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Surnames Beginning with F

  1. FARIES. 73527.630@compuserve.com (10/27/96)
  2. FAUCETT (Isaac, b 1822) Is David his father? Virginia B. Harris 102601.13@compuserve.com
  3. FINLEN. lanning@mypostoffice.com (9/22/96)
  4. FINLEY (Andrew Jackson) of Ross & Hamilton Co., Colrain twp. schas@gulfsurf.infi.net (9/15/96)
  5. FINN of Hamilton, OH. jsattle9@mail.idt.net (9/20/96)
  6. FISCHER/FISHER - KHREINBUHL (John & Barbara) I am seeking information on the Khreinbuhl family, which came from Germany to the Trenton area in or about 1825-26, and my great great grandfather, John Fischer (Fisher), who married their daughter, Barbara. John with two brothers, Christian and Jacob, came to the Trenton area ca1836. Carl S. Miller (4/9/98)
  7. FISHER - MATHERS (John & Ruth) of Lemon twp. Shelly Hartz, dnh@crown.net (Aug 5, 1997)
  8. FISHER of Milford. dharris@aol.com Or use home address: **67 S. Parkview, Columbus, Ohio 42309** (8/31/96)
  9. FISHER at fisher@intele.net is looking for information on Hugh Haggerty Cole, who was born in Butler County, Ohio (Milton Twp.) The Cole family also included Winans and Bunnells. Hugh Haggerty was married to Susannah Winnans, she was born on 11 Feb 180 7 at Milton, Ohio. 96/02/29
  10. FLEEHART or FLUHART. lydababes@aol.com (10/25/96)
  11. FLUHART or FLEEHART. lydababes@aol.com (10/25/96)
  12. FOSTER family, to Butler Co from Greenbrier Co, WV about 1810 with the GEORGE & HANDLEY families. Nancy Sween, Sftrail@aol.com. Roots' Foster list
  13. FORD. reddog@rockbridge.net (11/29/96)
  14. FOWLER - MULFORD (MUEFORD). I have been searching for Alfred Fowler and his wife Harriet Mulford/Mueford. I have no idea where they were born or when, but I know they had a child, Job Newton Fowler, born in 1843 in Butler Co., Ohio I would love to share what I know about Job with anyone. Thanks, Debbie Fowler-Harrell (Sep 16 1998)
  15. FOWLER (Job Newton) b 1843 Butler Co. To IL 1860, 47th ILL Volunteers, 1861. To KS until 1906. Would like to know of Job's early life. JaneLommel@aol.com
  16. FOX - CLARK. Jolson@a.crl.com: Janis Olson Sun Mar 23 1997. Looking for any information Mary Pepperman Clark who married Jacob Inman Fox. Married 2/22/1866.
  17. FRAZEE of Somerville. David Frazee, at DavidOF@wesnet.com (11/11/96 update)
  18. FREEMAN - BRADFORD (Joanna "Hannah" & Robert John). Marla Mosley, mmosley@cswnet.com (8/3/97)
  19. FREEMAN - MOORE (Mary & Daniel U.) I am looking for information on Mary Freeman who was born in Butler County in June of 1813. She married Daniel U. Moore on July 26, 1838 and died in 1894. Melissa Moser, melmoser@pacific.telebyte.com (3/17/97)
  20. FRIES - RESCH (Nicholas & Rosa). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1880, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  21. FRUITS. Susan FRUITS was born in Butler Co., OH April 3, 1809 d. May 13, 1847. Her father was George Fruits Jr. and I know he came to Indiana. If any body has any info email me thank you. Mandee Poole (Mar 21 1997)
  22. FRY. John R. Porter at porter@shrsys.hslc.org.
  23. FUERST - EBERT (Martin & Barbara). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1891, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  24. FULKERSON (Benjamin and Mary nee MOORE) to Butler Co, 1813 Parents of Benjamin? Perry Fulkerson. fperry@clemson.edu (10/3/96)
  25. FULLER (Allen) lived in Venice which later became Ross, in Ross Township between 1820-1840. He married Eliza Whipple, Amanda Shaw Hudson, & Mary Alter. Rick Fuller (Sep 14 1997)
  26. FURHUR/Fehur/Fuher. JOxner9137@aol.com (12/10/96)

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