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Butler County OH Surnames Beginning with L

  1. LACY family. Steve at stevel@gcn.scri.fsu.edu and the LACY FAMILY HOMEPAGE
  2. LAGEDROST. My g-g-grandfather & his brother came to Hamilton from Germany between 1828 and 1849. their citizenship papers do not say where in Germany (except Hannover). Nor do the papers say when or on what ship they came over on. I need help. Donald J. Lagedrost DonL@TSO.CIN.IX.NET or DJL@IX.NETCOM.COM
  3. LANDFAIR, Ruth Ward of Pennsylvania. dubill@juno.com (1/3/97)
  4. LANDON, by rjoyce@clark.net
  5. LARRISON (David m Jane 1847; Rossville?). Sue at bbns98c@prodigy.com
  6. LATIMER. CLati78372@AOL.Com
  7. LAUER from Hamilton. dajend@eos.net
  8. LAVELY. llavely@cinergy.com (10/23/96)
  9. LAWS of Miltonville. ElrondIM@aol.com Interested in the Crows, Laws, Simpson Family Group. (Sep 4 1997)
  10. LEAS of Oxford. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  11. LEE - COMPTOM (William & Elizabeth) of Oxford. Looking for any information on LEVI LEE and wife ELIZABETH COMPTOM. A son WILLIAM LEE was born 1799 in Butler Co. Would appreciate any help. Don M. Lee, DONMICLEE@aol.com (4/1/97)
  12. LEE shelleylee@aol.com (12/22/96)
  13. LETT family. Need Info on Moses, Amanda and children about 1850, moved to Mo by 1880. Betty Rogers, Moscow, Idaho bjr@turbonet.com96/02/16
  14. LEVLINE. Email: 70304.3275@compuserve.com Homepage: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/rife
  15. LEWELLEN family. Anne B. Lewellen (3/9/98)
  16. LIMING (Leming, Lemming, Lyming,etc) early 1800's. In particular Elizabeth Liming, dau of William and Mary Liming. Thanx...pamela quigley pamelaq@aol.com
  17. LIMING (aka Leming, Limming, Lemming, Lemon) surname throughout southern Ohio. My direct ancestor pioneered (bought a section of land from Symmes) on the Hamilton/Butler border. Does anyone have any information about this surname appearing in Butler? Thanks, liming@meridiantc.com
  18. LIMMIS, Grimes JWB2568@aol.com
  19. LINCOLN family of Butler County. Michael Padgett (Jun 20 1997)
  20. LINDLEY of Oxford. badger@cinternet.net (10/11/96)
  21. LINE. jline@e-mail.com (11/15/96)
  22. LINN (Adam, James H.) There is a family chart (in Ohio the Crossroads of our Nation 1962-1963 v. 3-4) for Adam Linn (RW) and wife Jane Isabelle Dickerson b Westmoreland Co. PA; owned land Butler Co. PA then to Butler Co. OH by 1804. Their 2nd son James H. Linn had a daughter Margaret Linn b 12/2/1806 OH; d 9/18/1828. She could be the one who married Reuben GEORGE, Jr. Phyllis J. Bauer, pjbauer@ais.net.
  23. LINN - GEORGE (Margaret & Reuben Jr.). Did they have a daughter, Amanda "Mandy" GEORGE before Margaret died and Reuben remarried? Amanda George was born 10 May 1826 in Butler Co, OH & was m 19 Jan 1846 to Charles Edmund Shipman in MO (Andrew Co). They moved on to Chippewa Co, WI by 1850. Nancy Sween, Sftrail@aol.com
  24. LONG, Jesse W. have information on Noah LONG b. 1810 contact me at jlong@desktop.org
  25. LONG. slkruse@garlic.com (11/22/96)
  26. LONGFELLOW. Elijah Longfellow migrated to Hamilton, Butler, Ohio in about 1805. Dave (05/13/01 update)
  27. Lorimor family of Barlow, Ohio 96/08/22
  28. LOWRY (John, Jane b 1824; Rossville). Sue at bbns98c@prodigy.com.
  29. LYNCH. I'm looking for a connection between Butler Co.'s House and Clawson families with the family of George and James Linch/Lynch who passed throuh there in about 1820. See details at new homepage URL and new e-mail dmatt@erinet.com
  30. LYNCH family of Hamilton (by Schubert) (8/7/96)
  31. LYONS. My g-granfather (WINFIELD SCOTT ISREAL LYONS) and sibs born somewhere in Southern Ohio around turn of the century. He married in Licking County in 1928. US001608@interramp.com
  32. LYTLE families of Milford Twp, Butler (Hamilton) County, Ohio (Northwest Territory) 1797-1996. Interested in Judge Lytle (rev. war sold. who named Milford Township). James Harris. Email drharris@freenet.columbus.oh.us or write to: 67 S. Parkview Ave, Columbus, Oh 43209 (10/23/96)

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