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Surnames Beginning with C

  1. CALVIN/COLVIN repository for both surnames all U.S. locales & time periods. Colvin's livd Butler Co., OH. Contact me at lynden@goldrush.com for free info.
  2. CAMP of Lancaster. molly@erols.com (12/28/96)
  3. CAPLE (Jacob) and wife Sarah GEAREY m. 1841 in Knox co. Ohio. My great grandfathers Civil war Pension records say he was born in Butler co. Family moved to Iowa about 1858. R. David Demick at demick@ix.netcom.com
  4. CARMER, James C. born in February, 1821, in Butler, Ohio. move to Columbus, Ind (Bartolomew County). Married Mary Lavina Harris on Jan. 21 1890. I have no record of parent for James C. Carmer Send Info to Carmer (new address 9/97)
  5. CARR - DAVIS (Raymond & Mittie) of West Chester. They sharecropped several farms along Hamilton Mason Rd. Their last place of residence was the Sherwood Trailer Park on Hamilton Mason Rd. Sons included Gene and Eddie. Would like to get info from you on the Union Township Historical Society if available. Raecheal Knepp, RK8551@aol.com (Aug 17 1997)
  6. CARSON. Contact: dcvs@bright.net
  7. Casler family of Butler County 96/08/09
  8. Castator family. pshaw@jorsm.com 96/08/16
  9. CASTATOR/CARSTETER/KERSTETTER/KARSTETTER. Would like to coordinate a network of people researching the many lines of the Kerstetter/Karstetter/Castator/Carsteter families who all descend from Johann Martin Kierstaetter who came to central Pa in 1727. Perhaps we can unravel the paths of migration 1790/1850 in Ky, Tenn, Oh, Ind, Ill, Wi, & Mo, WHO WENT WHERE ? and WITH WHOM ? WHEN ? and WHY ? Carol Grennan at grennan@atw.fullfeed.com
  10. CASTOR of Poplar Bluff. LHChristen@AOL.com (10/25/96)
  11. CATTERLIN of Union twp. rmcmaken@tso.cin.ix.net (8/28/96)
  12. CHAMBERS of Milford Twp, Hamilton (Northwest Territory) 1797-1996. drharris@freenet.columbus.oh.us, or James Harris. Email or write to: 67 S. Parkview Ave, Columbus, Oh 43209 (8/31/96)
  13. CHASTEEN family of Hamilton (Dec 2003)
  14. Charles. landon@galesburg.net (12/14/96)
  15. Chase family of Hamilton 96/08/22
  16. CHESNEY in the Ohio & PA areas. Any information please Email me Tanya A. Onori (103165.1154@compuserve.com
  17. CLARK: louellas@olympus.net
  18. CLARK, Levin, born Sussex co. Delaware 1777, in Butler Co. by 1810. Son Levin L. born 1811, Butler Co. (mother unknown, maybe Elizabeth Gibbons Clark) Death record? Burial?. Levin Sr. Married Sarah CAUSNER May 1816 (Butler Co.) Moved to Knox Co. Indiana by 1825, had further children David, Arnold, Sarah e-mail Deborah Greant at: calexplorer.com@bbs.logicnet.com
  19. CLARK of Hanover. louellas@olympus.net (11/13/96)
  20. CLARK (Rebecca Catherine). gumby@edge.net (11/15/96)
  21. CLARK of Fairfield. gumby@edge.net (11/15/96)
  22. CLARK - FOX. Jolson@a.crl.com: Janis Olson (Mar 23 1997). Looking for any information Mary Pepperman Clark who married Jacob Inman Fox. Married 2/22/1866.
  23. CLAWSON. I'm looking for a connection between Butler Co.'s House and Clawson families with the family of George and James Linch/Lynch who passed throuh there in about 1820. See details at NEW homepage URL and new e-mail dmatt@erinet.com
  24. CLEAVER, MEREDITH, WILES family information (3/30/98)
  25. COAKLEY - RICHTER (Skeeter & Helen), 1950, Hamilton. Dennis Buhi, skdmrx@aol.com (8/3/97)
  26. COBLE, Christopher born July 7, 1836. I need parents and siblings. Probable birth places Ohio or Germany. Carol A. Coble, 6570 N. Farm Road 239, Strafford, MO 65757 96/03/02
  27. COLLETT of Hamilton. buzclan@coliny.com (10/29/96)
  28. COLLINS of Oxford. LHChristen (10/25/96)
    I am searching the names above. All are from Ohio,Ky,Ind. I would be glad to exchange information. (email not working, 4/98)
  30. COMBS - SHIRIE (Joseph "Elmer" & Rosetta "Etta") of Hamilton, (Baltimore St.), 1903 to 1948. Sons Clyde, Carl, Charles, Leslie and Harry lived in Middletown too. Marti Combs Harrington, VSTAR14@aol.com (Aug 19 1997)
  31. COMBS families of Butler County lists marriages to 1930 and deaths and obits 1900-2000. Vivan Combs Moon (12/14/3)
  32. COMPTOM - LEE (Elizabeth & William). Looking for any information on LEVI LEE and wife ELIZABETH COMPTOM. A son WILLIAM LEE was born 1799 in Butler Co. Would appreciate any help. Don M. Lee, DONMICLEE@aol.com (4/1/97)
  33. CONARROE, John and wife Beulah BRYANT moved to Butler Co OH some time before 1820. They lived in Wayne Twp. Interested in their son Joel who married Catherine BARNHILL. CONARROE was from NJ. Greg Howearth email to: ghowearth@tcd.net. See genealogy page (2/4/96)
  34. CONDON - seeking information on this Butler Co. family. oscarcrd@netcom.com. 96/02/22
  35. CONROY (Mildred Rose - m Carl BOSCH 1910s?) Paula A. Carle-Bosch. (10/5/96)
  36. CONWAY - QUIGLEY (Patrick & Bridget Josephine) of Oxford, OH. Ann Conway Gee (new address 1/98) Any information on CONWAYs in Oxford, Hamilton or Cinncinnati would be greatly appreciated. I am interested in information about the conway family resided in oxford ohio 1860? to early 1930s. patrick conway fought in the civil war and married bridget josephine quigley in jan 1866, she was brought over from county mayo ireland at age 3 by her mother anne obrien who married an oxford resident by the name of durrick. patrick and bridgey had three children, john j. who married elizabeth farrell and died somewhere around 1903-1905, was killed coming out of sullivan funeral home in cinncinnati. james francis the oldest son and anna conway who worked at miami university. bridget died in oxford in the early 1920s. any info on this family or any of these people would be greatly appreciated. many are buried in catholic cemetery in oxford. thank you ann conway gee (Sep 6 1997)
  37. COOK - KASTER (Samuel & Rebecca). Ron Oberle, Roby39@aol.com (1/17/97). My G-G-Grandfather Samuel Cook m: Rebecca Kaster. Samuels father Cornelius. Samuel and Rebecca came through Butler Co, Ohio for a short stay of a few years while the family was migrating from Virginia to Shelby Co, Indiana. Thanks for any help.
  38. COON - LEIGH. George and Elizabeth COON of Belmont county, then later Butler county had a daughter Mary COON who married a James T. LEIGH in 1834. Any information on these individuals welcomed. James T. and Mary later went to Illinois and Kansas where Mary died in 1876 and James in 1886. Kay Fleming (Sep 18 1997)
  39. COON - TURNER - GREGORY families. John Turner b 1779, N.J.m Sarah Coon b 1785 N.J. Moved Butler Co. >early 1800's. Had daughter Delphia who married William Gregory Butler Co. 1833. Sarah Coon d Butler Co. 1839. Turners and Gregorys moved to Indiana in 1840s. Cleona random@stlnet.com (Sep 27 1996)
  40. COOPER, Fannie (m Mahlon MEEKER, 1821). Leanna Shaberly, at leshabe@dlapr.lib.az.us
  41. Cornelison (9/25/96)
  42. Cotton of Butler County Area (9/27/96)
  43. Cottongim family of Middletown 96/08/16
  44. COULTER of Milford. ssfLF@AOL.COM (11/30/96)
  45. COX. Richard Allan Cox at racox@hooked.net
  46. COZAD, DAWLEY - path@si-net.com (not working, 4/98) Pat Howard, Feb 15 1997
    looking for;
  47. CRAIG - SULLINGER (Elizabeth & James L, Sr). Michele Kemp Shockley, mkempp@corecom.net (Aug 13 1997) Searching for SULLINGER. JAMES L SULLINGER , SR married ELIZABETH CRAIG August 17, 1812 in Lemon Township, Butler County, Ohio, daughter of HUGH CRAIG and LUCY BROCKMAN. Children of JAMES SULLINGER and ELIZABETH CRAIG are: ELLEN SULLINGER, b. 1818, Butler Co, OH (?). ELIZABETH MARY SULLINGER, b. 1826, Grandview, IA. WILHELMINA SULLINGER, b. 1828-1830. JAMES L SULLINGER , JR, b. 1829, Montgomery Co, Ind (?) NANCY M SULLINGER, b. 1830, Montgomery Co, Ind. ROBERT SULLINGER, b. 1833, Montgomery Co, Ind. Any info would be great!
  48. Crawford of Oxford (9/20/96)
  49. CRAWFORD - BECKETT (Mary & Robert), of Hanover Twp. in 1819. Dave Schubert. I have records of many Scots-Irish families in Butler county. Web page. (Sep 10 1997)
  50. CROWS (David C.), 1820 -1880, of Miltonville. ElrondIM@aol.com Interested in the Crows, Laws, Simpson Family Group. (Sep 4 1997)
  51. CROZER/CROZIER. Anyone searching this name ca. 1813? I have copy of from son to parents. S Uhler, SUhler1034@aol.com
  52. CRUME, near Hamilton (1803-1817), Oxford (1817-1839). Rick Crume, 71161.2632@compuserve.com
  53. CRUBAUGH (Eliza Jane) I am seeking more info. on Isaac THOMAS born abt. 1822 in Butler Co., Ohio. I believe he was the son of William and Elizabeth Thomas. His wife was also born in Butler Co. Eliza Jane CRUBAUGH. She was born about 1824. Her parents are believed to be John and Mary Crubaugh. They married abt. 1845 in either Butler or Darke Counties. They lived in Darke Co. and had 7 children. He became a physician and attorney in Darke Co. Thats about all that I have. I am unable to verify any of the above info. or add to it. The must have been prominent people in the area since he was a physician and attorney. Also, I have discovered that Crubaugh is a fairly common name in that area (Butler & Preble Counties). Seems to me there would be a profile written about them somewhere. One last question, does anyone know the origin of the name Crubaugh? Is it German? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ray in Louisiana
  54. CRUSH. cuzz@usa.net (11/23/96)
  55. CURTIS of Hamilton. ffltstone@aol.com (11/8/96)
  56. CUSHMAN: S. M. McAllister smmc@hiwaay.net
  57. CURRY, Calvin-my ggg grandfather stated he was born in 1797 in Butler Co. Ohio. I have no clue as to his parents. Is anyone seeking information on this surname? Please contact me awester@cabell.vcu.edu96/02/05

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