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Surnames Beginning with G

  1. GALLOWAY of Lemon. cod3@juno.com (12/16/96)
  2. GALLOWAY - BROSIUS (Jacob & Sarah). Looking for anyone with ties to the GALLOWAY family of Butler County, Ohio. Jacob GALLOWAY (born 1800 in Dauphin Co., PA) married Sarah BROSIUS (born 1804 in Northumberland Co., PA). Together, they had 8 children: Preston (born 1825), Daniel (1827, married Elizabeth WETZEL), Jackson (born 1828, married Sarah SCHNECK), William (1831-1841), John (1832), Elizabeth (1836, married William YEAKLE), Catherine (1840, married George BRISTLY), Wilson (1842, married Lydia YEAKLE). I am in the process of preparing a book on the BROSIUS family of Pennsylvania and am lacking information on this clan. If you know you are descended from the GALLOWAY family listed above, please contact me. I am willing to share all that I have on the BROSIUS family. David Becker, benhur@pond.com. (2/5/97)
  3. GANT (10/25/96)
  4. Gardner of Miltonville (Madison Twp) (10/3/96); with 1907 obituary
  5. GARNER. I believe that my Garners were in that area sometime around the late 1700's. Please contact me at awester@cabell.vcu.edu (2/05/96)
  6. GARVER - TROUTMAN (Samuel & Ann Elizabeth), 1810 - present in Ross & St. Clair Townships. Robert Burke, RBurke3113@aol.com, with a Garver web page, is looking for the descendents of Samuel Garver.
  7. GAVIN. ronhall@telis.org (11/12/96)
  8. GEBHART/GEPHART: Adam Gebhart lived in Butler County, as well as Montgomery and Warren Counties and somewhere in Indiana. Died in Dayton about 1885. migen@mail.fwi.com
  9. GEBHART. Family list with Butler Co references. (10/18/3)
  10. GEORGE family, to Morgan twp c 1810, Dwyer Rd. Family history of descendants of Reuben GEORGE Sr and his wife, Ann HANDLEY GEORGE. Nancy Sween, Sftrail@aol.com
  11. GERDING from Hamilton. dajend@eos.net
  12. Gfroerer, of Hamilton (11/2/96)
  13. GILBERT. locations are Fairfield, Stockton. Gilbert Farms Park is currently located on Ross Road in Fairfield. Mark Gilbert at gilburns@aol.com (9/3/2005 update)
  14. GILBERT. Mark Gilbert, gilburns@aol.com maintains the website Southwest Ohio Genealogy for this extended family. He has also posted pictures of the local Richards-Gilbert Cemetery. (9/1/2005)
  15. GILLILAND. Adam Baird & Sarah (Hopkins) Gilliland came from Rockingham County, Virginia (Harrisonburg). Their daughter Frances Mary "Fanny" Gilliland, b 1828, married Nehemiah Chambers Wade in Butler County, in 1847. e-mail = amckay@sdssmich.physics.lsa.umich.edu
  16. GILLMAN, of Oxford (10/25/96)
  17. GLARDON, garyall. (Union Twp)
  18. GLINES (Benjamin) Bible record from DonnyPerry
    Benjamin Glines was the s/o Seth Glines and Hannah Lawrence of Butler Co OH. Benjamin R. Glines penison app from the Civil War.

    Benjamin states in an affidavit dated 23 Feb 1909 that he was born in Hamilton, Butler Co. OH on the 27 Jan 1839.
    In this same affidavit he states that since leaving the service he "moved to Randolph Co., IN then to Shridanco [possibly Chariton Co. as he states that on another aff.] Missouri thence to Odin, Marion Co., Illinois.

    Below follows one of the affidavits listing his brothers and sisters.

    Civil War Pension File of Benjamin R. Glines

    State of Illinois}
    Marion Co. }

    Now comes Benjamin R. Glines who declares that he is a pensioner by certificate No. 103615 that he enlisted in 124 Indiana Infantry March 22, 1864 that he was mustered out at Madison ----- on June 7th 1865

    That he was born January 27 1839 that he was 70 years old Jan 27 1909 that he has not got his fathers Bible nor does he know where it is

    J. H. V. Cook a Justice of Peace do certify that i have examined Benjamin R. Glineses [sic] Bible and i find this Bible was Printed in 1873

    I certify that i have examed the Record of Births as copied from his fathers old Bible as follows Levinia born Fe 20[?] 1828 Iisc [Isaac] born March 6 1830 Nancy J Born Apl 24 1832 Ruth born Feb 10 1834 Lurecia Born Feb 11 1837 Benjamin R Glines Born Jan 27 1839

    This i certify i have Examined and do declare Look in Every Respect to be Genuin and in the original that ther has been no erasuers or allerations

    Signed:     H. V. Cook
            Justice of Peace 
  19. GLINES - GANNET (Isaac & Phoebe), 1820. Dave Schubert. I have records of many Scots-Irish families in Butler county. Web page. (Sep 10 1997)
  20. GLINES - WOODS (Abigail & Samuel), of Rossville, 1824. Dave Schubert. I have records of many Scots-Irish families in Butler county. Web page. (Sep 10 1997)
  21. GLOCKINSKY/GLOCK from Hamilton. dajend@eos.net
  22. GOODWIN, KEMP - mkempp@corecom.net, Michele Shockley, Feb 2 1997
    Hester GOODWIN & family, Hester was b abt 1817 in Ross Co., OH, d 03/01, 1872, Lousia Co., IA d/o Levi Goodwin b est 1756-1795. She married William KEMP 1836 in Ohio, maybe Fayette Co. Their children were James R Kemp, b 1838 Fayette Co, George W Kemp, b abt 1841 OH, Aaron Kemp, b April 24, 1843 Fayette Co, Martha J Kemp, b abt 1846 OH, Francis (Frank) M Kemp, b abt 1850 OH, William T Kemp, b abt 1851 OH, Levi Kemp, b March 06, 1856 Louisa Co, IA. Fam may have lived in Bulter Co as son, Aaron Kemp m Martha House from Bulter Co 12/ 07/ 1865.
  23. GORDON (Andrew). Leanna Shaberly, at leshabe@dlapr.lib.az.us
  24. GORDON of Reily twp. Anet6334@aol.com (10/9/96)
  25. GORMLY. Email: Rife@SSSNet.com & Genealogy page. (Oct 19, 2003 update)
  26. GORSUCH, SLADE, LeSOURD - j.pearce@MCI2000.com, John H Pearce, Jr. Sat Jan 25 1997
    I would like to share large amount of data on the GORSUCH, SLADE, LeSOURD and many related families who moved from Baltimore Co, MD to Butler Co, starting in early 1800's.
  27. GORSUCH-Seeking information on this Butler Co. family. oscarcrd@netcom.com. 96/02/22
  28. GOSSETT, David, son of John of Jefferson Co. Any Gossett information appreciated. e-mail: dbbw86a@prodigy.com or fgossett@midnite.net
  29. GOUGH family in Butler County, OH (and Butler County, KY). 00/05/03
  30. GRAFT family line: part one & part two. Abraham Ferree GRAFT moved from Kentucky to Butler County, Ohio and settled there and is buried there. His Book Relationship Number is 164 and his Rin Number is 3304. The Rin number follows the name. Some of his children were born there in Butler County, Ohio. John Pottinger GRAFT was born there in 1800. His Book Relationship number is 349 and his Rin number is 729. John Pottinger did not move from Butler County, until about 1843. When they removed to Jones County, Iowa. John's children were all born in Butler County. This is all in PART 1. Allen Donald Tallman (3/7/98)
  31. GRANT of Morgan twp. emmich@colorado.net (9/1/96)
  32. Gray, of Lemon / Washington (10/17/96)
  33. GREGG - LESLIE. William GREGG b. Aug. 10, 1797 in GA. d. May 28, 1870 in Butler Co.

    Tabitha Leslie GREGG b. Aug. 9, 1805 in Gratis Twp. Preble Co. d. May 9, 1864 in Butler Co. Both are buried at Miltonville Cemetery. She was the dau. of John Leslie and Hannah Davis Leslie. Karen, tiaki@prodigy.net (4/7/99)

  34. GREGORY - TURNER (William & Delphia) m 1833 in Butler Co. See Turner & Coon families, too. Cleona, random@stlnet.com (9/27/96)
  35. GRIFFIS (David Sr.) family, to Butler Co from New England in 1802 (Liberty twp), Joan E. Griffis researcher. Children (including David GRIFFIS Jr.) moved west to Kansas & Oregon. William Spencer Griffis moved to Oregon around 1885-90. His wife was Jennie Elizabeth Hill. (4/95)
  36. GRIFFIS (David Jr.). from "Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie", published 1976.
    "GRIFFIS, David (Jr) settled near Bigelow, Marshall Co in 1857. He was b 1813 in Butler Co OH, d 1876 at Bigelow and bur at Antioch Cem. He was the son of David and Polly Griffis (tombstones) and was married in 1833 to Lydia Parkhurst who was born in Bartholomew Co OH. She died in 1859 in OH and is bur there.

    David and Lydia Griffis' two children, born in Butler Co OH, were: I. N. b 1836, d 1890 Irving, m 1864 Helen Woodin, dau of David and Anne (Sweet) Woodin; DeWitt b 1845, d 1902 Irving, m 1870 Chlow Woodin, sister of Helen Woodin who married his brother I. N.

    The Griffis family came to KS by covered wagon and bought land for $4.75 per acre from the railroad which had been granted land from the Government. When a cemetery was needed, David staked out the Antioch Cem and gave the land. The first school house was also constructed on their land.

    David was a Republican and a member of the Christian Church.

    The first home was a log cabin; later a stone house was built. It is still [1976] standing but not in use."
    Beulah Winter, Frankfort [KS], ggdau

  37. GRIFFIS, Isaac N.. "Among the earliest settlers of this county (Marshall Co KS) must be mentioned Mr. Griffis, who established himself in what is now Blue Rapids Township as early as 1857. Their were then coming to this region people from most every section of the country. They blended wonderfully well in their interests and labors, there being a common bond of sympathy in those times, each man making his neighbor's interests his own. The early home of Mr. Griffis was in Butler County, Ohio, where he first opened his eyes to the light Oct. 20, 1836.

    The Griffis family were among the earliest pioneers of the Buckeye State, where David, the father of our subject, was born and reared to manhood. ' There also he was married to Miss Lydia Parkhurst a maiden of his own county, and of French descent. The Griffis family traced its ancestry to Wales. David Sr., the paternal grandfather of our subject, served through the Revolutionary War, from the beginning to the end, and for many years received a pension from the Government. He fought in all the prominent battles. Including Lexington and Bunker Hill. Grandfather Parkhurst was a missionary Baptist preacher, and emigrated to Ohio at an early day, where he spent the remainder of his life.

    The subject of our sketch about 1852 made his way to Bartholomew County, Ind., where he resided about four years. In 1855 he crossed the Mississippi and established himself on a tract of land in Wayne County, Iowa, where he also sojourned a number of years. It is hardly necessary to say that his school advantages were limited, but he was naturally bright and observant, and made the most of his opportunities for acquiring useful knowledge, both from books and keeping his eyes open to what was going on around him. Although mostly reared to farming pursuits, he for a short time was employed in a grist and saw-mill.

    In 1863, Mr. Griffis leaving the Hawkeye State, came to this county and settled upon a portion of the land which he now owns and occupies. It was very slightly improved and he labored in true pioneer style thereafter for many years in the cultivation of the soil, and gathering around himself and his family the ordinary comforts of life. The original dwelling, now a venerable looking log cabin, bears the marks of several bullets, the relics of a skirmish between one of the early sheriffs and his posse of men, who attempted the capture of Benson and Lovell, desperate characters whom they undertook to arrest. but who finally got away.

    On the 20th of April. 1864. the subject of this sketch was united in marriage with Mrs. Helen J. McDermott. This lady was born in Wisconsin, and became the mother of five children, four of whom are living, viz.: Marietta V., Spencer, Albert and Chloe. Lydia died when seven months old. Mrs. Griffis was born in Jefferson County, Wis., Jan. 11, 1843, and is the daughter of Daniel and Anne (Sweet) Woodin, who were natives of Vermont, and whose ancestors were among the early New Englanders. Mrs. Woodin died when her daughter. Helen was but ten years old, and the following year her father went to California, since which time he has not been seen by her. Mrs. Griffis was reared in the family of Joseph Langdon, one of the earliest settlers of this county, of which she has been a resident since a child of eleven years. She was first married to Patrick McDermott, and they became the parents of one child-Florence -- who is now the wife of DeWitt Griffis. Mr. McDermott departed this life in 1863.

    Mrs. Griffis has been the witness of some thrilling scenes during her life on the frontier, at a time when wild animals were plentiful. and Indians likewise. When a child of thirteen years in going after the cows, she was chased by the Indians, who probably had in view her capture. It is safe to say she did not allow the grass to grow under her feet upon that occasion, and outrunning her pursuers reached her home in safety, and afterward was careful about getting very far away from it alone.

    The property of Mr. Griffis embraces 320 acres of land which he has brought to a good state of cultivation. The labor of fencing his fields, planting fruit and shade trees, erecting buildings and gathering about himself and his family the comforts and conveniences of modern life, kept him busily employed for many years, and he is now in a condition to rest upon his oars. He joined the Republican party many years ago, and is a member in good standing of the Christian Church. He believes in the maintenance and establishment of schools and frequently serves as Director in his district. In fact he has, without question, performed all the duties of an honest man and a good citizen, and long years ago established himself in the confidence and esteem of his neighbors.
    [from the book: Marshall County, Kansas Portrait & Biographical Album; Chapman Bros, Chicago, 1889. Contributed by Lori Laird]

  38. GRIFFIS, DeWitt C. "The present status of Clear Fork Township (Marshall Co KS)indicates in a forcible manner the character of its early pioneers, among whom may be properly mentioned the one with whose name we introduce this sketch. He came to Northern Kansas when comparatively few settlers had ventured into this region, having determined to cast his lot among those adventurous spirits who felt themselves equal to the task of transforming a portion of the wilderness into an abiding place for themselves and their families. The industry with which he labored, and the perseverance with which he overcame the difficulties which beset him and others, are now things of the past, and with them he feels amply repaid for those toils and sacrifices. Few men came to this region with other capital than their strong hands and vigorous constitutions, and these qualities proved to them at such a time of more real value than hard cash.

    The State of Ohio contributed to Northern Kansas, one of her most worthy sons in the subject of this sketch, who was born in Butler County, Sept. 21, 1845. His parents were David and Lydia (Parkhurst) Griffis, likewise natives of the Buckeye State. The paternal grandfather, David Griffis, was one of the earliest settlers of Butler County, choosing his location on the Miami River. He was the son of David, Sr., an old Revolutionary hero who followed the fortunes of the Colonists from the beginning of the war for Independence until its close. He was a blacksmith by trade, and one of those hardy spirits who never knew fear and seldom knew fatigue. DeWitt C. is the possessor of a number of knives and forks which were made by his great-grandfather Griffis, during the winter which he spent at Valley Forge under the direct command of Gen. Washington. He was of Welsh descent, and after the independence of the Colonists had been established he emigrated to the Territory of Ohio, where he spent the remainder of his days, dying at the advanced age of ninety years. His ancestors on the maternal side were of French extraction.

    The subject of this sketch remained a resident of his native State until a lad of eleven years, then removed with his parents to Indiana. They only sojourned there a year, however, then pushed on Westward across the Father of Waters into Wayne County, Iowa, taking up a tract of wild land and prosecuting farming a number of years. In the meantime the mother died, when DeWitt C. was a lad of fourteen. The boy was deprived of the advantages accorded the youth of to-day, but his natural faculty of thought and observation, and his habit of reading whenever the opportunity permitted, were the means of his gathering much useful information, and when arriving at manhood he was well fitted, both by nature and training, to enter upon the more serious duties of life.

    In the fall of 1863 the Griffis family, leaving the Hawkeye State, came to this county, establishing themselves on a tract of land in Blue Rapids Township, where the death of the father took place in 1877. DeWitt C. was a youth of nineteen years when the family came to this county, and when reaching his majority he began farming on his own account. He purchased 160 acres of land from the railroad company, paying therefor $4.75 per acre, this comprising the quarter-section upon which he still lives. The land was in its original condition, just as the Indians had left it, not a furrow having been turned upon it. His first business was the erection of a shelter for himself, and he then commenced breaking the sod. Year after year he steadily pursued his labors, adding something each year to the value of his possessions, extending the area of cultivated soil, erecting buildings, planting fruit and shade trees, and instituting the other improvements naturally suggested to the mind of the progressive agriculturist.

    Mr. Griffis in 1870 took to himself a wife and helpmate, Miss Chloe, daughter of David Woodin who, with his son Ira, subsequently founded the town of Seattle, Wash. Mrs. Griffis came to this county with Joseph Langdon, when quite young, and was reared in his family. There have been born to Mr. and Mis. Griffis two children-- Oscar and Sophia. Mrs. Griffis departed this life in August, 1883. Mr. Griffis contracted a second marriage, July 12, 1887, with Miss Florence McDermott, who likewise settled in this county during its pioneer days; they have one son, Benjamin H.

    Mr. Griffis, politically votes the straight Republican ticket, and he and his wife are members in good standing of the Christian Church at Bigelow. Mr. Griffis has always believed in the establishment and maintenance of schools, and has served as a Director in his district. He bears the reputation of being a liberal and public-spirited man-- one who uniformly gives his aid and influence to the projects calculated to advance the people, socially, morally, and financially. As one of the earliest pioneers, he is prominent in the Old Settlers' Association, and is usually present at their very interesting annual meetings."
    [from the book: Marshall County, Kansas Portrait & Biographical Album; Chapman Bros, Chicago, 1889. Contributed by Lori Laird]

  39. GRIFFITH, Margaret b. 24 Aug 1812, Montgomeryshire, Wales. Came to Butler Co (Paddys Run, Ross twp) with parents Lewis and Jane Mills Griffith in 1832. Lewis died abt 1834, but no mention of Margaret in will. Need information on her. Oma Griffith, griffith@startext.net (Sep 30 1996)
  40. GRISWALD or Grisson or Grissim - APPLEGATE. Seeking the parents of Elizabeth Griswald (Grisson)(Grissim) who was born on December 26, 1836 and who married Paul Applegate on October 18, 1860 in Butler County, Ohio. Lynn E. Applegate (Sep 1 1997)
  41. GUSTIN - THOMPSON (Priscilla & Samuel) My husband's ggrandfather, Malie Monroe Jackson, was born in Montgomery Co. OH in 1835, and married Amelia Jane Thompson in Monroe, Butler Co. OH in 1856. Amelia's father was Samuel Thompson, and her mother was Priscilla Gustin. Both Samuel and Priscilla died about 1836..cholera and heartbreak. Would like to correspond with others researching these families. Mary Wood (Sep 8 1997)
  42. GWINNUPL. 1guynup@aol.com (12/21/96)

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