jennings Vail's son, Henry Vail (b. May 09, 1783 in Butler County, d. November 14, 1831, near Middletown, Butler County), married Pamelia Bridge (b. March 24, 1785 in New Jersey, d. July 29, 1851 in Littleton, Schuyler Township, IL), who was the daughter of Benjamin Bridge, a Revolutionary War soldier.

    Henry and Pamelia's son David Jennings Vail (b. September 01, 1818, in Butler County, d. September 17, 1887 in Macomb, McDonough County, IL.) married Keziah Scudder (b. November 18, 1823 in Butler County, OH, d. November 18, 1823 near Industry, McDonough County, IL) on Feb 23, 1843. Their first child, Enoch, was born in 1844 in Butler County, and their second child, Henry Washington Vail, was born in 1846 near Industry, McDonough County, IL.

    My great grandmother, Lucy Ethlyn Vail Cordell, was the daughter of David Jennings Vail and Keziah Scudder Vail, and was born June 24, 1860 near Industry, McDonough County, IL, and died February 19, 1960, in Quincy, Adams County, IL.

    David M. Cordell
    9301 Utica Drive
    Lubbock, TX 79409

  3. VAIL(E) - GARRISON (Abraham Garrison and Rebecca VAILE) born 1813-1817. From: - Gary Harvey (Feb 22, 1998)
    Abraham Garrison was born in Butler County OH about 1813. He married Amanda Vail(e)(le) who was born in Butler County OH about 1817. They had at least three children, Sarah, Henry & George (born 1836, 1839 & 1843).
  4. VAIL - GUNTLE (Esther VAIL & John GUNTLE). From: - Carol Breeden (Feb 26, 1998)
    I am trying to determine the parents of ESTHER VAIL who was married in 1822 to JOHN GUNTLE in Butler Co, OH. Any info on either of these people would be greatly appreciated!
  5. VAIL - HAMPTON. I am trying to find info on JAMES VAIL who was born in OH in 1819 and moved to Franklin Twp, Montgomery Co, IN about 1838. He married Salina Hampton in 1839 and they had 14 children. I notice that there are 4 Vails in Butler Co, OH in both 1820 and 1830. They are Aaron Vail, Masonville, OH; Henry Vail, Lemon Twp, OH; Moses Vail, Liberty Twp, OH; and Samuel Vail, Lemon Twp. Does anyone know of the children that these men had? Any info on the Vails would be greatly appreciated! Carol Breeden (Aug 31 1997)
  6. VALLION. royb@ionet.net (9/28/96)
  7. VAN AUSDALL. asaecae@aol.com (10/15/96)
  8. VANDINE (ISAAC, MATHEW, SARAH) Liberty Twp. on 1820 census. From: - Valerie Johnson (Feb 28, 1998)
    Each were listed separately on 1820 census. I am trying to find out if any of them had a son named CHARLES. Did they come from Virginia? I have a CHARLES VANDINE born 1799 in Virginia but was living in Ohio by 1820 and married to EVA PALMER in 1821.
  9. VANDUYN (Matthew & [wife] unknown) northwest corner of Liberty twp. From: - R.A. VanDYNE (Feb 6, 1998)
    Matthew came to Butler Co. by 1803. In 1805 he sold land to his sons - Isaac & Matthew,jr. Matthew,jr removed to Greene Co,OH by 1816. Isaac died after 1830 leaving a large family of daughters & one son "Daniel". Both of his sons married by 1810. Matthew to Fanny MISNER in 1809, this was his 2nd wife. Isaac believed to have married Lydia SHEPARD [could be SEWARD]. Children listed in Matthew VanDUYNs will of 1837 - Isaac,Matthew,Elizabeth HUNT,dec'd,Mary SEWARD,dec'd,Charolte MARTIN,dec'd & Sarah SHEPARD,dec'd. Wish to known Fanny MISNERs parents. Wish to know Matthew VanDUYN,sr 1st? wife. I am "alex@informatics.net"
  10. VAN GORDON & McGOLDRICH (Squire & Catherine), 1840. Paul Martin Shurte, Shur.Orb@Worldnet.att (Aug 17 1997)
  11. VAN HORN(E) (Isaac and Ruth Baker) Millvill around 1830's. From: - Pat Bartelmey (Apr 18, 1998)
    Isaac VAN HORN, b Millvill 11th, Jan 1812; married Ruth Baker 26th Oct 1831; Children: Martin Van Buren b 1832; Thomas Benton B 24th Apr 1836; Elizabeth b 1838; William Harvey b 1842; Rebecca ?; Maria Virginia b 5th Sep 1848 in IN; James I b 19th Jul 1850 in IN; Amanda Jane b 1851 in IN; Emma Josephine b 1852 in IN; Nathan Chamberlain b 1856 in IN. Pat Uponwhls@fidalgo.net
  12. VAN LUE, VAN LIEW, VAN LIEU. Tom Witt (Apr 14 1998).
    I live very close to the VanLue (aka Van Liew or Van Lieu) cemetary just outside of Shandon Ohio on Kirchling Road (Ross area, in Butler County). Not sure if this is a well-known plot or not, but I'd be willing to help others with info if I can.

    The plot is somewhat secluded, quite small and a bit run-down. I've found very little information related to it. I suspect that it may not be very well-known. The burial dates are from the early to late 1800s (some may actually be as new as the early 1900s). I've noticed quite a few different spellings of "VanLue" but for the mostpart, the gravesight is 75% "VanLue" although it looks like the county has named it the "Van Liew" cemetary.

  13. VANLUE (Edward). Lynn E. Applegate (Jul 28 1997). Seeking information on the Vanlue Family of Butler County, Ohio. Edward Vanlue was born in PA in 1793 and married Damaris Branch in 1820 in Butler county, Ohio. They had six children: James B., Vincent, Elsa, Martha, Susan, and William. James B. Vanlue, son of Edward and Damaris (Branch) Vanlue, was born in Butler County, Ohio in 1825 and he married Harriet Carmack in 1844. They had four children: Susan Jane, Mary D., Edward and Sarah. Susan Jane married Richard Applegate in Butler County, Ohio in 1868. Seeking information on Edward Vanlue and his descendants. Thanking you in advance for any information you can provide.
  14. VANLUE (James B.) Seeking information on James B. VANLUE who married Hariett Carmack on Janurary 21, 1844 in Bulter County, Ohio. Jame and Hariett had a least one child, Susan Jane, who was born in Bulter County, Ohio on Feb. 2, 1844 and who married Richard J. APPLEGATE on Oct 5, 1868 in Bulter County. Thanks for any information you can provide. Lynn E. Applegate, LApplegate@Ravenet.com. (Feb 28 1997)
  15. VANLUE - APPLEGATE - CARMACK. Susan J. APPLEGATE, daughter of James B. VANLUE and Harriett CARMACK, lived in Shandon, Ohio (Bulter County) and died on Feb 2, 1931. Looking for obit. as well and family history for VANLUE and CARMACK. Regards. Lynn Applegate, LApplegate@Ravenet.com. (Feb 15 1997)
  16. VANLUE - BRANCH (Edward & Damaris), of Ross and Morgan Township. Edward Vanlue was born in Pennsylvania on May 18, 1793. He married Damaris Branch on March 30, 1820 in Butler County, Ohio. Their six children were born in Butler County from 1825 to 1840. Children were: James B., Elsa, Martha, Susan and William. LApplegate@Ravenet.com (7/31/1997)
  17. VAN NATTA. locations are Fairfield, Stockton. I can go back to the turn of the century (1900) fairly easily; Gilbert Farms Park is currently located on Ross Road in Fairfield. Mark Gilbert at mark.gilbert@sdrc.com
  18. VAN NESS/ VANNEST / VANNESS (William; Amanda TODD) Union Twp., 1840-1860. From: - Margaret Van Ness Nelson (Apr 3, 1998)
    Seek parents of William VANNESS/VANNEST/VAN NESS, born 1810 Ohio, resided Butler and Warren counties, Ohio, died Vigo Co IN, 1884, buried Clay Co IN. Married 1836 Warren Co OH to Amanda TODD. Children: 1) Thomas Jefferson Van Ness (Lydia R. ANDERSON); 2) William Henry Van Ness (Sarah STEPHENSON);3) Daniel Todd Van Ness (Margaret CHANCE) 4) Elizabeth T. Van Ness (William C. COOK); 5) Eliza C Van Ness (Sanford MODESITT); 6) Ursula Van Ness (David CHANCE) 7) Sarah Ella Van Ness (Christopher LEMON) 8) James Edward Van Ness (Rowena HARRIS); 9) Mary Ann Van Ness (unmarried.)
  19. VANSKIVER - DUVALL, WILCOX. Seeking parents of Abel Duvall, b. 1809, PA; m. Sarah Wilcox 1830, Butler County, OH. Resided Oxford twp., and Israel twp. Abel d. 1881; Sarah d. 1894. She is d/o Moses Willcocks and Tamson Murdock They had children: Moses W. Duvall, 1831; Charlotte, b. 1834, m. Thomas Reddish; Randolph, b. 1836, m. Amy Bell; Sarah J. b. 1840, m. John Dodge; Caroline b. 1843 m. James Brown; Tamson b. 1848 m. William H. H. VanSkiver; and Martha b. 1850, d. 1856. Also seeking infor on what happened to Sarah's father, Moses Willcocks. He disappears from family in 1830s. Will share information. Diane Gagel, DVGagel@aol.com (Feb 27 1997)
  20. Van NESS, William. Contact: dcvs@bright.net
  21. VERDON - ELLINGSWORTH (Sarah & Steven), in Butler Co before 1837. Jim Cochran, j2pleaseu@aol.com, has a home page. The Ellingsworths moved from DE to IN to Butler Co. OH then to Richmond Co. ILL in 1837.
  22. VOREIS (Abraham and Elizabeth Downey) abt. 1897 - 1820. From: - Larry Voreis (Mar 16, 1998)
    Abraham and Elizabeth Voreis (Vories, Vorhis, Vorhees, etc.) moved to Butler Co. from Barren Co. KY. A deed record from Prebble Co. indicates Abraham was a resident of Butler Co.in 1815 and sold land in Prebble Co. Several children were born during this period: Abraham Jr. in 1809, David Rice in 1812, Jared in 1813, Sarah in 1816. The family moved to Rush Co., IN in 1820-21.

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