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Surnames Beginning with E

  1. EAGER. Forever_in_time@msn.com
  2. EARLS of Middletown. earls.4@osu.edu (12/4/96)
  3. EASTON - BAKER - JEFFERS, to Butler Co about 1800. Jim ELLIOTT (Feb 18 1997). EPHRAIM BAKER, bn 3-4-1779 in Essex, NJ came to Butler co. in about 1800. Wife was NANCY EASTON, bn 2-28-1788 in NJ. Son, MOSES EASTON BAKER, bn 1804 in Butler co., married LUCRETIA JEFFERS on 11-13-1828. Her father was THOMAS JEFFERS, bn before 1777 in Tyrone, Ireland. It was written that Thomas's father was killed at the battle of Brandywine. Believe NANCY EASTONS father was MOSES EASTON who died in Butler co. Need information on the parents of BAKER, JEFFERS, EASTON listed above.
  4. EBERT of Hamilton. Eickhoff@ix.netcom.com (12/30/96)
  5. EBERT - FUERST (Barbara & Martin). Ann Elam, annm2@juno.com 1891, Hamilton, OH (8/2/97)
  6. EDDLEMAN. web page
  7. EDWARDS. I was born and raised in Butler County. I am having some difficulty finding the right answers to a few surnames. Asa Edwards b.about 1815 married Elizabeth BAKER (they were actually married in Hamilton County. Paulette Delano Dias paulette@socomm.net (or) 75334.3170@compuserve.com
  8. EGER of Hamilton. j-rfritz@worldnet.att.net (12/16/96)
  9. EGERER family to Butler Co in 1852 & left in 1858 or 59. Margarette may have been an Egerer before marrying Leonard BIERLEIN in Germany. Thanks. bierlein@a1.esvax.umc.dupont.com
  10. ELIAS family of Hamilton, 1800's. Jackie Westover, jake@datasync.com (1/29/96)
  11. ELLINGSWORTH - VERDON (Steven & Sarah), in Butler Co before 1837. Jim Cochran, netminder@netzero.net, has a home page. The Ellingsworths moved from DE to IN to Butler Co. OH then to Richmond Co. ILL in 1837. (Jan 17 1999)
  12. ELLIOTT, John C. Rossville and Hamilton, Butler County. Active as a deputy U.S. marshall between 1840s and early 1860s. Any family information, especially about his wife, Sophronia M.[?], would be helpful. All queries answered. Robert S. Wicks, Department of Art, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056 RSWICKS@MIAMIU.ACS.MUOHIO.EDU (2/16/96)
  13. EMERICH (Haak) of Berks Co. leeward@gte.net (8/17/96)
  14. ENDRES (David) (7/5/98)
  15. ENDRESS. Email GKDIGGER@aol.com (1/26/96)
  16. ENLOES. I am looking for the parents of James Hall and Mahala Enloes. James served in the war of 1812 and later moved to Michigan. James and Mahala were evidently married in Butler County Ohio. Their Daughter, Elizabeth, was the first school teacher in Silver Creek Township, Cass County, Michigan and married Freeman Monroe Spencer. If anyone has information on these families please contact slevy@leo.vsla.edu 96/03/01
  17. ENT - JOHNSON (Charles & Mary) of Morgan Township, 1818. Lynn E. Applegate LApplegate@Ravenet.com. (7/97) Seeking information on Ent Family of Butler County, Ohio. Charles Ent, who was a Major in the War of 1812, came to Butle County, Ohio from Hunterdon County, NJ with his wife, Mary Johnson, and his 14 children in 1818. Charles and Mary lived in Butler County (Morgan Township) the rest of their lives. Charles died on June 20, 1847 and Mary, his wife, died on April 15, 1859. Both are buried in the New London Cemetery in Morgan Township. The children of Charles and Mary were: Jarusha, Samuel, Mariah, Sarah, Amy, Rebecca, Eleanor, Hannah, Letetia, George Washington, Charles Jr., Margaret, Asher and William. Any information about Charles and Mary Ent and their children would be appreciated. Thanking you in advance for any information you can provide. (Aug 28 1997)
  18. ENYART (Benjamin, 1741-1818). Laurie Shawver at kteh59a@prodigy.com.
  19. ENYART-MISNER-HANCOCK-JONES-BARRY/BURRY- WALLACE-FLEMING-CAMPBELL-DE CAMP-SIMPSON- HELLYER/HILLYER-HIPES (Sep 10 1997) Seek information on any or all members of this family. Especially interested in discovering the MISNER & ENYART ancestors, and learning about Emaline (MISNER) HANCOCK. All information will be greatly appreciated. Audrey (SHIELDS) HANCOCK, wife/o Dave HANCOCK
  20. EPPERSON-MOORE, Butler Co., OH/1834-37. popcord@harborcom.net (10/12/96)
  21. ERNST of Fairfield twp. jsattle9@mail.idt.net (9/20/96)
  22. ERVEN. If you ever cross that name in your family PLEASE let us know! They were in Butler County by 1807. Thanks. email me: SKnox48900@aol.com email mom: Loughlijan@aol.com (3/97)
  23. ERVIN - HARRELL (James & Nancy). Donna Ervin, JErvin9565@aol.com (1/31/97) I am looking for any information on James and Nancy (Harrell)Ervin. They settled in Butler Co. near Hamilton, OH. They had a son named Mose Ervin born in 1832. I have information that James came from Ireland in 1800. Please contact me if you have any information on them.
  24. ESBER. esber@aristotle.com (1/2/97)
  25. EVANS of Butler Township. donna@wazoo.com (12/28/96)
  26. EWING - REED (William M & Mary) of Hamilton. Lorene Dalton Ridenour (Aug 12 1997)

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