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  1. BRADFORD of Oxford Twp. bradf (10/9/96)
  2. BRADFORD - FREEMAN (Robert John & Joanna "Hannah"). Marla Mosley, mmosley@cswnet.com (8/3/97)
  3. BRAEGGER from Hamilton. DavJefEnd@aol.com
  4. BRANCH - VANLUE (Damaris & Edward), of Ross and Morgan Township. Edward Vanlue was born in Pennsylvania on May 18, 1793. He married Damaris Branch on March 30, 1820 in Butler County, Ohio. Their six children were born in Butler County from 1825 to 1840. Children were: James B., Elsa, Martha, Susan and William. LApplegate@Ravenet.com (7/31/1997)
  5. BRANDENBURG. John H Brandenburgh at jhbdopa@atlantic.net esp Jacob Brandenburg b.ca1795 b.7 Jan 1834 Morgan Twp, Butler Co OH m.ca 1821 Margaret Thrailkill 96/02/03
  6. BRANN (Jeremiah & Sarah REEDER) Ross Twp. Gary B. Moore (Dec 29, 1997)
    I am attempting to find the BRANN family. I would like to see if this couple is related to my gr-gr grandfather Josiah W. BRANN who lived in Missouri & Kansas most of his life. He was married in Preble County, OH to Margaret Ann HICKMAN on 9/1/1836. There was a Jeremiah BRANN that married Elizabeth Harshman in Preble Co on 12/12/1837. I have not been able to locate Josiah's birthplace or other family. Josiah was born 9/18/1817 in either OH or VA. The Jeremiah BRANN that lived in Butler County, OH was born in 1764, probably in Westmorland CO, VA. He married Sarah REEDER on 3/20/1789. He died in Butler Co. on 7/27/1834 and was buried in Layhigh Cem on Kirchling Rd., Ross Twp. If you have any information on this line of the BRANN clan, please let me know. I will see if it fits what I have for Josiah BRANN.
  7. BRANNAN of Reily, Fairfield llscott@gulf.net (9/20/96)
  8. BRATE. The Descendents of John Brate, by Michael Brate (2/17/01)
  9. BREES/BREECE - BOWSER, Linda Nixon (Aug 3 1997) Am seeking family of Daniel Bowser b 1808 in PA, and Phebe Brees or Breece b 1810 in Butler Co daughter of Moses Brees. This couple married 1827 in Butler Co and by 1850 had moved to Clinton Co. IN Looking for siblings of Moses Brees and Daniel Bowser. Any help appreciated.
  10. BREES, PURSELL, BRISBAN, DOTY, MARSH - PSiegel@chicago.avenew.com, Pat Siegel, Jan 21 1997
    I am looking for the above surnames. These people located in Butler, Preble and Hamilton Counties between 1810 and 1840 before moving on to Iowa Please e-mail me if we can share information.
  11. BREES of Hamilton. jada (9/11/96)
  12. BRELSFOARD, David: b.1-24-1824 Butler Co.OH. Who were his parents?? quest4_s@dcwi.com
  13. BRENNER in the Ohio & PA areas. Any information please Email me Tanya A. Onori (103165.1154@compuserve.com
  14. BRIDGE-llscott: Reily, Fairfield
  15. BRIDGE of Reily, Fairfield. llscott@gulf.net (9/20/96)
  16. BRINKMAN of Hamilton. LHChristen (10/25/96)
  17. BROOKS (John Gray, (1) Mary K. (unk), (2) Rebecca Catherine KLECKNER) Between 1816 and about 1847. Joseph BROOKS is buried there. Chuck Taylor (Dec 25, 1997)
    Willing to exchange information with anyong working on the descendants or ancestors of Joseph BROOKS and Tinley M. BROOKS. Related surnames are BEAUCHAMP, GRAY, and SHORT.
  18. BROSIER. Need any Information to confirm: Father Dyke Albert Brosier, b in Oxford, Butler Co. G-Father Charles Haze Brosier, b in Oxford Tsp, Butler Co. G-G-Father Daniel A Brosier, b 7/4/1835 in Hanover Tsp. Butler Co. G-G-G Father Jonus E. Brosier, b 1805/06 IN Millville, Butler Co. bamabill@metrolink.net
  19. BROSSIUS of Oxford Twp. bamabill (11/6/96)
  20. BROWN (John and Hester Ann -?-) Looking for John Brown, born before 1790 in Virginia. Died 1870-1880 in Butler County. He was married at least once to Hester Ann ______. They lived part of their lives in DeKalb or Allen County, Indiana. A daughter, Elizabeth, was born to them in May 1810. Elizabeth married John Jackson Murphy and she died in DeKalb County, Indiana 1880. Karen Avery bkavery2@comcast.net (6-17-2005 update; 7-23-1997)
  21. BROWN - BELL (Samuel & Jane BELL) married Butler Co. 1807. Cheryl Wixon Gocken (Nov 25, 1997)
    Would like info on parents of Samuel & Jane BELL BROWN. His parents supposedly John & Elizabeth CROSSLEY both born in NJ. John was supposed to have been in Rev. War. Moved to KY then to OH, sources say, 1786. Elizabeth lived to be 101 yrs. and probably died in IN. Don't know of any more children at this time.
  22. BROWN - BUCHANAN (John & Dorcas). John was born Mar 17 1781, and Dorcas was born 1785 or '87, both in PA. They married & moved to Butler Co. in 1805, and farmed on the Dry Fork of the Whitewater River. He died Nov 16 1842, and was buried at Shandon (Paddy's Run). Dorcas moved to Alert, IN after her son, John, died Aug 6 1865, to live with her oldest daughter. Dorcas died Aug 21, 1875, probably buried around Alert, IN. Nancy Sween: Sftrail@aol.com
  23. BROWN - McQUILLEN - gjadkins@netset.com (not working, 4/98), Gloria J. Adkins, Jan 23 1997
    Am searching for information on Minnie J. BROWN , Eva M. BROWN who came from Ontario, Canada in the late 1800's. Eva M. married Orlo L. MCQUILLEN they had ten children and lived on a corner on old 42. It was called MCQUILLEN's corners. Minnie worked for years in Ashland at laundries and dry cleaners. My mother said she was the first woman to vote in Ashland. Would appreciate any information and I would be glad to share what I have. My grandmother Helen M. MCQUILLEN married Paul E. UHLER on 19 Aug 1916 in Ashland. She was the second child of Eva and Orlo. Thank You
  24. BROWN - PATTON (John & Mary) of Morgan Twp. after 1805. John was born in PA in 1742 (Susquahanna Co) and lived in Mifflin Co prior to moving his wife and surviving family (Joseph, John [b Mar 17 1781], Samuel, Rachel, Nelson, & Matthew) to Venice, OH in 1805. Mary PATTON was born Sept 10 1754. John died in 1831 and Mary on Apr 24 1845, with both buried in the Venice cemetery. Nancy Sween: Sftrail@aol.com (11/24/96)
  25. BROZIER of Oxford Twp. bamabill (11/6/96)
  26. BRUNNEGRAFF of Mercer cab007 8/15/96 (10/14/01 update)
  27. BUCKLEY. jhernan@dialup.premier.net?
  28. BUELL family of Venice area. Barbara Atherton Leffinfwell, BABS.95@MCI2000.COM (Aug 14 1997) I am seeking information on the ATHERTON and BUELL families of the Venice area. The HENRY ATHERTONS, HENRY II ATHERTONS, HAMER ATHERTONS, ISRAEL ATHERTONS are all buried in the Venice Cemetery. Hamer Atherton built the house across the street from the cemetery. SYLVINIA BUELL was the wife of HENRY II. One of HENRY II'S children, MARY ATHERTON married WILLIAM CONE. WILLIAM CONE was also married to MARY BROWN, who had a daughter JANE BROWN, who eventually married my Great Grandfather ISRAEL ATHERTON. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, B. Lefffingwell, BABS.95@MCI2000.COM
  29. BUNCE of Butler Co. dw150641 (9/17/96)
  30. BURCKY. ad631 (11/1/96)
  31. BURKHEAD, Clifton R. ZKUU02A@prodigy.com
  32. BURNETT of Montgomery, etc. paul 8/12/96
  33. BURNS of Hamilton, etc. PMantia (11/6/96)
  34. BURRIS, John Taylor. Born 1828 in Butler Co OH, his biography appears in a Kansas history book. (10/26/3)
  35. BURROWES. humor@ix.netcom.com (11/15/96)
  36. BUSBY - THOMPSON - WEIDE - REAVIS. Kris, RNK@NETRIDE.COM I have information on a William J. Thompson born Dec 13, 1845 in Butler Co. Ohio and died December 17, 1915. He was married to a first wife Mary Jane Weide who was born in 1844 and died in 1873. They had three children. Ida F. born 11-15-1867 died 6-17-1943. Franklin Blair born 6-13-1869 died 12-6-1953. Cora A. born 4-17-1871 died 8-15-1953. William Thompson married for the second time to Cynthia J. (Busby) born 9-16-1846 died 3-17-1926. They had one son Ursel Bert born 1-8-1884 died 1969. I am tracing back my grandmother's maiden name. (On my mom's side). Her name was Mildred E. Thompson born 10-23-1902 died 3-5-56. She married Harold E. Reavis on November 15, 1924. It would be greatly appreciated if you can give me any further information. Thanks, Kris (4/2/1997)
  37. BUTLER (Howard & Barbara BURROUGHS) Middletown 1923 to 1926. HOWARD E. BUTLER (Oct 18, 1997)
    e-mail address is HEBUTLER@SPRYNET.COM. Am interested in the origins of the BUTLER family in Highland County, namely descendants of Leonard BUTLER. My family moved from Highland County to Middletown in 1991.
  38. BUZZARD - REES (Nancy/Nannie & John) lived in College Corner, Ohio. Am seeking any data possible about their children and their descendants. Both John & Nancy Buzzard Rees were born in Harrison County, Kentucky. John Rees was born about 1867, the son of Richard James Rees and Emma Frances Williams. Nancy (Nannie) Buzzard was born about 1872, the daughter of William Marion Buzzard and Rachel Ann Geoghegan. Nancy (Nannie) Buzzard Rees died in an automobile accident near College Corner on December 24, 1927. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Will also exchange information on the BUZZARD and WILLIAMS families John A. Vice (Mar 21 1997)