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Surnames Beginning with M

  1. MacMANN nee Morrison; 74242.1612@compuserve.com (Caple, Arnsparger, Updegrove)
  2. MADDOCK/MADDOX family of pre-Preble. harristd@olsusa.com (8/10/96)
  3. MAGGARD family of Hamilton. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  4. MANN families. Tim Mann (06/17/00)
  5. MANN - BELL (Levi & Jane). Levi and Jane were married Butler Co. 24 May 1818 (Marietta?) Would love to find his parents. I know that Jane was the daughter of Benjamin Bell and Elizabeth Enoch. Can anyone help me find Levi's parents? Their marriage is listed in "Butler County OH marriages, 1803-1823". M. K. Duncan, duncan1@peaknet.net (8/30/97)
  6. MARCH Am searching for imformation on Henry MARCH b England may have settled in Ohio Two known daughters at least Iva P. b 1883 m Joseph DEAL of Barton County KS and Mary Belle b 27 Dec 1887 MO m Ralph DEAL of Barton County KS e-mail pepper1@sierra.net
  7. MARSH, Andrew Jackson: b 1854 (KY or MO); married Elizabeth Jane (Lizzie) Wade 1879 (Butler Co), b 1857 in Butler county. Her parents were Nehemiah Chambers Wade & Frances Mary (Fanny) Gilliland. Would appreciate any help with Marsh family info. My e-mail = amckay@sdssmich.physics.lsa.umich.edu
  8. MARR (George & Victoria). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1860, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  9. MARR - RUHL (Mathias & Rosina). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1847, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  10. MARR - WEBER (Catherine & Edward). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1900, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  11. MARTIN (James). Info on parents of James G. Martin, b. 6 Oct. 1810, Butler co., OH d. 1889 Darke Co., OH. Stated his father born in Scotland and mother born in OH. Current research indicates Jonathan L. Martin may be father. He was born in Scotland died Dec. 1831, Butler Co., OH. Who was Jonathan's first wife and place of birth? He married second wife Nancy Crooks 1813, third wife Mary Cox 1827. His Will names son James and daughter Sarah. Jonathan may have had a brother Joseph. Seek info if anyone has researched a James Martin, d. Oct. 1810 or a James Martin, d 1827, both in Butler, Co., OH and/or a James C. Martin who married Nov. 1842 in Butler Co., OH. Richard E. Martin, remartin@worldnet.att.com (3/6/97)
  12. MARTIN, Andrew Jackson. b. 1828 in Butler Co.OH, s/o James & Nancy (Abbott) MARTIN. Would like to find out more about his siblings & his parents. They came from N.Carolina. THANKS! Please E-Mail: quest4_s@dcwi.com
  13. MARTIN family of Oxford. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  14. MARTIN (Jonathan L.). Richard Martin (Mar 28 1997)
    Seek info or details on family of Jonathan L. Martin, b. abt 1781 Scotland d. Dec 1831 Butler Co., OH. Blacksmith & Dry Goods Merchant Middletown. Who was his father and where in Scotland did he come from? First wife d. bef 1813, who was she? Children were Jame G., b. 6 Oct 1810, m. Rebecca Robbins 1835, Sarah V., m. 1831 to Francis Tytus and Ann Eliza, m. 1842 to John Storms. Second wife of Jonathan was Nancy Crooks . Children Alexander, b. 1817. Third wife of Jonathan was Mary Cox, m. 1827. Children Harriet Newell Martin and Isabell Graham Martin. Also seek info on a James Martin who d. abt 4 Oct 1810 and a James Martin who d. 1827 both in Butler Co., OH.
  15. MASON. Seeking full death date for Clara MASON, who died in 1932, probably in Butler Co., but she is buried at Wood Hill Cemetery in Warren Co. She was the widow of Orion S. Springer, and had a daughter Lillian Springer born April 1890. Do not have name of her second husband, _________ Mason. The first husband, Orion S. Springer was born in 1865 and died 12 Feb 1898 and is buried in Wood Hill Cemetery. Kathleen Rizer (Mar 2 1997)
  16. MASON - MILLER - ZIEGLER - SHANK - WAMPLER family histories. Floyd R. Mason Feb 18 1997
    We have researched and written the following Family Histories. We have a limited supply for libraries and connected families. Many of them went to IN and OH in the early 1800's. John Mason & Mary Ann Miller - 1986; Matthias Miller & his 17 Children - 1986; Ziegler Family Record - 1990; Shank Family Record - 1992; Michael Miller Family Record - 1993; Wampler Family Record - 1996. We are researching many other families of PA and VA such as Garber, Long, Miller, Garst & Bowman.
  17. MAYES - ATKINS. Volleny B. Atkins married Isabella Mayes year?? Their children: Sylvia Beaulah -Judy Miley -Johnny Miley -Iris -David Fredricks- Delores Violet-married Cloniker?? Kloniker Lily-4 children Sylvia Conrad-Fred Conrad Sylvia Married-W.G. Martin-3 Children-Delores J. Gardner (myself) Stephen L. Woodrum and Tamela Ranae Martin; Paul, David, Frank, Victor, Donald, Charlene After this I am lost and not seeming to get far. Thanks for your time. PS I myself was born in Hamilton Sept. 21 1954. Delores (Aug 29 1997)
  18. McBRIDE of Butler County area. sparky83@erols.com (9/27/96)
  19. McCAIN of Milford/Fairfield. (1797 to Milford twp. Butler Co, Northwest Territory) James Harris, dharris@aol.com, drharris@freenet.columbus.oh.us, or use home address: **67 S. Parkview, Columbus, Ohio 42309** (8/96 & 10/96)
  20. McCHESNEY: MMcChesney@aol.com
  21. McCLAIRA (or McCLARY) - TAYLOR. Researching John M. Taylor and his wife Iva McClaira/McClary and ancestors/decendants in FRANKLIN CO. Lived near Columbus in 1840. Lived in Iowa in 1860 census. Four of their sons signed up in the Union army there. My 2nd Gr grandfather, John W., and his twin brother William E. (b. 1840), their brothers were Joseph, Jacob Harvey, Clarence, James and a sister Helen. Also researching my 2nd gr grandmother Mary A JACOBS family possibly lived in the same area as Taylors. Any help or info would be appreciated. Thanks, Lynne King (Mar 19 1997)
  22. McCLELLAN, Butler Co before 1820. Shannon Busby (5/28/98 update)
  23. McCLELLAN, Robert - biography (1770-1815). Served in the army at Fort Hamilton some time before meeting Lewis and Clark near St. Joseph, MO on their return trip in 1806. 2004 PBS program Robert McCLELLAN's cane, PDF file (6/29/4)
  24. McCLURE family of Hamilton. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  25. McCONNELL (Robert) - Mboxman@su.edu, Mac Bozman, Feb 12 1997
    ROBERT McCONNELL (Jr.) of PA. Allegheny Co. Left PA. to OH. after 1812. Wife was ? McKNIGHT or McNAUGHTON. Son John born circa 1814 in Pa. or OH. JOHN McCONNELL (no known siblings except possible brother David) eventually settles in Warren Co. Il. circa 1840 where he marries Mary Z. Turnbull, born in OH. in 1825. Do not know where Robert McConnell last resided, Oh. or Il. Interested in all OH. Robert McConnells for eliminations, possibles, or confirmations 1812 to probably no later than 1860. Will share all I have.
  26. McCOTTER & WYNN families. Looking for parents of Nancy and Jane McCOTTER, who married GEORGE brothers, Reuben and Enoch. Nancy Sween, Sftrail@aol.com
  27. McCOY, Oscar d. about 1844? Carol Wilsey Bell's Ohio Wills before 1850 lists an entry for Oscar McCoy in Butler Co. records. Can anyone locate details? John McCoy Long Beach CA RealMac@aol.com
  28. McCULLOUGH: Sampson. Ancestors? Related to Pierson McCULLOUGH? Susan Love. (10/31/96)
  29. McFaddin of Brown Co., OH (9/27/96)
  30. McFALL - APPLEGATE. Seeking the parents of Amanda McFall who was born in Butler County in 1844 and who married Charles Applegate in Butler County on December 16, 1860. Lynn E. Applegate (Sep 1 1997)
  31. McFee of Hamilton twp.(9/23/96)
  32. MCFEELEY and SMILEY families from Butler Co., OHio @1820-1830. Searching for information. Mary Parish (Sep 4 1997)
  33. MCGINNIS, Butler Co before 1820. Shannon Busby (5/28/98 update)
  34. McGOLDRICH & Van GORDON (Catherine & Squire), 1840. Paul Martin Shurte, Shur.Orb@Worldnet.att (Aug 17 1997)
  35. McINTYRE family of El Dorado. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  36. McKEE: Anthony Wayne, b 1795 and married Nancy AGNEW (m 1816) in Butler County. Info on his parents? Mary E. Collins. (10/13/96)
  37. McMAKEN of Union twp. rmcmaken@tso.cin.ix.net (8/28/96)
  38. McQUEEN family of Hamilton. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  39. McWHORTER family of Hamilton, etc. McWHORTER Family Web Page (5/29/98)
  40. MEANY (Mary) married James COFFEE. Info by Eddie Cantwell (September 2005)
  41. MEEKER: Looking for any MEEKER information out there! Please answer if you have anything on The MEEKER Family. Sharon Thomas (Aug 30 1997)
  42. MEEKER (Jonas + Betsey). Leanna Shaberly, at kb8rt@uswest.net (10/29/98 update)
  43. MENCHE. Email: 70304.3275@compuserve.com Homepage: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/rife
  44. MEEKER - HARRIS (Michael & Margaret) Seeking info on Michael Meeker born NJ 1789 and Margaret Harris born 1789 Ky. Married Butler Co. 1815 lived in Reily Twp. Also Meeker Harris born Butler Co. 1822 married Sarah Unknown also lived in Reily Twp and Moved to Clark Co. Ill. abt 1855. Bill Harris Thanks (4/3/1997)
  45. MENEGAY: corkymen@lo.gulfnet.com
  46. MERCER family web site - Lisa Hinkle Siders (2/24/5)
  47. MEREDITH, CLEAVER, WILES family information (3/30/98)
  48. METCALF of Hamilton, Ohio. bblair@flnet.com (9/12/96)
  49. MICHAEL - SHOEMAKE (Jared & Ruth) (Dedemiah & Enoch). Sharon Kelley, acer@ne.uswest.net. Desparately seeking parents and siblings of: MICHAEL, Jared b: about 1806 possibly in OH, married in 1833 to SHOEMAKE, Ruth. Also, seeking parents and siblings of MICHAEL, Dedemiah who married SHOEMAKE, Enoch, brother of Ruth Shoemake. Were Dedemiah and Jared related? Would love to correspond and share info with other family members! (Aug 12 1997)
  50. MILLER - WEBSTER - BAKER - PAGE. I am seeking information on family of Nancy Ann Webster, born July 18, 1835-Hamilton, Ohio. Her mother was a Baker and somewhere a Page was on her mothers side of the family. She married Charles Henry Miller April 7, 1856 at Shelby, Ohio. They moved to Missouri. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Shirley Dubuque, ClassyD@aol.com (3/7/97)
  51. MILLER family of Hamilton (96/08/07)
  52. MILLER (Rudio & Abigail). They lived in Butler Co. near Hamilton prob. in the early l800's. Does anybody have any info on them at all. Are they buried in Butler Co.? Thanks. Ken Kothe, alexlib@fia.net (Aug 18 1997)
  53. MILLS - LUCAS (James F. & Jemima) ca. 1807-1833 in Madison Twp. Jemima Lucas was the daughter of John Lucas, Rev. soldier Adina Dyer, adyer@insightbb.com (Updated Aug 2002; Sep 1 1997)
  54. MILLS (Sarah). Am searching for infor. on any FRAZEE's who lived in Butler Co.; Sarah MILLS, Elias RUST & dau. Caroline who marr. a FRAZEE. David, at DavidOF@wesnet.com
  55. MISENER. An e-mail network has been started for the descendants of Moses and Ezekiel DeCamp of Butler Co., OH. Associated family names are Hand, Misener, Hanlon, St. Clair, Stephenson, and Wilkinson. Please contact Wilson DeCamp at WilsonD212@aol.com for additional information.
  56. MISNER - ENYART (William & Catherine) Audrey (SHIELDS) HANCOCK, wife/o Dave HANCOCK Here is what I have on the family of: William MISNER & Catherine ENYART
    1. Sarah S. b 1797 mar John JONES
    2. Silas b 1798 mar 1824 Butler Co., OH to Sarah BURRY/BARRY
    3. Nancy b 1800 mar 1833 to John WALLACE
    4. Mary b 1802 mar #1 Wm. FLEMING & #2 Mitchell CAMPBELL
    5. George b 1804 mar Margaret DeCAMP
    6. David b 1806
    7. Matilda b 1808 & mar 1829 to Jonathan JONES
    8. Benjamin Enyard/Enyart b 1810 OH & mar Elizabeth JONES
    9. LeAnn B 1812
    10. Emaline mar 1833 Butler Co., OH to Thomas HANCOCK & had son, Sylvender. Emaline appears to have died young, but have not been able to prove this nor that Sylvender is his son. Thomas appears to have given Sylvender to Swanson Lunsford & Nancy GRIFFITH to rear. Then Thomas HANCOCK remarried. Family oral & written history says that Sylvender's mother died young, and Sylvender had family relationships with his father & his new family. Any help on this family would be appreciated.
    11. Amelia b 1816 mar Wm. SIMPSON
    12. Amanda Ann b 1818 never married
    13. William (Jr.) b 1821 mar Lydia HELLYER/HILLYER
    14. Eliza b 1825 mar 1847 to Alexander HIPES
    Seek information on any or all members of this family (ENYART-MISNER-HANCOCK-JONES-BARRY/BURRY- WALLACE-FLEMING-CAMPBELL-DE CAMP-SIMPSON- HELLYER/HILLYER-HIPES) Especially interested in discovering the MISNER & ENYART ancestors, and learning about Emaline (MISNER) HANCOCK. All information will be greatly appreciated. (Sep 10 1997)
  57. MITCHELL, Walter Ottoway C. If you know him, please email George Walker at 76521.1327@compuserve.com
  58. MOCK, Michael in St. Clair or Ross Twsp circa 1817-1831. Ron Stoner stoner@bgnet.bgsu.edu
  59. MONET: Seeking info regarding MONET family of Port Union, OH pre 1930's. mackay@calcna.ab.ca
  60. MONET - HAFERTEPE (Leonard & Catherine) of Port Union in Union Township. Seeking information on the MONET and HAFERTEPE families. Shirley Bawden (Sep 3 1997)
  61. MONG, DARCUS - Hospice1@aol.com, John D.Mong, Jan 25 1997
    MONG/DARCUS: Perhaps my ggrandfather/mother. Have record in family bible with burial in Holsapple Cemetery Darke co. No other info available.
  62. MONJAR - PRESSLER (Gertrude & Earl) of Middletown. David Pressler, PRESSLER@AM.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL. (7/30/1997)
  63. MONTGOMERY of Morgan twp. emmich@colorado.ne (9/1/96)
  64. MOORE (Lydia, m ENYART, 1811). Laurie Shawver at kteh59a@prodigy.com. Roots' MOORE list
  65. MOORE family of Oxford. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  66. MOORE family in the county 1834-37. popcord@harborcom.net (10/12/96)
  67. MOORE - FREEMAN (Daniel U. & Mary) I am looking for information on Mary Freeman who was born in Butler County in June of 1813. She married Daniel U. Moore on July 26, 1838 and died in 1894. Melissa Moser, melmoser@pacific.telebyte.com (3/17/97)
  68. Morris family of Morgan (by N. Morris) 96/08/10
  69. MORRIS - CLOYD (Albert O. & Marian E.) Albert O. Morris, born 6-25-1914, Shandon, Ohio & Marian E. Morris (Cloyd) Born 1-25-1924 Died 3-18-1987 Hamilton. Daughter: Joanne Meyer Born 11-15-1942 Palm Harbour Florida. Son: Samuel A. MORRIS Born 5-15-50 Fort Hamilton Hospital Hamilton, Bunbury, Western Australia (Apr 6 1997)
  70. MORRIS. I am looking for the father or mother of Enoch Morris who was in Ohio durring the war of 1812 and then came to Indiana some time. He died in 1843? any information is welcome. thank you Melody Byard
  71. MORRIS, RAY (John, b 1776 VA & Mary, m about 1798) We are related to the oldest son William Ray MORRIS Sr. I have been trying to find the parents for John Morris. If you have any info I would love to hear from you. Roberta Flittner (5/31/98)
  72. MORROW family. wks1@mimi.dseg.ti.com (10/15/96)
  73. MOSER - ROGERS: JoMa2991@aol.com, Glenda F. MOSER, Thu Jan 23 1997
    MOSER - ROGERS: Would like to correspond with anyone researching the ancestors or desc. of Henry MOSER (b. 1837 Switz - d. 1917 CA, son of Jeremias & Josepha SELB MOSER) who m. 1865 Hamilton Co., OH to Sarah Elizabeth ROGERS (b. 1843 Butler Co, OH - d. 1936 CA, dau. of Daniel & Lydia PARKER ROGERS). This couple own a store in Mt. Healthy, OH and moved to Monterey Co. CA circa 1909. ISSUE: Josephine; Daniel; George; Charles; Helen; Grace; Stuart James MOSER. Surnames of spouses: RUNYAN; HILDER; CLOPPER; PINKERTON. Please e-mail if any connection with this family - THANKS (JoMa2991@aol.com)
  74. MOTZ (Frances - m Louis BOSCH) Paula A. Carle-Bosch. (10/5/96)
  75. MOYER, Ellen (married MITCHELL). If you know of her, please email George Walker at 76521.1327@compuserve.com
  76. MULLEN: brothers James Harvey & John W. Mullen both of Rush County, IN, married Ann Watson (1835) and Rachel Watson (1835) in Butler County. Anyone with information about either the WATSON or MULLEN families please contact me. Madonna Mullen Shutt (10/9/96)
  77. MULKINS - Lighthse@enol.com, Marilyn Mulkins Light, Feb 4 1997
    Mulkins family names, specifically a Henry Mulkins who had children named Willard, Norman, Rachel, Henry (jr?) Issac or Isaiaca in the Ohio area about pre 1830.
  78. MULLEN. Looking for ancestors of SIMON MULLEN, husband of MARY MULLEN, parents of CLARENCE MULLEN According to census records of Butler County, Lemon Township, Mary's mother, Ellen Audley also lived with them. Mary Victoria Mullen, fvprouty@micron.net (Aug 13 1997)
  79. MUMMA (Lemon): John MUMMA (1780-1849) appeared in the 1840 Butler County census living in Middletown, where he had settled after moving to the area from York County, PA in the early 1830s. For a detailed family history, see Douglas M. Mumma's "The Mumma Families of Butler and Preble Counties, Ohio" in PDF or WORD format. (10-12-03)
  80. MUSGRAVE/MUSGROVE (Ross): cross@northcoast.com
  81. MUSSELMAN in the Ohio & PA areas. Any information please Email me Tanya A. Onori (103165.1154@compuserve.com

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