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3/3/98 update, from the Butler County, Ohio USGenWeb Project Surname and Query Index

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Butler County, OH Surnames Beginning with N

  1. NAFFZINGER. ad631@dayton.wright.edu (11/1/96)
  2. NAYLOR. Shannon Busby (5/28/98)
  3. NEWKIRK. 70304.3275@compuserve.com & Homepage
  4. NEWKIRK (Hamilton, OH). Michael A. Rife, at Rife@moffitt.usf.edu
  5. NEWPORT. Does anyone have any info on Richard NEWPORT who was on 1807 Tax List for Butler Co? Was he a Minister? Wife? Children? Any scrap of information will be appreciated. Thank you. Edna Clack (Mar 27 1997)
  6. NOEL, Mary Ann b. @ 1797, m. 16 Jan 1828 to Johm Beall in Butler Co, OH, Ralph E-mail RFSF96A@Prodigy.com

Butler County, OH, Surnames Beginning with O

  1. Oergel family (96/08/03)
  2. ORCUTT and related lines in Scioto, Greene, Hancock, Butler and other counties of Ohio in 1790/1900. Willing to share information on these and other families Joel Orcutt (Aug 25 1997)
  3. ORR, DeWitt Clinton. Oldest Butler County Civil War Veteran, Middletown Journal (10-19-3)
  4. OSBORN, Cyrus (d 1808, Lemon Township). Pat Long, at plong@hiwaay.net

Butler County, OH, Surnames Beginning with P

  1. PAGE - WEBSTER - BAKER - MILLER. I am seeking information on family of Nancy Ann Webster, born July 18, 1835-Hamilton, Ohio. Her mother was a Baker and somewhere a Page was on her mothers side of the family. She married Charles Henry Miller April 7, 1856 at Shelby, Ohio. They moved to Missouri. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Shirley Dubuque, ClassyD@aol.com (3/7/97)
  2. PALMER. u1a00633@wvnvm.wvnet.edu (8/27/96)
  3. PARKER of Liberty & Fairfield Twp. JoMa2991@aol.com (10/5/96)
  4. PARSONS - WARD (James & Sarah Ann). Lived in Oxford, Butler County between 1825-1838. May have been a farmer and owned a small store. Had 7 children. James was from Maryland and Sarah from Newark, NJ. They were married 23 Feb 1826. Old e-mail address was parsodj@netcom.com for PARSONS (Johnathan W. (Ward)) of Oxford, Butler. Please help if you have any info on this family. Jeff Parsons, parsodj@juno.com (3/15/97)
  5. PATER. Email GKDIGGER@splusnet.com
  6. PATTON (Isaac) - kd4fzk@juno.com, Don Patton, Feb 10 1997:
    PATTON ISAAC b 1805 butler county, I suspect he was in Gratis area abt 1930, school teacher, are there any records on schools, or the family , I do not have much more info. would like any help. is there any newspapers covering that area and time ? thanks
  7. PATTON. rpatton@earthlink.com (9/21/96)
  8. PEAKE (Anne) of Liberty Township. June Jacobs Jordan is trying to reach persons researching Peake/Jacobs families. (Feb 25 1998)
  9. PEARCE. I have a line of info on the PEARCE and related families (a collateral line for me) that went to Butler Co Ohio from Baltimore Co MD in the 1820s-1830s era.. lgarlock@capaccess.org
  10. PETER (Jonathan) Sandi: Oxford
  11. POE, William A. Trying to find birth and death dates along with burial site of my great grandfather. Married Rebecca Ann Kimball of Butler County in 1800s. Any info would be appreciated. I'm Timothy Poe Moore. Email at Purdue53@msn.com
  12. POHLAR of Hamilton. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  13. POTTENGER. Would like to collect/compare/exchange information. Contact Bob Shumar at 75443.521@compuserve.com
  14. POTTS. Contact: dcvs@bright.net
  15. POWERS (Aaron and Martha COLBY), married married Feb. 9, 1807, North Bend. Louise Powers (1/1/1998)
  16. PRESSLER - MONJAR (Earl & Gertrude) of Middletown. David Pressler, PRESSLER@AM.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL. (7/30/1997)
  17. PUGH, John O. Looking for "Pugh" as I have a great many of them, and will be willing to share. e-mail address is jpugh@wcnet.org

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