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Surnames Beginning with S

  1. SACKETT. (early 1800s) Viki (Sackett) Osterhout, at viki@cyberhighway.net
  2. SACKETT of Hanover. louellas@olympus.net (11/13/96)
  3. SADLER - KING. Elijah SADLER and wife Cordelia KING came to Butler Co., before 1840 Census. Did they come with her KING relatives? Or His relatives? I have many of their desc. and will share. I wish I had more about them. Dot ARTHUR ARTHURUS@JUNO.com. (2/2/97)
  4. SAGER (Charles, Valerie JENKINS) Hamilton, OH 1912. Chantal Sager Reilly (Mar 9, 1998) These are Anne Kersteiner HOOVEN's maternal grand-parents
  5. SAGER - DRYBREAD (Susannah & George), 1802-1839 in Morgan and Shandon townships. Will share/exchange descendant info. Janis Drybread Grove (Aug 10, 1997)
  6. SATER. Would like to collect/compare/exchange information. Contact Bob Shumar at 75443.521@compuserve.com
  7. SAYRE family. Richard Wm Horrum, rwhorrum@ne.uswest.net (Aug 30 1997)
  8. SAYRE of Hamilton, Fairfield Twp. (Rachel m Sampson McCULLOUGH.) Ancestors? smcclove@worldnet.att.net Susan Love. (10/31/96)
  9. SCHATZ (Nicholas and Katherine WOLF) of Hamilton or Dry Ridge, about 1854. Katherine had a number of brothers and sisters including Nicholas Wolf, Mary Wolf and others. Carolyn Travers
  10. SCHENCK (Garret D. and Catherine SNYDER) Middletown. Priscilla W. Hausmann (Mar 17, 1998) Garret Schenck was b. Dec. 1816 in Middletown, Ohio. Want to know the names of his parents.
  11. SCHILDWACHTER of Hamilton. ffltstone@aol.com (11/8/96)
  12. SCHLATER, Jacob 1840, 1850 elerath@rt66.com
  13. SCHNEIDER family. They were residents of Hamilton in the 1800's. My name is Jackie Westover. My contact is jake@datasync.com96/01/29
  14. SCHRIEVER (JOHN H. AND JOSEPHINE C) OXFORD AND DARRTOWN 1909-1966. Anna Schriever (Mar 13, 1998) According to our family records this family owned land that was purchased for Square D. I have been unable to find out about their parents, where can I go?
  15. SCHULER family. They were residents of Hamilton in the 1800's. My name is Jackie Westover. My contact is jake@datasync.com
  16. SCHWITZGABEL of St. Clair (Ward 1, W. Hamilton). mschwitz@genealogy.org (11/16/96)
  17. SCUDDER (Enoch & Amelia BROOKFIELD). Edward Laughlin (Aug 1 1997). My paternal great grandmother ALLETTA FRANCES SCUDDER was born in Huntsville, Liberty Township, Butler County, on 6/8/1839 to ENOCH SCUDDER and AMELIA BROOKFIELD. Any information any one might have would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
  18. SCOTT (Reed Catherine Delaplane) Hamilton, OH. 1838. David Scott (Feb 14, 1998; July 2003 update) I would like to go back from Reed Scott Born Feb 9 1813 in Hamilton, Ohio. I have some geneology forward on Surnames: DELAPLANE - KUMLER - HELLER - BLACK
  19. SCULL family (Wm. born 1819 married Elizabeth Perrine in Butler Co., 1841) jscull@mail.aocn.aurora.edu
  20. SCULLY/SCHULLY - DUNHAM (Elizabeth & Charles Robert Bach). Edie Suttle, jsattle9@mail.idt.net (1/15/97) I would like to correspond with anyone that would know of this family: Charles Robert Bach DUNHAM b. June 20, 1879, d. December 15, 1948 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County Ohio. He married Elizabeth SCULLY, b. September 13, 1879 and d. May 15, 1948 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County Ohio. Both are said to be buried in Madisonville Cemetery. Has anyone ever heard of this cemetery and where it is located. Would like to know who the parents are of Charles DUNHAM and Elizabeth SCULLY are. Thank you.
  21. SEDGWICK of Butler County. Bruce@powerweb.net (11/17/96)
  22. SEEF(S) married in Oxford Ohio in the late 1800's and later moved to Tennessee. robin carpenter (Mar 25, 1998)
  23. SELLERS (Albert Eldon), b. 1892 IN, May have lived in Oxford (Butler County) OH as a child. Grad. Hanover College (IN) class of 1915. Army WW1. May have lived in the Cincinnati OH area during the 1920s. Albert Sellers, aesellers@aol.com (Feb 28 1997)
  24. SELLERS (Peter) Seller Family Notes
  25. SETTLES (SUTTLES)- LEAR (Colonel & Leathy) of Hamilton around 1900. The Colonel changed his name from Suttles to Settle-s? Jesse Suttles, jess@insolwwb.net (Aug 10, 1997)
  26. SEWARD, Isaac (Jr?) and Mary (VANDUYN). Son of Samuel SEWARD, Sr. who died in Butler Co in 1828. RTu1206332@aol.com (Oct 22, 2003)
  27. SHAFFER, John Daniel: abstract will (12/26/99)
  28. The SHELBY Exchange: Judith Trolinger (10/6/96)
  29. SHANK - MASON - MILLER - ZIEGLER - WAMPLER family histories. Floyd R. Mason Feb 18 1997 We have researched and written the following Family Histories. We have a limited supply for libraries and connected families. Many of them went to IN and OH in the early 1800's. John Mason & Mary Ann Miller - 1986; Matthias Miller & his 17 Children - 1986; Ziegler Family Record - 1990; Shank Family Record - 1992; Michael Miller Family Record - 1993; Wampler Family Record - 1996. We are researching many other families of PA and VA such as Garber, Long, Miller, Garst & Bowman.
  30. SHANNON (John & Mahale ???) 1849. Marcia Shannon Gudeman (Mar 9, 1998) Need info on John & Mahale or Mahala Shannon. Mahale Cullson or Coulson may have been wifes maiden name. Son Aaron was b. in OH in 1849. Trying to find location of his birth and any siblings.
  31. SHEEHAN (John and Margaret Conley (Connelly)) Monroe. Kathy Nenni (Apr 26, 1998) Looking for John's parents and before if possible. John was born in 1862 and died in 1945. I do believe I've found his wife Margaret's parents -Edwin and Ann - but I'm looking for information on them as well.
  32. SHELEY of Silver Creek. PaulW86276@aol.com (9/1/96)
  33. SHELHOUSE. Email: 70304.3275@compuserve.com & Genealogy homepage
  34. SHEPHERD/SHEPPARD of Fairfield & Liberty Twp. JoMa2991@aol.com (11/18/96)
  35. SHIELDS. cope@bell-labs.com
  36. SHIELDS (Daniel). Seek information on the Irish immigrant family of Daniel & Mary SHIELDS. Daniel & Mary were first in MD, then to Hamilton Co., OH; then Butler Co., OH (1830s); & finally to Preble Co., OH. They had 6 sons and 1 daughter. Three sons separated from their parents in MD and supposedly went to the Shenandoah Valley, VA. Other family members remained with their parents. Daughter, Mary, mar a SINKEY & were found living in Butler & Warren Cos., OH. Any help with family connections would be appreciated. Audrey (SHIELDS) HANCOCK (Sep 8 1997)
  37. SHOCKLEY - microjgates@msn.com, Jim Gates, Feb 20 1997 My cousin and i are working on a comprehensive book on the SHOCKLEY family in america. If you have a connection, interest or research on this family please contact me.
  38. SHOEMAKE - MICHAEL (Ruth & Jared) (Enoch & Dedemiah). Sharon Kelley, acer@ne.uswest.net. Desparately seeking parents and siblings of: MICHAEL, Jared b: about 1806 possibly in OH, married in 1833 to SHOEMAKE, Ruth. Also, seeking parents and siblings of MICHAEL, Dedemiah who married SHOEMAKE, Enoch, brother of Ruth Shoemake. Were Dedemiah and Jared related? Would love to correspond and share info with other family members! (Aug 12 1997)
  39. SHOEMAKER (Daniel and Elcy ROSS) Reily Township in 1830. Richard W. Horrum (Aug 30 1997) Seeking information about Daniel SHOEMAKER who was living in Reily Township in the early 1800's. One daughter was named Harriet who married Aaron SAYRES.
  40. SHUMAKER of Knoxville. lhosmer@willinet.net (8/26/96)
  41. SIBCY, Liz. I lived in Hamilton and Oxford until 1974 and then moved to California. My name is now Liz Thompson and I would love hearing from any friends or neighbors that I had in Ohio. Liz Sibcy, williz@sprynet.com (2/7/97)
  42. SIDERS family web site - Lisa Hinkle Siders (2/24/5)
  43. SIEGEL families from Hamilton County, Ohio. Anyone researching SIEGEL is welcome to contact me. Thanks! Carol MacKay (Sep 14 1997)
  44. SIMONSON. Richard Allan Cox at racox@hooked.net.
  45. SIMPSON (John S. & Elvira Flora) Married in Butler Co. in 1840. Netta (Feb 9, 1998) Several children b. in Franklin Co., IN and in Butler Co. - were back and forth for several years.
  46. SIMPSON of Miltonville. ElrondIM@aol.com Interested in the Crows, Laws, Simpson Family Group. (Sep 4 1997)
  47. SINNARD (Thomas). Looking for date of death and cemetery for Thomas or wife, her name not known. Thomas Sinnard family moved to Lebanon area, Butler County, Ohio, in May 1796. Thomas died in Butler County, Ohio, in 1810 Think his wife died between 1793 & 1810. Don't know where. Butler County, Ohio, Court House records show Letters of Testamentary, book 1, page 63, August term 1810. Abraham 19 and Thomas 17 orphaned minors and heirs of Thomas Sinnard late of this County, deceased, Guardianship to Joseph Potter, $200.00 bond and William Wallace security. Census info for 1800 or 1810 also welcome. Roger Sinnard, rogerandflora@worldnet.att.net (2/17/1997)
  48. SIZELOVE, George
  49. SIZELOVE of Oxford & Hamilton. dquinn@netusa1.net (10/10/96)
  50. SIZELOVE of Oxford. LHChristen@AOL.com (10/25/96)
  51. SLOVER. adrown@empirenet.com (10/21/96)
  52. SMALLEY (John, Freeman, etc) I am searching for info on a grandfather of mine, born in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio in 1792. He was John Smalley son of William Smalley and Prudence Hoel. One of his brothers was Freeman Smalley. Any info on John Smalley, Prudence Hoel, or the Smalley family would be appreciated. e-mail at sharris@mail.asd.k12.ak.us Thanks, Sharron Harris
  53. SMILEY - JONES (Belinda & Rueben F.), Butler Co, early 1800s. Sister Mary Francis Cates, m07.CA@SSFHS.ORG (2/2/97)
  54. SMILEY of St. Clair. Anet6334@aol.com (10/9/96)
  55. SMILEY and MCFEELEY families from Butler Co., OHio @1820-1830. Searching for information. Mary Parish (Sep 4 1997)
  56. SMILEY (John b. abt. 1784 in PA) married Hannah HARRELL (b. abt. 1794 in Nelson Co., KY) Nov. 2, 1815 in Butler Co. Later John and Hannah moved to Warren Co., IL. I am seeking information about John's parents as well as names of John and Hannah's first three or four children. Edwin Broadus (Sep 8 1997)
  57. SMITH of Oxford. LHChristen@AOL.com (10/25/96)
  58. SMITH (O.B. & Myrle) The family of O.B. & Myrtle Smith who had four children: Tom, Jean, Bonnie and Liz from the Hamilton and Fairfield area may contact us and get re-acquainted. Liz Sibcy, williz@sprynet.com (2/7/97)
  59. SMITHs buried in Reily cemetery: see web page (7/24/98)
  60. SMITH of Hamilton. einphil@ukcc.uky.edu (1/3/97)
  61. SMITH (Caleb). Leanna Shaberly, at leshabe@dlapr.lib.az.us
  62. SNIDER of Miltonville (Madison Twp) tsh@world.std.com (10/3/96); with 1907 obituary
  63. SNYDER (Jasper). Linda Thompson (Apr 10, 1998) Jasper Snyder was in the city of Hamilton, Fairfield Twp, in the 1830 and 1850 census. Looking for other family researchers.
  64. SNYDER of Miltonville (Madison twp) tsh@world.std.com (10/29/96)
  65. SOHN (John) of Hamilton. lsvoigt@aol.com(1/4/97)
  66. SOLLENBERGER. wenger@hum.ucsc.edu (Randolph)
  67. SORRELL family. Researching my Sorrell ancestors who lived in Culpeper County Virginia during the Revolutionary War. Migrated to Montgomery and Bath Counties in Kentucky in 1810. Then migrated to Butler County Ohio in the early 1900s. If you know anything about my ancestors I would like to talk to you. I freely exchange any information I have with anyone genuinely interested in the Sorrell ancestry and heritage. Jim Sorrell, Sorrell@ix.netcom.com (Feb 27 1997)
  68. SPERRY - CRANNELL (Elam & Hannah), about 1820s. Ken Kothe, Ken Kothe These are my 3 gr grandparents, & I want his parents (Aug 20 1997)
  69. SPRINGER. Richard Allan Cox at racox@hooked.net.
  70. SROUFE (George W.). I am looking for the birth certificate of my great grandfather George W. Sroufe who was born in Butler County on July 3, 1893. Thank You. William D. Sroufe (Aug 21 1997)
  71. ST.CLAIR. An e-mail network has been started for the descendants of Moses and Ezekiel DeCamp of Butler Co., OH. Associated family names are Hand, Misener, Hanlon, St. Clair, Stephenson, and Wilkinson. Please contact Wilson DeCamp at WilsonD212@aol.com for additional information.
  72. STAIRS - HOLMES (Noble & Mary Wilson). Marcia Brandle (Mar 28 1997) STAIRS, Noble b.Oct.15 1811 in Allegheny Co, PA to Noble Stairs of Ireland(naturalized 1803). Rafted to Higginsport,Clermont Co., Ohio in 1813. Married Mary Wilson Holmes, daughter of William Holmes and Anna Wilson,May 22, 1836. Had 13 Children. My Ancestor William Holmes Stairs b. May 5,1837 married Elizabeth Amanda Short in Brownstown, Jackson Co., IN Jan 1863. Other siblings were Lou, Laura Armacost, Noble,Belle,Samuel,Oliver Love,Eva, Charles,Perry. William Holmes Stairs died Sept. 19, 1888 in Alexandria, Campbell Co., Ky. After leaving Higginsport his family moved to Clermont Co., Oh in Pleasant Hill (?). His parents Nobel and Mary died in Maysville, Ky. I know quite a bit about Wm. H. Stairs but I am trying to find the name of his grandmother and where his grandgather came from Ireland.
  73. STARCHMAN of Hamilton. ssmith@getonthe.net (1/1/97)
  74. STEEP (John and Susan LARK) Oxford in the mid 1850's. Sondra Jernigan (Apr 5, 1998) John Steep m. Susan Lark Oct. 1853 in Butler Co. Am seeking information concerning the birth date and place of their eldest child, Anna Bella (my g-g-grandmother) b. abt. 1857. Since their son, John Robert Steep, was born in Cincinnati abt. 1860 it seems likely that Anna Bella was born either in Butler Co. or in Hamilton Co. (possibly also Cincinnati). The family left Ohio in 1860.
  75. STEHLIN family. They were residents of Hamilton in the 1800's. My name is Jackie Westover. My contact is jake@datasync.com96/01/29
  76. STEIN. Richard Allan Cox at racox@hooked.net Roots' Stein list
  77. STEPHENSON, John C., Rossville and Hamilton, Butler County. Worked as a barrel-maker in Rossville from 1820s [?] through 1850s. Any information on descendants would be helpful. All queries answered. Robert S. Wicks, Department of Art, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056 RSWICKS@MIAMIU.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU
  78. STEPHENSON. An e-mail network has been started for the descendants of Moses and Ezekiel DeCamp of Butler Co., OH. Associated family names are Hand, Misener, Hanlon, St. Clair, Stephenson, and Wilkinson. Please contact Wilson DeCamp at WilsonD212@aol.com for additional information.
  79. STEWART. Searching for information on Robert S. Stewart b. 1796 KY d.1840 Hamilton, Butler co., OH m. Sarah Myers b.1794 VA. had eight children, three of which moved to Clay co., IN. jethomas@vax2.rain.gen.mo.us
  80. STEWART/STEWARD/STEUART. e-mail: KBrady5621@aol.com
  81. STINESPRING (Henry). Russell Williams (Aug 17 1998)
  82. STITES. Susan Bockoven (12/25/96)
  83. STITES family (8/12/96)
  84. STOTZEL of Ross. cod3@juno.com (12/16/96)
  85. STOUGHT from around Crooksville area. I know my family is from RR and coal mines. Any info, please email to US001608@interramp.com
  86. STOUT, David (born 1801, Ohio) dmiller186@aol.com
  87. STOUT family. millerhp@ix.netcom.com (8/24/96)
  88. STOVER (Adam & Rebecca) probably of Madison Twp, 1840-1880. Adam born born 1811 in OH, Rebecca born 1817 in PA, children all born in OH: Rosannah 1836, Daniel 1838, John 1846, Susannah 1850 & laura J. 1858. Allan Griffith, magriff@bigfoot.com (18 Aug 1997)
  89. STRAWN (Straughan, Straughn) Researcher: Bonnie Strawn-Miller E-Mail: Strawn@prodigy.com My Home Page: Genealogical Journeys In Time
  90. STRONG of Ross. PooleHome@aol.com (12/28/96)
  91. STRUNK. dw150641@omail.eee.org(9/17/96)
  92. STRUNKS of Hamilton. STUCKI, (STUCKEY) Peter - mentioned in on-line book "Days of My Years"
  93. STYHR of Oxford mirobins@chi.osu.edu (9/28/96)
  94. SUESSER of Middletown. ssfalf@aol.com (11/30/96)
  95. SULLINGER - CRAIG (James L, Sr & Elizabeth). Michele Kemp Shockley, mkempp@corecom.net (Aug 13 1997) Searching for SULLINGER. JAMES L SULLINGER , SR married ELIZABETH CRAIG August 17, 1812 in Lemon Township, Butler County, Ohio, daughter of HUGH CRAIG and LUCY BROCKMAN. Children of JAMES SULLINGER and ELIZABETH CRAIG are: ELLEN SULLINGER, b. 1818, Butler Co, OH (?). ELIZABETH MARY SULLINGER, b. 1826, Grandview, IA. WILHELMINA SULLINGER, b. 1828-1830. JAMES L SULLINGER , JR, b. 1829, Montgomery Co, Ind (?) NANCY M SULLINGER, b. 1830, Montgomery Co, Ind. ROBERT SULLINGER, b. 1833, Montgomery Co, Ind. Any info would be great!
  96. SUTTLES or SETTLES- LEAR (Colonel & Leathy) of Hamilton around 1900. The Colonel changed his name from Suttles to Settle-s? Jesse Suttles, jess@insolwwb.net (Aug 10, 1997)
  97. SWANK of Reily twp. stvswk@aol.com (9/21/96)
  98. SWIFT, Malachi Stuart of SOMMERVILLE, OH. dubill@juno.com (1/3/97)
  99. SWIFT (1808) (Jesse b.1816). Robert L. Mullen, at mullenr@annap1.jsc.mil.
  100. SWIFT (John & Malachi) Karen, at karenbeid@aol.com or karenbeid@juno.com (11/19/96)
  101. SWOPE. Sftrail@aol.com
  102. SYDAR or SIDERS family web site - Lisa Hinkle Siders (2/24/5)

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