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Surnames Beginning with Ba - Bo (see Bp-Bz)

  1. BAGBY, David: b 1833, Hughs, Ohio. Sole survivor of a returning Oregon Trail Wagon Train from the goldfields of California. (Note: Train ambushed by Indians northern Utah early 1850-51) More info? moore@avicom.net Leslie Moore (10/28/96)
  2. BAIRD, Benjamin : Jacksonburg, circa 1825, son of Joseph Baird. send e-mail to RoyG191@aol.com
  3. BAKER (Joshua) Milford Twp. circa 1820. Richard W. Baker (Jan 22, 1998)
    Looking for information relating to Joshua and/or Thomas Baker. They are in Milford Twp. in 1820 and might have come from Campbell Co., KY
  4. BAKER-BRACK of Oxford. LHChristen@aol.com (10/25/96)
  5. BAKER - EASTON - JEFFERS, to Butler Co about 1800. Jim ELLIOTT (Feb 18 1997). EPHRAIM BAKER, bn 3-4-1779 in Essex, NJ came to Butler co. in about 1800. Wife was NANCY EASTON, bn 2-28-1788 in NJ. Son, MOSES EASTON BAKER, bn 1804 in Butler co., married LUCRETIA JEFFERS on 11-13-1828. Her father was THOMAS JEFFERS, bn before 1777 in Tyrone, Ireland. It was written that Thomas's father was killed at the battle of Brandywine. Believe NANCY EASTONS father was MOSES EASTON who died in Butler co. Need information on the parents of BAKER, JEFFERS, EASTON listed above.
  6. BAKER (0rlindo Ephriam). Pam (Feb 22 1997). I recently found some new information in an obituary of my great- grandfather stating that he was born in Hughes Station, Butler Co., OH. The date was June 8, 1850. Name: Orlindo Ephriam BAKER. His father was Ephriam BAKER and it says that his mother was Elizabeth. I am not sure that Elizabeth was her correct name... another source says it was Rebecca HAWTHORNE. Can anyone help me with the census record? Anothe source mentions his brother as Dempsy Aaron BAKER.
  7. BAKER - PAGE - MILLER - WEBSTER. I am seeking information on family of Nancy Ann Webster, born July 18, 1835-Hamilton, Ohio. Her mother was a Baker and somewhere a Page was on her mothers side of the family. She married Charles Henry Miller April 7, 1856 at Shelby, Ohio. They moved to Missouri. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Shirley Dubuque, ClassyD@aol.com (3/7/97)
  8. BALDWIN. My add: Northwst@Snowcrest.net
  9. BALL: tjks55a@prodigy.com
  10. BALL, HATFIELD, BERRY (Davis, Mary, and Susan their daughter-in-law). See the web page by Ed Ball. Also PARCELL and HAYS.
  11. BANETT - LANDON. rjoyce@clark.net with web page
  12. BARBER, Luther. Looking for information on Luther Barber who was listed in Ross Township, Butler Co., Ohio in 1830, with his wife Oliva (Brockway) Barber and several children, including Jesse Brockway Barber, b. there 22 May 1825. Also with Luther Barber and his wife, were probably William Munjar/Manjar. Any information on these two families would be appreciated. Thanks mande@cyberhighway.net 96/02/24
  13. BARNEGRAFF family. cab@castles.com (3/14/99 update)
  14. BARNES, Elizabeth Hormel and children Stephen, Sarah, Eleanor, Rebecca lived in Butler County and then moved to Morgan County, Indiana. Would like family information about children. Dorcas Beaver Harold_Beaver@Baylor.edu
  15. BARNHILL. Robert Barnhill (b) 28 Feb 1769 KY (m) Sarah MARVIS/MORRIS 2 Feb 1791 in KY. Moved to Butler co. OH from KY after 8 May 1805. Hugh Barnhill (my 3rd. great grandfather) was born 29 Mar 1809 Butler co. OH. They then moved to Marion co. IND. after 1811. Robert died 4 Jun 1822 Marion co. IND. Several of his children were married in Butler co. OH., Samuel (m) Mary RAILSBACK; John (m) Maria CONARROE; Jane (m) Jerimiah J. CORBALEY; Catherine (m) Joel CONARROE. I think Joel and Maria were brother and sister.(no proof). Jean Jackson (May 24 1998)
  16. BARNHILL (Catherine) of Butler Co, daughter of Robert BARNHILL and Sarah MARVIS. Anyone out there connect?? Greg Howearth (no longer at tcd.net 5/98)
  17. BARNUM. John R. Porter at porter@shrsys.hslc.org.
  19. BARRINGER - DBrodi614@aol.com, Dixie Brodigan, Jan 28 1997
    I am looking for information on a Benjamin F. Barringer. He was suppose to have been born in Osborn, Greene County, Ohio, which is no longer. Benjamin was born 1834/c, died 1890 in Clark County, Ohio. Benjamin married Mary A. Albin June 20, 1843. I have followed her family way back but want to work on Benjamin. They had 6 children; Liola Mae Barringer (my great-great-great-grandmother) b Oct. 27, 1864 in Enon, Clark County, Ohio, frank Barringer b 1863/5c, Fredrick Barringer b 1867/c, Nettie B. Barringer b Feb. 10, 1872, d Oct. 26, 1940 in Butler County, Effie Barringer b 1873/c, d 1925 was suppose to have married a Minnich, Mollie Barringer b 1875/c. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Yes Benjamin's parents were suppose to have been from Indiana accouding to the 1920 census. Please EMail any information. Thanks in advance. dixie
  20. BATHURST family. Craig Bathurst, bathurst@lancnews.infi.net. I'm researching the Bathurst Surname. I have data from all over the USA. I'm a Ohio Native.
  21. BATSON of Butler Co. dw150641 (9/17/96)
  22. BEAUCHAMP (Hiram and Edith Snyder) Hamilton, OH. Hiram died around 1880. Edith died on 3/25/1913. www.cwo.com/echamp. Erik Beauchamp (Feb 1, 1998)
  23. BEALL, Ninian: St Clair Township about 1820. Contact Ralph (Feb 24 1998)
  24. BEBB of Butler Co. bebb (10/15/96)
  25. BECKETT - CRAWFORD (Robert & Mary), of Hanover Twp. in 1819. Dave Schubert. I have records of many Scots-Irish families in Butler county. Web page. (Sep 10 1997)
  26. BELL (Christian/Christopher; Elizabeth CHANCE) Married 1869, Union or Liberty Twp. Margaret Van Ness Nelson (Oct 25, 1997)
    Seek descendants of Christopher/Christian BELL, (son of Thomas BELL), born Scotland ca 1830, immigrated ca 1834, died Grant Co IN 1904, buried Jones Cemetery (Wells Co IN?) and his wife Elizabeth CHANCE (dau of Emanuel CHANCE and Elizabeth AKERS), married ca 1869 Butler Co OH, born 1848 Butler Co OH, died 1900 Grant Co. IN, resided Van Buren, Grant Co., IN. Their three heirs were John C. (Chance or Cary) BELL, (born 1873); Laura (or Louisa) E. BELL (born 1877); and Elery C. (Chance or Cary). BELL. Laura married, 11 Mar 1894, Albert REA (son of William RAE and Elizabeth ARNOLD) of Dillman, Wells Co IN.
  27. BELL - MANN (Jane & Levi). Levi and Jane were married Butler Co. 24 May 1818 (Marietta?) Would love to find his parents. I know that Jane was the daughter of Benjamin Bell and Elizabeth Enoch. Can anyone help me find Levi's parents? Their marriage is listed in "Butler County OH marriages, 1803-1823". M. K. Duncan, duncan1@peaknet.net (8/30/97)
  28. BENTLEY of Toledo. andyb@ods.com (11/14/96)
  29. BEVERLY, Lula WARREN of Hamilton. Lula is buried at the Millville Cemetery. I am also related to some HOOKER's and SMITH's who lived and died in Hamilton, Butler County, and plan to add them to my web site - Charlotte, email (June 2004)
  30. BICKERSTAFF. Searching for information about James Franklin Bickerstaff, b. 1878 came to Ohio after 1920. Would like to find his date and place of death. contact karen_moore@prodigy.com Thanks!
  31. BIERLEIN (or Bierline), to Butler County in 1853 (Hanover Township), father is Leonard, mother is Margarette, son John Peter age 9. Left Butler County in 1858 or 59. Writer was once at: bierlein@a1.esvax.umc.dupont.com
  32. BIRELY. Richard Allan Cox at racox@hooked.net
  33. BLACKALL, John, d. bef. 1830, Truman Semore b. ca. 1822 Fairfield Twp., Butler County. estevens@sun1.iusb.edu
  34. BINEGAR (Clyde & Olive RILEY, Corinne RILEY) HAMILTON 1936. Wayne Binegar (Nov 8, 1997)
    Would like any info regarding both
  35. BLEVINS, such as Alfred BLEVINS. Email: GKDIGGER@splusnet.com
  36. BLEVINS or BLEVENS, Thomas of Hamilton. KRau594926 (9/28/96)
  37. BLOSSOM - HARIS (Cyrus C. & Harriet), previous to 1843. Karren Minkler karren@sierratel.com (Aug 17 1997)
  38. BLOSSOM of Somerville. B8669@aol.com (12/15/96)
  39. National BLUE Family Association (Feb 4 2001)
  40. BLUE (Abraham and Elizabeth QUICK) A. Deanne Dirden (Oct 11, 1997)
    Looking for information on the above and son Henry Blue and wife Mary GARRETT
  41. BOATRIGHT/WOODS: ktt@yournet.com
  42. BOCKELMANN. bockelmann (8/28/96)
  43. BOCKOVER of Oxford by 1820s. Oxford twp 1830. Many of this family now reside in Indiana. Jim Scofield at scofield@ccnet.com
  44. BOGGS. Lewis Boggs Thomas, b 1762; last son Joseph, b 1813. One of Joseph's sons was Henry, b 1850, who married Georgeanna (DANIELS), b 1856 IN
  45. BOLBY (DAVID - NANCY PERRINE) CA. 1857. Wendy Bolby McNitt (Jan 11, 1998)
    I am looking for information about the BOLBY and PERRINE families living in Butler Co. ca. 1850's
  46. BOLLER (Jacob B. & Catharine SMUCKER) married in Butler Co 11/18/1849. Fairfield twp. Marty Boller (Sep 18, 1997; updated Aug 2001)
    Any info concerning Jacob B. Boller or Catharine Smucker would be helpful
  47. BONDARENKO. roots@beg.agt.net (12/7/96)
  48. BONE, John, d.1805 Butler Co.OH,buried Bone/Lytle Cem. Is this cemetery still in existance? If so, what is it's name now? Any help will be appreciated. My E-Mail address: quest4_s@dcwi.com
  49. BOOK of Butler Co. sparky83 (9/27/96)
  50. BOOSERT of Oxford. LHChristen (10/25/96)
  51. BORNE of Oxford. LHChristen (10/25/96)
  52. BOSCH (Louis, b 1842) (Joseph, b 1867) (Carl, b 1897) knudmag@usit.net Paula A. Carle-Bosch. (10/5/96)
  53. BOSENBERGER -FINGER (George & Appolonia), 27 August 1873. Judy Baxtresser, ewb3@wwnet.com (Aug 24 1997)
  54. BOSSERT of Oxford. LHChristen (10/25/96)
  55. BOTTS. Forever_in_time@msn.com
  56. BOULTINGHOUSE of Butler CO. mrhorn (9/4/96)
  57. BOULTINGHOUSE of Butler Co., Ohio. mrhorn@indiana.edu (9/4/96)
  58. BOVEE of Columbus??? rfb (9/9/96)
  59. BOWDEN of Hamilton. Nicholas BOWDEN d 19 July 1928 son: Enyeart BOWDEN d 2 February 1960 Dennis O. Dixon (Aug 22 1997)
  60. BOWERMAN (William and Elizabeth TITUS) were married in Butler Co (?) in 1831. Chris Summers (Nov 17, 1997)
    Need parents of William. Believe they were from Pennsylvania. Also need parent of Elizabeth Titus. Believe her father was Ezekial Titus born about 1770. Titus family also from Pennsylvania.
  61. BOWERS, Henry: (b) Oct.1,1779 (d) Oct. 6,1855; Mary Ann Bowen (b) 1779 (d) Aug. 21,1851; Phillip Bowers (son) (b) Sept. 19,1820 (d) Jan. 18,1852 dbower2@directnet.net
  62. BOWLIN (GARLAND and REBECCA PITTS BOWLIN (VARIETY OF SPELLING)) Middletown. Barbara Ingram (Feb 3, 1998)
    searching for birth, death, place of death, where buried and marriage date of all listed
  63. BOWMAN of Hanover. ssfalf@aol.com (11/30/96)
  64. BOWN (Chancy and Lizzie)- vancey.bown@celebration.fl.us (not working, 4/98) Vancey R. Bown (Feb 4 1997)
    Would you be able to help me get some information on my great grandfather and mother, Chancy Bown and Lizzie Mahan Bown. The lived in Williamsburg, O in Clermont Co. around 1880 and moved to Butler Co. to Flenners Corner, Fairfield, O around 1900. Their son was Nelson Ray Bown, my grandfather. Chancy and family are buried in Williamsburg Cementary and Nelson is buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Hamilton. I would appreciate any information you can get on the family. I am trying to trace my family tree. I believe, but I am not sure that Nelson Ray Bown was adopted, along with His sister?? Any help would be appreciated. Vancy
  65. BOWSER-BREES/BREECE, Linda Nixon (Aug 3 1997) Am seeking family of Daniel Bowser b 1808 in PA, and Phebe Brees or Breece b 1810 in Butler Co daughter of Moses Brees. This couple married 1827 in Butler Co and by 1850 had moved to Clinton Co. IN Looking for siblings of Moses Brees and Daniel Bowser. Any help appreciated.
  66. BOYER, Ellen (married MITCHELL). If you know of her, please email George Walker at 76521.1327@compuserve.com

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