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Surnames Beginning with H

  1. HADICK family of Bell Valley 96/08/14
  2. HAFERTEPE or HAFERTEPEN family of Hamilton. Searching for information. mackay@calcna.ab.ca.
  3. HAFERTEPE - MONET (Maria Catharina & Leonard Bernard) to Port Union in Union Twp, 1871. Shirley Bawden, sadwb@cable-lynx.net (8/6/97)
  4. HAFERTEPEN or HAVERTOPPEN family of Port Union. Shirley Bawden, sadwb@cable-lynx.net (8/6/97)
  5. HAHN, Joseph, Born ca 1770 PA, killed by indians, Butler Co., Oh 1813. Wife Wife Dorcas FIELDS, believed to be the daughter of Pardon Fields. looking to correspond to any descendants. Whit103@AOL.COM
  6. HAISLEY, David - my great grandfather, from somewhere in Ohio or Indiana . . . any info on the Haisley family would be appreciated. Contact haisley@aloha.net
  7. HALDERMAN in or near Middletown. Wendy44@aol.com
  8. HALE of Middletown. RWhita5761a@aol.com (12/8/96) (revised address) Researching HALE family that lived in Middletown, Butler Co. Ohio early 1900's. This line of Hale's were from Menifee Co. Ky. In particular, Alfred Hale but would like to correspond with anyone researching Hale from Butler Co. Thank You. Roberta Whitacre - Cinti, Ohio. RWhita5761a@aol.com
  9. HALL, James; m Mahala ENLOES. Who were his parents? James served in the War of 1812 and later moved to Michigan. James and Mahala were evidently married in Butler County Ohio. Their Daughter, Elizabeth, was the first school teacher in Silver Creek Township, Cass County, Michigan and married Freeman Monroe SPENCER. Suzannelevy@mgfairfax.rr.com (8/31/00 update)
  10. HALL, Hugh Henderson settled in Fairfield Twp Butler Co OH in 1811 having moved from Fayette Co PA. Seek place where he married Nancy BUTLER, daughter of Capt. Joseph Butler and Rachel Triplett of Shelburn Parish, Loudoun Co VA in 1774 and later Fayette Co PA. Hugh & Nancy HALL's children: Rachel m. Vachel KIRK; Elizabeth m. Levi DOWNER; John m. (cousin) Sarah BUTLER & Christie CHRISTMAN; Mary m. Thomas R. SMILEY; Joseph B. never married; Milly m. Oliver C. MILLER; Helen m. Caleb ORCUTT; Nancy m. William C. EDWARDS; and Caroline m. Thomas W. Watterson. Charles Rudy Heath II, 6586 Fields Ertel Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241-1367 HeathCR@aol.com (12/5/97)
  11. HALSTEAD, Mural (b 1829)
  12. HALSTEAD - halstead@netime.com, George Halstead Feb 2 1997
    I am looking for the brothers/sisters of Griffin Halstead who lived in Butler Co. OH. His son was Maurat Halstead born in 1829.
  13. HALTERMAN (James (bc1820/OH) & Hannah (bc1824/OH) ) with children: Joseph (bc1843) and John B (bc1847). James and family are in the 1850 ButlerCo/MadisonTwp census, and I am looking for any additional data that might help place this family into the tree. There may be additional children of which I'm not aware, and I'd be pleased to learn of anyone researching this name. Thanks! Allen Richmond (tarich@ix.netcom.com) Scioto County Genealogy Researching: BAKER, DAVIS, COTTLE, FLEMING, GOODE, HATFIELD, LAIR, HALTERMAN, RICHMOND, UTZLER, WELCH, WHALEY & WYATT
  14. HANCOCK (John) died in Bulter Co. in 1827. His son was John A. HANCOCK - died in Butler Co. in 1850 Married to Lucy SMITH. Their son was Joseph HANCOCK born 1826 in Butler Co. He married Mary PELLY in 1849. They had 4 children. Harrison, Eliza Jane, Caroline and Cynthia HANCOCK. Cynthia HANCOCK was my g-g grandmother. Mary PELLY HANCOCK moved to Marion Co., IN and remarried several times. Donna Doyle, NHWD97C@prodigy.com (Feb 25 1997)
  15. HANCOCK (William T.) s/o (Capt.) John & Nancy Ann (GRAVES) HANCOCK, b 21 Apr 1795. He lived with his parents in Butler Co., OH, and he was administrator of his mother's estate when she died 1846/1847 Butler Co., OH. What happened to William T. HANCOCK? Have been doing HANCOCK research for 25y. HANCOCKs lived Hanover Twp. & Reily Twp., Butler Co., OH. Parents were married in Louisa Co., VA and went to Franklin & Woodford Cos., KY prior to removing to Butler Co., OH. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Audrey HANCOCK, davehancock@worldnet.att.net (3/14/97)
  16. HANCOCK - GRAVES (John & Nancy Ann), Reily/Hanover Twps in the 1800s. David E. HANCOCK Seek information on all HANCOCKs who lived in Butler Co., OH and related families...especially descendants of John & Nancy (GRAVES) HANCOCK from Louisa Co., VA & from Woodford & Franklin Cos., KY. Also, collecting other HANCOCK information of those living in Butler Co., OH & surrounding areas. (Aug 13 1997)
  17. HANCOCK - MISNER (Thomas & Emeline), Reily Twp in the 1830s. David HANCOCK (Aug 28 1997)
  18. HANCOCK - SMITH (John A. & Lucy), Reily Twp in the 1800s. David HANCOCK (Aug 28 1997)
  19. HANCOCK - WHITE. Graves HANCOCK, s/o (Capt.) John & Nancy Ann (GRAVES) HANCOCK, b ca 1790 Franklin Co., KY, mar to Elizabeth ____ and died before 1821 possibly Butler Co., OH. His wife, Elizabeth appears to have remarried to #2 Edward WHITE. Court Chauncery Records, Butler Co., OH in 1834 show Reily HANCOCK & Elizabeth HANCOCK vs. Edward WHITE. Children of Graves & Elizabeth appear to be: Ann Marie HANCOCK who mar 1833 Butler Co., OH to George W. MARKLE; James Reily HANCOCK; & Elizabeth HANCOCK. What was Elizabeth's maiden name? It was not Elizabeth COX as many genealogists have indicated. Elizabeth COX mar Thomas Graves HANCOCK of Franklin Co., KY who was brother of Graves HANCOCK of Butler Co., OH. What became of children of Graves & Elizabeth HANCOCK? Any help on this family would be appreciated. Thank you. Audrey HANCOCK, davehancock@worldnet.att.net (3/14/97)
  20. HANCOCK - McKENON - WHITE. Elizabeth HANCOCK married 18 Jul 1822 Butler Co., OH to William B. McKENON. Is Elizabeth dau/o of (Capt.) John & Nancy Ann (GRAVES) HANCOCK of Butler Co., OH? OR...Is Elizabeth, widow of Graves HANCOCK who died in 1821? Any help with this family would be appreciated. They seem to have vanished from Butler Co., OH. Could Elizabeth, widow of Graves HANCOCK, have also mar Edward WHITE? Thank you. Audrey HANCOCK, davehancock@worldnet.att.net (3/14/97)
  21. HAND. An e-mail network has been started for the descendants of Moses and Ezekiel DeCamp of Butler Co., OH. Associated family names are Hand, Misener, Hanlon, St. Clair, Stephenson, and Wilkinson. Please contact Wilson DeCamp at WilsonD212@aol.com for additional information.
  22. HANDLEY family, to Butler Co about 1810. Sftrail@aol.com
  23. HANGLEY (Peter, Thomas, Patrick). I am am Looking for information on Peter, born abt 1830, Thomas, born abt 1831 and Patrick born abt 1833 at Ireland who emmigrated to Butler County or around that county in the 1850's. Linda Paxton, l.paxton@worldnet.att.net (Aug 29 1997, schneck@radiks.net) (10-99 update)
  24. HANGS, HAUNSS, HAUNS, HAUN, HAUNGS, HANKS, HAUNTZ, HOUNTZ, HANZ, HENZ, HOENGS, HUNKS of Butler County (Hamilton Township). These names are all corrupted spellings of the original German name of "HAUNSS". The Americans in Ohio couldn't understand the German accents. John L. Maurath (9/7/98)
  25. HANLON. An e-mail network has been started for the descendants of Moses and Ezekiel DeCamp of Butler Co., OH. Associated family names are Hand, Misener, Hanlon, St. Clair, Stephenson, and Wilkinson. Please contact Wilson DeCamp at WilsonD212@aol.com
  26. HANNA family, Union twp. slhanna@hotmail.com (8/5/96; 11/30/99 update)
  27. HANNEBAUM, of Hamilton & Oxford (10/25/96)
  28. HANNON - SWEENEY (Michael & Bridget S.) of College Corner, Oxford Twp., 1880. Rose Hannon, Jim104@sprynet.com would like to know when Bridget Hannon died 1880-1900 ? (Aug 10, 1997)
  29. HARIS - BLOSSOM (Harriet & Cyrus C.), previous to 1843. Karren Minkler karren@sierratel.com (Aug 17 1997)
  30. HARKRADER. vboytt@aol.com (12/10/96)
  31. Harmon, of Hamilton (11/2/96)
  32. HARNEY. Terry Harney Harp (4/6/99 update)
  33. HARRELL & ERVIN (Nancy & James). Donna Ervin, JErvin9565@aol.com (1/31/97) I am looking for any information on James and Nancy (Harrell)Ervin. They settled in Butler Co. near Hamilton, OH. They had a son named Mose Ervin born in 1832. I have information that James came from Ireland in 1800. Please contact me if you have any information on them.
  34. HARRIS families of Milford Twp, Butler (Hamilton) County, Ohio (Northwest Territory), 1797-current. James Harris, drharris@freenet.columbus.oh.us Interested in Governor Harris. James Harris. Email or write to: 67 S. Parkview Ave, Columbus, Oh 43209 (8/31/96)
  35. HARRIS - MEEKER (Margaret & Michael & Meeker) of Reily Twp. Seeking info on Michael Meeker born NJ 1789 and Margaret Harris born 1789 Ky. Married Butler Co. 1815 lived in Reily Twp. Also Meeker Harris born Butler Co. 1822 married Sarah Unknown also lived in Reily Twp and Moved to Clark Co. Ill. abt 1855. Bill Harris Thanks (4/3/1997)
  36. HARRIS family of Preble Co. harristd@olsusa.com (8/10/96)
  37. HARRIS (Benjamin). Randall L. Harris, rharris@exis.net: I am looking for information about a Benjamin Harris, early 1800s in Butler Co Ohio who moved to Sullivan Co Indiana in before 1820. Randy Harris (6-10-97)
  38. HARRISON. My g-g-grandfather, Benjamin Harrison, was born 1820 in Ohio. He died 1876 in Fairview, Jones County, Iowa. He moved to Iowa from Ohio about 1849. First wife: Jane. 3 daughters born in Ohio about 1844-1848: Lucy E., Mary E.,and Matilda. children born in Iowa about 1850-1860: John W., Henry B. Hulda J., Samuel, & Elmer Elsworth. 2nd wife (1864) Nancy Jane SOESBE. Children: Ernest Wyant (1865) & Rebecca Edith (1872). Could he have been from Butler County? Would appreciate any information. Richard Harrsion, 76774.3517@compuserve.com
  39. Harrison family Bulletin Board
  40. Hart family (8/6/96)
  41. HARTLEY, WILLIAMSON & LERRERTS (Dutch for LEFFERSON), STOVER, & WOLFORD (WOOLFORD), 1800s. "M. Allan Griffith" magriff@bigfoot.com. I am searching for information OR other persons whose search is in common with mine at any juncture.
    1. George Walter HARTLEY, b.1842 in OH
    2. Margaret WILLIAMSON, b.1845
    3. Jacob WOLFORD, b. circa 1808
    4. Hannah WOLFORD, b.circa 1808
    5. Sue WOLFORD, b.1843 in Butler Co, OH
    6. Adam STOVER, b.1801
    7. Daniel STOVER, b.1838 in Butler Co., OH
    8. Rebecca STOVER, b.1807
    9. Garrett WILLIAMSON, b.1815
    10. Julia Ann HETLZER, b.1826
    11. David WILLIAMSON, b.1780
    12. Margaret (LEFFERSON) WILLIAMSON, b.1775, d.1850 in Butler Co.
  42. Hartman of Trenton & Hamilton (9/26/96)
  43. HARVEY, of Hamilton. LHChristen@AOL.com (10/25/96)
  44. HARVEY KConley100@aol.com
  45. HAXTON family. Jayhawker 96/08/05
  46. HAYNES. kragsue@erinet.com (12/6/96)
  47. HEARD family. mom24@wingsbbs.com (8/24/96)
  48. HEDGES (Nathaniel & Catherine), 1880 to 1900s in Hamilton. Gerry Brainard (8/18/00 update)
  49. HEENEY (Edwin or Edward). Sharon D'Anna (Aug 19 1997)
    GGGF Edwin (or Edward) Heeney arrived in US from Meath Ireland 1852. Arrived port of New Orleans and progressed to Butler Co. Arrived with wife Rosa Little Heeney and children, Anne b.1834, Bernard b.1839, Edward b.1851. GGM Anne Heeney met and married Stephen Hayes from Tipperary, Ireland in Ohio. GF John Francis Hayes born in Lemon, Ohio March 03, 1867. Stephen and Anne later went to Doniphan Co, KS. Seeking any info on these ancestors. Thanks very much.
  50. HEIS of Oxford. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  51. HELDERLE - RESCH (Magdelana & Joseph). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1859, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  52. HELT (Jim & Vinnie ROWE) Sharon Rowe (Jul 27 1997). Jim HELT and Vinnie (ROWE) HELT in Butler Co., OH in the mid 1900's. Vinnie HELT was born in Harrison Co., IA in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Please help if you can. Thanks, Sharon Rowe
  53. HENCKEL family web site - Lisa Hinkle Siders (2/24/5)
  54. HENDRICKSON (Edwin). Can you tell me anything about my ancestor, Edwin Hendrickson, born Feb. 8, 1838 in Butler Co., Ohio? Butler Co. was a temporary stop on their journey from New Jersey to Fulton Co., IN, where they settled in 1841. Perhaps the Hendricksons are listed in the Butler Co. 1840 census records. Maybe even 1830. His parents were Jacob and Catherine. He was the fourth son. I appreciate your thoughts and/or help on their stay in Butler Co. Thanks! Ron Bryan Ron Bryan (Sep 14 1997)
  55. HENNINGER of Hamilton. einphil@ukcc.uky.edu (1/3/97)
  56. HENSLEY of Hamilto. thearchers@foothill.net (9/13/96)
  57. HERRON (Thomas & Agnes JOHNSON) of Oxford, early 1800s. Kathryn Johnston (11-6-1997)
    My ancestor Herron was from Preble County but was related somehow to Thomas Herron of Butler County
  58. HILER of Morgan twp. SpookyA@aol.com(9/17/96)
  59. HILL. (pre-1820) Millville, Ross Township. James HILL married Elizabeth BARR; children David, Isabella, Robert, Hannah, Elizabeth, Mary Jane & Barthena. dmcguire@iquest.net
  60. HILL. Marilyn Hill Mansouria, mansouria1@aol.com, Apr 11, 1997
    Simon HILL b 1816 Highland Co OH, married Jane ______ b 1819 KY. They moved to Newport, Campbell Co KY ca 1846. In 1850 census, Simon's family included 4 children, William Henry HILL b 1842 OH, Mary A. HILL b 1844 OH, Rebecca HILL b 1846 OH, Joseph A. HILL b 1850 Newport, KY. By 1860 Simon HILL family res Butler County, OH. Seek any info about Simon and Jane and will share my HILL info with other researchers.
  61. HILLARD of Middletown. HILLARDM@prodigy.net (chg 1/27/98)
  62. HINDMAN. pshaw@jorsm.com (8/16/96)
  63. HINKLE family web site - Lisa Hinkle Siders (2/24/5)
  64. HITESHUE - seeking any info: one source shows a HITESHUE buggy works in Monroe, Butler CO, Ohio. Bob Hudson, bhcomm@electriciti.com (2/8/97)
  65. HOCK (Peter). IKruth@aol.com. 4 boys born 1856-1862 then moved on to Indiana. Have a post card dated 6-20-1915 from Cincinnatti mentioning a tornado from one son William living there in 1915. Would you possibly have any records with this surname that may be of help to me? Thank you. Irene Kruth (10/10/96)
  66. HOGUE (Hurley R.) - kristan@ez2.net Kristy Miller, Feb 14 1997
    I am looking for the parents of Hurley R. Hogue. His parents were natives to OHIO and then migrated to KANSAS. He was born in Southeastern Kansas(I believe). I am searching for any Hogue anywhere in OHIO as I don't know where in OHIO the HOGUE FAMILY was from.
  67. HOIT of Gratis. Lukas@in-touch.net (9/1/96)
  68. HOLLANDER. FrancyT@aol.com (9/18/96)
  69. HOLMES - STAIRS (Mary Wilson & Noble). Marcia Brandle (Mar 28 1997)
    STAIRS, Noble b.Oct.15 1811 in Allegheny Co, PA to Noble Stairs of Ireland(naturalized 1803). Rafted to Higginsport,Clermont Co., Ohio in 1813. Married Mary Wilson Holmes, daughter of William Holmes and Anna Wilson,May 22, 1836. Had 13 Children. My Ancestor William Holmes Stairs b. May 5,1837 married Elizabeth Amanda Short in Brownstown, Jackson Co., IN Jan 1863. Other siblings were Lou, Laura Armacost, Noble,Belle,Samuel,Oliver Love,Eva, Charles,Perry. William Holmes Stairs died Sept. 19, 1888 in Alexandria, Campbell Co., Ky. After leaving Higginsport his family moved to Clermont Co., Oh in Pleasant Hill (?). His parents Nobel and Mary died in Maysville, Ky. I know quite a bit about Wm. H. Stairs but I am trying to find the name of his grandmother and where his grandgather came from Ireland.
  70. HOUSE. I'm looking for a connection between Butler Co.'s House and Clawson families with the family of George and James Linch/Lynch who passed throuh there in about 1820. See details at new homepage URL and new e-mail dmatt@erinet.com
  71. HOUSER of Hamilton. streepey@sunset.net (9/10/96)
  72. HOUSTON of Oxford. LHChristen@AOL.com (10/25/96)
  73. HOWARD of Hamilton. einphil@ukcc.uky.edu (1/3/97)
  74. HOWERY - THOMAS (Jacob & Sarah Elvira), Ron Oberle, Roby39@aol.com (1/17/97)
    My G-G-Grandfather Jacob Howery b: 11 Feb 1814 in Ohio m: Sarah Elvira Thomas 23 Jun 1836 in Shelby Co, IN. It is believed he was born in Butler Co, Ohio. Any information on Howerys in Butler Co. in the early 1800's would be greatly appreciated.
  75. HUFFMAN (George, d 1815, St. Clair twp). Patricia Hammond at bgnn93A@prodigy.com
  76. HUFFMAN, of St. Clair Twp. jcerny@lineagesnet.com (10/17/96)
  77. Huffman (Henry). cauld@mail.telis.org (12/16/96)
  78. Huffman. SVanwey773@aol.com (1/1/97)
  79. HUGHES (James M. or Manorah), soxner@infinet.com (10/21/96)
  80. HUGHS. soxner@infinet.com (12/1/96)
  81. HUGHS/HUGHES. JOXNER9137@aol.com (12/10/96)
  82. HULSE. ghulse@moose.ncia.net
  83. HUNSINGER of Milford and Oxford. ssfalf@aol.com (11/30/96)
  84. HUNT (Andrew): born est.1784-5 in NJ. lived in Lemon Twp.Butler Co. 1820 & 1830 census. Harold Matson, rmatson1@gte.net (10/22/96)
  85. HUNT (Samuel), Wayne twp. ranbro@parlorcity.com (8/4/96)
  86. Hunter family of Fairfield Township (8/19/96)
  87. HUTCHINGS family of Oxford 96/08/14
  88. HYDE (Obediah C. and Sophia KINGSBERRY plus 7 children) Decendents? Ancestors? Christine Hayden. (10/5/96)

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