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Surnames Beginning with Q

  1. QUIGLEY of Oxford. (see Conway
  2. QUINN of Hanover. patmcypres@aol.com (1/4/97)

Surnames Beginning with R

  1. RAINES, Thomas and Margaret "Peggy" (nee GEORGE). Nancy at Sftrail@aol.com
  2. RANDALL (Sevier; Sarah (Sallie) FRAZEE) Somerville. From: - Carolyn (Mar 30, 1998) RANDALL, Sevier W. b. 1848 d. 1916 of Somerville; marr. Sarah (Sallie) Elizabeth FRAZEE b. 1852 d. 1938. Children: Leslie Warren, Jonas Pearl, Florence. Need any infor. on these.
  4. RANKIN of Oxford. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  5. RATHBURN, RATHBUN, RATHBONE - RATHCREST@aol.com, Feb 12 1997 Will exchange information on the Rathburn Rathbun Rathbone of Allen County. Updating the family history and I need your help. Thanks Rob Rathbun
  6. RATLIFF (Hannah J.) m. 1839 Butler Co. to James R. Douglass. From: - Mary Ann Hanson (Mar 10, 1998) Seeking information on Hannah's family. Before they moved to Indiana c. 1851, she had at least one son, Benjamin b. c. 1847, but there was time for a couple of births before that.

    There were several Butler Co. marriages, however:
    Ratliff, Thomas R. m. Dec 7, 1826 Powell, Margaret
    Ratliff, Robert m. Apr 17, 1827 Post, Cynthia
    Ratliff, Robert m. Nov 23, 1835 Lee, Lucinda
    *Ratliff, Hannah Jane m. Aug 22, 1839 Doughlass, James R.
    Ratliff, Jemima m. Oct 7, 1841 Morris, William
    Ratliff, James m. Sep 3, 1848 Bernard, Malinda
    Ratliff, Minerva Jane m. Jun 10, 1849 Long, John R.
    Ratliff, Priscilla m. Jun 17, 1849 Harker, William S.

    Any RATLIFF researchers, please contact me.

  7. RAYL family. bd553@lafn.org (12/30/96)
  8. READING (Charles & Sarah COOPER) (2/15/98)
  9. REAVIS - THOMPSON - WEIDE - BUSBY. Kris, RNK@NETRIDE.COM I have information on a William J. Thompson born Dec 13, 1845 in Butler Co. Ohio and died December 17, 1915. He was married to a first wife Mary Jane Weide who was born in 1844 and died in 1873. They had three children. Ida F. born 11-15-1867 died 6-17-1943. Franklin Blair born 6-13-1869 died 12-6-1953. Cora A. born 4-17-1871 died 8-15-1953.

    William Thompson married for the second time to Cynthia J. (Busby) born 9-16-1846 died 3-17-1926. They had one son Ursel Bert born 1-8-1884 died 1969.

    I am tracing back my grandmother's maiden name. (On my mom's side). Her name was Mildred E. Thompson born 10-23-1902 died 3-5-56. She married Harold E. Reavis on November 15, 1924.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you can give me any further information.
    Kris (4/2/1997)

  10. REDDICK family. xnfq57a@prodigy.com (12/1/96)
  11. REED (William and Elizabeth DOWNER. Karen, at karenbeid@aol.com
  12. REES - BUZZARD (John & Nancy/Nannie) lived in College Corner, Ohio. Am seeking any data possible about their children and their descendants. Both John & Nancy Buzzard Rees were born in Harrison County, Kentucky. John Rees was born about 1867, the son of Richard James Rees and Emma Frances Williams. Nancy (Nannie) Buzzard was born about 1872, the daughter of William Marion Buzzard and Rachel Ann Geoghegan. Nancy (Nannie) Buzzard Rees died in an automobile accident near College Corner on December 24, 1927. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Will also exchange information on the BUZZARD and WILLIAMS families John A. Vice (Mar 21 1997)
  13. REES: Thos. Rees (1790-1870) and Eliz. Stout Griffin(1801-1884) moved from Delaware to Reily, Butler Co, Ohio. Their 7th son, McDonough Bainbridge Rees, was my g-g-grandpa. He died in 1915 in my hometown of Cove, Union Co, OR. I had notebooks- full on this large family, plus a book written in 1901 on the REES family (Thos. Hale Streets). I would love to share anything I have! Send E-Mail to Peggy Lovelace Contreras. plc2453@hotmail.com (Oct 18 2003 update)
  14. REGAN. Email: Rife@SSSNet.com & Genealogy page. (Oct 19, 2003 update)
  15. REIF/RIFE (Peter & Elizabeth Jane NEWKIRK). m 25/Jun/1840 & had 17 children in Butler County. Any Rifes/Reifs in line contact: Email: Rife@SSSNet.com & Genealogy page. (Oct 19, 2003 update)
  16. REMICK. All occurances in Ohio. remik@erols.com
  17. REPLOGLE. Paul_Replogle@GLFN.ORG (9/20/96)
  18. REPLOGLE, with Web site. Paul H Replogle (6/7/4)
  19. RESCH - FRIES (Rosa & Nicholas). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1880, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  20. RESCH - HELDERLE (Joseph & Magdelana). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com. 1859, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  21. RETHLINGSHAFER - KOPP (Andreas & Mary), Hughes Station, Butler Co., 1830-1889. Paul Martin Shurte, Shur.Orb@Worldnet.att (Aug 17 1997)
  22. REVILEE (Isaac) Fairfield Twp. From: - Helen Nichols Battleson (Mar 27, 1998) I am searching for the roots of my REVILEE family that went to Muskingum & Butler Cos., OH from NY and possibly Sussex Co., NJ prob after the War of 1812. My Isaac REVILEE b 1766 prob Orange Co., NY, d aft 1851 prob in Fairfield Twp., Butler Co ., was the father of Sarah Ann b 30 Nov 1814 in NY, md 30 Mar 1837 to Harrison NORMAN, d 15 Oct 1881 prob Fayette, IN. Isaac also had sons named: Joseph & Isaac. They name was also spelled as REVELEE, in some records. I would love to hear from others working on this family. TIA, Helen
  23. RICE (Charles Bodley) born June 13, 1868; Grandfather of Janet Rice Engelhardt. gator50@ix.netcom.com
  24. RICHEY (Samuel W. and Sarah C., aka Sally C. FLEMING) . From: - Gail Tagart (Apr 28, 1998 - 05:43) Samuel was born in 1805 in Butler County, OH, and lived in Butler County until 1831. His sister, Elizabeth A., was born about 1799 near Maysville, Mason County, KY. Their parents were Adam & Esther RICHEY. Samuel moved to New Paris, Preble County, OH, in 1831; had a cabinet-making business, then opened a drug store there in 1854. The children of Samuel and Sarah were: David M. RICHEY (1828-1904), Leander W. RICHEY (1831-1895), Sutton C. RICHEY, Mortimer F. RICHEY, Narcissa RICHEY (b. 1837), Mark Millis RICHEY (1844-1879), Ann (Anna) Eliza RICHEY (b. 1846), and Webster S. RICHEY (1848-aft. 1894) - all born in Ohio, I believe. Searching for more ancestors and descendants!
  25. RICHTER - COAKLEY (Helen & Skeeter), 1950, Hamilton. Dennis Buhi, skdmrx@aol.com (8/3/97)
  26. RICHTSTINE (Jacob Gray Frances R. Gray) Wayne Township ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/in/montgome/bios/richtsti.txt. From: - Allen Donald Tallman (Mar 10, 1998) Jacob Gray Richtstine born Wayne Township, Butler County, Ohio. 16 March 1841.
  27. Riddle of Cleveland (8/14/96)
  28. RIEGLER: corkymen@lo.gulfnet.com
  29. RIFE/REIF (Peter & Elizabeth Jane NEWKIRK). m 25/Jun/1840 & had 17 children in Butler County. Any Rifes/Reifs in line contact: Email: Rife@SSSNet.com & Genealogy page. (Oct 19, 2003 update)
  30. RIFE (Hamilton, OH). Michael A. Rife, at Rife@moffitt.usf.edu
  31. RIGDON, Loammi [Laomi, etc.], Hamilton, Butler County. Operated as a physician in Hamilton from 1820s through 1850s. Any information on descendants would be helpful. All queries answered. Robert S. Wicks, Department of Art, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056 RSWICKS@MIAMIU.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU
  32. RILEY, James m. to Charity Brown feb. 6, 1834, in Butler Co. Ohio. Looking for parents of James. Please reply to Elaine at abaird@tctc.com.
  33. RINGEISEN (John and Mary "Mamie" WICKE) Lemon Township, Pisgah and West Chester. From: - mary malone (Feb 5, 1998) Looking for information about my grandmother's family. Family names include Wicke and Lemon (Christopher and Nancy). My grandmother's name is Leona Ringeisen and she married Edward Bedinghaus sometime before 1920 in Sharonville. I know my grandmother was born in Pisgah and grew up in West Chester. Brothers included Roy, John, Henry, George Meeks (He went by his middle name Meeks). Supposedly the Lemon family is the folks that Lemon Township was named for. My grandmother was born September 21, 1889. Thank you. Mary Stephens Malone
  34. RIPPETO (William and Judith PHILLIPS) of Miltonville, 1835. Reppeto. (2/08/98)
  35. ROBBINS of Union. Laurie617@aol.com (12/6/96)
  36. RODEN (Hamilton, OH). Michael A. Rife, at Rife@moffitt.usf.edu
  37. RODEN. Email: Rife@SSSNet.com & Genealogy page. (Oct 19, 2003 update)
  38. ROGERS of Fairfield Twp. JoMa2991@aol.comS (10/5/96)
  39. ROOF family of Middletown. roof@infinet.com (8/16/96)
  40. ROSS of Millville, Reily Twp. JWTLLMN@aol.com (8/28/96)
  41. ROSS (John) and 4,300 descendants: http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~rayross (5/18/00)
  42. ROST (John) of Hamilton, OH. Gary Rost, wollbach@worldnet.att.net (Jul 3 1997). I am looking for assistance or leads on my family line surname ROST. They all lived or died in Butler County Ohio. We would appreciate any one who could give us a lead on how to continue seeking for more information or has information which may help us. Frederick ROST 1889-1953 and Cumy Patience JOYCE, b 1905, m 1926. Frederick is an only son, but rumors have persisted in our family that there was another brother of Frederick (possibly named Lenerd) who was given over to an agency when he was very young. (Nothing has been proven that there is a brother.) Frederick is the son of; John Henry ROST born sometime in 1863 in Hamilton, Butler, Ohio; wife Christina ISKE (from Alsec Lorraine - born 1871); John Henry is the son of John Christian ROST, who is believed to have been from West Phalie region of Germany. He was married to Mary BUMUS. John Christian ROST is the first ROST in my family line who came to the United States.
  43. ROSTORFER - frostorfer@matnet.com, Fred Rostorfer, Feb 1 1997 Looking for any information for the Rostorfer family. I was born in Stokes Township in 1952. Looking for any other info avail.
  44. ROTHERMEL (Solomon). Am looking for anyone related to the ROTHERMEL family of Butler County, Ohio. Solomon ROTHERMEL, born August 22, 1781 in Pennsylvania, migrated to Butler County around 1808. He had at least 11 children. Other related surnames include BROSIUS, LEFFLER, EMERICK and BEILER. If you know you descend from this family, please contact me. I would like to exchange information with you. David Becker, benhur@pond.com. (2/5/97)
  45. ROUDEBUSH, all counties (beginning in Clermont and Stark Cos. by 1800). Also in Clermont Co: HARTMAN, HUTCHINSON, DUCKWALL, PATTISON, HILL, WEAVER. In Preble Co, I work BLACK, DOUGLAS, McDILL, McQUISTON and in Butler Co the surnames include COOPER and COULTER. Helen (Roudebush) Lonsdale, HLonsdale@aol.com (3/6/97)
  46. ROUND, ROWND, ROWEN, ROWAN, ROWN. (Also ALLENDORF, BOYERS, DICKERSON, DICKINSON, DROLLINGER, MILLER, SHRADER, WATSON) I read some of the history and was disappointed that the only reference to Surname " ROUND" was Philip Round who donated to Hamilton Jail in 1803. This may be partially due to name being spelled in various documents as Round, Rownd, Rowen, Rowan, Rown. I know that some of the JACOB ROUND family was there as early as 1791.

    Butler Co records show that Jacob and Andrew ROUND signed up for the Symmes (misspelled) Land Grant in 1791. Philip was a scout in the army from 1790-1794 and again in the War of 1812. Jacob was on the Tax rolls as early as 1807. Jacob signed an INDENTURE in 1811 giving money and land near MIAMI RIVER to children: Andrew, Daniel, Jacob Jr, Philip, Merium (aka Martin), Elizabeth, Mary "Polly", and Catherine.

    Jacob JR married Nancy MILLER in 1811 in Butler County and he died in Butler Co. in 1819. His Will showed Jacob ROWAN JR. Abt. 1820 Daniel ROUND and wife Martha (?), sold his land to bro-in-law Philip SHRADER who had married Elizabeth ROUND. Andrew and Elizabeth (DROLLINGER) sold their landand moved to Parker Co., IN, where Andrew took name of ROWEN although one of his sons Philip David, kept the name of ROUND. Philip and Daniel were in DEARBORN CO. in census of 1830. Martin ROUND married Susannah BOYERS in BUTLER CO. in 1805. MARY married Isaac WATSON in 1808. Catherine had married a Fred ALLENDORF earlier and he was killed by Indians . She later married John DICKERSON/DICKINSON who was in American Revolution. Jacob Sr. was also repoted to be in Revolution. - by Charles Round, 7/15/3

  47. ROUND, Ezra (MY GGGRANDFATHER) had stated he was from Butler Co., and born in 1810. I do not know (for sure) who his father was, but Jacob SR. is probably his grandfather. Ezra died in Brown County, OH.
    - by Charles Round, 7/15/3
  49. ROUND (Rowan) family. rburress@usit.net (12/16/96)
  50. ROUND, Susan Elizabeth born 1813 married William Johnson born 1809. Possilbe parents either Jacob or Daniel Round Butler Co., Oh. Wm. and Susan lived in Oh. until around 1842. Any info on this family would be appreciated. My E-mail: rburress@usit.net
  51. ROWAN (Alexander), Fairfield Twp c 1810. Ellen Rowan Taylor pmt@fwi.com or ERTAylor@Delphi.com
  52. ROWLAND of Hamilton, OH. Teresa.Edwards@DaytonOH.NCR.COM (9/22/96)
  53. RUFF (Eliza Ann), b 1832 Butler Co.; m Watson Croucher, Montgomery Co. OH Who were her parents? Richard Larimer ad631@dayton.wright.edu (10/31/96)
  54. RUFFING (Theobald and Catharine WEYRICH) Hamilton, 1860's and 1870's. From: - Becky Hilbert (Feb 5, 1998) Have traced family back to Germany and would like to share info with other descendants. Their children who lived in Hamilton: Mary Josephine Ruffing who married Joseph Long; Barbara Ruffing who married Joseph Helvey; Christopher Ruffing who married Anna Marr; Mary Barbara Ruffing who married Benjamin Hilbert; Mary A Ruffing who married Joseph Wiseman.
  55. RUSH - ALLEN (Elizabeth & Isaac), 1805?-1849, Wayne Township. Sara Allen, sara.k.allen@wheaton.edu (8/3/97)
  56. RUSK. I found a Baltis Rusk family listed in Butler Co, Fairfield Township in the 1840 Ohio census. It lists 1 male in the 10-15 yr. group. I am searching for my g-g-g-grandfather, Edward Rusk. He was 10-11 yrs old at the time. Is there any way to find out the name of this male? I seem to be at a dead-end!!!! Do you have any advice for me on how to pursue at this point? Jerry Rusk (10/20/96)
  57. RUST (Elias) of Oxford, OH. Am searching for infor. on any FRAZEE's who lived in Butler Co.; Sarah MILLS, Elias RUST & dau. Caroline who marr. a FRAZEE DavidOF@wesnet.com
  58. RUVE family of Hamilton, OH. Carol MacKay (Sep 14 1997)

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