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Surnames Beginning with D

  1. DAILEY of BUTLER CO. SHOAL2428@aol.com (1/3/97)
  2. DANIEL, My ggg grandmother stated she was born in 1805 Indiana. Is anyone out there searching the surname of Daniel? I would love to correspond. awester@cabell.vcu.edu (This email no longer connects 9/98.) 96/02/05
  3. DARABAN. adst@SoCA.com (11/24/96)
  4. DAVIS - RATHBON/RATHBUN (Percy Terry & Esther). In Auburn, 1856. Their daugher Lora Esther Davis was born 1 Nov 1856. Family moved to Buffalo Co., NE Carol Hall (Sep 3 1997)
  5. DAVIS of Middletown. RWhita@aol.com (12/8/96)
  6. DAVIS (Meshack & Ann) of MORGAN twp, OKEANA. Gdavisd120@aol.com (12/16/96) My earliest Ohio ancestors, Meshack & Ann DAVIS, are buried in the GEORGE Cemetery on Dwyer Road.
  7. DAVIS of Hamiilton. ajones@po3.mv.unisys.com
  8. DAVIS family. If anyone is researching these names they came from Virginia and settled in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. My email is awester@cabell.vcu.edu 96/02/05
  9. DeARMOND families, to Okeana in 1806. Roots' DeArmond list
  10. DeARMOND - DEMORTE. Kris, RNK@NETRIDE.COM I have information about a Lydia Jane Demorte-DeArmond who was born 1764 died 1867. She was of French Hogenot Ancestry and was married to a King DeArmond of France and then was married to Nickolas Demoret who died Feb 2, 1867. She was my great great great great great grandmother. (4/2/1997)
  11. DEBOLT. Family list with Butler Co references. (10/18/3)
  12. DeCAMP. (1812, Oxford Twp). An e-mail network has been started for the descendants of Moses and Ezekiel DeCamp of Butler Co., OH. Associated family names are Hand, Misener, Hanlon, St. Clair, Stephenson, and Wilkinson. Please contact Wilson DeCamp at WilsonD212@aol.com for additional information.
  13. DEMORET family history, Ross twnshp. Betty Pruett 1104 Laramie, Atchison, KS 66002
  14. DEMORTE - DEMORET - DeARMOND. I have information about a Lydia Jane Demorte-DeArmond who was born 1764 died 1867. She was of French Hogenot Ancestry and was married to a King DeArmond of France and then was married to Nickolas Demoret who died Feb 2, 1867. She was my great great great great great grandmother. It would be greatly appreciated if you can give me any further information. Thanks, Kris (Apr 2 1997)
  15. DENNIS. spangenb@tstarcom.net (9/27/96)
  16. DENNISTON - murphyk@mail.dec.com, Karen J. Murphy, (Jan 29 1997)
    DENNISTON, William Maxwell and his wife Elvinia Martin SAVAGE Denniston. Currently looking for any and all information/leads I can find on my gg grandparents. Both are buried at the Pisgah Ridge Cemetery in Felicity, Ohio. William served in the infantry during the Civil War, was captured and put in Andersonville Prison. William An Elvinia had 8 children all born in/around Claremont and Brown Counties in Ohio: The Children are listed as follows in the family Bible: Isas b:Mar 12, 1896, William Jackson b: Mar 11, 1856, John Camball b: May 23, 1873, Mary Louella b: Sep 16, 1871, Leunder b: June 11, 1858, Henry W. b: Dec 25, 1859 Serpeta Belle March 30, 186? and Eliza Jane b: Jan 26, 186?. If you have any information on any of the individuals listed above, I would greatly appreciate the information. I am at that "Brick Wall".
  17. DEVORE of Reading. ula00633@wvnvm.wvnet.edu (9/23/96)
  18. DILL, Jane born 1797 in Carthage, OH. Married Richard Delano in Carthage Jane's parents were Richard Dill and Mary Boyd. Paulette Delano Dias paulette@socomm.net (or) 75334.3170@compuserve.com
  19. DITMEYER. locations are Fairfield, Stockton. I can go back to the turn of the century (1900) fairly easily; Gilbert Farms Park is currently located on Ross Road in Fairfield. Mark Gilbert at mark.gilbert@sdrc.com
  20. DIXON family of Hamilton and Mt. Washington. Robert DIXON, d around 1934 Mt Washington OH area, wife Emily SPIVEY (DIXON) d Jun 1977, son Robert born 1931, daughter Grace. Circumstances around death may be accident related. Dennis Dixon (Aug 22 1997)
  21. DOLSON or DOLSEN in Ohio in early 1800's. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Ian D. Smith, Ridgeway, Canada ismith@niagara.com 96/02/12
  22. DOUGLASS of Milford. ssfLF@AOL.COM (11/30/96)
  23. DOUGLASS. mirobins@chi.osu.edu (9/28/96)
  24. DRAKE, Isaac/ James/ John/ Moses. Butler Co, early 1800s. Barb at marshal@best.com. Roots' Drake list
  25. DRAKE (William S.). Email Dorcas at Harold_Beaver@Baylor.edu: William S. Drake married Rebecca Barnes Carter in Butler Co. on 28 Aug 1834. They had David, Stephen, Preston, Joel, Sarah and Alfred. Do you know anything about William S. Drake? His name is listed on Rebecca's tombstone in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Stilesville, Hendricks Count, Indiana. They paid taxes in Hamilton, Ohio in 1838. Thanks for any help. 96/01/30
  26. DROLLINGER or Trullinger. UQGT24A@prodigy.com (10/14/96)
  27. DRYBREAD - SAGER (George & Susannah), 1802-1839 in Morgan and Shandon townships. Will share/exchange descendant info. Janis Drybread Grove (Aug 10, 1997)
  28. DUCKET. To Butler Co by 1820; likely from Kentucky. Jim Scofield at scofield@ccnet.com 96/02/03
  29. Duff family of Middletown 96/08/03
  30. DUNCAN, Nathan Hollingsworth Sftrail@aol.com (Nancy Sween) Roots' Duncan list.
  31. DUNHAM - SCHULLY (Charles Robert Bach & Elizabeth). Edie Suttle, jsattle9@mail.idt.net (1/15/97)
    I would like to correspond with anyone that would know of this family: Charles Robert Bach DUNHAM b. June 20, 1879, d. December 15, 1948 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County Ohio. He married Elizabeth SCULLY, b. September 13, 1879 and d. May 15, 1948 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County Ohio. Both are said to be buried in Madisonville Cemetery. Has anyone ever heard of this cemetery and where it is located. Would like to know who the parents are of Charles DUNHAM and Elizabeth SCULLY are. Thank you.
  32. DUVALL, WILCOX, VANSKIVER. Seeking parents of Abel Duvall, b. 1809, PA; m. Sarah Wilcox 1830, Butler County, OH. Resided Oxford twp., and Israel twp. Abel d. 1881; Sarah d. 1894. She is d/o Moses Willcocks and Tamson Murdock They had children: Moses W. Duvall, 1831; Charlotte, b. 1834, m. Thomas Reddish; Randolph, b. 1836, m. Amy Bell; Sarah J. b. 1840, m. John Dodge; Caroline b. 1843 m. James Brown; Tamson b. 1848 m. William H. H. VanSkiver; and Martha b. 1850, d. 1856. Also seeking infor on what happened to Sarah's father, Moses Willcocks. He disappears from family in 1830s. Will share information. Diane Gagel, DVGagel@aol.com (Feb 27 1997)
  33. DYER: Seeking the parents and siblings and any other relatives of William Dyer (who purchased land in butler County by 1826) and John Dyer (who was born in 1832 in Butler). Contact me at vicjorob@msn.com (was victoria@laser.net).

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